Basement Rituals – Part II

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Evan Parke came from a small town in Nevada. Tired of living the simple life, he worked long summers during high school to be able to move to Connecticut. His passion was to study history at Yale University. Having written a paper on Nazi torture practices which should have been his breakthrough in the scholarly world, he got into a complicated and unfortunate fight with a richer student who had similar ideas written in his paper. Through means of money and power Evan’s work got diminished to a fraud and a rip-off in a matter of days, leaving him behind as a failed scholar-to-be. Out of frustration he moved out of Connecticut to work at a high school for the elite in California at the age of 39.

He had to admit that, for a failure, his life had taken a turn towards the better. His salary was enough to establish a good, rather luxurious new life. His professional reputation hadn’t been damaged along the West Coast and his colleagues admired his educational background as well as his seemingly infinite knowledge of the past. But the best part was without a doubt his students. Sure, they didn’t give a damn about what he was teaching – besides the occasional nerd – but the view was amazing. At least 5 rows of teenage royalty eyed him during classes. Pretty princesses with golden curls, bright eyes and pink miniskirts laid their eyes upon him every day. Pussy paradise, as far as he was concerned. And obviously, untouchable for someone his age and position.

Evan wasn’t a regular guy. He had a small secret. His interest in torture practices didn’t just dawn on him out of the blue. He noticed that since he was a child he always had a little bit of a sadistic nature. He enjoyed seeing pain being inflicted, seeing the looks on people’s faces when they were being hurt. This was expressed mostly in his sexual behaviour. He wanted to dominate the women he had at his disposal, wanted to fuck them until they bled. He wanted to see them fear him. Begging him to have mercy. BDSM was a simplified way to define his fetish . Creating a new life in California he decided to finally live his fantasy in his basement creating a world he loved.

Cassidy van der Sluys had lived in California her entire life. Her life was perfect. Her house was perfect. Her car was perfect, her looks were perfect and her behaviour was perfect. She was head cheerleader, had considerably good grades and was head of the student council. Everything was perfect. As much as she hated it, she kept up her perfect appearance. Cassidy didn’t want to risk the trust funds her parents had set aside for her, so she mostly kept her mouth shut properly and played her role convincingly around those who could jeapordize her wealthy future.

She had done everything to escape the drag of her usual little perfect life: snorted cocaine once, attended wild parties and even indulged herself in minor felonies like stealing something as insignificant as a pair of panties. She lost her virginity at the age of 13 to some horny geek called Joe as a bet with her friends, that she dared to have sex with the cutest guy in class. Since then on she wasn’t too shy to nail any guy she thought to be attractive. But it all didn’t seem to be interesting enough.

The there was Barry, Cassidy’s first love at the age of 15. They had been together for about a week before Cassidy allowed him to fuck her for the first time. It wasn’t the most romantic setting for the first time to ‘make love’. They used the supply room, next to the gym for a quick bang before heading off to class. A day later Barry had spread all sorts of nasty rumours about her. She became the mockery of the class for at least a week. After that things settled down pretty fast. No one dared to mock a cheerleader for long. In a furious state Cassidy took a baseball bat from the same supply room they had sex in days earlier and waited Barry up after school. He was released from hospital after four weeks. Because Barry didn’t want to admit he got beat up by a girl, no one ever found out who had assaulted him. Barry wasn’t the most loved kid at school anyway.

This experience had changed Cassidy. The next couple of times she had sex she had a different attitude. She no longer tried to please the guys. The guys were there to please her. She dug her nails in their backs and bit their lips until they bled. She wanted to be fucked harder, deeper and faster. And every time she was finished, she craved for some more. Finally she found out what she had been wanting all this time. She wanted power and control over others. Although she kept up her reputation of the ideal daughter, no son of a bitch would ever tell her what to do again. Until Evan came along.

