Baby Sitter’s Curiosity

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They say curiosity killed the cat, but I’m quite sure that the cat’s not the only creature to be done in by a little harmless curiosity. Take me, for instance. I’m a healthy, normal, eighteen year old, and like any young woman I was curious about sex and my effect on men. Like, why should a touch of cleavage turn a boy into a babbling idiot? It was intriguing and funny to watch, but expected.

It was the unexpected that raised questions in my mind. In my mind is where the questions ought to have stayed.

I had to do a babysitting job one Saturday afternoon. It was one of these odd jobs that crop up every so often. Mrs. Henderson was working in the city for the day and Mr. Henderson had an appointment that he has to go to but he couldn’t take the kids, who were out at Little League anyway.

My job was to front up at the Henderson’s place, wave goodbye to Mr. Henderson and stick around to take charge of the kids when they were delivered home from Little League. Then I’d just keep an eye on them until one of their parents arrived home.

It was a reasonable warm day and I was dressed comfortably. I had on a nice sundress with a modest neckline. No real cleavage showing. It wasn’t as though I was dressed up to vamp anyone. That’s why I got a real surprise when Mr. Henderson answered my knock on the door and promptly showed all the signs of babbling idiocy.

He recovered pretty fast, I’ll give him that, but for a few moments I could see that I’d got him right between the eyes. I’d have been flattered, but I didn’t understand why it had happened. He ushered me in and as I walked into the lounge room I spotted his reflection in the mirror and his hand was down his trousers adjusting his equipment.

When I turned to face him Mr. Henderson was smiling pleasantly and had lost the babbling idiot look, but I could spot that his trousers were tented. I guess he was hoping I wouldn’t notice or, if I did, I’d be too polite to mention it.

Now normally I would have done the polite thing and not noticed. It was the safer way, where most young men are concerned. But I was curious. I mean, he’s known me for ages and never had this sort of reaction. Why now? Especially seeing I was dressed quite modestly.

“Is that because of me?” I asked, nodding towards Mr. Henderson’s crotch, puzzlement plain in my voice.

He flushed and looked a little irritable that I’d dare to raise the point, but I could tell that it was.

“But why?” I almost wailed. “I didn’t do anything.”

He laughed at that.

“No-one said you did,” he told me. “It wasn’t really your fault. It’s just that when I answered the door the sun was behind you and it effectively turned your dress transparent. I was just startled to have a lovely young woman turn up at my door looking as though she was naked. You’ll have to forgive my reaction. It was totally spontaneous.”

I couldn’t help goggling. Was my dress truly transparent against a strong light? I’d have to watch that. My curiosity was still running wild. One look and Mr. Henderson had an erection? How big an erection? His trousers were noticeably distended.

I’d had dates with men who had wanted me to make a closer acquaintance with their erection, but I’d always ankara üniversiteli escort backed away, not really interested. Well, interested, possibly, but cautious. Now my caution seemed to be taking a back seat, possibly because I was looking at Mr. Henderson as safe. I cast another look downwards and then spoke before I had a chance to put my brain into gear.

“Can I see it?” I asked, and could feel myself blushing with horror even as the words left my mouth.

“I am not,” said Mr. Henderson, “going to whip out my erection for you to examine. That sort of thing could get me arrested if you took fright. However, if you care to unzip and take a peek, I won’t resist.”

He had this sort of smirk that seemed to say I just dare you, confident that I wouldn’t have the nerve. He was right, of course. No way was I going to undo his zip and take out his cock to look at. I just couldn’t do it. Which left me feeling a bit puzzled as to how it was I was standing there holding his erection in my hand.

It left Mr. Henderson looking a bit stunned, too, but he also looked amused. He didn’t say anything, just watched while I stroked his cock. I knew in theory what one looked like. I’d seen pictures. Who hasn’t? But a picture is a bit different to actually holding a man’s cock in your hand, especially when it was fully erect like this. It was hot and it felt awfully hard.

In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. I stroked his cock, and I’ll swear that it seemed to grow hotter and larger. At the same time I found myself getting hotter and I had this funny squirmy feeling low in my tummy. Then it suddenly dawned on me on what I was doing and I snatched my hand way, feeling myself blushing brightly.

I thought that Mr. Henderson would just put it away now that I wasn’t touching it. Silly me.

“My turn,” he said quietly, and to my surprise he calmly lifted up my dress and started pulling my panties down.

“You can’t do that,” I protested, but he ignored me, taking my panties right down to my ankles. Then his hands came trailing up my legs. The inside of my legs. If I had the sense God gave a goose I’d have snapped my legs together, but instead I just stood there, watching as his hands rose, stroking the insides of my thighs and then I gave a gasp as one hand closed over my mound and started squeezing it softly.

I looked up at Mr. Henderson’s face and he was smiling at me. I’ll swear I could see a laugh hidden behind his eyes. I tried to protest but I was distracted when his erection brushed against my hand and my hand seemed to close around it again of its own accord.

I guess my attitude was a little bit ‘OK – Fair enough. I touched him first.’ Then a finger slid between my lips and Mr. Henderson was exploring inside me. I gave a little squeak at that, which was blandly ignored while fingers were doing terrible things to my insides.

I was so relieved (and a little disappointed) when Mr. Henderson moved his hand away. Both relief and disappointment faded abruptly, being replaced with shock when my sundress was lifted again and this time it was lifted right up and over my head. Before I could say no my bra was undone and being lowered, leaving yenimahalle escort my breasts free. I naturally expected hands to descend on them but I was fooled again.

