Aysha, My Sexy Bhabhi Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Ever since Azra gave me that idea of having a 3some, I became really excited and restless because I never had a 3some in my life and the thoughts of having such fun were making me crazy day by day. As I knew that both the ladies love me a lot, I was really quite desperate to share the bed with them. I then called Azra and asked her to fix up such meting as soon as possible. After almost 3 weeks, suddenly Aysha bhabhi called me one day in my office and told me that her husband (my cousin brother) was leaving for a foreign trip as usual and will be back after 10 days. She told me that she had already told this to Azra and she will be there at her place too. Aysha told me to come in afternoon.

I was so much excited that I hardly passed my time in office and as soon as the clock hit 5. I hurriedly finished my work and went to Aysha’s place and push the door bell. In about no time, she opened the door and man I went speechless after watching her, she was looking so dam sexy in Red sleeveless t-shirt and blue jeans. Before any neighbor see us, She hurrily grabbed my hand and moved me inside and closed the door. When she was closing the locks, I saw her round tight buttocks and her thin waist. I couldn’t control myself and put my hands on her belly. She closed the door in the mean time, but remained at the same position. I took my time and went on rubbing one hand on her belly and other on her neck and face from behind. She moved her hand to the back and placed it on my pelvis area. My pant was rock hard and bulging in that region. Then slowly I moved her towards me. She closed her eyes. I felt her warm lips touching mine. We went on with a long passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, my hands were rubbing her waist and hips. Then she guided me to her bedroom, pushed me on the bed and jumped on me. Wowwwwwwwww man what a scene it was, Aysha, my sweet and tiny, just 4 feet 8 inches tall Bhabhi was sitting on my belly and was busy in opening my shirts button. She took my shirt off in no time and then started kissing on my neck and chest immediately.

Any experience man can imagine, how do u feel when a hot stunning beauty kiss you there on your neck and chest. My cock was so hard in my pant that I felt a little bit pain. After few minutes, She smiled and got off from me. I asked her, Where is Azra? She replyed. Abhi nahi aaye, aati he ho gi, kyoun main nahi hoon kya yahaan, jab tak who nahi aati, hum ik round pora kar laite hain, what do u think? and gave me a smile like a little beautiful vampire who was ready to drink the last drop of my blood. She then slowly took off her Red t-shirt and what a stunning scene it was, she was wearing a Red lacy bra inside her t-shirt. Then she slowly and like a professional stripteaser, took off her blue skin fitting jeans. I was surprised again because she had a Red matching panties inside her jeans.

Now she was looking so hot and sexy in her red undergarments. I knew that she had prepared herself quite nicely for the up coming night. I was still lying on her jumbo bed, my blood pressure was rising after watching her in such sexy condition, I couldn’t help myself and spread my arms in the air, she couldn’t wait for even a single moment and jumped on me, I caught her in my arms and started kissing her like a mad man. I was so sex hungry because I couldn’t fuck anyone since the past coupe of weeks and I was so horny that time that I tore open her red lacy bra immediately and started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were hard and bigger as a result of over excitement. Soon we both became naked. She was still sitting on me and when I tried to put my hand on her pussy, she grabbed my hand suddenly, I in surprise asked her, kya hua, rok kyoun diya mujhe jaanu?

She again gave me that mystery smile and said, “I have planed lots of things for today, Lets go for a bath together first. Azra kay aane se pehlay.” My eyes lit up. I knew it that this was going to be a hot experience for both of us. She slowly stood up from me and we both entered the bathroom.

She turned the shower on and began to enjoy the water. She looked at me and began to rub the soap. The soapsuds ran down her graceful HOT body, making it slick and slippery all over. Her long black hair was wet and as she pulled it over her shoulder, she exposed her lovely naked wet back to me and turned her head a little to watch my reaction. She knew her behind was exquisite. Well-rounded globes of firm hot flesh, covered with glowing creamy skin. She was giving me a perfect show which I never seen before.

She knelt in the tub, looking at me from over her soapy shoulder. I looked the muscles of her butt cheeks flex slightly as she maintained her balance in the tub. The soapsuds cascaded down over them, making them deliciously slippery and shiny. All the time she was watching me and was getting more and more aroused. My eyes followed the crack of her ass to where it disappeared down between her legs. I went crazy after watching her butt cheeks squeeze together as she wobbled slightly on her knees, but it was done intentionally.