It was only in the second semester that Evan got Cassidy’s class scheduled in. He quickly got into a daily routine, which allowed him to settle in nicely in his new job. “Russia has been our enemy during the Cold War, as you all may probably know. So therefore in our first classes I want to gain some more insight on their politics, their economy and their way of thinking. Who can tell me a little about the political movement called ‘communism’? The lady in the front row perhaps?” Evan nodded at Cassidy. “No idea” she answered blankly. “Come on, I’m sure you know a thing or two about Russia” he tried to pique her interest. “I said: I have no idea. Do I need to spell this out for you?” she replied back sarcastically. Evan decided to leave this one be and moved on to the next student. He wasn’t in the mood to waste time on a grumpy student.

The next few weeks weren’t any different. Evan would ask questions and Cassidy would evade them. One day he decided to have a good talk with her after class. “Cassidy, this way please” he beckoned her over while the rest left class. It was 4 pm; it had been a long day. “What is it?” she asked him rather irritated. “I want to talk to you about your behaviour in class… I don’t feel any active participation from your side” Evan started slowly. “Jesus, what an amazing observation.” He raised his eyebrow. “Excuse me?” Cassidy moved closer and put her hands on his desk, leaning closer to Evan. “Listen. I don’t give a fuck about your class. I don’t really give a fuck about you either. So how about leave me be during classes and I won’t make your life hell.” After this short speech, she turned around, flipped her blond hair back and walked out of the room. Evan was left stunned, but a smile formed on his face shortly after. “You’ll be back. And I’m pretty sure that big mouth will have dissapeared by then” he thought while cleaning up his desk for the day.

There was another reason why he loved his job. None of the girls were too interested in history, yet the pressure by their family to get straight A’s was high. With the attitude they kept up in class as well as outside of school, not many of them passed their tests. How he loved summer holidays. The girls would come to him at the end of the year pleading, bribing, flirting – anything they could use to work up their grades. Obviously he used that to his advantage. He discovered the girls were very willing to compensate their grades with certain sexual acts. Evan had already gained countless blowjobs by all those spoilt bitches willing to make him cum for a better mark so they would pass his class. None of them would ever tell. Their egos were too big to admit what they did and hell, giving blowjobs was a daily routine for them. Life was good.

That wasn’t his main sexual interest though. Smart enough not to take the under aged girls home – let alone in his basement – he let them be right after he shot his load over their pretty faces. He kept his ‘other’ interest reserved for hookers he occaisonally picked up from the street. He took the poor and insignificant ones, who were illegally offering themselves to make a quick buck in dark alleys. If he damaged them too badly at least he was sure there wouldn’t be any reprimands.

A small year passed and Evan found it to be a fun way to pass time to ask Cassidy as many difficult questions as possible. The irritated faces she’d give him amused him. “Cassidy, why did the process of de-colonizing South-East kocaeli escort Asia caused more tension during the Cold War?” He knew she couldn’t answer it even if she tried; they hardly focused on Asia yet. Cassidy gave him a ‘who did what?’ look. Evan knew he couldn’t and shouldn’t, but smiled and said “Ladies and gentleman, I sure hope you won’t be taking Ms. Van der Sluys as an example on how an exam should be done.” He put his hands on Cassidy’s table and leaned closer as she had done to him before the first time they spoke. “You are possibly the most untalented history student I have ever had, Ms. Van der Sluys. Pity.” The classroom laughed, although muffled. He took in her hatred-filled eyes with a gleam of pleasure before continuing his lesson.

The end of the schoolyear was in sight. On another regular Friday morning Evan strolled from his car towards the school’s main entrance whistling a tune from TV he heard this morning as he ate breakfast. He entered his classroom prepared, and waited for the students to come in. As the day continued Evan remained cheery. It was sunny outside and he sat back relaxed in the warm rays as his student wrote their tests. Class by class went by. The day was nearly over when the speakers started to play a tune meaning a general message would follow shortly after. Usually it meant a student was in trouble. “Mr. Parke, report to the headmaster’s office, please. Mr. Parke.” cut through the silence in the room. The subtile distinction between students and teachers being asked to report to the headmaster was a ‘please’, students didn’t get a please. Evan let his class go and walked towards the office with curiosity as to why his presence was summoned. It was the first time he was called in.

