Back to School

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The long drive the length of the state was monotonous. But at least the view of the boy in the passenger seat was entertaining. Jimmy was asleep slumped against the window, his shapely bare legs spread akimbo, covered lightly with hair glowing in the sun. When he twisted restlessly, Sandy could see he wasn’t wearing any underwear under his short cutoffs. She’d caught a quick glimpse of his cock and balls once as he turned. It was titillating glance. And she kept looking back whenever he moved to see what else might be revealed.

Her daughter, Jenny, was sound asleep in the back seat, head resting among the bags of clothes and linens they were taking to get the two friends set up for their senior year in college. Sandy glanced back at Jenny in the rearview mirror. The station wagon was on cruise control. She felt like she could doze off herself. She put her hand between her legs under her sundress and lightly tickled her pussy through her underwear to wake herself up.

Jimmy moaned softly and jerked a little in his sleep. Sandy looked over and saw the very tip of his uncut cock back in the opening of his cutoffs. She rubbed her pussy a little more, lightly, idly, playing with it to pass the time.

Jimmy moaned again and twitched. Sandy looked over. His cock was growing! The tip now peeked out from the behind the fringe on his right leg leaning up against the door. His left leg spread open. Sandy could see the round soft hairy crescent of one of his testicles in that opening. She took a sharp breath and felt her pelvis tense and the walls of her pussy contract involuntarily.

What was he dreaming? Something good apparently. The shapely head of his cock, still covered in foreskin now poked all the way out of his shorts. What a beautiful cock. Even covered it had a perfectly, elegantly sculpted head. Sandy caught herself licking her lips. What sounded like a little whimper came from Jimmy’s lips. He was a handsome young man, if a little unkempt, unshaven, in need of a haircut. But that was excusable. It was the end of summer. He was headed back to school after summer jobs and a couple weeks of real vacation.

Sandy moaned softly. She didn’t wanted to wake him. Her own fingers slipped under the band of her underwear. Her lips were wet. She traced them lightly, pushing her finger between them, and then rubbing her clitoris quickly. Oh, my, god. She took in a sharp breath.

His cock was now hard, the head still mostly sheathed, but she could see the tip poking out of the foreskin, a glistening bead of precum shining in the sunlight.

Sandy stuck her middle finger into her cunt and pressed up against the wall of her pelvis, mashing the heel of her hand against her clitoris. Oh, god, please don’t wake up. What was she doing? She imagined that cock in her mouth, in her pussy. He was just a boy. Well, a young man now. But, wow.

Her finger slipped out of her pussy and rubbed her clitoris vigorously. She was going to cum. She had to be quiet. She breathed deeply. Watch the road. Look at that cock. The whole smooth head, shiny with precum stood up against his right leg, the foreskin only clinging to the edge of the hard rim now. Jimmy moaned again. His hips twitched, once, twice, and again. A small spurt of milky cum leaked from the opening of his cock and spilled slowly over the head.

Sandy’s body stiffened and then shuddered and a short cry escaped her lips.

Jimmy’s eyes open suddenly and he looked around and saw her. She panicked and looked at the road. At least he didn’t catch her with her hand up her dress, clenched between her legs. But then Jimmy saw his hard-on and the sticky cum on his leg.

“Oh, god,” he said. “I’m so sorry.” He covered his cock with his hands and looked around for something to wipe himself.

Sandy glanced at the back seat. Jenny was still sleeping.

“It’s OK,” she said. “Don’t worry. Sweet dream?”

He started to try to speak. “Shhhh…” she said, as she reached over with her right hand and put a finger to his lips. He smelled her pussy on her finger, rich, musky, and sweet. He took a deep breath and his hard-on twitched, leaking a little more cum.

“Let me help you with that,” she whispered as she reached down with her right hand. He looked at her with eyes wide as she gently pushed his hands aside. She took the head of his cock in her hand. It was slippery and still hard. He hadn’t fully cum, she realized. There was more where that came from. She swirled his initial ejaculate and precum around the head of his cock, and then up and down the full length.

“Oh, my, god, Mrs. Jones,” Jimmy moaned softly. “I’m really going to cum now.”

