Bathhouse Reflections

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Stepping into the public shower between the dressing area and the bathhouse proper, with the bar to the left, the spiral staircase leading to the dark area, the private booths, and porn theater to the right, I hung up my towel, took off my glasses, and saw a brown bottle on the upper shelf, where I had planned to place my glasses. Looking a bit more closely, I also glanced at the man showering about a yard away, against the other corner. This shower space has four heads, and an entrance with two openings along one wall, the blocked middle being the area to hang towels and store small items. This was only my second time actually using the showers here, though of course, I have walked by many times, often glancing in at showering men, as this is the first area where a visitor can see other men naked.

This bathhouse (the only one I have experience of) attempts to maintain at last a facade of being a sauna, in an oddly old fashioned way. A number of mixed saunas, where the visitors are nude from entering the warmth of the entire facility until they leave, could care less about wearing a towel, but here, nudity is only allowed in certain areas – which tend to be the same areas where sex is enjoyed. No women are allowed, something that strikes me as strange, if at least somewhat logical – my wife doesn’t know of my visits, and I’m sure many of the men there would prefer to keep their privacy when it comes to who they really get off with.

On this Thursday afternoon, about a half hour after opening, the bathhouse’s dressing area was fairly full. This is a fairly small locker space, and there are only two smallish flat wood benches and one sink/mirror, along with an oversized bronze male bust, including a flaccid but obvious member. This was only to be a short visit, somewhat squeezed in to take advantage of a small opportunity after a month long absence. I had spent the morning with my bi-friend, including sharing a joint, to see if this year’s summer supply met our shared standards. We have managed to smoke and swim nude at least once every summer for 12 years, though last year was only one time, in late May during a fairly extreme heat wave.

We enjoyed breakfast, then walked to pick up her 2009 tax forms, and ate some pizza outside while wondering if it would rain, or after a few drops fell, whether it would keep raining. We took the streetcar back, and she decided the rest of the afternoon would be spent sleeping. Which while not a disappointment exactly, meant that since it was around 3pm, the bathhouse would be opening – which was almost literally around the corner from where she lived. An interesting option, as I had told her about my visits. She was quite interested, and when I finally had enough courage to start explaining how my first visit went, she leaned in closer as we walked. Talking about wearing only a towel, going into the dark area, and how good it was for a man to lick my ass, my cock grew hard, though luckily, no one was nearby as we walked.

Not that I was paying particular attention at this point in my tale, as she was dressed in her normal casual fashion, with no bra and an unbelievably low scoop top shirt – it wasn’t thin, though somewhat elastic, keeping her breasts from moving too much. But I knew just how close her large nipples were to be being exposed, and how they had hardened. In much the same fashion, her breathing had changed, and her hip and thigh were now often rubbing against my jeans. This was familiar – we were both stoned and talking about sex in public, keeping our temptation in check, though this time, it was my experiences with other men that was making us horny. It certainly helped that having her hot ass played with is one of her interests, with finger, tongue, or cock.

Or that some of my experiences and reactions were in her direction of submission or yielding to being fucked. Like how often someone would be lying naked on their towel, one leg pulled slightly, their naked ass open to anyone walking by. This was real, seeing someone that wanted a hard cock in their ass, with my cock getting hornier while looking, especially one time, with a man maybe in his mid-20s. His balls were on the dark material of the platform in the fairly dim room, legs positioned to raise his ass. Recognizing how easily he could move move to leave him flatly spread-eagled, or kneeling, or whatever else the person fucking him wanted. Then, still looking, I traced his lifted left arm down, noticing only then that he was fondling his uncut cock. Realizing that a turned on man was just a couple of steps away, another man wanting sex, a yet untasted delight from a menu of beckoning choices. And turning away, my cock still stiffening, thinking about what it would like to lay just like, until a stranger came to take me.

