Back from the Future

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It was way back in 1980 or so when I first saw him. He was coming down the street toward our school, walking with his popular cousin. All of the girls I was with did a double take. “Who’s that?” we all wondered. We soon found out that he was “the new boy.” Our small little eight grade class needed some new faces, and he was definitely something we welcomed.

By mid-afternoon we found out that he was “Johnny”, the cousin of the popular class president, “Lisa.” Of course that in itself made him shoot up the “popularity tree,” but looking at Johnny, it was evident that he didn’t need help becoming popular. Soon, all of us eight grade girls were watching him, seeing what he did, wishing that we would be the “one” he chose to befriend. Of course we average girls didn’t have a chance. Lisa’s friends all had first “dibbs,” and of course he was always in the company of one of them. I could only hope. Since I was not exactly popular, I reluctantly took a back seat to the pretty girls, and endured my own traumatic junior-high school life.

Fast forward to high school. Call it fate, or just coincidence, but Johnny and I sat near each other in a lot of classes. Most often, though, it was a math class. We were both smart, but not very motivated. Eventually, we developed a friendship that suited us both. “John and Kel”..that’s how people knew us. We called each other that all the time…never using our whole names. He was funny and cute, and he and I seemed to “click.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t the kind of relationship that I wanted. He was still on a quest for the hottest chicks he could find, and I didn’t quite fit into that category in his mind. He didn’t know, however, that I was a lot different that he assumed.

Johnny and I later worked together at the local pizza restaurant, often comparing our respective sex lives with each other. We even challenged each other to a contest to see who could fuck the most times in a month. He was quite shocked when my boyfriend and I beat out he and his girlfriend at almost a 2 to 1 ratio. I have a feeling it might have been then that he began wondering what he was missing in me.

In 1985, we started college at the same place, about a hundred miles from our home. We were each other’s only friend for awhile, he living in the boys dorm and me living in the girls. We both were in relationships, so dating each other was not even an option. The newly released “Back to the Future” was our first outing together. I still remember sitting next to him in the movie theatre, my arm on top of his on the armrest, but not holding hands. The heat from his body electrified me. To this day, I still love “Back to the Future,” not only for its story line, but because of Johnny. It took all I had that time not to lean over and kiss him. I had a feeling that it would have been reciprocated, and maybe that’s the very reason I didn’t do it. We never held hands that night. We didn’t kiss goodnight. We should have.

The next semester, he came up to the apartment I had moved into with some friends, to do his laundry. When he was done, he came and laid on my bed, and patted it for me to come over. For some reason, I didn’t understand that cue. That time, we could have had sex. We could have finally done what I had been waiting for for years. Instead, I said I wasn’t ready for bed, and he went home. Now, as I look back, I could have had Johnny that night, and it would have been good.

I left that college the following summer, and lost contact with Johnny. I married once, then twice, had children, and always wondered about Johnny. I’d hear some about him, but all in all, Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort I chalked him up as the one who got away..

Until 2005. It was the year of our 20th high school reunion. Through a classmate finder, I found him, and we communicated through email. He was happily (I thought) married, and I was on my 3rd marriage, but happy myself. He had three children and so did I. We even lived in the same suburb! We were surprised at how similar our lives had been. We found we were both “techies” of sorts (him more than me), and helped with our reunion web site. When we attended our reunion, we were even awarded a joint trophy for our efforts. Seeing him there, some 25 years after we had first met, I knew I still needed him. I would never get over my yearning for Johnny.

It all changed on day in 2007 out of the blue. I had an extremely erotic dream about him. In the dream, he and I were involved in a threesome. He lie on his back, had me lie on my back on top of him, and he entered me from behind. A faceless friend of his entered me from above, and in my dream, Johnny and I had one of the hottest threesomes I could have imagined. He was gentle, but rough, and had me relax as he pumped my ass. I woke up moist between my legs, and had to rub my clit to finish the orgasm I had started in my dream.

I decided to email Johnny and tell him a little about it. He wrote back, apparently very interested in details of the dream.

