Banging in the New Year

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The New Year’s Eve celebrations were well under way. We were all pretty close and pretty drunk. About an hour after the New Year came in there were only three of us still awake. Everyone else just about passed out or left.

Jamie, Tara and I seemed to have been barely hanging on as we sat on the couch channel flipping. Jamie was the host of the party, she was a petite chick with D cup breasts, small frame, with dyed red hair and blue eyes. Tara was pretty hot herself. She looked like a pin up model, with shoulder length dark hair, big D breasts, with a little extra padding at the waistline but with nice curves.

At 1am in the morning there wasn’t much on TV. We just kept flipping channels until Jamie stopped at a channel with hardcore porn. The scene was two girls and a guy at a swimming pool outside. We were all kind of getting a chuckle watching what we were seeing.

“Look at that! Titty fucking” Tara pointed out laughingly.

“Two girls with fake titties” I pointed out to the girls barely containing my excitement.

“Have you ever fucked any titties?” Jamie asked?

“Once I suppose. I was with this girl one night and told her how I never tried it before and she let me try it on her” I said.

“Can’t imagine it really doing anything” Jamie said.

“Well, it was a dry titty fuck, wasn’t that good for me either” I told her.

“I had my titties fucked before” Tara said chiming in.

“What was it like?” Jamie asked.

“No big deal for me, but he liked it, shot his load all over them” said Tara.

“Oh my God I can’t believe we’re having this conversation” Jamie said.

“Keep drinking ladies!” I said sarcastically as I reached for an opened bottle of champagne pouring each of them a drink.

“Now that’s hot!” Jamie said as the porno switched to the two girls sucking the dudes dick.

“Yeah Mike couldn’t handle that” Tara said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Are you kidding? I got a super cock!” I said as I stood up beating my chest!

“You’d blow your load the second their mouths hit!” Jamie said.

“Ye of little faith!” I said with a exaggerated British accent.

“Dude, most guys can’t last that long with one girl never mind two” Jamie replied.

“Not for nothing ladies, but most girls don’t know how to suck cock!” I fired back.

“Well I have no complaints in that department” Tara said.

“Just because you have no complaints doesn’t mean you’re any good at it! Most guys won’t come out and tell you that you’re a lousy cocksucker!” I told her.

The scene continued as one of the ladies was going Casibom down on the dude and the other one was eating the chick from behind. I saw Jamie start breathing a little heavier it seemed as she slid a finger down her inner thigh.

“Wow!” Jamie said. “It must be this and the booze but I’m getting really turned on by this!”

“Look! Mike is hard!” Tara said pointing at my blatant hard on.

“Come over here!” Jamie said motioning to me. I walked to her side of the couch facing in her direction. She began to put her hand on my crotch.

“Damn girl! Get a hold of yourself!” Tara yelled.

“Yep, he’s hard! Let’s see what the fuss is all about!” Jamie said as she slid my jogging pants down exposing my 7 inch hard stiffy.

“Oh my God!” Tara gasped. “I can’t believe you just did that!”

All I could do is stay quiet and watch. I was feeling tipsy and just let Jamie do what she wanted. She put her face up to it and appeared to be sizing it up. She grabbed my cock by the base and began to shake it.

“Wow! You are hard! Look at this Tara! It’s cut nicely!” Jamie said while slurring her words.

“I can’t believe this is happening” Tara remarked.

Jamie then began to gently stroke my cock with one hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tip of my cock was oozing with pre-cum but I was so snockered I don’t think an early explosion (If you know what I mean) was in the cards.

“Tara you got to come here and feel this!” Jamie said.

“Umm..I don’t think so Jamie! I may be drunk but I’m pretty much in control”

“Have another cocktail” I said laughing.

Tara poured herself a vodka and OJ from leftover booze that was sitting on the coffee table from the party and sat back watching.

“OK cockboy!” Jamie said. “Let’s see how long you can last!” She said as she put my cock in her mouth and slowly moved up and down my shaft. She worked it slow at first, looking me in the eye while working my balls with her other hand. The more she worked it, the faster she picked up the pace. I was in all my glory.

I looked at Tara and noticed her laying back more on the couch and she began to stroke her thigh. I sat there looking at her with a semi-sarcastic grin.

Jamie was getting my cock nice and wet. Very slimy. I could feel her tongue sliding up and down my shaft. She would take a break now and then to lick my balls while stroking me with her other hand.

“You want in on this?” Jamie said turning to Tara.

By this point Tara had her hands down her pants. She slid over near Jamie’s side of the couch, grabbed my cock and just started going Casibom Giriş to town.

