Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 02

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To open the brown bottle now would result in his being in control yet again. I would have to remove the hand sliding my cockhead over the outside of his delightfully slippery soft ass, meaning it would be replaced with a stranger’s hand, possessing more direct intentions. I could not stop myself from doing the hit, knowing what it would mean, wanting it, having already spent a wonderful time rimming and being rimmed, along with fingering his wettened ass as he went down on my cock, with the more than occasionally delightful downwards deviation to tongue my balls. This would probably be my 5th or 6th or 7th hit till now, losing track, having fully sunk into the glorious sensations of bathhouse sex.

To the extent of almost giving in to anything, including till now forbidden pleasures. Regular visitors of the baths are fully aware of what sex with strangers offers at a male only space like this, an institution that seems to have existed in all cities able to create heated spaces for public baths.

I fully understand why that is true, as clearly as he and all the other men who visit the baths. What he was doing with my turned on cock as the rush filled me was something that had only become a concern after I had turned 18. Resulting in never having had a chance to visit the Olympus, a bathhouse I’d likely learned about in the Blade, even while driving by to visit adult bookstores to buy hardcore porn and rush, and often to get off in the video booths.

The feel of my cock against his soft skin was magical, leading to the only complication of our encounter till now – a certain background tension about needing to use a condom, without at any point interrupting my cockhead sliding over his invitingly available hole. Ever since the first touch, it had captivated my cock with a certain sexual sensation only now rising from memory. Types and styles of sex are not gay or straight, but men having sex with other men is definitely homosexual sex.

A point complicated by the fact that my first experience with getting rimmed and anal fucking were with my first girlfriend, her being inspired by a copy of the Joy Of Gay Sex. A book we then looked through together, though it was not as interesting as the Joy Of Sex, apart from rimming. An idea that was a true sexual revelation, as she had me on my back, hips in the air, legs spread, saying she was sure that I would love this, that it was something that gay men did with each other.

Now, my wet cock sliding just past his yielding and well lubricated anal ring, I realized that the two pleasures were intimately linked. Knowing now that if it had been a man introducing me to the addictive pleasures of rimming, he would have undoubtedly also gone on to do what I was doing now, hard cock sliding over saliva coated skin.

My partner paused until I had screwed the bottle tight, letting the growing effects fill me as he pushed back a bit, his fingers sliding over my shaft, slowly circling it, then pressing along it. He took a firm grasp when I breathed out, knowing that desire had overwhelmed caution. The last few bathhouse visits have significantly altered my behavior, and now, another temptation was being enjoyed to its very limit. The hit was the final result of underestimating just how good it would feel, just beyond the edge of fucking a stranger. Or a desire to finally experience what was so common in the late 70s, a time I just missed when becoming an adult.

Fortunately enough, in retrospect, as the experience gained since then is much like the advances in motorcycle helmets – better safe than sorry is not the right perspective, merely that the consequences of a mistake are generally smaller than in the past. Experience that also includes self-control, at least in terms of not cumming quickly in hot passionate spurts. Something which has been indirectly commented on, amusingly enough, at the counter when leaving the bathhouse, after only being there a delightful half hour.

However, my last few visits have shown that my sense of time is becoming very unreliable, which is not a complaint. It is hard to reconcile the clock with the perceived interval, to the extent of still thinking that it is the clock in error.

Not only the sense of time, but my self-control also. I have sucked naked cock and licked hot ass with wild abandon in the darkroom, and now, I was approaching a formerly well defined boundary. Approaching it with lungs full of rush, cock ready to continue its journey of discovery, enthralled by pure male lust.

Fingers kept sliding over and guiding my turned on cock against a wonderfully primal inviting soft wetness, poised at the edge of my cockhead passing inside him whenever the pleasure finally grew too great to prevent. I had been moaning variations of “no .. not naked .. so good .. man sex .. condom .. not naked .. fuck yes .. condom .. sexy ass” for a while, our actions showing how meaningless the words güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri were individually, while perfectly reflecting what was going on. A state where I could not keep my cockhead from being surrounded by his pressing anal ring, a ring loosened by finger fucking, and well lubricated after being repeatedly rimming.