Sandy squeezed his cock. Not yet. She reached into the opening of his cutoffs and cupped and squeezed his balls. Not yet. She was enjoying this too much now. She couldn’t believe this was happening, but as long as it was, she was going to take advantage of the whole thing. She had never seen or felt a cock this beautiful before. Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort The whole length of it was slick. She ran her hand up and down it relishing the hard gently curved shape before turning her attention again to the tip. The ridge stood out fully now, a rigid ring at the top of the shaft. She ran her fingers all along it, under it, and then rubbed the tip of his cock just under the opening.

He groaned and thrust his hips against her hand. He wanted to fuck her hand. And she let him. She squeezed more tightly as he thrust into her first, with his eyes closed, imagining her cunt, and then with his eyes open seeing her pretty hand on his hard cock. And she sped up her movement, too, jacking off the head of his cock as it got harder and bigger until it no longer fit her grip. And then he grunted and came, the first rope of cum landing on the dashboard, the second on the floor, and the third on his thigh.

A whimper came from the back seat.

Sandy turned around in shock to see Jenny leaning back with a view between the two front seats, her hand up her own short skirt, her face flushed, beads of sweat on her brown, and her eyes rolled back.

“Oh, Jesus,” Sandy said.

“There’s a rest stop coming up,” she said. “We’ll stop and clean up.”

The car reeked of sex. Sandy cranked down her window and warm dry air rushed in. What had she done? What would happen next? Her mind reeled with scenarios and possibilities, few of them good, except the feeling of that young man’s cock in her hand again, or better yet, her mouth, or even better, her pussy.

Jimmy looked at her sheepishly, admiring the shape of her breasts in her sundress, which he now realized was partially translucent. Her nipples were hard. He started to reach for one and then stopped himself at the same time that her silent look emphatically said, “No.” He busied himself with arranging his shorts and found a paper towel in the doors side pocket and wiped the dashboard and his leg. He didn’t dare look back at Jenny.

When they pulled up at the rest stop, Jimmy got out quickly and nearly ran to the men’s room. He found an empty stall and sat down with his head in his hands. What was going to happen next? He had no idea. He couldn’t figure out the steps ahead. He wasn’t sure what Jenny would think. And what Mrs. Jones would do. What her husband, Stan, would do if he found out. Or his parents.

He had to concentrate to let loose his bladder. His cock was still semi-hard with thinking of Mrs. Jones. A heavy stream hit the bowl and he sighed. When he was done he stood up, shook his cock, and then idly stroked it, closing his eyes, thinking of her tits in the sundress, her hands on his cock, his cock in her mouth, the smell of her pussy, his hard-on inside her.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw the hole in the stall wall and an eye looking through it. Then it disappeared and a semi-hard cock poked through the hole.

“What?” he said.

This guy must of thought he was stroking himself because he wanted this. And when he looked closely at the cock, he realized it looked just like the one in his own left hand. Foreskin covered most of the shapely head. Veins stood out against the long shaft. A drop of moisture dripped from the tip. He looked back and forth between the two cocks, and then moved closer to compare them. They were nearly identical. In a semi-trance, he reached out to touch the other cock. He put his right hand around it and squeezed. He closed his eyes. It felt just like his own cock. Two cocks in one. A moan came from the other side of the wall.

Jimmy felt both cocks getting harder, bigger in his hands. He started stroking them. He opened his eyes and saw the heads of both cocks now out from under their covers. Precum made the heads of both slippery. Jimmy felt both gliding in and out of his fists. The other guy was fucking his fist, just like Jimmy had fucked Mrs. Jones’s fist. Jimmy felt the ridge of the cock head get harder as it flared out. It felt like masturbating. But with two cocks. It was uncanny. The guy on the other side groaned, pushed back quickly and hard several times, then went rigid.

“Shit!” Jimmy muttered. He didn’t think to get out of the way. Several long ropes of cum jetted from the cock, one landing on Jimmy’s t-shirt, another in his pubic hair, and the third on his shorts, which were down around his feet.

“Fuck!” he muttered as he let go of the cock, his hand sticky with cum, too.

Jimmy reached for toilet paper to clean up. Then he saw the eye again at the hole. And a finger gesturing for him to come closer. Then a mouth. Then he looked at his own hard-on, which was as hard as it had ever been.