“This is the way you suck cock!” Tara said as she began bobbing her head wildly. She was working it harder than Jamie.

“I can’t believe this is happening, I must be dreaming” I said as I watched the two of them having their way with my cock.

“I want you to shoot your jizz all over our faces!” Tara said as she looked up at me with her hand on my cock.

“I’m just getting started girls! You’re going to have to work it harder than that!” I said to them. The truth was that the booze was working to my favor. Any other time I might have blown my load on them earlier on.

Tara then got behind Jamie and took of Jamie’s shirt and bra. Those titties were ripe! Big D cups staring right at my cock! Tara then reached around my backside and pushed me towards Jamie’s titties.

“Fuck them titties!” Tara said as I planted my cock between Jamie’s chest.

As I was titty fucking Jamie, Tara was licking Jamie’s breasts and my cock making a wetter tread between them. Jamie just sat there looking at me.

I couldn’t help it, I stopped fucking Jamie’s tits and put my cock back in her mouth. Tara continued licking Jamie only not her tits but she now began to remove Jamie’s pants. Tara slid Jamie’s pants and thong down and began eating her out.

I couldn’t believe that these two girls whom I’ve known casually for about 5 years now were doing all this! It was even more unbelievable after the fact I realized, that all this was being done with other party goers passed out all around us!

Jamie then fell backwards to lay down as Tara continued eating Jamie’s hot wet snatch. I sat there watching for a few seconds stroking my wet cock. It didn’t take me long however to fuck Tara from behind as I slowly slid my cock into Tara, she let out a soft moan.

I began slamming Tara from behind so hard that she could barely continue to eat Jamie’s pussy. Jamie was panting and yelling ‘Fuck her! Fuck her hard cock boy!” I swear it felt like my cock was gearing up for the finish but I continued to hold out as long as I possibly could. I continued to pound Tara!

Jamie then sat up and began to kiss Tara. The two turned around and once again started sucking my cock once more. Jamie was licking my shaft and Tara my balls. I was about to lose it!

“Fuck Jamie!” Tara said to me as she guided my cock to Jamie’s pussy. Jamie was again on her back as I began to bone her missionary style. Tara began to sit on Jamie’s face in the meantime.

“Ok Mike, now I want to turn around, I want you to do me from behind. I want to eat her pussy” Jamie said to me as she positioned herself on her knees and between Tara’s legs. Jamie was now eating Tara out. Tara’s hips began to shake a little. As I continued to take Jamie from behind and even with her face buried in Tara’s snatch she began to moan. Her moans got louder.

I was now at the point where I could barely contain myself. I felt it coming on. I was getting ready to burst. I let out a loud moan and pulled out of Jamie holding my cock. The two girls then knelt in front of my cock with their mouths open.

“Put it all over us!” Tara said.

“Both of us! Our mouths, our faces and our tits!” Jamie said to me.

I was now jerking myself off, stoking really fast as the jizz began to slowly ooze out all over them. I covered their mouths, face and tits. It was a long stream. Probably the longest I can remember. The girls ate that shit up. They also cleaned the cum off of each other with their tongues, getting every last drop. I just sat down on the floor beside myself as I watched the two girls lick each other.

I watched Jamie and Tara continue to work each other until they felt they were through. I suddenly realized that we were still in the midst of the rest of the party that was asleep around us! It didn’t look like anyone had woken up. I was surprised.

All three of us fell asleep under the blankets that were on the couch and we probably didn’t wake up until noon later that New Year’s Day. When we awoke we just looked at each other and started giggling. By this point everyone around us was awake but still laying around talking to each other.

“Did ya all see that?” Jamie shouted to the people around us.

“See what?” Someone said with a confused look on their face.

“You mean you missed the show? Oh man! You’re never going to believe me” I said to them in a playful voice.

“Dude, what are you talking about?” One of them asked.

“Never mind dude, If you didn’t catch the performance last night there’s no use explaining it to you”. I said.

Tara and Jamie just sat back laughing.

I hopped in the shower before I left that day. The girls secretly joined me. We washed each other’s bodies and the girls were able to give me a duo hand job and take in another load of jizz. While after that threesome, we would jokingly flirt when around each other nothing ever happened again between all three of us. We even told our friends (Who were there asleep at the party) what happened as time went on and none of them still to this day believe us! They said it was impossible to do all that and not have anyone notice. I also noticed after that Tara and Jamie seemed a little closer after that night. I wonder if the two ever get together and fool around behind closed doors.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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