Babydoll Ch. 08

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I want to thank everyone for the appreciation that they showed me on the last chapter. I am grateful for any and all comments and feedback, which is what helps me understand whether I am close to developing a decent story line. Of course these are fictional accounts, any likenesses or similarities are purely coincidental. It takes a while to write these, because I want each to have meaning – I hope that they do. Please read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to many people. The material is erotic to me because it is forbidden in society. In no way do I condone such activity. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy. Any feedback will be kindly appreciated.

Babydoll Ch. 08 – Spring Break

Here we were on the edge of spring. March 15th to be exact. You know how it is. There is still plenty of coolness in the air, but the signs of the warming season were all around. The birds were chirping, the buds on the trees were almost set to blossom, and an almost balmy breeze was blowing on the 70-degree day.

I had only been away from home for 2 ½ months this time. It seemed like yesterday, when I had pulled away from my house and headed back to college. I have to say that college just never felt like home, I always felt like a visitor there. It wasn’t as hard being away this time, because I knew I would be home sooner.

I was doing really well with my grades and I even found time to meet some people. There were always plenty of distractions, but my goals were steadfast. I hung out and studied with some of the girls, but I never moved past a platonic relationship with any of them.

One girl, Jill, I had some interest in, but I wanted to take my time with her. She was very cute, but she was nowhere near as hot as Ashley. There was something about the genes in my family that made the women full bodied. Jill had a nice tight body, but was a little thinner than what I was used to. She was definitely nice and I could definitely see potential there.

Jill came by that morning to see me off. She was more independent from her family, than I was from mine. She was just going to hang around campus for the next week This visit seemed to be a way of her letting me know that she was going to miss me. She gave me a nice hug before I left. I let her know that I would come see her as soon as I got back.

My car was already packed and ready to go for the 300-mile trip home. I once again left at noon. Who wants to get up at the crack of dawn anyway? There was no need to get home early. No one would be home until 5pm anyway and it was going to take at least 5 hours to get home.

When I had talked to my mother the night before, she let me know that Ashley was visiting one of the colleges that she had applied to. She would be back in a couple of days. Mom said that Joe had gone on a business trip and he wouldn’t be back until the next week. It was just going to be Jan, Mom, and I home that night.

The trip allowed me to contemplate all that had happened over Christmas. I had a very close bond with Ashley that had been consummated in a whirlwind on New Year’s Eve. Then there was mom; I felt a connection there. It wasn’t anything that I was going to push, but it was hard to keep the attraction from coming to the forefront of my thoughts. I had all kinds of feelings running through my mind as mile after mile clicked by.

This sun was sinking slowly to the west as I got closer and closer to home. It wouldn’t be dark until around 7pm, this close to the spring equinox. It felt great going home. I wish I never had to leave, but I knew it was part of the maturing process and thus was necessary.

It was around 5:30pm when I pulled into the neighborhood. As I drove around the block, I could see that everything was once again as I had left it back in January. The grass was still it’s winter color with its green hue beginning to peak through. There were no leaves on the trees, but there were buds appearing on the branches. Yes, spring was on its way and the last vestiges of winter were set to lose its inexorable control.

It would not be long now until the ladies could begin wearing their lovely spring outfits. Thoughts of short shorts, mini dresses, and halter tops filtered through my lecherous mind. Spring leads the way to summer and half naked women running around the pool in bikinis. Yes, I really felt like this would be a very good year.

Mom’s car was parked in the in the driveway. I pulled in next to her car and proceeded to pull a few of my things out of my car before walking to the door. I unlocked the door and entered yelling out for my mother. She yelled back, “I’m in the kitchen.”

She smiled from ear to ear as she came up to hug me. “How was the trip honey?” She looked really nice in her white, thick, cotton t-shirt and faded Levi’s.

I responded, “It wasn’t too bad Mom. I’m just glad I’m home.” As she hugged me it felt as though she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her Giresun Escort soft, pliable breasts were mashed firmly against my chest. I hate to say that Woody was beginning to plump from the contact.