Not exactly submissive, especially those with a hand between their legs rubbing their cock, but all quite accepting. Something not quite imagined before. even though she giggled a bit at my discovery. Our tastes do run in parallel at many points, and her interest in bondage and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri submission is something which doesn’t much interest me, but realizing just how much she understood the idea of being horny and having sex like that became easier to at least understand in part, the attraction coming from the complete passivity and desire, at least at first.

As people started to appear in larger numbers, our conversation turned in a more serious direction. I had already explained how dangerous, and dangerously tempting, the condomless sex was, which she had mentioned was one reason that group sex scared her – she, like I, knew by the point one was horny and naked, nothing would atop the desire to simply suck and fuck. Details like who is using a condom would become utterly irrelevant for the moment. Which is a frightening prospect over the longer term, especially in a bathhouse setting, where playing with 6 or 8 cocks is easily done.

The almost complete lack of condoms was one of the points that I emphasized, and that the amount of unsafe sex was incredible, in several meanings. How one time, while in the steambath, legs spread on the bench as two older men sucked me, playing with my balls and nipples, they began to roll it off. This wasn’t exactly the first time I had experienced this in a technical sense – breaking two latex ones while fucking my first girl friend, or having pre-AIDS era lambskin condoms slide off several times. The real indicator in such cases is just how much better it feels, an overwhelming wave which is so fantastic that there is no way to resist just cumming so good, pumping into hot wetness. Especially knowing that a condom is still functioning, even as the sensation becomes completely natural.

But this was a completely different setting, and unlike the other times when the latex broke, the sensation was growing from the base of my cock, and not starting at the cockhead. The slow sliding was not overwhelming, allowing me to actually realize what was going on – then pause in disbelief – say ‘no .. No .. NO,’ then pushing them away. The blow job hadn’t been that good, and my nipples are more sensitive than not – and anyone who can’t figure that out after several clear signs and words is just clumsy or self-interested, as was happening with one man and his continuing pinching.

We talked a bit further, with her telling me about her interest to return to a sex club, and that one of the things that most turned her on was just having sex anyone, especially with strangers. Not with my essentially complete lack of non-sexual interaction before and after getting off, which she found somewhat hard to grasp in some ways, though when explaining how you just reach a point of total horniness, that there is no way to stop participating in what a group of turned people were doing with each other, her raised nipples were obvious against her top. She again slid against my hip, as I told her the sensation of purely physical temptation, something being shared and satisfied as hands and mouths and cocks and bodies kept getting off.

I also pointed out again, just how impossible this would have been to resist when I would have been 20, right around the time the bathhouses were shutting down as AIDS became a fatal plague. Which led to a bit more discussion about risks, since like riding a motorcycle (something she also loves), there are risks, and avoiding them is very important.

As the number of people near us began to make such private discussion difficult, the subject did not come up again during the rest of our day together. Returning from downtown, we went upstairs so I could get my helmet and coat, I hugged her goodbye, then went downstairs to my motorcycle, riding the short distance to the bathhouse. Considering the time free and that my honest goal was to just enjoy sex with strangers, finding a bottle of Rush, though without the yellow label, was unanticipated. I had actually left a bottle in the bathhouse before, and my first thought was that this was a similar situation.

Deciding that there was enough space to set my glasses down, I turned to the other man, who seemed at least somewhat erect, and asked if the bottle was his – a politer action than my first thought, which was simply to take the discovered bottle and enjoy a hit or two before entering the dark area and seeing what happened. He responded that it was, and hoped there was enough space for my glasses. I said yes, folded the glasses arms, placed them, then took of my towel, knowing that at this point, my cock was also half hard. But in honesty, getting the sweat off was pretty necessary, as walking with the motorcycle jacket had been pretty warm when the sun came out between the heavy clouds. Which didn’t stop me from soaping my cock while turned to him, enjoying the ‘necessity’ of getting clean like that. He was doing much the same, and I asked hm about the bottle. He told me it was legal in some places, and not others, then grinned, rinsing as I watched, letting the water flow end, then taking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his towel off the hook and collecting the bottle.