“What the fuck,” he thought, still in a bit of a daze. He stood close to the stall wall and stuck his cock through the hole. Immediately, he felt it engulfed by a warm wet mouth that took him all the way. He would have been in up to his balls if not for the wall. That had never happened before with the few girls he had gotten blowjobs from in college. They stayed around the head, and licked him up and down. But no one had ever gone all the way down on him. He groaned and pushed his pelvis against the stall wall. The mouth on the other side sunctioned his cock all the way up to the tip ntil he popped out. Then he felt a hand grab his shaft and a tongue lapping at the underside of his cock. Whoa. This was all happening fast. Then the mouth sucked in his head, while the tongue swirled around the tip, and pushed into his hole. Holy shit. The lips on the other side popped back and forth across the ridge of his cock as Jimmy tried to push his pelvis through the wall. The mouth went all the way down and back again several times and Jimmy felt his cock hit the back of the guy’s throat. The hand shagged his shaft as the mouth on the other side slurped his shaft. Then the hand wanked the hard ridge at the tip of his cock. The mouth came back down. The underside of his cock rubbed hard against the tongue. Suddenly Jimmy’s whole body tensed. He stood on his toes. And blew his load. And the guy took it all, moaning softly as three or four spurts of cum filled his throat and mouth. He milked Jimmy’s cock until it was all out. Then he let go. “Thank you,” Jimmy heard, as his cock was released, and the door of the other stall opened and Jimmy heard footsteps moving quickly away.

Jimmy leaned against the stall wall and took a deep breath. What a trip, he thought. What was he doing here. He took some toilet paper and wiped himself off. Then pulled his shorts up and wiped the cum off. He opened the door and peeked out wondering if he was about to get busted. But there was no one. He stepped to the sink and rinsed off his hands, wet some paper towels and patted down his shorts and t-shirt, rinsed off his face, ran his wet hands through his hair, dried off and tried to compose himself as he walked back to the car. His body had never felt better walking through the sunlit rest area plaza. His mind, however, was reeling with confusion.

When he got to the station wagon, he found Jenny in the passenger seat and Sandy in the back.

“Not a word to anybody, agreed?” Sandy said to him with a serious look, as Jenny nodded and smiled enigmatically. “OK,” he said, a little too eagerly.

“You drive. I’m going to take a nap,” she said, as she leaned over and put her head on a pillow on the pile of bags in the backseat.

Jimmy slumped into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“Ready?” he said to Jenny.

“Yep,” she chuckled.

Jimmy didn’t know what to say for the first 30 miles or so. He thought of a hundred things, none of them quite right.

Sandy breathed deeply in the backseat, not quite snoring, but obviously sound asleep. Jenny looked out the window twirling her hair. Jimmy looked at her out of the corner of his eye. Her blouse was translucent, too. Her breasts were not as full as her mom’s but they were just as hard to ignore. They stood up more pertly. And the nipples were just as hard. Was she still turned on?

Jenny caught him looking and smiled. The next time he tried to sneak a peek at her he noticed her bare legs, the short skirt bunched up, barely covering the tops of her thighs. His gaze lingered where her thighs met. He felt his cock twitch.

Again! Jeez. When he looked up he realized Jenny was staring at him. He glanced down at his crotch and saw his growing hard-on pressing against the denim.

She smiled at him and turned her body toward him, leaning back against the passenger door. As she shifted her position, she lifted her left leg and leaned her knee back against the seat, leaving her right leg on the floor against the door. Jimmy could see up her skirt and she had nothing on underneath. Her pussylips were swollen and moist, ringed by a halo of light hair. The inner labia were opening like a tiny pink butterfly.

Jenny lifted her butt and pulled the skirt a little higher. Her pussy was now fully open to his view. He had to remember to look back at the road.

When he looked back at Jenny, she was opening the buttons on her blouse, slowly one by one, looking into this eyes. He was watching her hands, hypnotized. He glanced away again, to the road, and then to her chest, as her blouse fell open down the center revealing the soft semicircles of her tits.

He felt his cock growing again. He saw Jenny look at his lap where the denim was now tightly strained by his hard-on.

She pulled open her blouse, so he could see her hard nipples as she pinched them and rolled her breasts in her hands. She tilted her pelvis toward him suggestively with an inviting look.

Jimmy took his right hand off the steering wheel, where he had been trying to hold steady, and slowly reached for a breast. Jenny leaned into it as he squeezed her tit and rolled the nipple between his fingers. Then she leaned back and tilted her pelvis toward him again. He moved his hand down to her wet mound. When he touched her wet labia, it was like an electric shock when through both of them. Jenny whimpered and pushed her pussy closer to him.

