Aunty Lends A Hand

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My name is Ian and I am a student at Bristol University. When I came to Bristol last summer I didn’t know anyone here so my parents arranged for me to lodge with friends of theirs. It was just supposed to be for a few weeks until I got settled, but it’s been eight months now and am I glad.

Aunty Gill is a bit of a babe. She is 43 but she still has a stunning figure. Her boobs are good size, but not enormous, and her legs are very shapely, with fine ankles and lovely feet. She wears her blonde hair short back and sides with a longer kind of ‘mop’ on top. I realise my description is hardly complimentary but she really is very good looking.

Although I have known Aunty Gill most of my life (her husband and my Dad were students together), I never really thought of her in a sexual way until last summer.

When I arrived at their place in September the weather was wonderful. Gill and Mick are very sociable, and they arranged a couple of barbecue parties in my honour. The parties were a bit dull, but this was compensated for by Aunty Gill, who played hostess in nothing but a skimpy bikini and a wrap-around skirt that was split all the way up one leg.

I am definitely a leg-man and the sight of her sun-tanned thigh at those parties gave me a few good woodies.

Gradually Aunty Gill became a major wank-fantasy theme. My thoughts turned more and more to Gill and her body, and my desires were topped-up by the occasional glimpse of her darting from bathroom to bedroom, clad in a towel or just in her undies.

The best flash ever was just before Christmas. Gill and Mick were out at a dinner and when they came back they were both a bit drunk. Gill came in a flopped down on the sofa next to me. She kicked her shoes off and threw her legs across my lap giving casino oyna me a flash of her stocking tops in the process. I wanted her to stay just like that, but when Mick went out to get some coffee she got up again.

My disappointment was only momentary, however. To my amazement she crossed the room and sat down on a chair and rolled down her stockings. I could hardly tear my eyes away. But when Gill saw me staring she just apologised saying she had to get them off. I suppose it’s fallacy about women and stockings after all.

When I came down the next morning, her stockings were still lying by the chair. I couldn’t resist it, and I took one. I went back to my room and began to masturbate. When my cock was rigid I rolled Gill’s stocking onto it. Right down over my balls. Then I wanked off feeling the sheer material against my dick. I shot wads of cream into the toes imagining I was doing it over her pretty feet. I took that stocking home over Christmas and I must have pumped gallons of jizz into it before New Year.

I have since gone-on lusting after Gill, never daring to believe I could fuck her, until last weekend.

Mick went away for the weekend leaving Gill and I alone. On Saturday night Gill went out with her friends. She told me she would be staying at her friend’s house and gave me the number. I planned to enjoy the time on my own. I had stumbled across their porn collection, and I intended to watch a couple of videos and have a nice wank.

I had a bath and settled down in my dressing gown. It was around eleven thirty and I was onto the third video. This one was definitely the best so far, and I was really enjoying the build-up to my second climax of the night when, to my horror, I heard the front door open. I only had time to cover my cock with canlı casino my robe before Gill walked in.

She was clearly shocked to find me in the dark watching one of their videos, and I thought she would go mental. But instead, she moved over to sit beside me on the sofa. She explained that she had changed her plans because she felt guilty about me being alone. Then she grinned and said that she needn’t have worried as I seemed to have been enjoying myself. She asked me if I liked the film, then glancing towards my wilting cock under my robe she added that, obviously, I did.

There was then a long and embarrassing silence, which I ended by trying to stammer out an apology. I tried to get up to leave, attempting to keep myself covered, when Gill pushed me gently back into the seat. She told me not to be embarrassed as she and Mick watched the videos a lot. “We like to watch each other masturbate”, she added. Then, moving her hands to my robe, pulled it open; overcoming my feeble resistance. My curiosity was getting aroused, as was my dick again. “Why don’t you finish what you were doing?” she whispered. Then, smoothing her hands down my body she shocked me by clasping my cock in her right hand and adding “Or would you like me to do it?”

Well what would any man do in this situation. I managed to nod, but she was already stroking me. She was asking me questions about her technique and telling me what Mick likes but I was too far-gone to answer. It was heaven, my number one fantasy woman was wanking me off in her front room. Too much!

I must have moaned something about “Aunty Gill”. Because she suddenly speeded-up and said she thought it was so dirty me calling her that when she was wanking me. I registered the effect it had on her and I started humping at kaçak casino her hand and calling her Aunty Gill. Her face was close to mine and I could feel her hot breath on me as she talked into my ear. Telling me how she knew I had been lusting after her. How she could feel my eyes on her body. “Well now your Aunty Gill’s going to make you come,” she breathed.

I decided to go for it and I asked her to suck me. She stopped and stood up, I thought I had blown it. “So you’re not satisfied with a hand-job eh?’ she asked. “You want the full treatment from your Aunty Gill” she added before I had answered. “Well understand this, then. If I’m going to have to swallow a mouthful of your spunk then you better be ready to lick my pussy. Deal?”

I couldn’t believe it. My night of wanking over porno vids had become a full-on sex scene with my top babe. I just grinned as Gill stood and dropped her coat to the floor followed by her jumper and jeans. Now just in her bra and pants and socks she knelt in front of me and leaned over my lap. She kissed my knob then looked up at me, “You’re a virgin aren’t you?” I couldn’t see the point of lying so I nodded. “Well, guess what, not after tonight you’re not”. And with that Gill wrapped her lips around my knob and sucked me to an incredible climax.

After I came into her mouth she kissed me and told me I tasted lovely. Then she took me to my room. Took off her remaining clothes and lay on my bed. That night she taught me how to stroke, kiss, suck, lick and fuck every part of her. She even let me watch her frig herself to a climax. I had such a fantastic time, and I think Gill did too.

Mick came back on Sunday evening. When he was in the bath, Gill sucked me off and when I came she told me that she was going to fuck Mick’s brains out that night and that, if I had any desire to fuck her again, I had better not breathe a word of our adventure to anyone. I have changed the names to protect the guilty but I swear, everything else is totally true. Ian.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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