Aww Shit?

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Ooh, my head hurts! It’s never been this bad before? At least, I woke up in my own bed. Why is this so bad you may ask?

After finishing college, I stayed in the town where my college was to start a life away from my parents. They’re not bad parents in the typical sense you might think; they just were always up in my business about everything.

Where are you going, who are you dating, where have you been?

After I told them, I was done with school, and I used the money they were sending me to get myself an apartment, they sent my youngest sister to the same college and told her to live with me.

They never asked; they just expected. What they didn’t know was that my little sister was an alcoholic. I mean she drank every day, and not just beer.

Somehow, she managed always to get up in the morning and go to work, classes and then come home and start drinking. Besides everything else, she has some sort of photographic memory and remembers everything she reads. That makes for a perfect student and daddy’s little girl all at the same time.

From time to time, pornhub she took me with her to one of her drinking parties. When she thought she had enough to drink, she would take me by the arm and say, “Well me and my boyfriend need to get back to our place,” and she would grind herself up against me giving me only a very chaste kiss.

In her stupor, she said, “I didn’t want to get you too turned-on?”

For some reason, probably because she was my sister, my dick never got hard. She couldn’t understand it though, thinking she was too pretty for me not to get hard. She must’ve thought I wanted to fuck her or something.

When she says something like that to me, I would just say, “You’re drunk … go to bed!

With us being born in the early 90s, my name is Brad and hers is Tiffany.

She and my mom are dead ringers, with coal-black hair, cute turned-up noses and nice big D-cups!

Growing up with a mother that pretty, I would often have my friends talk about how hot she was.

The same is true with Tiffany, Who got her curves in her porno 92 early teens! She not only had a great rack, her ass was awesome.

Our father died at his desk of a heart attack. After all the services, mom found out he had a $20 million-dollar life insurance policy and kept it to herself doling out a stingy amount of money to each of us kids.

She was pissed when I didn’t come home from college. Her payback was sending Tiffany to live with me.

She had called, left a message saying my sister was coming to live with me and be a ‘good big brother’ … stupid bitch!

My headache was clearing, and I looked out to see daylight!

I glanced at my watch, and saw that Tiffany should be home any minute for her midday break from classes.

She always tried to schedule her classes with a break in the middle of the day, so she could come home, rest, and then drink some more.

The worst time during the month for her was the week after her period. If I was at home and asleep; she would crawl in bed with me and say something like, “Bradley, qiqitv porno I’m horny!”

I would just turn to look at her and say, “That is so sick, take care of yourself!”

Of course, she would begin masturbating while next to me in my own bed.

While at first it was a little arousing, now it happens a couple of times a week, and I just sleep, although the bed is moving as she was getting herself off.

Like I said before, she was beautiful, but only if she was sober. Drunk, she’s a bitch … and I told her that quite often.

Last night, we went to one of those parties together, and there were some party games involving body shots.

The guys with girlfriends, or at the party with a girl, got to drink shot glasses of scotch off their topless bodies.

I think I won last night getting to see my sister’s great-looking tits at the same time.

I don’t remember what I won, now that I think about it.

The sound of a shower turning on made my head rattle for a bit. She must be home. Three minutes later my sanity was restored when the water, shower or waterfall of had been turned off.

Tiffany walked into my room holding the towel around her, barely covering her massive tits.

“Bradley,” she said, dropping her towel, “Now that I’m sober and shaved … do you want fuck me again?”

“Aww Shit!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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