(Mom) –“I’m getting ready to fix dinner, I’ll have everything ready in a little while. It’s just you and me tonight.”

(Jimmy) – “Where’s Jan, I thought you said that she would be at home?”

(Mom) – “She’s working late. I don’t think she’ll be home until after 11pm.

I sat down at the table as mom fixed spaghetti. She offered me a glass of Chianti as she had a couple of sips and added some to the pasta sauce. We talked about how things were going in school and made other small talk as we ate dinner. Of course I always enjoyed Mom’s cooking. She is an excellent cook.

She asked if I had found a girlfriend. I told her, “No, but I have a girl I’ve been hanging out with. Her name is Jill and we have been studying together.”

Mom thought that was wonderful. She was really being inquisitive about it. I chuckled about her worrying about such as thing. Since she was so interested in my love life, I had to ask, “Mom are you feeling better now. I was worried about you back at Christmas. You seemed a little melancholy on New Year’s Eve.”

(Mom) — “Oh, I’m fine Jimmy. I guess I was a little tipsy that night. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t really even remember.”

After that I wasn’t going to push the issue any further. I was definitely glad that things hadn’t gotten out of hand that night. Things were complicated enough, with Ash and me doing what we were doing. I was thinking, man that would have made things even more unbelievably confusing.

It was a little past 7pm when we finished dinner. I went and brought in the rest of my bags from my car. I took everything up to my room and put it away. I could see that Mom had kept my room clean while I was away. Everything appeared to be in the order I had left it in. I changed into some lounge pants and a t-shirt before heading back downstairs.

Upon entering the living room, I could see that Mom had turned on the toob and tuned in a movie on one of the Cinemax channels. She was lying on the sofa and I went and flopped down over in the recliner, which sits beside the sofa – only separated by a side table.

I didn’t really pay attention to the movie. It was just another chick flick like my mother watches while relaxing. There were a couple of hot love scenes that had me antsy to witness with my mom so close by. I was certainly stimulated from watching the nudity and intense sex in the scenes.

This made it hard to take my mind off of Mom. She was so close and she looked so good. If she weren’t my mom, there is no way that I would have thought she was 40 years old. She had flipped off her shoes and she looked very comfortable lying on the couch. She only moved a few times to take some sips of her wine.

Mom lay quietly until I couldn’t really tell whether she was asleep or awake. I remembered seeing her nude form back at Christmas. Damn, I was getting hard thinking about that night. She was so hot when she was standing there, that night, with her robe open, then later that night seeing her in that bathroom mirror. What a wonderfully voluptuous body. I couldn’t help checking her out.

It was 9pm when the movie was over. That set Mom in motion, she slowly sat up and stretched. Raising her arms above her head, she yawned and told me, “Honey, It’s been a long day. I’m going to hit the sack.” She rose from the sofa and headed around the corner to the stairwell, which leads to her room.

Now that she was gone I thought about going to get into my stash and fire one up. I hadn’t smoked any weed since the drive back to school in January. I had left some of the good shit in a hermetically sealed container tucked away in a secret compartment in my room. I waited a few minutes before heading upstairs to my room and retrieving a joint.

I went outside and fired it up, smoking about half the joint. Two and a half months made my tolerance a little low and it only took a few minutes until I felt fried. It was still relatively early in the evening, being around 9:30pm.

I went back inside and grabbed a soda and some chips, before heading down to the basement to continue watching TV. I went down to the family room so that I wouldn’t bother anyone. I knew one thing; I was feeling horny as hell. I couldn’t wait until Ashley got home the next day. My cock hadn’t been wet in over 2 months and it was getting to my head.

I heard Jan come in at 11pm, but she didn’t come down to see me. I figured that she probably had a long day and since she was going to be getting up rather early, in the morning, that she probably was going straight to bed. That was no biggie, because we weren’t super close or anything any way.

Jan didn’t go to college. She’s smart, but she went straight to work out of high school. I think she makes pretty good money Giresun Escort Bayan and is headed towards management already. I know she was pretty good at barking orders at me when we were growing up. I guess that was excellent practice.