She then went into the tub and ordered şişli bayan escort me to the side of the tub with her eyes. I went and stood there. The raging hard on of mine was pointing at her cunt. She ran a fingertip along the length of my burning, stiff rod. It flexed convulsively. She smiled. “Mmm! It looks the biggest and stiffest ever. Let me see.” she said as she caught my erection. it sent waves of extatic pleasure through my body and I thought I might cum then and there in her hands any moment. She slowly touched the tip of my cock with her soft lips and it gave me another shiver and I pressed my cock deep inside her mouth. She was licking the whole length of my shaft slowly. I put my hands on her head and started playing with her hairs slowly. When I was about to come, I stopped her because I didn’t want to loose my sperms so quickly. I then knelt in front of her in the bathtub and started kissing her on her hot juicy lips again. After few minutes, Aysha took my hands away, turned around in the tub saying, “Now you do me.” I knelt behind her. With the both of us on our knees, I straddled her right calf. Her toes would now and then brush up against my own calf, a constant reminder that this wasn’t a daydream, but was actually happening. I scooped up the now half melted bar of soap and washcloth and began to work up a rich lather. The aroma of the soap swirling around her legs was intoxicating. I started on her smooth shoulder with the washcloth. It was heavily laden with rich soapy water.

As I caressed her, the suds ran down her supple back, making its way aimlessly, following the contours of her back muscles, down to the little vee at the top of the cleft between her flexing butt cheeks. I put one finger of mine in her ass crack and she began to twitch and wriggle slightly. I then reached her little triangle, I traced it up the line that ran from her vagina to her hipbone. Then back down that line and through her navel. I was really very excited! As she was, she began to moan softly. “Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh haan Fardi jaan, touch it, put your finger inside my pussy. Oh dear I can’t hold it anymore. Please do make me cummmmm……..” she then came on her all fours in the bath tub and was giving me the most erotic view of my life. I couldn’t wait and slowly put my hot and rock hard cock in her pussy. Aysha gave a big moan “ uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Good , haan Fardi, please chodo mujhe, khoob chodo, rukna nahi…… bohat maza aa raha hai……….” Aise he chodte raho mujhe, zindagi bhat younhi chodte raho……………”

She was out of control and was saying meaning less things, she was so aroused that in no time she let out a loud moan and started cumming. “aaaahhhhhhhhuuuuggggggghhhhhhh Fardi darling main choot rahe hoon, ahhhhhhhhhhhh , zor seeeee , ummmmmmm”… She was pushing her hips in backward direction in full speed and her pussy started squeezing and milking my cock and made her hole much more tight. It made me close to my own orgasm too. I increased my speed and in few seconds I started shooting my 3 weeks stock of cum in her cunt. She couldn’t stay there in doggie style and lyed there on her chest with me on her back with my cock still buried deep inside her.

After few minutes, we stood up and went under the shower. Both our bodies were fully coated with thick soft lather. We rubbed our slippery bodies against each other for couple a minutes and made ourselves clean with fresh water. I then make her and myself dry and took her into my arms and we both came to her jumbo bed. Once in bed, we again started kissing and playing with each other slowly with light talks and humors. Then after almost half and hour, suddenly the doorbell rang. It must be Azra, said Aysha with a big smile on her face. I smiled back to her and said, go and bring her here quickly and immediately Aysha got up, took her t-shirt and panties and went to open the door.

I started dreaming about the first 3some encounter of my life which gonna happened in the next few minutes with those 2 beauties and this made me excited again and slowly my cock started to getting bigger in size again. Then the door open and there they were, Aysha, My beautiful and sexy Bhabhi and Azra my sweet and hot Cousin sister. I smiled at Azra and shouted, “Hi Uzi jaan”. First Azra shocked to watch me lying stark naked in Aysha’s jumbo bed but in the second moment started laughing and said. “ bare zaleel log ho tum, mera intezar bhi nahi kiya aur game start bhi kar liya”……. I said, “ to kya hua, aaj to pori raat hai humare pass, tumhen tumhara hissa zaroor milay ga, don’t worry”………. and I laughed again.

They both started laughing with me. Then suddenly an idea came in my mind and I said, Listen Azra and Aysha, I always fantasized about a 3some but with that, I always fantasized about watching a live lesbian show too, so why don’t u show me a stunning live lesbian show right here and right now?

They both saw each other and smiled. Then suddenly Azra who was getting quite aroused after watching me lying naked put her right hand on Aysha’s hand and pulled Aysha towards her. They immediately started kissing şişli escort each other and I was surprised to see 2 hot young females kissing and undressing each other. To be very honest, I only saw lesbian acts in videos till then but that scene was totally different and it made me so excited that I started rubbing my cock slowly.

Soon both Aysha and Azra became naked. They both were kissing and caressing each other in lust. Then Aysha pushed Azra on her bed beside me, got on top of her and started sucking Azra’s boobs…. pressing them hard. After few minutes of boob licking, and nipple sucking, Aysha suddenly stood up and went to her kitchen and brought some thing. I asked what was it? She showed me it was honey. She poured it all over Azra’s body on her boobs, face, pussy, everywhere.