Mr. Middleton gave him a frown when he walked in. “That couldn’t mean much good” Evan thought nervously as he sat down in front of the desk. “Mr. Parke. I’ll get right to the point. There has been a small accident.” Middleton spoke slowly and deeply. “Accident, sir..?” Middleton walked towards his window and nodded outside. “Apparently someone had a problem with your car. I suspect this is the work of students of this school, seen as we lock the gates from the outside world during the day but for a small passenger entrance on the school side.” It took Evan a moment to realize what he meant and as he glanced out the window he saw his beloved Mustang totalled in the parking lot. He immediately suspected how, what and more importantly, by whom. “I’m sorry Mr. Parke. I will personally make sure whoever has done this will be severely punished.” Middleton tried to comfort him. Evan tried to look sad and disappointed even though he was boiling on the inside. “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” Evan said while walking out.

He closed the door behind him and walked through the hallway, trying to organize his thoughts. The school was nearly empty, it was getting late. He heard a noise and looked up. Cassidy was leaning against the row of lockers with her arms crossed and a smile on her face. “How’d you like the surprise, Evan?” she asked him calmly, but hardly able to hide her amusing undertone. Evan couldn’t speak. He was absolutely stunned that his premonition was right. Not because he was wrong very often, but because such a tiny creature was able of commiting such vandalism. “See you Monday, Evan” she purred as she walks off.

Something in Evan snapped. He walked forward with large steps, catching up with her easily. He passed a small copy room, an isolated space, giving him an extra incentive to punish her for demolishing his car. He hooked one arm around her waist and covered her mouth with the other, dragging her towards the room harshly. He didn’t have any problems forcing the petite creature in. Closing the door behind him he pushed her back, making her fall against a long metal cabinet with papers and maps. He remained in front of the door to close off the only exit.

“You little bitch…” was the first thing he could utter. He was too angry to allow her to reply to him. His hand landed on her smooth skin with a loud slap. She looked at him in awe, holding her red cheek. “You hit me!” she still said in shock. “I’ll fucking sue you for that! My father is rich. You’ll never teach in this state again!” Evan knew she was right. But at the moment he didn’t care, he was too angry. He wasn’t going to let any blonde teenage brat talk to him that way. As far as he was concerned she was a walking pair of tits with an attitude.

That thought made his look drop down from her demonstrative baby blue eyes to her chest. She wore a rather slutty skimpy, tight, white top, ending just above her bellybutton. Her skirt was hanging on her hips, leaving a big part of her belly naked. The school didn’t have a policy on what students should wear. These rich kids wouldn’t listen anyway.

The girl in front of Evan was a prime example of that: her clothes left little to the imagination. She had a beautiful slim, tanned body and therefore could easily pull it off. Her legs were smooth and endless under her tiny skirt. Nevertheless Evan let his eyes rest on her top. It had a low neckline, showing a hint of her natural round breasts. Through the thin material her nipples started to demand attention, as they poked hungrily through the thin white material. She wasn’t wearing a bra, that was obvious.

Cassidy followed Evan’s gaze down and covered her round C-cup with her arms. She looked back at her teacher whose eyes had gone back up to meet hers. His grey eyes felt as if they pierced right through her. His short black hair gained a few grey ones right behind his ears, which seemed to match his eyes. The only concrete proof of the demanding life long past he had lived in Connecticut. She leaned back against the cabinet, as far away from the figure who was at least 2 heads taller as she was. But he leaned forward just as much. Their thoughts synchronized. “My father will have you sentenced to death if you so much as try…” she whispered menacingly at him.