I went upstairs and grabbed some pillows and blankets around 11:30pm. It was a little chilly downstairs and I wanted to cover up, while lying on the sofa. All the lights were out so I assumed that everyone was asleep. When I got back down to the basement, I threw the pillows and quilt on the sofa and then I stepped outside to finish my joint. It was a little nippy outside, so I didn’t stay out there very long. I just couldn’t have the house reeking of weed.

When I went back inside, I lay on the sofa and bundled up. I had a very good buzz going. I felt great. I was out of school and home for spring break. I had nothing to do for the whole week. I planned on lying around the house, smoking a little weed, staying up late, and vegging out.

During school I usually tried to be in bed by midnight. It was early to bed and early to rise. I had a schedule to keep and I was successfully adhering to it so far. I had a plan this week too. It was to have no plan. I wasn’t going to head to bed until I felt like it, which would end up being very, very late.

The room was dark with the only light coming from the late movie on the television directly in front of the couch where I was lying. The movie was “Gone in Sixty Second.” It’s a great movie, even if I have seen it several times. I was just lying there, half paying attention, waiting to get tired enough to go up to bed.

Mom and Jan, of course, were now upstairs sleeping. Mom would be up by 7am since she had to be at work by 9am and Jan would have to be at work also. I didn’t think either would be very happy to be woken up at this late hour, well past midnight, by the sounds of cars racing around and crashing. I kept the volume low enough not to carry through the house, even though they were 2 stories above me, so that I could stay up as late as I wanted.

I am not sure if it was the sound or the movement of a shadow out the corner of my eye, but I jumped when I realized mom was standing just in the doorway of the great room – a few feet away from where I was laying with my head on a pillow. I looked up and gave her a drowsy gaze. She smiled before coming over and standing in front of the middle of the couch while her eyes faced the television.

Like a master of the obvious I inquired, “Can’t sleep mama?”

“I’ve got a big meeting with Ed (her boss) tomorrow Jimmy. It’s no big deal. I’m just restless.” Mom is a working professional. Her 9 to 5er pays well, but can be stressful. Her boss is demanding, but fair. Sometimes she needlessly worries about work related issues.

Mom reached over and laid her hand upon my shoulder. Then looking down at me she asked, “Mind if I lay down with you, honey?”

Of course I muttered, “Sure mom.” I was a little taken aback that she would want to lay with me while watching a movie. There was a recliner and another love seat on each side of the couch where she could have easily kicked back and relaxed. But why would I care if she wanted to snuggle while watching the last half of the movie with me. It wasn’t like she could ruin the plot — as it was hard to screw up a movie that I had seen 5 times.

The couch was more than large enough of the both of us – me being 5’11″and rather slender, mom being 5’5″ with a firm build herself. I lifted the comforter and Mom laid down facing away from me, wiggling backward so that her back, bottom, and the back of her thighs were spooned against me. She pulled the quilt back up, covering our waists, and rested her head upon the large pillows. My lower arm lay upon the arm of the sofa above her head. She was lying lower down so that I looked over the top of her head of moppy auburn hair.

I heard her mumble, “This is nice Jimmy. We haven’t done this since you were little.” She seemed to sigh contently and slowly sunk further and further into the soft cushiony sofa and against me.

My upper arm, which had no comfortable place to lie, was on my own hip. I was afraid to reach over and touch her. Mom must have sensed that I wasn’t completely comfortable. She cocked her head a little and asked over her shoulder, “You can be a little more comfortable, I don’t bite.”

Mom immediately pulled my hand to where it was just below her bosom, my hand slowly opened so that the palm was against the softness of her stomach. This was much better for relaxing.

When the next commercial break came on Mom asked, “Would you like a drink or something?”

“No mom, I’m fine,” I retorted, as I had finally gotten comfortable curling up with her. She wiggled her hips backward into my own, as we waited for the show to return.

