Babysitter No More Pt. 03

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Part III: New Paths for All, A Public Couple


A short multi-part story of how a man meets a figure from his past and how it impacts every aspect of his life. Part III finishes the story.


One PM couldn’t come quick enough. I decided to drive over to her place, not giving her a chance to reconsider after last night. I was nervous and yet strangely confident we had more than just a physical connection. I knocked and heard Amber yell to come in.

In a part of downstairs, I hadn’t really paid attention too, there was Amber. She was leaning on a kitchen stool type chair by a breakfast bar. She was bookish and hot at the same time. Amber was really the girl of a thousand looks.

She had on a long sleeve, but low-cut cotton top, had replaced her contacts with big stylish glasses. Through the thin white top, I could also tell Amber had scrubbed off that wild sleeve tattoo. But this innocent, student look didn’t extend to the rest of Amber’s outfit.

She had balanced her cute, everyday top with another pair of thigh high boots, this time grey suede. They were pulled up over the top of some skin-tight jeans, but I realized they weren’t denim, but gray leather. Wow this girl could look academic but so sexy with just a few choices.

I was just energized by Amber merely looking me in the eyes and smiling at me as I took in her hot outfit, with a big grin. Then she pulled me in for a very hot, open-mouthed welcome kiss. Her tongue was hot and aggressive, just totally taking over my mouth. She was just super sexy.

I could not believe this girl was not already taken, but then again, she had some pretty big walls around her after all her rough times I imagined. I was thinking I had to make sure I didn’t screw this up, this girl was too hot and fun to let go.

Lunch at a nearby student-friendly hangout was quick and good. I wasn’t really a fan of avocado on everything, but my salad with an ice cold Mexican beer was pretty nice, not as nice as looking at Amber only two feet away, but nice.

We spent the afternoon wandering around old-town Scottsdale, hitting the tacky and the high end, from a goofy wig shop to a place with great native jewelry. The earrings and pendent I insisted on getting her actually looked great against the white and grey of her outfit.

I dropped her at her condo in late afternoon. We were meeting for a light dinner before she had to work from eight to two AM. Friday night was of course a big earnings night, and she was tapped for the best shift, the one that lasted till closing. So, we agreed on an early dinner, and to get together after work

I knew I would have to live with her job, but it was different getting romantic with a woman who stripped naked and gave lap dances for a living. At least I knew, unlike with some strippers, that was all she did. But still it was a pretty new experience for me.

If I had not been utterly captivated by the new, grown-up Amber by now, what greeted me when I picked her up and opened the door to her condo would have sealed the deal. This girl was able to dazzle me with every outfit she chose.

She was casual and super sexy, again. From the loosely falling blonde hair, to the simple white silk top, that was open nearly to her naval, she was magnetic.

It didn’t hurt that below that was a tight black latex calf-length tight skirt and some very high stiletto heels. This girl could push all my buttons, and that was before we had even gotten to the bedroom.

My jaw had dropped when I saw her, I was clearly flummoxed. Amber had that little smile again and asked me,

“So not how you pictured your little babysitter? Is that right Jim?”

I had sort of recovered my composure,

“Amber baby, if you had shown up at our house like this, I would have had to leave my wife right then…of course that probably would have saved me a lot of grief and heartache too.”

I followed that with a grin and a rueful little laugh. She looked at me and shook her head and laughed a bit too,

“Jim if I had gotten up her courage to seduce you, maybe I wouldn’t have come so totally off the rails.”

I had no good answer, of course. I just wrapped her in my arms and held her close. After kissing her sweet lips, I whispered that the past was the past and let’s not waste the future.

Cocktails and our light dinner were what you could have expected. Men of all ages could not take their eyes off of Amber, and more than a few wives and girlfriends were trying to kill her with their stares.

She was oblivious, clearly, for no good reason I could fathom, Amber was totally focused on me and our time together. We got to talk about a lot, and I wasn’t surprised to hear of her desires to finish her BA and get her Masters in Psych. She had a plan of being a substance abuse counselor.