“Is that so?” Evan whispered back just as darkly. “I guess I’ll take you up on that challenge then… Undress.” Cassidy looked at Evan with a mixture of fury and confusion. “What?” she asked hesitantly. “I said ‘undress’, are you deaf?” This time Cassidy simply laughed. “Do you really think I’m going to…” She couldn’t finish her sentence. Evan had grabbed her neck and smashed her head back into the cabinet. He pressured it slightly. “Now… or I’ll break your neck. And please don’t play stupid, you know very well I’m capable of doing so.” Cassidy instinctively reached for his hands to protect her neck, which Evan answered with elevating the light body off the floor. “Let’s make a deal, I’ll put you back on the floor as soon as you shoved that piece of cloth you call a shirt up over your breasts. Okay, sweetheart?”

Cassidy was still panicking, unable to breathe. Nevertheless she moved her hands down to the rim of her shirt to pull it up. Evan laughed seeing how she actually had difficulty trying to pull the tight fabric over her round breasts, but eventually she succeeded, letting her breasts bounce freely. She immediately hurried her hands back to protect her neck. Evan held her up just a little higher so he could take a moment to admire her breasts before letting go of her neck, watching her collapse to the ground. “Very nice” he smiled at his student who was now kneeling in front of him. He looked around to see what he could use to make the next 15 minutes a little bit ‘easier’ on him. The copier gave him an interesting idea.

He knew it was wrong, but his dick was throbbing and begging for attention. And this girl, minor or not, was a beauty. Cassidy was still coughing, trying to regain breath. Evan took his time. He opened the huge machine, used to copy a high amount of papers in a small time. The heavy lid didn’t open towards the wall but to the side. “Brilliant” he praised his own creative idea. He unbuttoned his pants but left the zipper closed to prevent them from dropping down. He wouldn’t want that – yet. He squatted down in front of Cassidy. “Are you alright?” he asked while caressing her face. She stopped coughing and met his darıca escort eyes. He was slightly amazed by her reaction. He expected tears and secretly he was hoping for that aswell. But she was facing him with vast determination. Then she spat at his face. “Fuck you!” Evan wiped off his face and looked at Cassidy furiously.“Well, at least you’re justifying my revenge, bitch.” He picked her up with ease.

As Evan turned her around face forward, he met a sudden wave of resistance. The little being in his arms started punching around with every possible part of her body which she was able to move. While receiving a blow on his jawline by her skull, he was hit on the knee by the heel of her stiletto, causing him to buckle. While he fell down her nails raked over his neck from the back. The stings he felt confirmed they pierced right through the skin. Cassidy made use of the moment to turn herself around, facing him for a next assault.

However, she wasn’t quick enough. “Stupid whore!” he yelled at her while launching into her body like a football player into an opponent. He slammed her against the iron railing which marked the outside of the simplistic cabinet. Cassidy’s head slammed against the hard metal from the speed and force of the sudden assult. She groaned and collapsed, reaching for her head.

Evan picked his student up once again and turned her around with ease. He lay her body down, facing forward on the left side of the glass. The heavy lid opened towards the other side, so that he could close it over her as much as possible the way she lay now. He held his left arm over the lid to pressure it down. The girl had dissapeared from her hips up under the grey square. “There… you’re not going anywhere.” he smiled contently. He pinched her ass to see how she’d react. Nothing but a groan from under the lid. “Good… that should buy me some time” he thought while unzipping his pants. He wanted to focus on making her wet first but his cock was starting to hurt being bent and stiff meanwhile. With a relieved sigh he took it out and let it hang over the rim of his boxers.

He let his finger slide over her beautiful smooth ass, moving it towards the middle. He was surprised to find her underwear missing. Evan could hardly believe she actually went to school without underwear on. He felt the contour of her labia which were rather small. Even though the hole started to get a little slippery there was hardly enough wetness to fuck her properly. Curious to see her up close, too impatient to fingerfuck her for minutes ? convinced that she’d be tame for at least another minute or two, he buckled through his knees. His probing fingers already sketched a fairly accurate image of her pussy. Her lips were small, yet the slit was long. Her clitoris slightly popped outof the small hood. He prefered a more meaty pussy, but he could fuck this just as easily.

