Away from the Home Again

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Sharon has kindly given me this to share with you all, after the great feedback from the first story she has agreed to tell more about her affair with Harry


Sharon had Harry on her mind all the rest of the month after she had first had sex with him, she couldn’t believe what it had felt like, the sheer size of his cock made it more intense then anything she’d had before. Just thinking about it made her wet, she could feel a tingle in her pussy as she went back to that day. It had been 3 weeks since Harry had first had her and even now she was playing it out in her mind.

“What has he done to me?” Sharon said into a mirror as she got out of the shower and dried herself “I can’t stop thinking about the sex!”

For the next week Sharon tried to go on as normal but she found her mind went back to Harry over and over, she looked at the date on her calendar and saw it was just a few days before Harry would be in town again, she knew where he was going to be too… they had arranged to meet up already by phone.

“Harry!” Sharon wrapped her arms around Harry’s shoulders as she hugged him tightly, he hugging back. They had met up at the park bench where they had first met, Sharon had been waiting there for some time, unable to just sit in her house alone and wait.

“How have you been?” Harry asked as they sat down together on the bench

“I’ve never been better, god I don’t know what you did to me but wow it was magic!” Sharon said with a grin as she looked at the old man sat next to her

Harry laughed and placed his hand on Sharon’s thigh and gave it a little squeeze, a shudder passed through her body as she felt the touch a man walked by and took a long look at the pair of them, this young woman’s leg getting squeezed by a man old enough to be her grandfather.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you since we were at your daughters house” Sharon said with a smile that lit Harry’s face with pleasure, he never thought that a girl so much younger then him would actually appreciate him sexually that much.

“Believe me I’ve been thinking the same thing Sharon” Harry said with a smile as another jogger went by in the bright sun, Sharon smiled to herself she was happy that Harry had been thinking of her. “All the people in the home have said how chirpy I have been over the last month, I bet they would love to know why” he joked

“Oh yeah, my friends said the same about me, but god Harry what did you do to me? I was leaking into my panties all the trip home thanks to you and your…” Sharon stopped short said as they both laughed, she could feel herself getting moist sat in the open like this with Harry “So what are the plans for today then?” she asked

“Well my Daughter is at work right now” Harry smiled and looked down at Sharon’s heaving breasts, she smiled back and took his hand as they walked together towards the house again.

Sharon felt eyes on them as they walked to Harry’s daughters house, she didn’t care about what people thought though, she couldn’t wait to get there if it was going to be a repeat of last time.

“Ohhh Harry!” Sharon moaned as she felt a second finger push into her tight pussy. It wasn’t long after arriving that Sharon was on her back with Harry’s fingers rubbing inside her pussy, she was lifting her hips to meet this digits as she felt the juice in her pussy flow even more.

Harry smiled and slowly rubbed his two fingers into Sharon’s pussy, wiggling the tips against her walls, Eskort Bayan she was just as tight as the first time, slowly he felt her arch her back up and spread her thighs wider, taking advantage Harry slid another finger into her pussy, Sharon had told him that she didn’t think she cold take a cock as big as his without being really worked up before hand, he was more then happy to do it though, this had been what he had done most of his life with women, most had complained about some discomfort when he’d only used one or two before actually putting his cock inside them.

Sharon felt the third thick finger go inside her pussy and could feel the stretch it made, she was happy, the feeling of Harry’s fingers was exquisite and she knew it would only get better once she had him between her thighs.

Holding her breasts, Sharon squeezed her own nipples and grit her teeth as she felt Harry’s fingers withdraw from her pussy, she was on fire, and her skin was clammy to the touch. Harry looked down at the sexy young thing on his daughters spare room bed and smiled to himself as he positioned his body on top of hers, Sharon opening her thighs wide as they would go and looking up into her lover’s eyes as she put her hands on his back and guided his body down until she felt his thighs touch the back of hers and his stomach move down onto hers too.