Truly, here was a boundary not crossed for decades, now discovering that an available and wet asshole is as tempting as any mouth or pussy or cock. Rediscovering truths related to two decades of marriage involving no anal sex, utterly unable to stop as reality continued to overwhelm me. A sexual sensation that had kept me under its spell over multiple attempts to have me start fucking him. Attempts which had been at least partially successful, I knew, though it did not matter what happened before as the pleasure continued to control my mind.

Yet the pleasure grew too large, making me pull back even as he resisted, pushing down to keep me in. Orgasming now would be too soon, especially as pulling out was the smarter alternative at two levels, not just one.

Keeping contact though, letting myself be guided by his desire, letting him manipulate me at a most basic level, one of pure sexual sensation.

Making it an easy decision to let him guide my cock again, breathing in the poppers scent as my cock approached paradise yet another time. Knowing that just like the visit before last, I was indulging in things only dimly imagined in the past, with the rush making such encounter even more intensely erotic. This most definitely includes rimming strangers – during the visit before last, 3, and today my mouth was between his legs maybe 5 minutes after he had started sucking me in the darkroom, around 10 minutes after finishing my cold beer.

Since first starting having sex at the bathhouse, condoms played a central role at the start of anal sex with a stranger, but today, I had allowed myself to experience a stranger’s saliva covered asshole, overwhelmed by just how good it felt. Part of this undoubtedly based on the timing – maybe only a half hour before entering the darkroom this Sunday I’d enjoyed a bowl, with the traditional glass of beer adding its own charming looseness. A larger part probably being the reality of how long and deep I’d rimmed him, as he went down on my cock and ass.

I’d gone upstairs first, checking the still empty spaces to the left of the spiral staircase. Walking down the opposite side, I passed a single man, who turned to enter the darkroom as I moved onwards. The porn in the deserted booths and theater area was uninteresting, requiring little time to dismiss. Meaning that the odds of finding the only other visitor upstairs were good.

An assumption that turned out to be truth. Entering the darkness, I encountered him standing in the center of the open space between the platform and the gloryhole wall.

We spent little time upright, as he led me to the platform, easily taking my uncovered cock into his mouth as I let down my towel and bag, laying back as a stranger went down on me. Fully indulging in getting head, this being exactly the sort of sexual encounter I’ve become addicted to over years of bathhouse visits. His towel, however, remained firmly wrapped, making it quite difficult to even figure out where his cock was, much less how to touch it. Only after several minutes of at times fumbling attempts on my part did he loosen his towel.

By now, we were positioned in such a way that it would be easy for me to start rimming him. His reaction was ideal, moving his mouth from rigid cock to quivering hole, causing me do a hit as his tongue touched me. Of course, the rush turned me into a pure ass slut, tongue bathing his softness, spreading my legs wider for him to get better access to what had become a center of pure desire, again uncaring whether anyone could see just how much I loved having a man lick my ass. Or even more obviously from the sounds of contented and muffled moaning, how much I loved licking a man’s ass myself.

We continued to enjoy variations on male 69, ending up with him kneeling over my cock as I finger fucked his nicely lubricated hole. A couple of men had approached, but after a shorter or longer interval, they left, even when I tried to get them involved. As time went on, it became apparent that the man orally serving me had no interest in sharing. This could be considered a bit regrettable, as group sex is something that really turns me on, but his ass licking was so good that it made no difference that he was keeping potential partners away.

At some point, he removed my deeply fucking finger. It was easy to have him straddle my face again, tongue sliding up and down his crack, doing a hit as he began to rim me too. His somewhat small cock never really got hard, but rimming is its own world of pleasure, one that has little connection to being güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stiff. My tongue was pressing past his anal ring, surprising me at how sexy it felt – and how fantastically depraved to be really rimming a man like this.