His cock started spasming all the more the moment he could smell her. Eager to bury his dick inside of her, he spat at her pussy, rubbing the saliva around. His cock was still dry. He cursed himself for forgetting to shove his dick at least once in her mouth. Taking her off the copier wouldn’t be a smart idea right now. Evan stood up. Without second thought about how to lubricate his dick, he shoved it inside of the small creature in front of him. He let out a moan as she yelped from the sudden intrusion. His last fuck had been at least a few weeks back. After that time he had been focusing on work with no time to pick up hookers to play with in the basement or girls from a club for a one night stand. The second was never a challenge; he was very good looking for his age. She felt tight around his cock. He started moving in and out of her slowly, enjoying her flesh slipping over the surface of his rock-hard dick. He took a moment to remove his shirt, revealing his toned stomach. Evan valued keeping his body in good shape. Both his abs and his strength were the result of his efforts.

Suddenly he heard another yell and a gulf of obscenities escaped from under the lid. Cassidy started to hit her legs back; Evan blocked them by locking them between the copier and his own legs. “You’re not thinking about quitting so soon, are you? Such a hot little cocktease like you must be used to meat buried between her legs.” he laughed while picking up the pace of his movements. The rough movements she made she was contracting a variety of muscles, milking him without intending to. He also dreaded the fact he hardly had a chance to glance at her tits. He laughed out loud, the opportunity presenting itself was too easy. “Close your eyes or you’ll go blind – temporarily anyway.” Evan warned her sarcastically before pressing the green button to copy. While still ramming his cock inside of her as far as possible he took the freshly printed black and white A4 paper from one of the ledges. Even flattened on a glass, she still looked gorgeous. He rolled up the paper so he wouldn’t damage the precious image with folds. It would look beautiful on his basement wall.

Suddenly she held still. “Is that all you got?” she said with a loud but calm voice. Evan stopped and curiously replied “Excuse me..?” “If you’re going to fuck me anyway, why not face me?” Knowing she was desperately trying to find a way to get out of a surely claustrophobic situation he figured he had took his revenge anyway. Unknowingly she also touched a sensitive spot. He preferred to maintain eye contact while fucking women. He wanted to read their eyes, see their pleasure or their fear, or both. “Hell, why not” he figured. “Are you going to behave?” he asked mockingly. No reply. Surprise. He shoved his hand under the lid, grabbing a handful of hair in case she was up to no good. Then he slowly opened the trap he kept his beautiful student in.

“Alright then.” He stayed inside of her while hoisting her head and upper body towards him, bending her spine to its limits. He leaned his head right next to her ear, keeping his voice soft and threatening. “No tricks, understand? I’m not done fucking you yet and I’m not leaving or letting you leave until I’m done.” He let go of her and stepped back. Cassidy moved and slid herself off the glass. He contently watched a small stream of juices trickle down her thigh. She returned around and faced him, but instead of attacking him or trying to escape Cassidy hopped back on the copier’s glass. Evan stood still slightly uncertain, facing her, then looking at the puddle of wetness, coming from the pussy he was violently raping minutes before, forming on the glass. She smiled at him.

Suddenly it dawned on him. She was provoking him! The little bitch was actually provoking him. Evan wasn’t going to let that happen. He had to teach her that he called the shots here. She does what he tells her to do, not the other way around. Evan decided to test her. “Get off the copier.” She complied, sliding off the machine. “Now come here and suck my cock, baby.” Cassidy didn’t move. “Go on…” Still no reaction, but a wide smile formed on a silent face. “No? Then I’ll pick it up right where we left.” He moved towards the girl roughly grabbing her neck again, pulling her up from the floor again. He’d show her exactly whose boss.