Mr. Henderson just lowered his head and started mouthing my breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth and nipped at it, then I could feel his hot breath on me as he dragged his mouth across to my other breast and started sucking on the nipple.

At the same time that damned hand was covering my mound again, fingers busy slipping between my lips and stroking the softness inside. On top of that I could feel his erection brushing against my tummy.

Things started going a bit funny about then. Mr. Henderson was kissing me and his hands were on my bottom holding me against him and I was oh so aware of the fact that I was naked and that his cock was wedged between us like a flagpole.

I finally dragged my lips away from his. I was feeling really hot and bothered by that stage.

“I think it’s time to call it quits,” I managed to gasp, but he just laughed.

“Not quite yet,” he told me, and his hands were pressing down on my breasts, squeezing them.

It occurred to me that his hands were pressing down on my beasts, not against them. I was, I found, lying back on the couch, with no idea how I’d actually got there. Mr. Henderson was looming over me, positioned, I noticed, between my legs, with his erection hovering awfully close to my pussy.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I asked, knowing full well what he was doing and not having the faintest idea of how to stop it. Hell, I didn’t even know if I wanted to stop it.

“Guess,” came the reply, and the head of his cock was being dragged back and forth along my labia, teasing them. I could feel my lips spreading, moving slightly apart, inviting his cock to enter. My permission wasn’t being asked for. My pussy was making up its own mind. It had decided the time was right and was yielding quite happily.

I was still hunting for a way to say that perhaps we shouldn’t be doing this, or, thank you, but no thank you, when I felt his cock pushing its way past my lips and into me.

I frantically opened my mouth to finally say no but just squealed in surprise as his cock just brushed past my hymen as though it was nothing. One second I was a virgin and the next there was a sting and I was an ex virgin with a hard, hot cock busy making itself at home inside me.

Protesting at this stage would just be a waste of breath and probably embarrassing for both of us. With Mr. Henderson’s cock driving in hard I was committed, so with a little mental shrug and a great deal of curiosity and anticipation and, I’ll admit, a little trepidation, I pushed up to meet him.

That cock of his just seemed to keep on coming and coming. I could feel myself stretching in all directions, trying to accommodate him. I was squeaking and gasping, quite sure that there was just simply too much of him for me to handle, but the more he pushed into me the more I seemed to be able to stretch to take him. Then his groin was rubbing hard against mine and I felt this little thrill of victory to know that I had all of him.

He paused for a moment, looking down at ankara zenci escort me as though to check that I was OK. I don’t know what my face showed but he gave this little grunt of a laugh and seemed to relax slightly. Then the fun and games started.

I hadn’t known what to expect. Intellectually I knew what happened, but practically? Ha! All the intellectual knowledge fell by the wayside as soon as that cock popped my cherry. Now I was experiencing the real thing with no real knowledge to help me, only instinct.

Instinct works, let me tell you. Mr. Henderson started moving on me, pulling back and then driving back into me, and I was with him from the first stroke. He pushed down into me and I pushed up hard against him, accepting him into me and wanting more. I needed him in me, my legs rising and closing around him, and I was flexing my muscles to draw him in harder and faster.

It was exciting, enthralling, driving me wild. It just seemed to go on and on. All I was really aware of was this cock inside me, charging back and forth, raising all sorts of weird and wonderful feelings. My mind had switched itself off, and my body was in full control, bucking hard beneath Mr. Henderson’s wonderful bludgeoning.

I was gasping and making little squealing sounds as I was taken on the ride of my life. Not the last, either, you can be sure of that. I was clinging and bucking and pleading, wanting more. No matter what was happening I wanted more.

And I got it. Mr. Henderson was lunging into me harder and harder, building up a real head of steam as he took me, apparently determined to make the most of a rare opportunity. If I’d stopped to consider it I guess I’d have thought that the whole thing would be over in a few minutes. If that was the case then they were the longest minutes I’ve ever known. I didn’t think he was ever going to stop, and that was fine by me.

I was squealing loudly by this stage, tossing my head from side to side, while my hips bounced frantically under Mr. Henderson’s exquisite attentions. The strangest feelings were welling up inside me, with my nerves seeming to be getting tighter and tighter.

Then Mr. Henderson was speeding up. I hadn’t thought it possible, but if happened. He was pounding in harder than ever and I could hear him gasping with effort, then he gave this groan and I felt a hot surge of something deep inside me. A hot mass splashed deep into me and I just gave up the ghost.

I screamed and I could feel myself clamping hard around that cock, trying to hold it and squeeze it, and then my wound up tensions all gave way together, rolling over me in an emotional flood.

I just lay there, quivering and feeling, letting these wonderful sensations have their way with me, unable to do anything else.

When I came to I was lying on the couch, naked. Mr. Henderson was fully dressed and apparently just waiting for me to wake up properly. He just smiled at me and said he’d love to stay and chat for a while but he really had to get going to make his appointment. The kids were due home in the next half hour. Either he or his wife would be back by six, so don’t worry about making the kids tea.

Then he kissed me and shot through. Me, I staggered into the bathroom for a good shower, dressed and just sank back onto the couch, feeling slightly stunned. My whole body was alive and glowing, mind you. Only my wits were stunned. What the hell was I supposed to say the next time I saw Mr. Henderson? And what did I do if he wanted an encore? The way I felt right now, I’d probably give it to him.

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