This gave me a brief moment to take notice of my mother. She was wearing a long over-sized cotton t-shirt that hung just above Escort Giresun her knee and white ankle high cotton socks. Her fluffy auburn hair smelled of flowers, probably from her before-bed-shower that she had every night. I also noticed the smell of the fragrant lotion that I imagined she always applied to her skin after bathing. Her body beneath her gown seemed noticeably warm against me, and it was also incredibly soft. She felt wonderful against me.

The movie returned from the commercials and we lay still and watched. After a few minutes; mom jerked suddenly during one of those tense moments, in the movie, causing her backside to jiggle against me. She turned her head seeming slightly embarrassed and mumbled, “Oh, sorry honey!”

The next time she jerked from another edgy part in the movie, I could not help but become aware of how soft and cushiony her backside was and how great it felt against my loin. It was firm and soft at the same time. My eyes looked down at her body before me, her white t-shirt practically glowing with the flickering lights from the television as if she were on display.

I started thinking to myself that I needed some pussy. It had been since January that I had last been with Ashley and I had an itch that needed to be scratched. Of course I took care of myself when I needed to, but it was just not the same. I was so horny that I was actually thinking about pushing the boundaries of my relationship with my mother. She was lying vulnerably here before me. God I was perplexed by these thoughts.

Mom yawned exaggeratingly and mumbled, “I think I’ll head back to bed at the next commercial.”

I was a little disappointed and at the same time a little relieved to hear that, because I was feeling a little strange about the sexual urge that I was having for my mother.

Then it started happening. As the minutes passed my libido started growing more sensitive. You see, my dick had been growing slowly but steadily in my pajama bottoms. I closed my eyes and prayed for it to go down – knowing mom had to notice it against the firm cheeks of her wonderfully enticing bottom. The thought of mom knowing that she was making me hard and it pressing against her was tearing me up inside. I was paranoid about what she was thinking. Was this what she was wanting all along?

I had scooted as far back into the couch as I possibly could. With mom’s butt against my genitals, there was no way she could not notice my hardness. When I had reached the zenith of my discomfort, mom finally moved her hips forward and I sighed with relief.

One would have to think that she must have been as self-conscious as I was feeling. She must have moved her bottom so that the situation could be quietly alleviated. I started to wonder when the next commercial was coming. Mom would then return to bed and the tension that I was feeling would be over.

My dick, free from its contact with my mother’s backside, rose upward from its downward angle so that it thrust back against my belly. This allowed it to harden even more, as the earlier position had kept it from reaching its maximum stiffness.

There was a scene in the movie, where Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage get intimate while watching this guy and girl getting naked. There is a lot of sexual innuendo in that scene. Towards the end of the scene mom gently pressed her hips backward against me. It stunned me when she did this. Instantly, I realized that my hard cock was now pressed directly between the crack of her covered ass. My cock was now pushing the crevice of the covering between the cheeks of her fleshy bottom.

The commercial finally arrived and it couldn’t have been soon enough. My hormones were raging more and more by the minute. It was going to be difficult facing mom for a while, after what had transpired, but I guess no harm, no foul, and it was her that kept sticking her backside against my member.

Mom lay still, facing the television. When the commercials were over she was still there. I knew that the tension could not grow any more. What was she doing? I couldn’t help but ask, “I thought you were going to bed?”

She looked over her shoulder with a sly grin and said, “I am enjoying the movie honey.” Even in the flickering light I could see that mom’s cheeks were flushed and her green eyes sparkled. I swear I sensed that she was really enjoying herself.

So for the next ten minutes I lay frozen in nervous discomfort, no longer even paying attention to the movie. My hard cock was throbbing between the cheeks of my mother’s ass and I felt terrible about the predicament. What was she thinking about? Was she going to say anything? It may be natural to get erection, but not to have it pressing against mother’s rear end!

The next set of commercials came on and I realized with desperate relief that the movie must be nearly over. Nicolas Cage was at the scrap yard where the Mustang GT had been destroyed; he then got the bad guys and saved the cop’s life. It was not ending fast enough for me though and I was ready to get out of there, “Excuse me mom?” I had started to sit up, waiting for her to slide to the side so that I could make my escape.

She once again cocked her head toward me still looking flustered, “Where are you going?”

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