I of course barely noticed the time and the other people in the Spanish themed restaurant. We were so close we were almost on the same Tekirdağ Escort chair, but it just felt natural. I could not believe it, after two drinks and about six plates of Tapas treats, that it was seven and she needed to get home and get to work.

Although I had to defer my desires for more fun in the sack, Amber promised me that the night would end well. I left to let her get ready, and promised to be at the club by midnight. I watched some Netflix, caught up on all the work that had been piling up, and headed across town at about eleven thirty PM.

The parking lot of the deceptively small looking club was packed, it took me nearly five minutes to find a parking slot. I paid cover and moved towards the booming bass beat that somehow penetrated the thick wooden inner door.

At first, I didn’t see Amber, or in the club, Jezebel. I was wondering if she was getting ready or entertaining in the lap dance rooms. I felt some twinges, but also knew I was in no position to try to demand things of Amber. Then as a fresh set of dancers was called to stage, I saw my girl.

Amber had told me that there was a method to Friday nights. It was crowded and hot and sweaty, so the kinky hot latex outfit she had seduced me in was out. Also, the outfit had to show off your assets well, it was all about getting the rain of money to start, and selling those lap dance sets in back.

When I saw Amber, in the entry way to the lap dance room, I saw how she achieved those goals. All she had on was an outfit of strings. It also appeared to only cover her front. She had removed, if she had one, her thong, which was probably red to match the string dress. Her sexy round tits were proud and free attracting attention from everyone in the room.

The string outfit also included garter straps that reached to some great red fishnet stockings and then down to some towering classic red stripper heels. I decided I was going to call her Lady in Red tonight. I noticed that the outfit was held on with Velcro at the neck.

Amber was able to pull it off during the second song and leave it bunched up below her belly button. The third song had her removing that thong that she hadn’t been wearing when I first saw her, so she was making the crowd go wild every time. No wonder she made so much, even in a no-extras club.

She had on longer, whiter blonde hair. That was odd, the shade was off and it was quite a bit longer than I had seen the last few days. But later she told me it was a cheap wig to give her that beach bimbo look. Her lips were huge and bright red, every guy must have been imagining them around his dick, something I’m sure was intentional.

Amber was busy from the moment I walked in till closing at two AM. She was either doing her three songs with her group of dancers or filling all the other time by finding all the guys who had gone the craziest for her.

I did notice there was quite a line of guys waiting for her after every set. Every one of them was seemingly immediately receptive to a trip to the lap dance room. I enjoyed tipping Amber and some other hot dancers, but she told me she wouldn’t take me in the back room.

She saw my shocked look and explained. If we got too out of control and started sucking and fucking, she would get fired. There were bouncers patrolling and cameras. There was a fair bit of freedom back there, but any sex act was grounds for no more employment.

But as she rotated on my lap at the stage and sat on my thigh, again like the other night, she bit and sucked on my ear and told me not to worry, I was going to do things tonight with her I had probably never done! I was intrigued, but more than that, I now had a massive set of blue balls.

Near closing it was finally thinning out, and Amber paid me a lot more attention. At closing she disappeared in back and I went out to the car, to follow her back to her condo. She had told me that the manager was very clear, no dating customers…and that included leaving the club with one, for sure!

She came out in a hoodie with skinny jeans and trainers on, with a gym bag slung over her shoulder. One of the bouncers was out in the parking lot, making sure all the girls had no unwanted attention as they got out of there. That was a good sign to me.

I had already pulled out to the street, and after her little Honda went down the block, pulled my crap Chevy rental car out to follow her back to Tempe. It was a boring drive, who was on the road after two AM in Phoenix, but I managed to stay awake thinking of how crazy my life had become.

A Final Act and Way Ahead

We got settled into her condo, and relaxed with a couple of glasses of wine. Amber told me she always needed about an hour to de-compress after dancing and we just sipped the wine, watched some streaming TV and cuddled.

It had been a good night; she had cleared about 1400 after she paid the house its share. Even with her very strong stripper scent and still heavy Tekirdağ Escort Bayan makeup, she was totally bewitching. After about forty-five minutes she pulled me over for some serious kissing, then pushed herself up.