“Hmmmmm” Sharon moaned as she felt Harry’s old body touch hers, they were on top of the cover’s this time, unlike the first time when they were under them, this gave more room to move, Harry had suggested as they had arrived.

Harry looked down under his body and reached down for his cock, giving it a rub to get it fully hard he smiled and guided it towards Sharon’s young pussy, Sharon was anticipating the moment when she’d feel the thick cock she’d be thinking of for the past month, she wasn’t disappointed either.

Sharon’s mouth dropped open in a long moan of pleasure as she felt the head push up against her pussy and spread the lips as it slowly thrust into her, it was just as big as she’d remembered and felt just as good. Holding Harry with her thighs she pulled her hands down his back and left a small scratch on his skin as she felt the firm cock sink deeper until he was fully inside her.

Harry was a little softer then the first time they had fucked, but still plenty hard enough to satisfy Sharon, she moaned loudly as the long thick shaft and bulbous head were thrust hard into her once Harry had pulled back a little. Her legs gripped tight as Sharon held onto Harry’s shoulders and arched her back from the exquisite feeling coming from her pussy every nerve was on fire and she felt so full once again from his cock.

Thrusting hard Harry moaned and puffed as he felt his cock gripped tight by the strong muscles in his young lover’s pussy, all other things were out of his mind as he just concentrated on Sharon’s and his own pleasure. His hips thrusting into and out of her, each time Sharon pulling him back to her with her legs like a rabid animal trying to keep hold of its kill.

“Oh god its so big!” Sharon moaned as she smiled and close her eyes letting the feeling from her pussy take over her, she could feel her orgasm coming like a train, she almost always came with men, but with Harry it seemed her orgasm would come much quicker.

Harry held onto the cover’s on the bed below the pair as he thrust hard and fast into the young woman, their bodies were starting to get wet with sweat and he could feel the juice inside Sharon’s pussy on his cock as her tight muscles gripped tighter and she called out loudly as an orgasm washed over her.

Leaning down lower Harry pushed his cock deeper into Sharon’s pussy and made some small hard thrusts into her, driving her wild as she felt him rub against her clit, she pulled her legs from around Harry’s body and stretched them out leaving more room for Harry to work his magic on her clit as he made his short thrusts. Harry took the hint and smiled as he rubbed against Sharon’s clit as his cock throbbed a little inside her pussy, his balls swung and touched Sharon’s skin making her giggle as the hairs on them tickled a little, the gray hairs on Harry’s chest rubbed don Sharon’s nipples and breasts too also making her want to giggle.

Hearing the young giggle of a woman so young as he fucked her made Harry more excited then the first time he’d had Sharon, his cock suddenly throbbed and began to spurt its hot load into her, he was not as deep as the first time but Sharon could still feel the wash flow inside her, she arched her back and made more room for it to go, again like the first time she felt so full and Harry seemed to cum for ever, each blast of his cum adding to the mess inside her already.

Finally Harry finished and his cock began to shrink rapidly, inside her, getting off he laid panting on the bed and smiled as Sharon rubbed her hand into his chest hair

“I’ll be right back I need to wash myself out to get rid of some of your mess” she giggled before cupping her crotch and heading for the bathroom still naked. Harry watched her ass wiggle as she went out the door.

Coming back Sharon smiled and removed her hand from her pussy, she had been in the bathroom on the toilet getting rid of the large amounts of cum that Harry had shot into her, she was confident she’d got it all, or at least most, so had gone back to the bedroom for a few moments before they had to go.

“You get better” Sharon smiled as she sat on the bed next to her much older lover

“Must come with age,” Harry laughed back, that made Sharon laugh too “Well be better get dressed” Harry said handing Sharon her clothes.

Sharon watched as Harry pulled his clothes on and she did the same before she pulled the covers straight on the bed and sniffed the air to make sure there wasn’t too much of an aroma of sex to greet Harry’s Daughter should she come back into this room.

