Bathing Memories Ch. 01

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Here, I wish to narrate an erotic fiction involving my mom and me, where I am a 19 year old boy. To tell you about some background of this fiction, I have to start with some of my sweet childhood memories and the process of my erotic awareness.

As far as I remember, my mom used to bathe me daily, till I attained the age of 10. Many of my friends at that age used to take bath themselves, but my mother was excessively concerned about my cleanliness. Even after I crossed the age of 10, she used to give me a bath occasionally, either on holidays or during the vacations. Although I was ashamed of nudity before others, for my mom I was willing to make an exception.” Ma-r kachhe abar lajja ki re?”(What makes you so shy in presence of mom?) used to be her pet words in Bengali when she used to undress me. Such “occasional baths” stopped after I attained the age of 12. I think she only stopped making the suggestions for bath and left it to me for cleanliness.

When my mom used to take me for a bath, she always used to arrange everything before entering the bathroom – my clothes, my towel, her clothes, her towel etc. The process of bathing and the sprinkling of water used to make her clothes wet. Just after I used to dress up and come out of the bathroom, she used to take her own bath.

There is one incidence that I wish to recollect. One day, she took me to the bathroom and instructed, “Take off your clothes Babun, I’ll be back in a minute.” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her going to the other side of the partition of the bathroom. Of course, it wasn’t possible to see anything behind the partition unless I mischievously intended and I didn’t. When I was undressing, I could hear the trickling sound of a stream. I could hear one or two splashes of water, followed by a cistern flush.

“Bhishon hissi peye giyechhilo (I had an urgency to pee)” she said as she came back with a smile of relief.

Since the age of 10, whenever my mom took me for bath, she used to leave the drying and dressing up job to me. When I used to dry myself and get dressed in the bathroom, she didn’t waste her own time there. I could see her unwrapping her sari and throwing it on the washing tub. Then she used to start humming some popular tune (a nice singer she is!), turn the tap on and fill the bucket. By the time the bucket would fill up, she would stick her used “bindi” on the mirror and unbutton her blouse. By the time I could finally tie my pajama knots, she would be just about to drop her blouse into the tub. Yes, more than that I could never watch. It was only up to her brassier and shaaya (petticoat). I

After my age of 12, bathing by mom stopped altogether. I missed that a lot. With my adolescence, I used to have lots of fantasies. The usual ones used to involve my friends’ mom, neighbor aunts, my aunt (chhotomashi). But the best ones were always with my mom.

I grew up, finished my Class-X board and then Class-XII final exams and finally managed to get into a reputed engineering college. Staying in a hostel for bursa evi olan escort an 18-year old boy wasn’t very easy. I used to miss my parents, more my mom and the homesickness affected me during the initial period. After a long wait, I had my first long vacation after the First Year exams. My nineteenth birthday was over when my exams were going on and I was counting my days down to go home. When would I meet my sweet dear mom again? I had lots and lots of stories and gossips in store, which I had to tell my mom. Mom was more like a friend to me, with whom I could freely discuss many things.

My first year exams weren’t easy. I had to prepare a lot and shelve all my “hidden thoughts.” But, once the exam was over and I was on my way home, all my hidden thoughts came back to me with greater thrusts.

When we first saw each other after such a long gap, both of us felt emotional. She lost no time to hug me tightly and kiss my forehead and cheeks. I too returned those with passion. We showered our love and affection on each other.

I had many stories to tell her, so many things that I couldn’t share with her for so long. I did not want to miss even a single moment of my time with her.

The days progress so fast. Even my long cherished vacation was getting over. It was the last day of my vacation. A somber mood was prevailing at my home. I was trying to make fun with her but soon realized that those were becoming quite artificial.

It was time to take bath. When she found me making preparations, she wanted to check up if I have performed my habitual tasks and asked me with a very low voice, almost like a whisper, “Hagoo korechhis?”(Did you answer to the big nature’s call?”) There was none else in the home. But still such questions should only be asked privately. “Oh yes.” I said.

“That’s like a good boy.” she said in an affectionate way.

“When?” she asked with a sense of curiosity.

“While you were cooking…”I answered.

“Oh, is it? I must not have taken a note of it.”

“Tumi hagoo korechho?” I was not hesitant to throw back the embarrassing question to my mom.

“Oh yes. Much before you woke up this morning.” she said smilingly. There was no sign of embarrassment in her innocent eyes. “That’s my daily habit, you know,” she continued.

“Hope you didn’t mind my asking that….”

“Oh no, why? I only asked you first.” she said.

She paused for a moment and then continued, “You feel shy before me, don’t you?”

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“I think so. May be because you are grown up now.”

“I might have grown up, but still a child for you.” I said.

“Sure?” she asked me with a kiss on my forehead. “Can I bathe you now, like the way I used to do when you were this small?” she said, indicating my earlier height with respect to her.

The moment she suggested this, I had an unusual feeling in me, which I find difficult to describe. There was one self of mine, which was eager to grab this offer and enjoy altıparmak escort what I missed for all these years. Yet, there was another self, which felt shy at the thought of exposing my adult body before her. What a contradictory combination of thoughts! Which one did I want?

