Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 04

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


For once, rather than cross our shared backyard and let myself in by the backdoor as usual, I approached Lizzie’s house from the front. Pausing at the door to button then unbutton again the top button of my shirt, I went as far as to ring the bell, like a guy would do when picking up his girlfriend for a date. That was kind of what we were doing that night, more or less.

After a swift click-clacking of high heels getting closer, the door opened to reveal Rose, Liz’s mom, smiling kindly at me. Her wavy red hair was pulled up in a sort of elaborate bun, while her make up brought out her big hazel eyes. She was wearing a classy, tight-fitting strapless blue dress that accentuated her ample breasts and every other curve of her womanly hourglass figure, exposing her toned legs at the same time.

“Russ, sweetie, come in! Liz is still getting ready,” Rose said as I stepped inside.

“Wow, you look great tonight!” I said, genuinely impressed by Rose’s attire, as I had been minutes earlier when my mom had asked my opinion about her figure-hugging black dress. ” I assume you guys are going to some big fancy New Year’s Eve party, right?”

“Yeah, sort of…” Rose nodded, looking less than willing to go into detail, just like my mom had been when I asked her the same question. Before I could investigate further, Rose took in a big lungful of air and yelled out at the top of her voice: “Liiiiz! Are you ready, baby? Russ is here!”

From upstairs, my beloved Lizzie’s words resounded just as loud as her mom’s: “Tell him to come uuup! I need some help here!”

“I think he heard you already, honey!” Rose shouted back, smiling as she turned to me and asked in her soft, husky tone: “Is your mom ready to go, Russ? You look very handsome, by the way.”

“Thanks. And yeah, Mom’s ready,” I replied, not particularly baffled by my girlfriend’s and her mother’s trademark way to communicate with each other across the house.

“Okay, let’s see: car keys, phone, purse… Alright, I’m off!” Rose said, leaning in to plant an affectionate smooch on my cheek, followed by a serious look straight into my eyes. “You two have fun tonight, but not too much fun, okay Russ? The last party Vanessa organized ended with the cops at our door, as I recall…”

“Ah yes, good times!” I replied, smirking a bit but also going fluffy inside as I remember the fateful night when Liz and I had sex for the very first time, the night I was first allowed inside that magnificent bubble-butt of hers, thus becoming hooked forever on the amazing tightness of her sweet little asshole.

Catching a hint of sarcasm in my dreamy comment, Rose frowned for a moment, only to relax again immediately afterward. Knowing that her daughter was in good hands with someone as uninterested in getting wasted as me by her side, Rose sighed and concluded: “Well, at least this time it’s going to be Vanessa’s house that the police will show up at. Bye, Russ. Keep an eye on my baby girl for me, okay?”

“You know I will.”

“Yes, I do,” Rose nodded amiably as she opened the door. Turning toward the stairs one last time, she hollered: “Bye, sweetieeee! Have fuuuun!”

“You too Mooooom!” Liz yelled back from upstairs.

After Rose left, I swiftly made my way to Lizzie’s room. As I approached the flung open door, I could feel a light thumping sound reverberating across the floor while Liz’s voice reached me in a soft yet persistent grumble. “Stupid pants! Come on, come on… Damn it! What the hell is wrong with my butt tonight!?”

Chuckling at those words, knowing that nothing could ever be wrong with Lizzie’s legendary bubble-butt, I stepped inside my almost-sister’s bedroom, unaware of what was waiting for me there. “Hey Liz, did your mom say exactly where they’re going tonight? Because I… Oh my god!”

Facing away from me as she stood barefoot at her dresser wearing just a purple lacy bra and matching thong, Lizzie was jumping in place, trying to fit into a pair of extra skinny jeans. At each little jump, her huge jutting tits bounced and shook, threatening to spill out of the cups of her bra while her magnificent booty rippled and wobbled amazingly. She wasn’t making much progress though, the waistline of her pants remaining blocked right under the fleshy lower curve of her protruding buttcheeks.

In that situation, the perfect roundness of Liz’s beautiful heart-shaped ass was accentuated to the extreme. The soft plumpness of her meaty globes was so enticing that I was hit by a blasting wave of arousal that made my cock stiffen to rock-hardness in a heartbeat. I was literally drooling as I stared transfixed at the spellbinding sight of my girlfriend’s full bouncy asscheeks jiggling all over the place with her every tiny jump. Failing to pull her pants up and over her spectacular canlı bahis bubble-butt, Lizzie was inadvertently giving me an awesome erotic show as she made her juicy round buns pop outward even more with each new attempt to fit into her pants.