The door shut and Sharon’s eyes went wide as she saw a woman stood before her

“Err who are you?” the woman said surprised to see a young woman stood in her house, it was Harry’s daughter Wendy.

“I’m err… I’m” Sharon didn’t know what to say

“This is Sharon, she is a friend who kindly helped me over here Wendy” Harry voice came from behind Sharon and she sighed with relief.

“Oh dad, I didn’t know you were here” Wendy said with a smile “I’m sorry you just startled me, its not every day I walk in to find a strange young person in my house” she said to Sharon who smiled and said it was her fault and no harm was done. Her heart was beating so fast, here she was talking to the daughter of the man she had just had sex with up stairs, and the woman was old enough to be her mother!

“Well dad since you and I’m sorry Sharon was it? Are here can I offer you a drink and we can have a little chat I’d love to get to know you and I do owe you a thank you for helping my dad out” Wendy said warmly

“Err…” Sharon looked at Harry and he smiled

“Sure love” Harry said looking at his daughter then Sharon

“Well you two go into the living room and I’ll bring your drinks in, Sharon what would you like?”

Sat in the living room on the sofa Sharon looked around the room, it was nicely decorated; Wendy came in and served the drinks to her dad and Sharon before sitting down and taking a sip.

“So how old are you then Sharon?” Wendy asked with a smile

“I’m twenty four” Sharon said wit ha smile, she was a little nervous but did her best to hide it

“Twenty four, I remember being that age” Wendy laughed “Now look at me forty three, still I can’t complain, I have plenty, thanks to my dad and mum that is” she smiled “So how did you meet my dad then?”

“We met a month ago at the park love, you know how I like to go there when I am away from your mum. But I needed something I don’t remember what god my mind is going” he laughed before continuing, “So Sharon here helped me get it and we got chatting and got friendly and as luck would have it we met up again today so I brought her here because I needed to use the loo and she kindly offered to walk with me” Harry winked at Sharon who had to stifle a giggle, if only she could tell Wendy just how friendly she had got with her 73 year old farther she thought.

“Well Sharon, you seem to have made quite the impression on my dad” Wendy smiled “And any friend of my dad’s is a friend of mine I say”

The three of them sat in Wendy’s house for over an hour chatting and laughing at jokes, sharing stories and generally getting to know each other, after about 30 minuets though Sharon had gotten a shock as she felt some of Harry’s cum begin to leak again into her panties. It was very bizarre, feeling the cum of the man Sharon had just had sex with dripping out of her pussy and messing her panties up while she sat chatting with his middle aged daughter. Sharon thought she had got the entire lot of thick cum out but she was obviously wrong, her pussy was beginning to close up now too which made the cum move a little and she blushed but luckily Wendy never asked why, Sharon would never have thought up an excuse is she had.

“Well I need to get back to work and dad don’t you need to go see mum again?” Wendy said as she got up

“Yes I am afraid my day is over now” Harry smiled

Sharon got up and felt a sudden gush of cum flow out, that was the last bit it seemed Sharon could feel the wetness in her panties and just hoped it didn’t leak through and stain her pants, she was glad when she was outside and watching Wendy drive away before she and Harry began to walk back to the Home.

“God I am glad I’m out of there!” Sharon said to Harry as they walked

“Oh why? Don’t you like my little girl” Harry laughed

“No she’s lovely, but god I was worried like crazy that she’d figure something out, and you… you have done it again to me I’m soaked thanks to you!” Sharon gave him a light tap jokingly

“Oh I am sorry Sharon,” he said with a grin “Its an occupational hazard though”

Sharon laughed and they joked all the way to the Home.

“Well mr. Tunny, you make sure to call me to arrange out next meet up I’ll be waiting for my next set of ruined panties” she winked as Harry smiled and went back into the Home, and left Sharon to dream about next time.


Hope you enjoyed. Sharon would like to know if you would like any more tales from her and Harry’s affair? If so she’d be more then happy to tell me and I’ll write them up.

Please feel free to write to me with any comments or anything else you’d care to say.

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