“Was I good, Kel?” he asked. I was flabbergasted.

“GOOD?” I thought?

“John, I would never expect you to be anything BUT good!” I teased him that I figured a self-confident man like him would already know the answer to that, but stroking his ego (while thinking of stroking his big cock), I told him “Of course.”

He asked me to meet him for lunch. This was a scary situation for me for many reasons. First of all, I was happily married. Really. He assured me that he was, also, but he wasn’t satisfied sexually. Secondly, after three children, I knew I didn’t have the same 18 year old body he had remembered. He assured me that he didn’t care, and after weeks of coaxing, I decided to meet him. For lunch. John and Kel.


It was a Tuesday afternoon. Johnny had taken an early lunch, and I had decided to meet him at a hotel that was between us. I was scared. As sexual as I was by nature, I had never done anything like this before.

Then, I saw him across the lobby and my fear was replaced by anxiety. He was tall, fit, and handsome, as always. I had mentioned to him in an email that every time I ran into him, my heart fluttered. This time, it was more than my heart. I think he felt the same way, because the smile on his face sent me the message that he was pleased with his choice for lunch this day.

We made small-talk: the weather, the drive….and then she showed me the room key. My heart jumped, and I guess I did, too, because he took my hand and said

“It’s ok, Kel. Really.”

He leaned in, kissed me on the lips, for the first time, and I knew I had made the right decision. He took my hand, and led me to the elevator. I felt like a teenager inside, but I knew that he would soon find out that I was all a grown woman that day.

Johnny opened the door, and like a gentleman, sent me inside first. When he closed the door behind us, I knew that it was finally time. It was what I had envisioned since 8th grade. He took me in his arms and kissed me hard and deep. Our tongues flicked inside each other’s mouths with intensity that I know neither one of us had anticipated. His hands started on my neck, and then moved to my back, and then my ass. Mine found their way around his neck, and along his backside, as well. I grabbed him again around his neck, and as we took a breath, I kissed his neck all the way around. He moaned, and said “Kel,” the only name he ever called me. I nibbled and bit, and aroused him in a way that I know he hadn’t been aroused by his wife in quite some time. He leaned his neck back, and as his Adam’s Apple made it’s way into my mouth, I kissed and licked the area, and went down onto my knees.

He knew what I wanted was going to do, and didn’t hesitate to unbuckle his belt and his top pants button. I rubbed my hands on his covered ass, and then took the zipper of his pants and slid it down. His erection made his underwear stretch to what must have been quite an uncomfortable length. I was glad to relieve his pressure. I slid them off of his cock, and rubbed him between my hands. He was as strong and hard as I had expected. I immediately licked the tip of his cock, which was already wet with precum. I pulled his pants down further, and swallowed his cock whole. He moaned with delight, and a few times when I looked up, with him in my mouth, he smiled at me and shook his head. He grabbed the back of my head, put his hands around my long blonde hair, and pulled me onto his cock. I deep throated and gagged and gurgled, and took him in. All of him. Johnny tasted as good as I knew he would. His cock filled my throat, and I licked the length and the head of it until he was so swollen, I knew the next question was inevitable.

“Swallow?” was all that came out, as he looked down at me.

I nodded, and he grabbed the back of my head as I let his hot, warm cum fill my throat. I swallowed easily, wiping the sides of my mouth, and cleaning the rest of his cock with my tongue.

He smiled at me as I came back up to his face. I wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next, but since I had been the aggressor at first, I think he had decided it was time to take over. He laid me down on the bed, both of us still fully clothed, but with his pants undone. I was still scared for him to see my forty year old body, and reached for the protection of the blankets. He said “Stop,” and began to unbutton my blouse. He was slow, but meticulous, and kept me focused with deep kisses while he was moving down. He took my shirt off, and then slid his hands inside my bra. I was never ashamed of my 42 D size, but still, having Johnny’s hands touching my nipples made me smile with embarrassment. He pulled my bra up, and I helped remove it. All awkwardness disappeared as he devoured my tits with his tongue. He rubbed them, and squeezed my nipples until I was writhing with pleasure and pain.