Cassidy started kicking again by the oxygen which was suddenly stolen from her for the second time. But Evan noticed a change in her attitude. She didn’t kick frantically out of panic. She aimed. She was specifically trying to hurt him. Luckily her kicks mostly landed on his stomach. By contracting his abs he formed a wall to catch the kicks. “Do you take me for some sort of idiot?” he yelled while smashing her back against the cabin again. He wasn’t too pleased with the smile which remained on the girl’s face. “I’ll beat that fucking smile off your face…” Without a further warning he slammed her into the cabinet by the throat again. And again. A third time followed. Noticing her skin started to turn from red to shades of purple he figured she’d get the point by now.

He pulled her up, able to position his other arm under her for her to sit on. He let go of her neck, which unleashed an endless amount of coughs. He took a step back gölcük escort while pushing her upper body back against a shelf, making it possible for him to position her in front of his dick. Smearing the pre-cum on her thighs he slammed the full length of his decently sized shaft inside of her. Cassidy gasped. Pulling himself outside again, he slammed back in. This time she moaned. Seen as he wasn’t interested in suffocating her anymore –for now- he had his hand free to enjoy her breasts for the first time. While slowly and nearly tenderly moving in and out of her now soaked pussy he straddled her breasts, following the contours with his fingers. Tweaking her nipples he was pleased to see her gasp, leaning her head back in –what he recognized as- pleasure.

“So are you properly going to fuck me or are you going to keep tickling me?” Evan froze. His gaze went up to meet hers. “What did you say?” he growled. “If you’re going to fuck me at this rate we’re never going to finish, are we? Put some effort in it…” she sighed. Evan laughed. “Girl, you couldn’t handle a good fuck from a real man…. I suggest you stick to guys your age for now.” Now it was Cassidy’s turn to laugh. “How would you know what I could handle or not?” “Because if I’d fuck you properly, I’d break you in half… and I don’t think you’d like that.”

She used her left arm to lean on the shelf behind her, then brought her right hand towards her breast to straddle it. She pinched her nipple and smiled, digging her nails inside her breast. Evan looked but still didn’t move. “Is this convincing enough for you?” she purred at him, right before she raked her nails over her breast harshly. Beads of blood formed on the red stripes. Evan was stunned, but smiled nevertheless. “You want to be fucked, you will…”

He looked beyond the girl. One of the shelves, only a little higher than the level of his hips was packed with packages filled with paper which reached to the wall. That gave him an idea. Evan wasn’t planning to let Ms. Van der Sluys leave without any pain or bruises. He kept his dick well buried inside of her but pulled her away from the shelf. Grabbing a hand full of hair, he pulled her body down while keeping his arm steady under her ass, keeping her stabile on his dick. He placed her upper body forward, positioned on a shelf lower, lining her almost horizontally in front of him.

Before Cassidy well understood what Evan had in mind she already had to suffer the consequences of her eagerness to challenge her teacher. Slamming into her Cassidy got thrown back against the boxes hitting the top of her head against the wall of boxes. Going dizzy by the impact she leaned up on her arms to bring her head and shoulder upwards. Evan wasn’t about to slow down for her comfort. Slamming back again she now slammed with her neck into the paper wall. Even Evan heard the dangerous crackle as the neck reached a very unnatural position, but this only turned him on more. He sped up his rhythm, enjoying the thuds coming from the contact between paper and body crashing into each other.

Leaning in closer he took the breast, which was now decorated with three small trickles of blood, in his hand and squeezed it harshly. He enjoyed seeing the flesh balloon in his grasp. Suddenly Cassidy grabbed his arm with hers, clawing it hard. She started moaning irregularly with every thrust. Evan grit his teeth, taking in the pleasure of the pain being inflicted to him for a change. As he kept hammering away inside her petite body she used the opportunity to drag her upper body up and forward by clawing his arm higher and higher, until she was sitting up as straight as the next level of the cabinet would allow her.