“I’ve got to shower up and get all normal again, then we can have the fun we both need. Give me about thirty minutes and I’ll yell for you to come up.”

I laughed and reminded her she always seemed to need thirty minutes when she went upstairs. Amber laughed back and countered,

“So, you have to ask yourself, is it worth the wait? I mean if you don’t think so we can say goodnight now you know.”

I shook my head and grinned, “Amber honey, I’d wait all night for you, I would probably wait for days for you.”

She broke out into a broad grin, climbed onto my lap and gave me a kiss that would have made me cum if we hadn’t been fucking like rabbits for the last two days. She jumped up again and told me,

“Baby you will NOT be disappointed, in fact you may have never done anything like this before, ever.”

I was mystified, but relaxed on the couch, half watching the TV, checking my phone and sipping more white wine. As I expected, it was closer to forty minutes not thirty when the shower stopped and after a bunch of heel sounds on the floor and banging around, I heard Amber call for me to come to her.

I got moving, climbing the stairs in my socks, suddenly not sleepy anymore. When I entered Amber’s room, even though I had been expecting something, I was taken aback, kind of shocked, but in a good way. Again, not what I had expected, no fancy outfit, not stripper lingerie!

Instead, Amber had gone for a simple but riveting approach. She was showing off all of her darkly tanned body, including her cute but super-hot chest and her amazing flat stomach. Her bald pussy was below, spreading open between her legs, that were themselves spread apart on the bed.

Amber was kneeling and leaning back to grab the high spike heels she had chosen as her only clothing. Her face was made up almost as heavily as at the club, and she had a fake pearly choker on. Her hair was loose and flowing over her shoulders. This was a vision of beauty that even for her was out of the park hot.

I nearly dropped my wine, as I took in the view. I looked at her, posing as if for my approval and told her that she was a vision that would haunt me for years, I stripped off my clothes and crawled forward to plant a big kiss right on her bare slit, before rising up to suck each nipple, one at a time. Amber moaned an pulled her arms free to pull my face hard against her chest.

The rest of early Saturday morning was a sweaty, athletic romp. I enjoyed her body, maybe for the last time I knew, almost devouring her, whether her lips or her breasts or seeking out her clit to suck on it like I my life depended on it.

But Amber wasn’t really ready to just receive. She pulled me around and soon we were in a sixty-nine position again. She sprawled on top, a light weight on top of me, with her lips and tongue focused on torturing my hard cock.

I tried to return the favor, pulling a pillow under my head to allow me easy access to her soaking slit and the sensitive stretch between her two holes. After she came the second time, and she finally allowed me to cum, we curled up together, sweat drying on our skin. I thought we were done, so was a little surprised when Amber looked up at me and in a sweet voice asked me,

“So, Jim, before we fall asleep, can I convince you to pound my ass and leave a big load of cum deep up my little rear end?

She grinned, knowing we had never even discussed anal sex once over the last four days. Amber continued with a devilish grin, licking my neck and lightly nipping at me,

“Don’t judge me, but at this point my favorite way to end an evening is with a big cock stretching my ass. It is such a great feeling to have an anal orgasm to end the night.”

I was shocked, Amber had done more than get a dark fake tan and a dye job. But she was so hot and sexy I would probably have done anything at that point. I confessed to her that I had never done anyone that way, and that I wasn’t sure I knew what to do exactly. Amber grinned, rubbed my shaft, and told me,

“great, I will be the teacher and you the student, old man. In just a short while you will be an ass-fucking veteran.”

Amber got some K-Y from her bedside table, why was I not surprised, and began to work it all over my now rock-hard cock. She then pushed a big dab onto my fingers and bent over grabbing the head frame of the bed, looked at me and told me,

“honey, get me ready, fuck my ass with two fingers.”

I was a little tentative, but was soon pushing two fingers of my right hand all the way in, swirling them around to spread the lube. This was quickly replaced by my hard, lubricated cock.

I was amazed, she was great at this. My dick popped in with almost no effort. As I moved back and forth, Escort Tekirdağ Amber looked back and me and gave me guidance,

“Jim the point of this is to really fuck my ass. Come on, I know you can do this harder…you can’t hurt me, the harder you fuck me the better I’ll come.”