Jimmy looked at the road and tried to concentrate on not having a wreck as he played with her wet labia and then pushed a finger into her and began frigging her. Jenny moaned and then bit her lip as she looked at the back seat briefly. She squeezed her tits. Jimmy felt her clitoris getting bigger and harder like a small peanut at first, and then almost almond size. It was all wet and slippery and he realized it was just like a tiny penis. He diddled it with his thumb as his two middle fingers fucked her and she bucked against him and hungrily looked at his crotch. His cock was now sticking out of his shorts again, red and engorged. She licked her lips, and threw her head back as she came in a hard spasm, that wracked her frame, as her head and hair whipped back and forth. She put one hand over her mouth to stop from screaming.

When she came down, panting, she laughed softly. She glanced into the back seat to make sure her mom was still sleeping. Then she leaned over and pushed the leg of Jimmy’s shorts up to liberate his cock. She pushed it a little farther to free his balls. Then she smiled up at him as she stroked the hairs of his balls softly. She traced the shape of his cock which was standing rigid at attention.

Jimmy tried to concentrate on the road. What the fuck was happening? He couldn’t possibly complain of course. This was like a dream. A dream come true. He’d always had the hots for Jenny since they were young kids. And her mom ever since her first start masturbating in middle school.

He felt a cool moist tongue lapping at the tip of his hot cock as her hand held it steady. Jenny let saliva drool from her mouth as she enjoyed the soft tip of his cock filling her mouth. When the whole shaft was wet she began stroking it as she kept the tip of Jimmy’s cock in her mouth. She wanted to take her time. He tasted good. Musky. Salty. Sweet. Meaty. The tip of his cock was soft on her tongue and inside her cheeks, but the ridge was hard, and as it moved back and forth through her lips she pressed down around it. She didn’t want to let it go. She wanted to hold on to this moment.

Jimmy moaned softly. “Oh, my, god.” Her hand slipped down around his shaft and then squeezed his balls, slippery now too. She let them slip from her hands as she squeezed and lifted them and then rubbed the spot under his balls halfway back to his asshole. “Oh, yes,” he hissed, as he lifted his ass off the seat and she stroked his perineum and squeezed his balls and then moved her finger slickly back and forth across his perineum each time getting closer to his asshole until she was lighty ringing it with her fingertip.

“Holy, shit,” he thought, “what is this?” as he lifted his ass a little higher, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth.

With her left hand, Jenny kept a firm grip on his hard cock so she wouldn’t choke, while keeping the whole head in her mouth, swirling and sucking. She looked up at him with a twinkle in her eye. He couldn’t believe the sight, Jenny smiling up at him with his cock in her mouth. He swerved a little, the bumps on the edge of the road made a rhythmic hum under the tire, and then he concentrated on the road again.

With her right hand, Jenny glided two fingers softly back across his perineum, pressing harder this time, circling his asshole, as he lifted again with the stimulation, and then she pushed her middle finger in.

“Oh, fuck,” he said, as he pressed down against her hand and she pressed her finger toward the base of his cock, pushing on his prostate. He only figured out what actually happened later. What he felt in the moment was a great jolt and then an explosion in his groin and his brain.

Jenny gagged on the first shot of cum and then took the rest on her cheek and chin, as she gently pulled her finger out of his asshole. She held on to his cock and when he was done cumming, she took it back into her mouth and sucked gently as she breathed in deeply the smell of sex.

She felt like taking a nap with his cock in her mouth as he gently stroked the hair on her head.

She came to after a minute or two and let him go. She covered his cock with his shorts again. She looked up and out at the empty road. She turned to kiss him, slipping a little teasing cum-flavored tongue between his lips. And she sat back in her seat and sighed deeply.

In the back seat, Sandy fully closed her eyelids and turned slowly to bury her head in the pillow again. She smiled to herself. She still wanted that cock inside her pussy, even more badly now. But that would have to wait. Or remain a fantasy.

When they arrived at the university, late in the afternoon, they dropped Jimmy off first, at this apartment. They helped him carry his bags and guitar up two flights of stairs. The apartment was empty, except for a couch in the living room, a dining room table, and mattresses on the floor in each bedroom His roommates were coming in over the next couple of days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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