Now she started sucking all over her body. Man it was just uncontrollable for me but I managed to stay away from those 2 hot beauties and watched the lesbian game eventhough I wanted to lick and taste that honey from Azra’s face, boobs, and pussy badly. Aysha, the woman incharge at that time, started licking Azra’s face and lips, at that time, they both were fully involved in their sexual game, after sometime, Aysha made her way down between Azra’s boobs and started licking her right boob.

Azra was a big girl, much bigger then Aysha who was just 4 feet 8 inches tall and so tiny like teenage girls, instead Azra is a full grown woman with 5 feet 5 inches of height and strong built but at that time she was lying under the pocket Venus helplessly and enjoying every minute of it. They both were moaning and suddenly Azra shout in pain when Aysha bit her nipple. Then Azra pushed Aysha’s mouth towards her dripping pussy coated with honey. Aysha immediately came between her thighs and gave her pussy a small lick with her tongue.

Azra went mad with lust and immediately pushed Aysha’s face hard on her pussy and shout loudly. “ chaato meri choot ko payari Bhabhi jaan, kha jao issko pora, apni zaban meri choot main dalo na please, jaldi jaldi chaato, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, bohat maza aa raha hai , plz don’t stop, oh I love u Aysha jaanoo, lick my clit too, ohhhhhh faster uuuuggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa, yes like that, fasterrrrrrrrrrr………”

Aysha started lapping her cunt quite fast now, and suddenly in no time, Azra’s back arched up and she started to shiver uncontrollably and got her first orgasm of the day. Azra always cum in gallons and I always love to lick her pussy juices, this time Aysha was enjoying her juices mixed with honey, Aysha looked at me and smiled, I unknowingly licked my own lips and Aysha understood, she smiled and came towards me and put her lips on mine.

It was like a dream come true to me, I was licking my sweet cousin sister Azra’s pussy juices from the lips of my darling Bhabhi Aysha’s lips and Aysha’s lips and honey made her juices even more tastier. Then after sometimes, Azra pulled Aysha towards her and made her sit on her face, There she was, Aysha, sitting in Azra’s face and Aysha’s face direction was towards Azra’s pussy. I was there, still lying beside both of them and watching them loving eachother once again. This time, Azra was the one who was licking and with the same time finger fucking Aysha’s pussy and in response, Aysha was pulling and pinching her long thick darkbrown nipples. Aysha was moaning loudly. “Oh yesss, lick me Azra, chaato meri choot, kha lo issko, apna pora haath ander daal do, phar do meri choot, issne mera jena mushkil kar diya hai. Phaar daaaaaaalo issko, aaahhhhhhhhh , ummmm”.

Suddenly Aysha dropped herself on Azra’s body, opened her legs a bit and put her mouth on Azra’s pussy lips. Now there they were, in a perfect 69 position licking and finger fucking each other. Both were now moaning and screaming like 2 wild tigresses. Both were saying lots of incredible and meaningless words. Suddenly both girls started to cum simultaneously. Both were now almost screaming and lapping eachother’s pussies madly.

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I stood up and came between Azra’s legs. I lifted Aysha’s face from Azra’s pussy and started licking and sucking her lips. Aysha, my sweet Bhabhi was again sharing Azra’s pussy juices with me. She then smile and put her hand on my cock. My cock was almost burning and stood up like an iron rod. Aysha rubbed it first with one hand and spread Azra’s cunt lips with the other and pushed my cock into her cunt.

This was the ultimate, Wow, my Bhabhi was making me screw my cousin sister. While kissing Aysha, I slowly started my to and fro motions and my cock started to move in and out of Azra’s cunt. Azra despite of having an orgasm just few minutes ago, immediately went aroused and again put her head on Aysha’s pussy and started to lick her cunt. Aysha on the other hand was kissing me madly and at the same time grinding her wet little pussy on Azra’s mouth. Both the girls were dam hot and sweating like hell. I myself was so aroused after watching such hot lesbian love affair that I immediately started to drill in Azra’s hot n wet pussy with short quick jerks.