The poppers were filling me, creating an intensely animal lust as I buried my face between his cheeks. Finally breathing out, it was a disappointment to have him move away as my cock swelled, lips and tongue still wanting to be pleasuring his hot ass.

Yet, it was my own stiffness that seemingly attracted him when he shifted down, having his asshole touch my erect length as the poppers crested with my naked cock in paradise. As the effects began to recede, I moved a hand down, keeping my cock from entering deeper, experiencing just how good it felt between his legs, his hole wanting to be fucked. Tantalized by the first experience of this sort of lubrication, particularly the fact it was my own spit. Unable to stop from indulging in a previously forbidden game, led on by the fantastically slippery softness of his available ass, saliva being a better lube than any others I’ve used over the years.

Mainly Vaseline, which was the second lube I’d ever experienced on my cock. The first being the lubrication from a Trojan condom, experimenting with condoms with my high school friend, who was also trying one on for the first time as I spent the night at his house. He had taken them from his father’s supply, and we waited until we were sure everyone was asleep before opening the wrappers. After putting condoms on our then extremely inexperienced cocks, we both enjoyed truly mind-blowing orgasms, hearing each other moan and gasp to the liquid sounds of cock stroking.

Along with personal some serious embarrassment a few hours later, since I had not taken the used condom off. Something forgotten when starting to pee, wondering why it felt so different than normal, quickly being confronted with the problems of a pee filled condom, fairly tight against my cock after the lube had dried out. Things could have been worse in the end, but it was an early and vivid introduction of one major disadvantage of water based lubes.

However, Vaseline had the delightful advantage of not drying out, making it a favored lube, both alone and when jacking off with the same high school friend. Later, we also used Vaseline lotion, which tended to force quicker orgasms, as it too would lose its slipperiness: However, the benefits of its silky smoothness in terms of friction and easy clean up led to it becoming common for mutual jack off sessions, especially in the woods.

Though not for private anal games. For those, Vaseline had been used from the first when discovering the pleasures of anal self-penetration while jacking off. First to straight porn, later increasingly to gay porn, though the best was bi porn, something extremely rare to find in the early 80s. After a couple of years, poppers were added into this mix of irresistible pleasures. The first two experiences of ass fucking involving my first girlfriend used Vaseline, followed by essentially a decades long pause in such games. In part due to the knowledge that Vaseline dissolved latex, making it unsuitable for anal sex among strangers.

Today, after enjoying a nice stretch of mutual oral pleasuring, a stranger started introducing my cockhead to what it was like to have a willing partner’s slippery ass slide over it. Aware that he shouldn’t be allowed to do this, while even more aware of just how captivatingly good it felt. Yet again, the baths were allowing a man to weave a spell of pure bliss over my thoughts. Helping him by opening the bottle again, though a bit or remaining caution moved my hand going down to keep things from going further.

As the poppers filled me, my hand couldn’t resist my cock’s desires to experience the yielding softness of his hole. As the effects ebbed, I realized that this superficial exposure had been one of the sexiest moments of sexual contact in my life. But one I broke off, pulling his ass back to my face as he went down on me again. Now I knew why rimming was such a central part of gay sex, a realization that had taken years to reach. Soon, he brought me to such a state that when he moved his ass to slide my erect length along it, my only concession to caution was to put a hand between us, to keep temptation from becoming overwhelming. Which it already had, as reflected in the reality of my actions, getting the bottle ready for another hit, knowing that the sensations would become overpowering.

We continued this way for a good while, me always just in or just out, unable to stop but unwilling to go further than just my cockhead. This reluctance increased as our skin slowly dried out, removing much of the previous magic.

Admittedly, it grew easier to keep him from trying to really fuck me, which was definitely not going güvenilir bahis şirketleri to happen without a condom – or a harder cock. After he made his ass wet with licked fingers, the magic returned, followed by another hit. The sensations were unbelievable, my cock ridge sliding over his soft anus, back and forth. Only slowly getting harder, feeling his wettened fingers spread his saliva between us, making all too sinfully easy to let my naked cockhead enter him.