“Is that all you got?” she asked him, looking straight at him, her breath heavy and her voice shocking by the continuous beating she received from both the inside and the outside. Evan growled. He wasn’t about to let her win in any way. Picking up his pace he was frantically ramming inside of her. Pulling her back a bit from the shelf, he was able to lean his tall frame over her and managed to take a nipple in his mouth, taking a long painful suck at it before biting down. Cassidy yelled, but instead of trying to pull him off, she dug her nails deep inside his skull, pulling him closer to her. “Harder” she groaned at him, while countering his movements with hers. She locked her legs around his waist tightly, allowing him to get even deeper. “I said harder!” she yelled. As Evan pulled Cassidy off the shelf completely, he pushes her back again so her body was slamming against the railing of the shelf in her lower back while another one kept forcefully hitting the back of her neck as Evan frantically fucked her without any other interest than to break her in half. Her breathing was nearing hyperventilation while her moans got louder.

Finally that familiar feeling started to settle in. A warm tingly sensation started to seer through Evan’s body like jolts of electricity, all directing towards one point. He leaned over, against the girls body to plunge himself as deep inside of her as he could while sinking his teeth in the soft flesh of her neck. He felt stings as she sank her nails in his chest. With a last long moan he buried himself inside of her, trying to push her through the railings of the shelfs while feeling an explosion of cum shoot out of his cock into the girl’s violated body.

He stood still for a few seconds, his legs quivering by both his and the girl’s weight and the aftershock of the immense orgasm he just experienced. Instead of dropping the girl to the floor he lowered his arm slowly, allowing her to slide off and stand on the floor. This didn’t last long: she buckled through her knees and sat on the floor leaning against the cabinet railing which divided the compartments. Evan sat down as well, leaning himself against the copier. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes. Their short heavy breaths were the only thing cutting through the silence for at least a minute.

“You’re a sick creature, you know that?” Evan said calmly, his eyes still closed. “Surprised?” Cassidy answered equally calm. “A little bit. You don’t look like one.” Cassidy smiled. “Don’t judge a book by its cover…” Evan opened his eyes and looked back at her smile. Her body was a mess. Her breast was bleeding. Her neck had a gaping bite wound. The sides of her neck and back showed the print of a railing, which was certain to be even worse on her back. Through her pulled up legs he could see his sperm oozing out of her pussy. “What time is it?” Cassidy asked suddenly. Evan checked his watch “A little past six, why?” Cassidy sighed. “I had to be home by six for dinner, my parents are going to kill me…” “So get dressed already” Evan said while nodding at her top which was still pulled over her breasts. Her top remained the only thing which was moved this whole time. Her skirt was easy accessible. “Drive me home?” she asked cheerfully. Evan was amused by her bold behaviour. “Sure. Which car would you like to use? You trashed mine.” Cassidy grinned. “Oops.”

From that day on their relationship had changed. Sure they’d still act the same way in class as before. Cassidy was still his favourite bitch. That simply got an extra meaning or two. They’d meet up occasionally, repeating the first time they encountered each other. As time passed by they got to know more about each other, and got to value one another more and more. Their relationship wasn’t that of lovers, nor was it of siblings. And friends simply didn’t say enough. They were a strange mixture in the middle of it all. But one thing was for sure, they became inseparable. Two sick minds joined as one.

But Evan’s fantasy to really have his way with someone in his basement still hadn’t been fulfilled. After all, torture and humiliation weren’t appreciated by everyone. Especially not by the victim. He had an occasional hooker for himself, but even then he knew he had to slow it down when he had cut them too deep or had dislocated a joint. Evan was afraid that if he’d let himself go fully, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. Let alone predict the consequences for the tortured. It was simply too risky.

Luckily in the near future an event would happen which would allow Cassidy to provide Evan with someone to fulfil his fantasy, as long as she was allowed to watch…

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