It was mecidiyeköy escort Aysha who got the orgasm first with a loud scream and dropped loads of her sweet cunt juices directly in Azra’s mouth who herself was near her orgasm due to my full and hard strokes and was almost biting Aysha’s cunt. Aysha was screaming so loudly that I once scared that her neighbors might heard the voices but she was so careless that time and was shouting continuously, saying “ Ohhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Godddddddddd, aur chooso meri choot ko Azra please, Ahhhhhhhhh, iss ka sara ras pi lo, kuch bhi baki na chorna, isskay ras ne mujhe bohat tang kiya hai, uuuufffffffffff please sara pi lo… Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I like it, Ohhhhhhh go lick my clit toooooooo, oh bit it Azraaaaaaa. “

On the other hand Azra was not almost ready to cum as her face color became blood red and she was moaning loudly like Aysha did few seconds ago. Aysha was not got up from Azra’s face and was sitting near both of us and watching my cock with lustful eyes, which was now moving like a piston in Azra’s wet hot furnace. Azra was moaning loudly like “ Ahannnnnnnnhhhhhh haan Fardi darling, meri jaan, my first ever love, fuck me, haan chodo mujhe Fardi, apni pori speed se chodo, bara maza aa raha hai , rukna nahi, main chootne wali hoon, plzzzzz aur zor se dhake lagaoo, Ohhhhhhhhhhh my Gooooooodddddddddd, aur tezzzzzzz, Bhaabbbbiiii Pleaseeeee meray boooobbbbssss ko Chooosooooo na, Pleaseeee make me feel the most intense orgasm of my life, pleaseeeee phar do meri choot, kha jao meray boooobbssss, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhgggghhhh. “

Aysha then bent down and started licking Azra’s long and hard nipples one by one. First time in her life, Azra felt two people working on her body. This double attack caused a big explosion in Azra’s hot choot. She screamed like hell, so loudly that Aysha had to closed her mouth with her hand and on the other hand I literally felt like a volcano of female cum erupted inside Azra’s hot choot and she started to cum with the most intense female orgasm I have ever seen in my life. This made me mad and my cock was ready too. I increased my too and fro motions and while fucking Azra’s cunt with full force, I grabbed Aysha from her hairs, pulled her towards me, hugged her tightly and put my lips on hers. As I put my lips on Aysha’s lips, I too got my climax and my cock started shooting thick hot semen inside my cousin’s cunt. We all were shivering with lust. Then me and Aysha collapsed over Azra’s body and we three lay there motionless for almost half and hour.

It was Aysha who first got up and went to kitchen. She came back with 3 glasses full of milk and lots of dry fruits. We three then lye side-by-side with each other on Aysha’s jumbo bed and started drinking milk and eating the dry fruits. I was in the middle of those hot beauties. Azra then suddenly gave one hot kiss on my cheek and said, “Hay Fardi, aaj bohat maza aaya, Kaash hum dono tumhari Wives hote to kitna acha hota, Hum teeno mil kar roz issi tarhan sex enjoy karte.” Ufffffffff. Aysha said “Yes Azra, tum theek kehti ho, kaash aisa ho jata. Keh hum dono fardi ki wives hote, ager kabhi us ka mood nahi bhi hota to hum ik dosre ko satisfy kar laite”. I then interrupted them and said. “Common yaar, hum abhi bhi husband aur wives ki terhan he enjoy ker rahe hain” it doesn’t matter keh hum husband, wives nahi hain”. Aur tum dono abhi bhi ik dosre ko satisfy kar he rahe ho na… “

They both smiled and they both came close to me and kissed each other’s lips right above my chest. I put my hands on their boobs and slowly started pinching their already hard and pointed nipples. They both were continuously kissing eachother. Aysha then broke the kiss and said “ Fardi we did that lesbian action several times before but trust me, we never enjoyed that much pleasure as we r enjoying right now, doing such things in the presence of a man is something extra ordinary. Sach main bohat maza aa raha hai,” Azra said, “ oh yes Fardi, yakeen karo main iss se pehlay Aysha kay saath sex karne main kabhi itna desperate nahi hue jitna aaj ho rahe hoon, main sochti hoon keh jo females lesbians hoti hain wohh 100% correct hoti hain, iss ka bhi apna he ik maza hai”.

I laughed and while pointing towards my now semi hard cock said, “ ohh don’t say like that honey, ager tum dono perfect lesbians ban gayeen to iss bechare ka kya ho ga?”. they both started laughing with me and then Aysha said, “ Don’t worry my dear, iss ne to mujhe apni life ka wohh maza diya hai jo kabhi tumhare budhe bahijaan ne nahi diya, main issko kaise bhool sakti ho”.

Then she moved towards my cock and immediately started licking the drying cum coated cap of my semi hard shaft. Azra on the other hand stood up and sat on my face immediately and kissed me with her pussy lips. I felt the well known strong feminine odor of my darling cousin sister’s cunt and within no time started licking and playing her labia with my tongue. I then took her hard clit in my mouth and sucked it real hard. She immediately moaned and rubbed her pussy on my lips very hard. With the help of my hands, I parted her labia and inserted my index finger in her pussy hole. Both the girls were moaning quite sexily and it made me aroused too and my cock became erect again. On the other hand, Aysha was busy in sucking my now rock hard cock with strong moves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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