Bar Room Quickie

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Zeta was my girlfriend. Right now she was sitting opposite me in the bar where we met up with friends nearly every Friday night. The chat was the usual light-hearted banter – anecdotes from the past week, who’d been seen going out with whom, who had split up and why. The usual stuff! I kept looking over at Zeta and when I caught her eye I winked at her or mouthed the words “Do you wanna fuck me?” I would do this normally because it made her laugh but tonight she was kind of scowling at me. I just shrugged my shoulders, and carried on talking to Jodie about the latest Hollywood marriage bust up.

Zeta is what is known on the scene as a bull dyke. She is butch looking and acting, with short blonde hair and she wears nothing but men’s shirts and jeans. I, on the other hand, am the stereotypical femme, long hair, nail polish, dresses, high-heels, the works. I know in this day and age we an anachronism, and I know people laugh at us behind our backs but this is really how both of us are and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

“Right!” I said, “I’m off for a pee and a reapplication of the lippy, guys.” I shook my ass a little at Zeta as I stood up then made my way to the powder room – I love that old fashioned word! I checked my reflection in the mirror. I gave myself a little smile – I am nothing if not vain! – and made my way to a cubicle. I was just about to close the cubicle door when a foot came from nowhere and blocked it. I hadn’t heard anyone come in behind me. I was shocked and I gasped. Before trabzon escort I knew what was happening the door burst open and Zeta was grabbing my throat with her hand, turning me around and pushing me up against the cubicle door as she fastened the lock.

I couldn’t move as Zeta’s hand was choking me. My face was going red – I could feel it beginning to burn – and my eyes were starting to bulge. I was a little worried; she wasn’t normally quite this violent. Then she released her grip on me slightly, so I could breathe normally, as she put her mouth to my ear and whispered,

“You, you little slut. You have been trying to turn me on all evening. Haven’t you?”

I nodded, yes.

“Did you think that I was just gonna sit there and take it? Did you really think that I wasn’t going to do anything about it?” I could feel her hot breath on my ear and before I had time to answer she thrust her hand roughly up my blouse, pulled up my bra and began squeezing my left breast and nipple hard. She tweaked and twisted my nipple until it was stinging. She was really worked up. I’d never known her quite this rampant! I took in a few calming intakes of breath, still a little shocked but beginning to relax and enjoy this impromptu, if somewhat painful, fumble!

“You, my little Petal, are going to get just what you have been asking for,” again Zeta whispered this in my ear as her hand left my tingling, throbbing nipple. She pulled up my skirt, pulled my panties down as far as she could get trabzon escort bayan them and grabbed my crotch, squeezing it tightly.

“Before I go any further, sweet thing,” she licked the whole of the right hand side of my face with her tongue, “I’m betting that you are just more than a little bit wet down there. Am I right? Is my dirty little slut all wet and swollen? Will my fingers just slide effortlessly along that pussy of yours?”

I nodded again as I felt her hand delve into my pussy, pass my clit and move straight to my cunt hole. She immediately thrust two fingers inside. My knees literally trembled and almost gave way as I felt Zeta’s fingers ram inside me, filling me up, thrusting deep into my cunt, but Zeta still had her hand on my throat and she moved it to my shoulder and steadied me.

“Just as I thought – absolutely, soaking, fucking wet!” Zeta spat the words out as she thrust her fingers into my pussy like a woman possessed.

“Is that good, Petal? Are you enjoying your fingering? Want more? Do you? Does my filthy little whore want more?”

“Yes! Oh God Zeta, this is so good! Yes, I want more.” I moaned and closed my eyes. This was hot – she was making me so hot! Suddenly, she withdrew her fingers from me, moved her hand from my shoulder and spun me round to face the other way, my left cheek slamming against the door, my hair sticking to my sweating forehead. I could feel her pulling my panties down to my ankles and then heard the zip of her jeans escort trabzon being pulled down.

“Get that cute little sopping wet pussy over here,” she said.

I took a step backwards and as I did I looked over my shoulder and there was Zeta sitting on the W.C. with the bright pink dildo of her strapon pointing heavenwards. Jeez, I thought, she’s had the strapon on all evening! She’d planned this all along!

“You dirty dog, Zeta Macfarlane!” I almost yelled, “ How long have you been planning this?”

“Not long,” she grinned, “now get yourself sat on this thing!”

I backed myself up until I felt the end of the dildo slap against my ass and manoeuvred myself until I felt it tap at my cunt hole. Zeta held it steady for me as I slowly eased myself onto it. Zeta bucked up as much as she could and I began to grind my pussy into her mound and thrusting up and down on the dildo. She moved a hand round and began rubbing my clit. I was so turned on that I knew I was going to cum almost immediately and then I felt her softly kiss my neck and ear, nuzzling into me,

“Cum Petal, oh that’s it sugar, let it go, cum for your dirty old dog, I love it when you cum,” she whispered.

“Oh God, Zeta, I love you. Oh Zeta – OOOOOHHHH!” and with that I felt the orgasm ripping through me and I threw out both my arms to steady myself on the cubicle walls as Zeta continued to thrust and gently kiss me on the neck, arms around me, holding me tight, keeping time with the slowing of my spasms.

We walked back to the table hand in hand, a bit flushed and sweaty, and as we sat down, Jodie looked at us in mock disgust, raising her eyes to the ceiling.

“For pities sake you two! Don’t you ever get enough?”

In unison Zeta and I shook our heads and said “Never!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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