At the same time, as I stood there rooted in place, mesmerized by the most fabulous ass in the world presented to me in all its majestic lusciousness, I couldn’t help but take in the comical expression of exasperated reproach panted on Liz’s adorable face. As she looked over her shoulder and down at her mouth-watering apple bottom, she seriously seemed mad at it! Somehow, that made the whole thing even more exciting to me.

“Stupid butt, did you get even bigger in the last two weeks?! These jeans used to fit, more or less…”

Walking as if in a trance, I approached my sweet grumpy Lizzie from behind, my massive erection straining painfully inside my pants. Placing my hands reverently on her masterpiece of an ass, I leaned against Liz’s back and planted a long loving kiss on her pouty lips.

“Hey baby!” she purred, flashing me a bright smile.

While we traded a few more kisses, my hands kneaded and caressed Liz’s plump asscheeks, savoring their flawless smoothness as their delicious juicy roundness filled my palms to overflowing. When Lizzie resumed speaking, I was already hooking my fingers into the sides of her thong, right where the string bit into the soft skin of her hips.

“Okay, Russ, help me out here. Maybe together we can… Uh, Russ, what are you doing?! You’re supposed to pull my pants up, not pull my panties down!”

Humming with anticipation and licking my lips, I got down on my knees until my face was level with my sweet Lizzie’s perfect bubble-butt. Slowly, I finished peeling off her thong, enjoying the sight of that thin strip of lacy cloth being extracted from the depths of her luscious asscrack where it had been cozily trapped so far. Looking up into her baffled bespectacled eyes, I chuckled and shrugged.

“Sorry, Liz, but I can’t help myself. Your ass is just too epic!”

“Aw, Russ!” she giggled as I pulled her jeans and panties just a little bit lower down her shapely thighs to make her glorious rump bulge out even more. “You know I love hearing you say that, but I was really trying to ohhh…! Oh baby, that feels good! Uuhh Russ…”

With my face pressed between her soft round asscheeks and my hands parting and caressing those full fleshy globes, I smiled as I heard Lizzie’s breath catch in her throat and her words fade into sexy little moans of pleasure brought on by the sequence of butterfly kisses that I was placing all over the protruding curves of her booty. As Liz purred and instinctively wiggled her bouncy bubble-butt, I swiftly let my mouth push deeper and deeper into her ass-cleavage, getting closer to the tiny pink rosebud of her butthole.

“Ooohh Russ, that’s not fair! Uuhh… But it’s so good!” Liz panted, shivering as my smooching lips finally came in contact with her adorable little sphincter.

Arching her back and moaning in anticipation, my amazing girlfriend sighed lustfully as I swiped my tongue all around the tender rim of her most intimate and sensitive orifice in a series of slow, sloppy licks. After placing a couple more wet kisses on her gummy butt-ring, I pulled back while still keeping her juicy asscheeks well spread to feast my eyes on the sight of her pulsating little hineyhole and her puffy, moist pussy lips. Rubbing my face adoringly all over Lizzie’s fantastic booty, smelling the fruity flavor of her shower gel exuding from her smooth pale skin, I looked up to meet her gaze. Her big brown eyes were sparkling behind her cute nerdy glasses and her full lips were parted in anticipation as I smiled teasingly at her.

“Well, I guess I should really stop and help you get dressed, eh Liz? We’ve got a party to go to after all…”

“Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen now!” Lizzie chuckled, pushing out her plump bubble-butt and bending at the waist to give me better access to her holes. “We’re not going anywhere or doing anything until you finish what you started, Russ. I mean it!”

Barely sparing a second to reach down to my crotch and adjust the massive erection tenting my pants, I shared one knowing look with my sweet Lizzie before burying my face between her voluptuous asscheeks again. As I started lapping away at her lovely little pucker, her sexy vocalizations brought a huge smile to my butt-pleasing lips.

“Ooooh my god, Russ! Aaahhh yes, baby, lick my ass… Lick my horny little asshole like thaaaat!”