I was a good student and was soon pounding away, making the whole bed shake. Soon I knew I was going to explode, but Amber beat me to it, with my pounding and her one hand rubbing her clit frantically, she had a combined orgasm, she later told me.

Her pussy was gushing juice and her anal muscles clamped down as she made a series of guttural screaming sounds, with her eyes squeezed shut. I was amazed I had lasted this long, and knew I was going to follow her really soon!

And Amber’s orgasm was it for me, I felt myself pulsing inside her ass as I pushed all the way in till her cheeks were against my balls. I emptied what felt like a pint of cum up her ass, and we both collapsed on the bed.

We both didn’t move for an hour at least, dozing as my dick softened and popped out of Amber’s ass. A steady stream of cum poured out to stain the bed, but we were too out of it to even notice. Around dawn we roused ourselves, smiling and kissing each other as we woke up. I had about six hours to my flight.

The next hour or so I got breakfast and coffee with Amber and then went to checkout from my hotel; promising to stop by on the way to Sky Harbor. I was drained in more ways than one. I returned to a room I had barely seen in the last three days, packed all my gear and checked out, still with about four hours till my flight.

That allowed me to swing by Amber’s condo with at least some time to talk and figure things out before my flight. I’m not sure if she trusted me to come back, but my issue was I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave at all, not that I didn’t want to see her again. I was only praying she felt the same way.

Amber clearly had decided to leave me with some crazy memories. When I came in the door to her condo, she had yelled for me to come in from inside the place. I then saw yet another new outfit, one that could not be worn out in public I knew.

It started with that same cheesy rhinestone choker, but this time the rest was black latex, including and open front bra, and wildly enough a skirt that only had straps across the back of her thighs and the entire ass section cut away. Another set of stiletto heels completed the look.

I dropped my coat and simply said “wow” over and over.

We embraced in a fever, but I knew we didn’t have enough time to repeat out typical bedroom adventures. I needn’t have worried, like always Amber had a plan. She looked at me and winked,

“Jim, I need something to remember you by, I’m sure you won’t mind.”

At first, I thought she wanted a selfie of the two of us to remember the weekend. She did but that was not all. Amber took her pictures and of course I did too. But I wasn’t sure what to do next, I had things to say. I didn’t know how, but couldn’t let this be the end of us.

She didn’t give me much of a chance to talk though, instead she stood up, and pushed me down along the length of the couch. Then she pulled my jeans down, and shaking her hair to make it a little wild, engulfed my dick with her amazing mouth, yet again.

It took longer than before, after all Amber had drained me dry less than four hours ago. But her talents were impressive and the ability to deep throat me, while her tongue played tricks on the bottom of my shaft soon had me panting and groaning that I was about to cum. Amber pulled away, and looked up at me,

“don’t you dare waste it, you better cum in my mouth.”

I was happy to oblige shooting my load about ten seconds later. She took it all into her mouth, but then pulled away, opening her mouth. She showed me my cum all over her tongue, ran her tongue over her lips to get the last few drops and made a big, noisy show of swallowing my entire load.

We then cuddled for about thirty minutes while I thought of how to talk about us with her. Finally, I gathered my courage. Was she just enjoying fucking her old employer, or was there something there? I was going to get an answer very rapidly to that question. I looked over at Amber and laid it all out,

“Amber honey, I don’t know if this is just me, but…I have never had four days like this last four. I enjoyed the sex of course; you are amazing. However, the thing is, I have never felt more natural and in sync with someone as with you. Whatever I felt with my ex or other girls never came close to how it feels to look in your eyes and hold your hand. How do we keep this all going?”

I figured she would either laugh in my face and tell me it was a good weekend for fucking but I was getting too sappy, or maybe respond more positively. As I suspected, I knew in about three seconds.

Amber leaned up against me and kissed me like we would never see each other again. I guess she could think and kiss at the same time because she held both sides of my head and stared into my eyes,

“Jim, I am so glad it wasn’t just me. I don’t want to live without you in my life at all. I know there are all sorts of reasons to say no, this can’t work. But I am determined to make it work.”

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