The time was too short for my traditional glass of beer at the bar, and my curiosity had been piqued. He had gone up the staircase, and I followed after getting dry and putting on my glasses. Nothing was happening in the dark area, and basically all the booths were empty, so I went to the movie area, at the other end of 3rd floor space. He was in there, at the entrance area, and I went past, sitting down, then opening my towel after watching the screen for a bit – rimming is always erotic, when the man being rimmed is hard. He sat on the far side, and then left after a couple of moments.

Resetting my towel to re-enter the corridor, I stood and turned, seeing him heading into one of the two mirrored booths across the theater area, each with a screen playing porn, and a door. Another man was coming from the left, taller and heavier, with a black beard and somewhat balding head, and he reached the booth an easy couple of strides before me. The door closed, and I walked by, yet again realizing how close my first encounter with another Rush devotee had been. Leading to the reflection that I had no idea what they were interested in or doing in the room. Particularly as my very first exposure to the substance was in the pages of Playboy.

I remember some blurb, likely in the Advisor section, concerning a bottle of ‘Locker Room’ aroma, from the later 1970s. Later, in college, I remember doing my first hit of Rush on a clear summer night, the moon full, and really enjoying the intense sensations. Which, when combined with getting hard and taking a deep breath, as happened maybe an hour later with my girl friend sucking my cock, led to a continuing long term attraction, stretching over several girls friends. And Rush is easily shared by the first one breathing out as the other person breathes in – something especially erotic when kissing as you both lose all control.

Generally, the best combination was breathing deep and then getting sucked or titty fucking, as my cock seemed to grow larger than life, and yet completely surrounded by the animal pleasure of my lover’s body. When we would share a hit fucking, the result was grinding pure sex – unbelievably intense and stripped to an utterly primitive state. Especially with my first girlfriend, when on her hands and knees after we shared a deep breath and held it as long as possible, both of us starting to grind, my cock fucking her cunt, with no mind involved at all, as there was nothing else but sex between us. This was a total contrast from spiritual or even joyful physical sex which we also enjoyed. It was also the first time the utter intensity led to a woman crying as I was in her, stripped to her completely fucked core. Though from that point, neither of us were interested in fucking using Rush, even though she still enjoyed getting fingered, pussy and ass, while taking a few deep hits.

I went downstairs, showering before entering the whirlpool. Even the memory of the bubbling water still makes me grin, being just so over the top, much like the bronze in the dressing area. The only time I saw two men getting each other hard was when the massive fountaining was inactive. After a few minutes, my glasses now spotted with drops, I went up the spiral steps to check out the video area again. It had been maybe 20 minutes since the door to the room had been closed, and there was no noticeable smell. Which was reassuring in a way – the Playboy blurb had truly emphasized the locker room smell, but it seemed short term.

As nothing was happening upstairs, returning to the sauna was simple. Going in, it seemed fairly empty, but there were some dim shapes and muffled sounds, so it was natural that my hand wandered down to my cock while walking further into the steam. Oddly, there was a puddle of quite cool water on the floor, a surprise since nothing in that space had ever been so cool.

Having reached the distant wall, I stood against it, near the narrowing which lad to the private area. A couple of men walked by, heads turning casually to glance at my crotch. One man walked by closely, and my left hand couldn’t resist the temptation to touch his ass as it moved away. He went another step, then casually turned back, his hand now gliding over my cock.

We both knew that after this opening, we would be at least enjoying some time playing the same games in the dampness. Only after getting him hard did I realize that it was the man with the Rush from the shower. I was stroking my cock and his while he played with my ass a bit, which I more or less stopped as his finger reached my butthole. After sucking his nipple while pumping his quite hard shaft, he also turned. We were still stroking each other’s stiff cocks when I asked him if he wanted to get sucked while hitting the brown bottle. He seemed to chuckle, and said he used the bottle for fucking. Even before this point, we had already begun to relax güvenilir bahis şirketleri our grips, realizing that our tastes simply didn’t run in the same directions. And considering how, again, it seemed I was the only person in the entire steambath with condoms, making his now declared tastes really very risky, and though we shared a certain and not quite common taste, our perspectives and experiences involving cumming in a rush remained distant to the other.