In the three days following the morning when Lizzie had gifted me with her virginity, we were kept pretty busy by the delicious task of making her pussy ‘catch up’ with her asshole. She even officially invested me with the power to ‘take her pussy and have at it, anytime and anywhere’, as she very invitingly put it. At first I thought she was joking, but the determined bahis siteleri look in my almost-sister’s soulful brown eyes told me that she was very serious about it.

“Russ, I want to see if I can cum as hard from regular sex as I do from anal…” Liz cooed as we snuggled in her bed late at night, the memories of her deflowering earlier that day still very vivid in both our minds. “Honestly, I don’t think I can have those huge full-body orgasms in any other way except with your cock deep in my ass, but hey, it could be fun to try!” she added with a giggle. Her tiny hand was pumping slowing up and down my stiffening shaft as she continued: “I mean, this morning was our first time after all, so maybe we should, like, practice a bit… What do you say, baby? Wanna give my inexperience little pussy a good pounding until I cum on your big fat cock?”

I didn’t technically say anything in response, because my mouth was instantly glued to Lizzie’s and it stayed like that all through the passionate snatch-stretching coupling that followed. Anyway, starting that night, as per her request and much to our mutual pleasure, I eagerly plowed my amazing girlfriend’s juicy slit at any given chance for the following three days. In that time, despite my complete addiction to her tight little asshole, I soon became desperately enamored with the silky, suctioning wetness of her snug pussy as well.

I loved the way Lizzie looked at me as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs open while extending her arms, smiling to me, her eyes shiny with excitement behind her glasses as she invited me to penetrate her. Just like I did whenever I fucked her cute little butthole, I made it a point to thoroughly lick Liz’s sweet pussy before I pushed my cock into her dripping folds, sinking all the way inside her until my bloated glans was pushing as deep as possible within her soft vaginal tunnel and my pubic bone was pressing firmly against her slick, swollen clit.

Savoring the taste of her juices saturating my mouth, I remained there motionless for a few moments, enjoying the glorious dewy snugness I was immersed into. While my fully sheathed erection throbbed inside her caressing pussy, I leaned down and pressed my chest into Liz’s huge boobs as her lips met mine and our tongues started dancing together. A shiver always ran down my spine as I felt her shift underneath me to throw her arms around my neck and wrap her legs around my back, her tiny feet locking together right above my butt and pulling me in deeper, confirming her eagerness and readiness. Then and only then did I start moving inside her, eliciting kiss-muffled moans that spurred me on as I slid in and out of my beloved Lizzie’s tight, slippery pussy.

Her sighs and mewls, uttered straight into my smooching mouth, always let me know when it was okay to increase my pumping tempo. Guided by Liz’s sexy squeals, I gradually picked up my plowing rhythm, thrusting faster and harder until I was slamming away into her delicious little slit. As clingy as her silky folds felt around my dickmeat as a rule, Lizzie’s drooling pussy clutched my dick even more amazingly when an orgasm hit her, making her moan louder into my mouth as she dug her nails into my back. The feel and sight and sound of my irreplaceable almost-sister cumming on my snatch-cramming boner was usually too much for me, causing me to explode in climax and inundate her quivering vaginal walls with thick ropes of cum.

Missionary was definitely our top choice when it came to regular sex, because it felt so intimate, with lots of kissing and a sense of being truly fused together, but we did experiment with other positions too. I was a big fan of doggy, because it gave me an awesome view of Liz’s plump majestic ass bouncing back and forth on my pussy-drilling cock, plus it allowed me to knead her meaty buttcheeks and let my fingers play with her winking little rosebud, something she always appreciated.

I also played with Lizzie’s asshole a lot when she rode me cowgirl style, which soon became her personal favorite position. As I bucked my swollen shaft up into her dripping honey pot, I gaped and teased Liz’s twitching sphincter, moistening it with her trickling girlcum before I started pumping my fingers in and out of her tight butthole, making her pleasure screams burst louder as her cock-engulfing bounces grew more urgent. Liz’s big swaying tits and her puffy suckable nipples were awesome to behold in those occasions, calling irresistibly for me to nibble and kiss and lick on them. While she rose and fell rhythmically on my lap, yelling out in lascivious joy as she forced her clingy pussy down to devour my stiff pole over and over again, I could barely bring myself to remove my face from her pillowy cleavage so that I could breath, let alone form words, but I’m confident that my boob-muffled grunts spoke volumes about how hot and sexy and downright amazing I thought Liz was.

