Australian Visitor Pt. 01

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Big Tits

My husbands dad and step mother came to our wedding from Australia. I hadn’t met them until then. My husband had two step brothers that couldn’t make it as they were in college.

One of my husbands step brothers came to was stay with us on a holiday a few years after we were married. He was 24. He was fit, blond, blue eyed and had a sexy accent.

Myself, I’m a 5’3″ brunette, slim with B cups and a big firm booty that every guys turns to see. I love it and so does my husband!

I would catch the 24yr old, Ricky, checking me out various times. One day he was in the shower and I noticed the door was unlocked. So I walked in and just pretended like it didn’t matter because we were family. He was in the shower and I was just having a peek. I didn’t get noticed at my quick peek. My pussy felt hot and I was wet.

After a few weeks of tension rising and a couple random trips into the washroom during showers. I got up knowing it was just him and I. My husband was at work. i needed to play with him.

I went to the kitchen and made some breakfast. Eventually, he got up to the smell of bacon. I put on my booty short underwear and a small tshirt with no bra.

He bursa eskort bayan came in and stopped and apologized. I pretended to be embarrassed. Pretended I thought I was alone. He was in shorts and I decided to make small talk. I noticed his shorts needing adjusting. He sat down so again I couldn’t see. He was a good looking kid. Works out but was really shy.

I decided to have some more fun. I talked to him about girls and stuff like that. He was kinda open, but still shy. Said he never had a gf. But has dated.

I decided to go get dressed. We had breakfast and I talked about sex throughout breakfast. The things I did in my past. He didn’t really elaborate on anything much. Just that there was this one girl he likes.

The Tuesday, we were alone, he was in the shower again. I noticed the door was unlocked. Hmmmm, I waited for the water to turn off just as I went in. My heart was pumping but I went in ‘playing dumb’.

He was towelling off in the shower. He came out towel wrapped around him. I smiled and pretended this was normal. We locked eyes and he told me how lucky my husband was.

I just pulled his towel and was shocked. bursa merkez escort His monster cock (definitely ten soft) hung there semi hard. It was so big. I told him it looks like that girl he likes will be lucky too. He laughed shyly. I asked him if he could keep a secret. He just shook his head yes.

I dropped my robe. I was naked in front of him. I was so nervous and my skin was electrified. He stared and me and his cock grew until it was now hard. He didn’t get longer but thicker. I commented on his cock. He kinda giggled shyly again.

I dropped to my knees and started sucking it. It barely fit in my mouth. I had to touch it. I used two hands and i locked up and around it.

I sucked and jerked him starting slow and getting faster and faster. Until I just went hard at it. He came very quickly I swallowed it all. Then I kissed him hard and deep. Making him taste himself.

Then I jumped up on the counter and spread my legs. I told him to lick it. She was pretty good. Not enough to make me cum, but very Good.

I pushed him away and made him follow me to the bedroom. I knew we had hrs. I laid on the bursa sınırsız escort bayan bed and I looked at him. I asked if he has fucked anyone. He said yes.

Then he laid on me missionary and worked his way into me. I came. Just in him getting in me. I shuddered and gyrated and squirmed at his big cock, but my pussy leaked my cum all over him. He was only half way. I was gasping. Then the oddest thing happened. He changed.

He wasn’t shy. For the next hour he used that huge cock and fucked me senseless. He had me in every position.

My favourite position was when he bent me over the bed and grabbed my hips. I’ve always been fucked from behind. Every guy loves to see my ass giggle as they fuck it. I came so many times I swear I couldn’t come anymore. Then I would come again.

He had me riding him, bouncing on that big cock. As he grabbed at my firm B cups. he fucked me Missionary. His favourite was Prone, where he just hammered me. I came in everyone one of them.

Then I would suck the cum off his cock. He turned into a stud. Finally he came deep inside me while I came and he stared in my eyes.

It was so odd looking back. I was lost completely in fucking him. I thought I’d show him a thing or two. He showed me I could cum more than I thought possible.

He walked out and got into the shower again.

He told me he knew I was being flirty and he played shy. He loves older women. He told me he’d make me cum anytime.

I knew we had a a week of fun left.

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