“John…” I moaned.

“Kel..” he answered.

He reached one hand inside my pants as my nipples stretched and pulled between his teeth and lips. He found my clit and rubbed gently at first, then matched the intensity of his sucking. I was ready to cum there, but tried to hold back. I moaned his name again, saying “god” and “oh” as he hurt and then comforted my sort nipples. He moved on top of me, and took off his shirt. His bare chest lying on mine felt exquisite…just as I had imagined since 8th grade.

We moved up to the top of the bed to be more comfortable with the pillows. We embraced and kissed deeply again, and he moved his hands inside the back of my pants. I had heard before that he admired my ass way back when we worked at the pizza place, and I had hoped that the years didn’t disappoint him. He squeezed it hard, and then somehow, slipped my pants off of me. My Victoria’s Secret panties followed, and I slid under the covers, still shy about what years had done to my body.

Johnny stood on the side of the bed, and slid his pants to the floor. He was standing in front of me nude, with a full erection…the way I had pictured him so many times in my life. I smiled, and he came to me, teasingly asking me what was funny. I shook my head and said “I just don’t believe this.”

“Let me show you it’s real,” he said, and cuddled up to my naked body. He was warm, and strong, and masculine and hard. I closed me eyes and made myself realize that it was real. He kissed me again, and his hands roamed my body. It was time. It was time for 25 years of sexual tension to transpire. He mounted me, and easily found my wet pussy with his cock. I moaned as he entered me, as he shoved himself hard into my hole. John started with long, hard strokes, but began pounding me with an intensity that showed me that he hadn’t had this type of sex in awhile. We kept moving and pounding and I moaned with pleasure.

I knew he had wanted something more, though, and so I asked him to slow down. We were beyond sexually aroused, but I also knew that there were things he had wanted to do with me. I rolled over, and asked him to lie on his back. As in my dream, I turned around and mounted him with my ass toward him. “Are you sure,” he asked.

“Yes.” I said. “Fuck my ass.”

Gently I sat down on his stiff cock. He grabbed his cock and helped me guide it in my ass. I whimpered, but sat all the way down on him. “God, Kel” was all he could say.

When he was finally all the way in, I rode him. I moaned as he stretched my asshole, but kept riding…kept pumping. I leaned back and he grabbed my tits, pulling my nipples as he pumped me.

Finally, he said he needed to cum. I moaned “Fill me, John” and he exploded in my ass. I waited until he was done, and dismounted. He was tired, I could see, but his eyes were still smiling.

“Are you done? Did you cum this time?” he asked me. I wanted to say that I did…what I had always done with others, but I hadn’t this time. It was not that I couldn’t have cum again. I just hadn’t wanted it to end. I didn’t want to finish too early, and now I was not finished at all. I was amazed that he could tell this. With all the men I had been with in my life, no one knew, or had even cared, that I didn’t get off.

“It’s ok, he said.” He kissed me again, and rubbed my clit. He shoved his fingers in my cunt as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. He bit my nipples and rubbed me until I screamed his name. I arched my back and came so hard, that I was shaking. I couldn’t stop the waves, and he just held his hand on me as I came.

“That was awesome,” we said simultaneously. We kissed for a long time, and had to stop ourselves in the name of time.

“Dang, John.”

“God, Kel.”

It was our code. Our way of saying….”that was everything I had expected.”

We cleaned up, and got dressed, and reluctantly left, separately. It was a secret, but it was the best secret I ever had.

He won’t leave his wife, and I won’t leave my husband. We have young kids, and it just isn’t time. Who knows what will happen in the future. We still talk almost daily through the computer and phone, and our bond has grown deeper. However, real life…happens…and we are still where we were.

At least now I know, though, what my John feels like, and how he makes me feel. That Tuesday was one of the best in our lives, and we are planning another.

Until then, though, I’ll still think of the cute guy coming around the corner in eight grade, wondering if I was ever be…good enough for him. I think I might be, now!

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