It was impossible to not talk in a moaning cadence as this occurred, talking about naked fucking and condoms and how hot this was, my first time fucking, if only partially, a man without a condom. A man wanting to be fucked, though my cock remained less than rigid, with me being more than content to just enjoyable the sliding sensations.

He had a simpler solution, going down on my cock until it was wet and hard. Becoming lost in pure bliss, enjoying just how slowly his wet mouth moved as I breathed out another hit, moaning again about condoms and hot ass sex as he placed my cockhead right at the entrance of his asshole, letting me be the one to move deeper into it, a true slut. As my cock pushed further into his welcoming ass, his hand slowly encircled my slick cock, moving its deliciously horny head in counterpoint to his own hypnotically swaying hips.

We stayed this for a while, as several men were brushed off by him, something I was only dimly aware of. Finally, he ended up sucking a third man’s cock on his hands and knees. I knelt between his legs, hands on his hips, starting to fuck him the same way I’d ‘fucked’ the only panty wearing cross-dresser I’d encountered – hard cock pointing straight down, pressing it between his ass cheeks towards his balls, thrusting back and forth, taking control of him, riding the edge of orgasm with my hands on his hips, hearing him suck a stranger off in the darkness.

At some point, I needed to shift position, causing him to get up and move out of the darkroom.

Leaving the space a couple of moments after he did, the clock mid-level shocked me, showing that we’d been involved for more than an hour and quarter long, a significant part of that involving some truly hot almost but hopefully not really fucking. Continuing downstairs, I walked unsteadily into the steam room, looking to cum.

Approaching a man against the wall, it took only seconds to start to fondle and caress each other in the steam. He went down on my cock, making it nicely stiff. Along with making it easy to caress another man’s ass as he paused next to us. My cock sucker straightened, and we soon were all moving into a threesome. A surprise being the kiss I joined, a definitely enjoyable three way sharing of tongues and lips. I brought them cock to cock, my own cock more than occasionally involved, but before things got hotter, first one and then the other moved off.

Meaning that we broke apart before being able to cum. Not exactly frustrated, showering with a half hard cock, looking at the men to each side, both of whom seemed curious enough, but not interested.

Returning upstairs, the porn areas were mainly empty, and still playing boring porn.This happens often enough, as the range of what men find hot is much broader than that of any individual. Every part of the bathhouse has its own unknowable schedule, most definitely including periods of inaction or disinterest. However, in my experience, around 4pm on a Sunday afternoon is a reliably good time to get off with other men, the goal of so many visitors to a male only sauna.

I walked slowly into the darkroom, eyes no longer adapted to the dimness. The sounds of sex grew louder after rounding the wall, causing me to put out my hands while moving towards the opposite gloryhole wall. As I neared, my hand touched the shoulder of a man sitting on the platform. Using him as a guide, my left hand reached out to explore the facing gloryholes, both of which appeared to be empty.

Gasping when his hand touched my sensitive cock, it took only a couple of seconds to turn towards him, feeling his lips opening over my cockhead. Dropping the towel on the platform between the wall and him, I only held the bottle of rush. Yes, years of increasingly giving in to the liquid delight of dedicated cock suckers have left me unable to resist their charms, my bare cock loving getting sucked by multiple men while at the bathhouse. Today, after running my hands over his face, this was the third stranger who had gone down on me.

The one I started truly face fucking, knowing that today, the result would be to pump hot cum into his willing mouth. In my now fairly long experience of gloryholes, porn centers, and bathhouses, male cocksuckers always swallow. Something I’ve grown to accept, at least when finally reaching the end of a visit. No one is forcing such a partner to do what they wish, just as in this case, where it was his hand and mouth that had brought me so close to cumming so good.

Another man stepped near, tweaking my nipple. I did a final hit of rush, abandoning myself to orgasming in a stranger’s sexy mouth, pumping him full of hot semen, moaning in fulfilled satisfaction, just another man among the many getting off here today.

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