Baseball Two

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The morning sun warmed the air and promised to become warmer still as the day wore on. It was 9 am on a Sunday in April.

That fifth week of the season we would take on the Viejas Chiefs. Widely regarded as one of the better teams in the league, they had a fearsome reputation for hitting, scoring a lot of runs and giving up few. They were expected to win at least their division if not the league championship.

Our team arrived on the field shortly before game time. We would occupy the bench along third base. For the time being we practiced. Infielders, including James, scooped out ground balls and threw them to first base. Those of us in the outfield played fly balls. Some were hit deep intentionally.

I had been out in center field for just a few moments when I had my first chance. I immediately knew it was deep and began back peddling. I had only backed up a few steps before catching the ball just in front of the fence.

Practice continued for about a half hour before the empires ordered the game to begin. Batting first, we went over to our bench while the Chiefs took their positions on the field.

Jimmy and I sat side by side. Both of us would formulate our impressions of the game.

My boyfriend, who could be quite analytical, voiced his thoughts several times. I said little.

By the final inning the Chiefs held a 10 -6 lead. We were threatening. Runners were at second and third but there were two outs. The game was riding on the shoulders of a guy named Kelso.

“He won the last game,” jimmy remarked.

“I remember that.”

“Look at the way they’re shifting on him,” he said.

“I can see that.”

Things didn’t turn out the way we wanted. A fly ball sent deep to right sent their outfielder trotting just a few steps to reach it. The ball landed in his glove held over his head. That ended the game on a somewhat bad note.

“There were so many times we shoule ‘ave won that çanakkale escort game,” my boyfriend complained.

“You”re right.”

Larry, our team shortstop and Sam, the right fielder, came by at that moment. They made us a foursome.

Richard Kelso was usually a loner. I had never seen him really go out of his way to make small talk with any one. He would chat if some one started the conversation.

Dark haired with brown eyes, he stood a lean five nine. His face bore a resemblance to Queer Eye’s Kyan Douglas. To me that’s not bad looking. In fact I’d say cute.

I was a little surprised to learn about his connection with my Jimmy

“I had a three some with him and another guy once when we were teens.”

I looked at him.

“Who was the third guy?”

“Some kid he met at a gay and lesbian youth support group,” he answered.

Richard made us a group of five just seconds after the words came from Jimmy’s lips.

They greeted like two old friends who had not seen each other in a long time.

“Hey guy what’s going on?”

“Not a lot,” he replied.

James turned his head to me. “This is my boyfriend.”

“How long have you guys been dating?”

“Just a couple of weeks,” I replied.

It was well known that Larry and Sam were a couple. Walking on our right side, they held hands. After the initial greeting they seemed more interested in each other. That was fine with me.

Reaching the parked cars we parted. James and I had come to the game in his.

We had a lot to talk about as we rode back to our apartment in the city. As always he was analytical.

“Larry practically golfed that home run ball,” he said.

“He likes the low pitch.”

Little else was said during the short ride. The game was lost and that was no big deal.

My thoughts turned to Kelso.

“A three some,” I remarked.

My boyfriend çanakkale escort bayan chuckled.

“I was 15. We were out at the pool at his parent’s house. We just got home from school.”

“You guys went to school together.”

“We did. He wasn’t out back then. Neither was I really so we were both surprised at the support group. The other guy was from out of town.”

Now I knew a little bit about my boyfriend’s past. I shelved the information. It could not effect how I felt about him.

My experience was quite different.

“I came out to my twin sister Jenny when I was 15. She accepted it without any misgivings.”

“uh huh,” he responded.

“I was in college when I met my first love. Mat and I lived in the same dormitory room. He was fucking hot.”

“Really,” replied James. “How big was he?”

“I’ll never tell.”

We both grinned. I made a brief mental picture of Mat’s dick.

“I’ll bet he was big.”

“Yeah, he was big.”

It had also been my first broken heart. By summer distance caused us to drift away. We lived in opposite ends of the state.

“Did you ever do a three some?”

“hell no!”

“Just thought I’d ask,” he said.

It was getting close to lunch time so we decided to stop at a local sub shop. I ordered a smoked ham and cheese. He ordered Italian cold cut. We rode all the way back to La Mesa to my apartment. While we ate we listened to the internet radio. Sunday afternoon Jazz was being picked up by I Tunes on my computer.

My dream the previous evening had been a little bizarre. I recalled it to him.

“I dreamt that I had suddenly turned into a girl.”

“We wouldn’t be together if you had.”

“Maybe we’d be lesbians.”

“Maybe,” he conceded.

My boyfriend had rather unusual taste in television. A show he liked was not familiar to me.

“I like ‘Gay, Straight, or Taken’ escort çanakkale on Lifetime,” he said.

“I never heard of it.”

“The girl dates three guys,” he explained. “One is actually married to a woman, the other is straight and available, and the third guy is gay.”

“Let me guess. She has to guess who’s who.”

Exactly,” he replied.

“What happens if she picks the wrong guy?”

“That’s what makes the show interesting.”

‘Interesting,” I Laughed.

“If she picks the wrong guy then he and his wife or boyfriend go on a vacation together.”

“I don’t think either of us could fool a girl.”

“Some times she is. Gay couples have succeeded before on the show.”

“Really,” I answered.

“Let’s go watch it. It’s on I tunes” he said.

Now he aroused my curiosity. Going to my computer I ran the software and began down loading episodes of the show. After a few minutes we had the first three episodes in the computer and began watching.

My boyfriend and I sat close to one another. When three episodes were done we both wanted each other.

I looked into his crotch then opened his pants. His dick stiffened in my hand. He smiled at me.

I went down and took him in my mouth. As I began to suck hard he caressed my back.

“Yeah baby taste my dick!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm so good!”

After a couple of minutes i came up wanting to save the cum for my asshole.

“Take all my clotes off right this second.”

Eagerly he started pulling the grey shirt up and over my head.

I sat and gave him my legs. He pulled my jeans down and off me then pulled my underwear.

“I love being naked when I’m with you.”

“I love seeing you naked,” he replied then undressed himself while I stroked my organ.

“Fuck my ass!”

I felt his throbbing organ deep inside my ass. It pleasured me beyond words.


“Baby I’m gonna cum in your hole!”

He backed away after several more seconds leaving droplets of creamy white love juice on my buttocks and thighs. I turned, pulled him close to me and kissed him.

“James that was so good. I want more!”

“yeah baby as soon as I work up another load.” he answered.

His hands were around my waist.

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