He left a minute ahead of me, as I exited the steam to rinse off and cool down. By now, I really don’t care what state my cock is in when crossing to the center shower area, though unlike the whirlpool and steam sauna, no one seems to have sex there. Which doesn’t mean that cocks are never stroked or shown off, simply that it is more a matter of excessive horniness than anything else, a naked display of what happens when hot sweaty sex is truly a couple of steps away.

Pulling the glass door open, the steam swirled, and the cool blue light from the small bubbling fountain to the left was a familiar aspect of the entry area. I moved promptly to the far side, then cautiously to reach a darker along the back bench, near the corner, with my ankle resting on my knee, a convenient position to let my hand play with my cock and balls. Especially when listening to at least one man getting sucked off in the darkest rear section. The sounds led to other men circulating through the center passage, backlit by the door. No one approached where I sat, or went deeper into the dark, as the door opened and closed several times.

Then another man man wandered in from my right, coming the same way I favored, soon standing near me, hand now touching his cock. A third, quite large man came in from the same way, though with at least one cock sucking pair in the far dark corner, he drifted quite quickly over that way. By now, my own cock was quite stiff, emboldening me to reach out and start to stroke very lightly against the standing man’s thigh. The gasp was plain in the dimness when my fingers finally slid close enough to lightly touch his sexy cock.

His own hand wandered down to his now stiff cock, letting me focus on lightly running my left hand over his sack and between his thighs and ass. My right hand was fully occupied sliding along my slippery shaft. Taking a bit of an advantage of his distraction as he began to jack himself off, I looked around, and saw the big man returning from the unlit side. His cock was hanging, and swollen as he stepped in front of the man I had fondled to hardness.

The new man was just in reach of my right hand, and after I began stroking along his growing length, he seemed quite eager to keep my grasping fingers in reach. The first man used his left hand, reaching behind his back, to start stroking my chest, focusing on a hardening nipple. My left hand began to slide along his ass crack, my middle finger paying special attention over his now lightly contracting hole. We were all hard, and at least from my perspective, everything was well in hand. My condoms were close on the bench, but there was no need to be concerned about them in any way at this point.

Curling my arm around the thigh to my left, I more than hinted at how the first man should move, his balls lightly squeezed as my left hand circled them, my palm rubbing his sweaty curly pubic hair. He sagged and moaned, which I realized because the large man had begun to rub over his chest, circling his nipples. My right hand was still on the third man’s hard cock, and it was simple to guide it closer to another erect and jutting penis. Of course, my own cock was rigid while focusing on getting two horny cocks together.

A task that grew a bit more distracting as the third man bent a bit, and began to touch the head of my horny cock. I was able to keep playing with both of them, though as the stranger kept stroking me, my helpless moans began to fill the space, the feeling growing even better as he spread the welling pre-cum over my turned-on cockhead. Finally, I mustered the will to move my right hand from his own now gloriously slippery cockhead to still his rubbing motion. It helped that this was just a moment after he had begun kissing the other standing man. My left hand now slid further, the accompanying motion of my arm making him move slowly, both aroused cocks now close enough for my left hand to bring together.

Already on the edge of cumming from the anticipation and my own jacking off, knowing none of us wanted to stop until we had completely pleasured ourselves. And knowing that this was just the beginning of 3 strangers getting utterly intimate with each other, obviously experienced and sharing the same interests and tastes. A chance meeting in a place where the taking full advantage of meeting naked men with hard cocks was the norm.

The reaction from the pair was predictably irresistible, with my hand now getting two touching hard cocks off together, the pre-cum sensation overwhelmingly tempting in its gliding wetness. My left and right hands were now stroking in the same rhythm, a flow which neither ebbed nor peaked as we simply floated together in perfect animal satisfaction. I could see both of them kissing deeply, chests rubbing, hands on each other’s ass, starting to hump, all three of us starting to lose ourselves in the simple naked bliss.

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