“Now mom, suppose I agree. Wouldn’t you find it embarrassing to bathe your adult child?”, I questioned her.

“Why should I? Come on. Challenge?” she asked with a will. “Would you like to have it?” she asked with a naughty smile.

“Today, you mean?” I couldn’t control my excitement.

“If you wish….”she chuckled.

I knew that my inner wish has won. Yet, I was too shy to express my complete submission. I just rushed to my mom and buried my shy face to her upper chest. She embraced me closely with all the force she could apply – softly, warmly and so lovingly. I threw my arms over her shoulders and asked, “Ma, you can always read my mind. Can’t you?”

“I can, my boy.” she asked as she caressed me softly.

“Won’t you arrange your clothes too?” I asked, just reminding her of our old habit.

“Oh yes, I’ll be there in two minutes. You can start.”

I went to the bathroom, but didn’t undress immediately. Just kept my clothes on the rack and wasn’t sure what to do next. In the meantime, mom entered the bathroom. Seeing me standing in my usual way, she smiled, “Hey, what happened? I thought you have undressed by now.”

Mom kept her shaaya, bra, blouse and towel on the rack. She never brings the sari that she would wear after the bath to the bathroom. She always wears that in her bedroom.

“Come” she called me. I could hear my own heartbeat in excitement, when I realized that within the next couple of minutes, mom is going to undress me. And I will surely love to take her help in undressing rather than doing it myself.

I came close to her and raised my arms up, as she started rolling up my vest.

“Hey, you are much taller than me now. My arms can’t reach that much up,” she said in despair.

“Lo, here is my wee mum” I said with lot of fun and tried to lift her up to match my height. Even though my mom is not short by any standards (she is 5 ft. 4inches almost!), I always tell it that way, only to prove that I have surpassed her height.

Lifting 75 Kg of load wasn’t too easy, but I could still prove my strength for a few seconds and brought her toes back to the floor.

“So, give up? Here it is,” I said while handing over my vest to her. It was wet, due to perspiration. My mom smelled it and made a bitter face. “With all the perspirations, it smells awful!” she said, while dropping that piece mercilessly into the washing tub. I placed my stretched arms on her shoulders and joined them at the back of her neck.

Up to the vest, it was easy, but not the next one, that’s my pajama. It was tenting up, showing visible signs of my arousal. There was a hidden feeling of exhibitionism in me that wanted have my “adult piece” exposed and excited me. The feeling was getting more and more intense as I waited for my mom’s loving touch right there!

“Feeling shy?” she asked me with a very low voice. Almost inaudible!

Before I could answer to her question, she asked me, “Shall I?”

I couldn’t understand immediately what she meant, as she kept the question incomplete, leaving it to my guess, which I couldn’t.

“You…. will do what?” I asked.

“Maybe you won’t feel uncomfortable if we bathe together” she suggested with a naughty smile.

Instead of being able to control my “tent”, it only swelled up manifold as I tried to imagine what would be her suit during bath. Is it without anything? My heart was pumping vigorously at the very imagination of it and she left it unspecified for the time being.

She looked at my nails and scolded, “Don’t you trim your nails regularly? It has grown too much. It’s unhygienic. Don’t you know that?”

“Okay, Ma! I’ll do that.”

“When? Get me the nail cutter now. I’ll do it for you.” she ordered.

I couldn’t disobey her. I went out and brought the nail cutter.

“Don’t you know that dirt gets trapped inside?” she was saying, as she trimmed all my nails with great care. Mother’s care always makes things so different.

Mom brought her long, dark braid (binuni) of hair (even at the age of 41, she could maintain that!) to the front and started unwinding it. She was looking nice. I brought my right fingers to her chin lovingly. I kept my left palm on her forehead and then touched her both cheeks together and slowly rubbed my palms over her face. There was love everywhere. Lot of love is always there between us but now it was taking a new form that was yet unknown and unexplored!

She came closer to me and brought her lips on my chest and neck. Now, I leaned and kissed her forehead. She was slowly raising her lips, while I was slowly lowering mine, in perfect synchronization. They were closer, closer and finally like two opposite poles of a magnet, they touched. This was my first touch with a woman’s lips. It sent electrifying sensations down through my spines. God! Is this new form of love so beautiful? It wasn’t still a kiss, but the warmth of touch grew stronger with moistness. We opened our lips and made each other’s lips moist. It was a kiss now, a kiss that is so much different from what we had experienced through pure affection for so many years. We had a territory of love that was implicitly defined, but now that territory was shattered. We were as if breathing through each other’s mouth and I was hypnotized with the smell that was coming out of her breath – so motherly, yet so sexy.

“Ma, you smell so nice.” I said.

“Do I?” she asked.

We were in close embrace and now the manhood of mine was not only hard and strong, it was almost oozing droplets, as my mom unfastened my pajama. It couldn’t come down, as its upper part rested on my hard cock. She had to place her fist right there to make my pajama fall. With so much of blood flow in my male organ, the tip was red and was shining with maximum stretch. Mom bent down to keep my pajama too on the tub. Still, she was fully dressed. She was wearing a pale blue colored cotton sari, which had lost its color and looked too dull.

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