One thing that really blew me away about fucking Lizzie’s pussy bahis şirketleri rather than her ass, was the fact that almost no preparations were required. I loved getting Liz’s adorable little butthole ready for my cock by licking and smooching and slobbering all over that pretty pink star of hers, I truly enjoyed it, but the innate readiness of a soft nectar-slick pussy grew on me in no time. It was just so fucking hot to be able to simply slide my aching boner right inside a welcoming, moist hole that lubed itself up based on Lizzie’s arousal. And it wasn’t just hot, it was kind of practical too, since we were always fooling around one way or the other and my naughty girlfriend was at least as horny as I was. In light of all that, we quickly decided not to limit ourselves to our respective bedrooms when it came to doing some ‘catching up’ for her pussy.

Living rooms, kitchens and once even the back porch of Lizzie’s house became the setting of our quickies, which always came with a lot of kiss-muted giggles and the added excitement of possibly getting caught by our Moms. Technically they were back at work, but the renovations in their office building were taking longer than they should have been, which meant that the Moms weren’t keeping predictable hours at the office. Usually they would go in for a bit then come back with folders and papers to work from home on their laptops, only to then go back to the office when they were needed there or they had to get other stuff. The Moms were definitely not happy about that situation, and, for our own naughty reasons, neither were Lizzie and I.

The Moms’ unpredictable schedule and intermittent presence at home had brought back Lizzie’s reticence to do anal while there was even the slightest risk of getting caught in the act. As much as I loved my awesome almost-sister’s quirks, I couldn’t help but remind her that we weren’t being exactly discreet during our vigorous nightly humping, or our slow and languid wake up fucks, not to mention the random sneaky quickies on the couch or the kitchen table we were suddenly getting a kick out of. Still, even though she was aware that our Moms knew that we were having sex and quite a lot of it, Lizzie just couldn’t get over her odd prudishness about letting anyone except me know that she was totally and very happily into butt stuff.

“I don’t know how to explain it, Russ, but I can’t do anal if the Moms are around. I just can’t…” she pouted the only time I brought this thing up just in passing, while we cuddled after I had filled her clingy pussy to overflowing with a massive load of cum. As I laughed and hugged her curvy body tight to me, lewdly enjoying the wet feel of our mixed juices drenching my crotch, Liz snickered and shrugged, pressing her bulging tits into my side. “It’s just part of my craziness, baby, what can I say…”

Of course, she didn’t have to say anything at all. Pounding her pussy was amazing, it was merely curiosity that had made me ask her why she was still bothered by the idea of someone discovering that she was so much into anal. But still, it wasn’t like we were avoiding butt stuff completely. Whenever I ate her dewy folds out, I never neglected to rim her adorable pink rosebud too, and I finger-fucked her little asshole any time we had sex in any position except missionary. When I pointed all of that out to her with a chuckle, Lizzie just scoffed dismissively, laughing my argument off and rebutting with an impish grin and a sexy wink.

“Oh, come on now, Russ! That hardly counts as anal in my book, and it shouldn’t count in yours either! I mean,” she purred in an ever huskier voice, “a pro assfucker like you shouldn’t use the term ‘anal’ for anything less than a full blown balls-deep rump ride, don’t you think, baby?”

That comment, not to mention the sweetly sluttish tone in which Lizzie delivered it, stirred a maelstrom of lust and love inside me that led to an intense make out session followed by another bout of ‘catching up’ for my amazing girlfriend’s snug, sperm-slick pussy.

Eventually, after three days devoted to the delectable task of reshaping her sweet little slit to fit my boner to perfection, Lizzie reached a kind of verdict. In a half-solemn and half-giggly tone, she stated that yes, having my cock pumping in and out of her pussy did in fact make her cum easily and a lot, but no, her vaginal orgasms were never as mind-blowingly powerful as the ones she got from getting assfucked.

That potentially disappointing discovery did not dampen our enthusiasm at all, though, and why would it? When it was all said and done, we were left with a great excuse to start what we immediately agreed to consider as a long-term research project that involved having as much sex as possible until someday, maybe, one of Lizzie’s vaginal orgasms would match the intensity of her toe-curling anal climaxes. That sounded like a lot of fun to both of us.


So, three days after I took my adored Lizzie’s virginity and despite the delicious overdose of pussy-plowing action I got (or maybe, in a pretty weird way, because of it), my ever-burning lust for Liz’s beautiful plump bubble-butt was unchanged. If anything, it had increased.

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