Banged Twice

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Sasha stood at the door, cringing knowing how angry her daddy was with her right now. She ‘borrowed’ the car for the weekend and got into a minor accident that scratched her daddies prize mustang.

“I…I am so sorry daddy, Sarah and I didn’t mean to hurt the car—I’ll pay for a new paint job I swear!” Sasha said nervously

“No—it’s over, and your going to be punished for it, that’s it…you may pay for it if you like but it won’t prevent me from punishing you severely.” Her daddy growled not facing her, his head swimming with the ultimate punishment for his little girl. She was always obedient, in fact this was only her second stupid move throughout her teenage years.

“Come here.” He turned around, she walked in his room, head hung low prepared for a grounding, or worse a spanking—he hadn’t don’t this in a year, but she also hadn’t made him this angry since that incident.

“Take off your pants, and bend over.” He said quietly, calming his voice so not to scare her to much.

“Daddy I’m to old for a spanking—I’m 18 now!” she protest whining.

“Do it!” he said raising his voice a bit louder.

She did afraid to make him angrier. When she finally bent over, wearing a blue thong that exposed her ass beautifully. He went to spank her but instead rubbed her firm ass tenderly, she was very confused.

“Daddy…what are you doing?” she asked feeling his grope at her.

He didn’t answer her but her threw her forward on his bed, and sat down next to her “You’re right, you’re to old for a spanking…but you still need to be punished.” he smirked at her. “You remember your last punishment? Well you’re older now and I think I can make it much worse now for you…my little thieving girl.”

“Please no daddy, I don’t want to touch it again, I promise I wont be bad again!” She said shaking, wanting to cry out for her mom who unfortunately wasn’t home.

“Shut the fuck up, Don’t try to act all innocent and vulnerable now, you’ve been bad and you have been taught about consequence its time for your punishment.” He frowned smacking her stomach and he stood going escort bayan to his drawer. He came back with four pairs of handcuffs, a ball gag and a crop.

“Lay down with your arms and legs spread Sasha,” he ordered her, and she did it knowing that the punishment would be worse if she dared protest. He cuffed her limbs to the bedposts, she lay sprawled read to take her daddies cock in her mouth again like last time.

He started to run his hands over her body rubbing threw her T-shirt and her thong, his cock growing hard as he stared at his bound daughter. He ran his hands through her curly blonde hair, and she stared up at him terror in her ice blue eyes.

“You’re so beautiful baby, and I’m sorry this is going to hurt.” He said starting to take off his pants, and walking back o his dresser drawer, and taking out a pair of scissors he turned back to her, and he leaned over stripping her with the scissors. Revealing her round 32 B breasts, and her dark pink nipples, and her firm perfect stomach. “Now you’re punishment is going to hurt as I said before, but you can do this gagged or not, its your choice on how you act now.” She only stared at him thinking no—he wouldn’t rape her over a dinged car…would he?

“Daddy, I—I don’t want the gag in my mouth.” She said solemnly

“Good, but if I need to use it later the punishment will get worse.” His cock was in his hand, fully hard ten inches long as he eyed his daughter, he kept the momentum, staring at her, until he felt her was going to cum. He let go of his cock and rubbed his daughters slit with one finger, then wiggled it inside of her cunt, to his surprise he found wet.

“Are you ready for your punishment…”he smiled looking at her, aching now to fuck his little girl. He stripped fully now, and she saw her daddy naked for the first time in a year, she was scared and excited.

She moaned a small protest but he ignored it, as if her mousy plea didn’t even happen.

He knelt of the bed between her widely parted legs, and opened up her pussy lips with her fingers. He was actually going to fuck altıparmak escort bayan her, as a punishment…over his car! This thought totally confused Sasha, as her daddy started to enter her, it finally set in the whole scene, and the unbelievable position she was in.

She screamed now afraid and not wanting her daddy to rape her, she was determined to get him to back off. In response he backhanded her face, and shoved her cut T-shirt in to her mouth. “I told you if I had to gag you you’re punishment would be worse!” He growled at her, and shoved his huge cock into her cunt, and fed it into her fast breaking through her hymen so quickly she didn’t even get a chance to adjust to his girth. He grunted in lust as he started to plunge in and out of his whimpering daughter. “Your cunt is so tight,” he moaned loudly and she began to cry. He groped at her breasts as he began to fuck her with each thrust breaking her in deeper and deeper, till his cock was fully buried in her tiny cunt. She started to cry as he fucked her ignoring her completely only grunting and talking about how good it felt.

“You’re my little naughty slut Sasha aren’t you?” He moaned watching her face. She nodded so he would stay in his current state of mind verses the harsher angry one he previously was in. She felt his hand reach down and run down her stomach, then on her pussy lip sand he thumbed her clit, rubbing it causing her to jolt. “I want you to feel better now after your first part of your punishment Sasha, come on, cum on your daddies cock.” He encouraged her rubbing her clit as she squirmed under him, still pumping into her.

She writhed trying to stop herself from cuming not wanting to enjoy this violation but despite her effort she came. He took the gag from her mouth and kissed her as he thrust deep inside of her and his cock throbbed, balls tightened he blasted his cum into his little girl. Her eyes went wide—shit…but he didn’t…she thought god no, He’s going to get me pregnant. She screamed and he knew just what she was thinking. “Oops, baby…your going nilüfer eskort to have daddies baby, aren’t you happy?” he said knowing that hit a nerve. “If you’re really good, daddy will give you one of mommies morning after pills…but that depends on if you make me angry again.”

“I won’t I promise I’ll do anything you want.” She said she was totally in his control now, even her will was his. He knew it, at this point he uncuffed her, and smiled.

“Get on all fours my slut” he ordered her.

She did, and readied herself for anything. She couldn’t believe he was doing this to her, but now she was starting to enjoy it, she came and she wanted to again…she was now fully excited.

He probed her ass with his fingers, pushing one in and she bit her lip to prevent a yelp. Then he put a second in, unlubricated except for the trail of her own juices that ran down. She felt a burning sensation, but now she was horny and the pain felt good. A third finger forced its way in stretching her poor small asshole. He held her ass open and his still hard and ready cock started to enter her. He wasn’t going to use lubrication! She felt as if she was going to tear as his cock head popped inside of her ass, he started to fuck her ass, not letting her prepare again. She felt her ass start to bleed, and he groaned, already cuming twice, ready to a third time before he could really fuck her ass like he wanted to. He paused for a minute and played with her clit she moaned loudly. “Now, now this is your punishment quiet slut.” He said hearing her moan almost pushed him off the edge and he had to stop her. He continued to stay still, cock buried in her ass, and playing with her clit till she was about to cum, then he stopped all together. Torture! She needed release. He felt her need and at this he started to fuck her ass again, vigorously, knowing this wouldn’t last for long. He pinched her clit in his hand “Cum baby,” he said to her as he felt his cock jerk inside of her ass, they both came, he pulled out and lay on the bed and grabbed her putting her in his arms, he gave her the pill and she took it gladly.

“Don’t think this is all Sasha, mom wont be back for another week, and your brother Was watching us,” he looked out the door, and her older brother Charlie turned and ran to his room. This is going to be a fun week, now get cleaned up and take a nap, you’ll need energy for your real punishment tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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