Bathroom Meetings

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We came to a compromise; my ‘little girl’ was not so little any more, she growing up fast. Sammy and her ‘male friend’ were going to a rock concert tomorrow and it was more convenient for them to stay at our house tonight. Me? I didn’t want him anywhere near her. I know what males are like; the last time I checked I was one! I’d have to be a raving loony to let a bag of hormones near my just turned 18 year old daughter.

Well that was the plan, until my wife Lisa, came into the situation. Sammy really is her mother’s pet and with two teary eyes suddenly Tim is staying the night. In the spare room. That was the compromise, like, where else was he going to sleep? In Sammy’s bed? Fuck!

I’m not use to this fatherhood stuff. Sammy’s growing up and ever since she developed breasts I’ve taken a strong approach to her male companions. Between you and me, I think my reactions are partly my own fault.

See, Sammy is what kids these days call a ‘honey’. A few months back I accidentally checked out my little girl. I was walking to the shops and saw her. Without realising it was her I was thinking she had a cute ass. As I got closer I realised who it was, she saw me and said ‘Hi daddy’ as she passed me. Little did she know that only moments ago her father was thinking how great his dick would feel snug between her ass cheeks.

It made me realise that if I, her own father, can get turned on by her, then I know everyone else will too. No way is she going down that road under my roof, – I’d like her to be a lovely virginal bride for when she never gets married. Again, that was the plan, but that night, something a bit crazy happened. In fact, looking back, it was about as different to the plan as you could get.

Our little house has 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a study. The wife and I have an en-suite, and Sammy and the spare bedroom share an entry to the main bathroom. It has casino oyna 3 doors, one from the hall, one each bedroom.

It was about two in the morning when I woke up and needed to piss. I could have gone in my own en suite, but being the caring husband I was, I decided I would use the main bathroom and not wake the misses. Besides, it’d give me a chance to snoop on Sammy and Tim.

I know my way around pretty well, and the last thing I wanted was a bright light, so I went to the bathroom and took my piss in the dark. Just as I was tapping and flushing, I felt a cool hand touch my shoulder.

“Shh can’t wake anyone. “

It was Sammy. Caught hook line and sinker. I decided to play along for a minute to give her enough rope to hang herself. Well that was my plan.

Before I could react Sammy had her hand around my dick giving it the old up down. I was a mix of emotions. Shock, panic, and, dare I admit it, arousal. It’s wrong to say, but the idea of my silly girl masturbating her dad when she thought it was her BF was sort of a turn on. That aside I had to say something. I opened my mouth to tell her to stop, when I got a tongue planted in it. She kissed me hard and passionately, whilst still masturbating me. Finally she broke the kiss.

“I didn’t realise you were so tall. Maybe it’s because it’s dark.”

By now I had a raging hard on and my ability to say ‘stop’ was fading into non existence. I couldn’t see very well, but I heard Sammy get a towel of the towel rack. I sensed her kneeling and, within a moment, she was giving ‘Tim’ a blow job.

Now the situation I found myself in was quite challenging. On the one hand, I could turn on the light. She’d know she’d been caught, but at the same time, the emotional problems of it all would be huge. For the love of my child, I thought it best to play along and stay anonymous. Honest. The fact that I was getting canlı casino deep throated and sucked on like a lollipop had nothing to do with it, I swear.

Oh god was it good. She was licking my balls with her tongue, having taken me entirely inside. That wet sucking ‘fap fap’ noise was the only sound, besides my occasional soft grunts. She would pull right the way off my dick, so just my head was in her mouth, than deep throat it and lick my balls again. Each time she pulled back she’d ever so softly drag her teeth along, and she’d flick her tongue right over the penis slit. It was incredible. By which I mean, it was incredible the way I endured such a terrible event to save my girl’s embarrassment.

Just as I felt my orgasm coming on, she completely stopped. I was worried… I mean hoping… that she was about to put a stop it all. She had other ideas though.

“I’m on the pill so, you know, I think you should fuck me. Right here, with the risk of being caught.”

As she said this she stood, turned and leaned face first against the wall to her bedroom. I had to think like Tim, how would he fuck? He wouldn’t worry about her, he’d be rough and all just ‘in out’. So without saying a word I went behind her, grabbed her hips, and pressed forward.

“Ugh! No Lower!”

I knew I’d hit her butt hole, but I thought that’s what Tim would do, besides it might be a reason for her to dump him. Sadly, she didn’t seem to mind; reached back and moved my penis into the right spot. Oh well. I took no time and pushed straight in to the hilt, lifting little Sammy off the floor momentarily. She let out a sigh and a grunt and tried to work her way further onto me so her feet could touch the floor. I pulled back slowly so she felt ever inch in retraction, then hastily slammed in again.

“GOD! Shit! Fuck! Remember we need to be quiet.”

That was her way of saying ‘back off’ kaçak casino without saying it. I lessened the force of my fucking, but picked up the pace. I was on autopilot now, and jack hammered my daughter like she was a blow-up doll. I leaned in as well, causing her tits to be pressed against the wall. I was going to make this as rough as I could without too much pain. I wanted to give her every reason to hate “Tim”. I fucked like a machine, in out in out slap slap slap. If I leaned in any further her head would be bouncing off the wall. She had no ‘give’ to move, so every time I thrust in, she took the full force.

I got a new idea. Because of the angle of entry, her entire ass was bouncing around between us. I licked my index finger on my left hand and reached down, letting it scrape over her ass hole. Again I was thinking of my role as ‘Tim’, and I figured this is something he might do. She let out a small grunt of some sort, and a few more when it dipped in, ever so slightly, but never raised any objections. Sammy was keen to please her man, and I would love… Tim would love to fuck that ass.

I kept up my pace and soon I felt my orgasm coming. I reached up with both hands, grabbed Sammy’s shoulders, and pulled her down whilst I thrust up. I was as deep in as I had ever been, but was still going for more. Compressing her cunt into my pelvis, my dick buried inside. I kept pushing in, trying to get in as far as I could. Sammy was squashed between me and the wall and I was determined to make the space as small as possible I wanted to impale her.

When I came, I think I was scraping her cervix. If I was to be honest, right at that moment, I didn’t give stuff about her or Tim or whatever; it was just one great fuck. I pulled out and wiped my dick over her ass (young guys do that right?). Sammy took some toilet paper, I assumed to wipe any leakage. She found me in the dark and kissed me gently, than said.

“Well if you’re allowed to fuck me, can Tim now?”

I heard her open the door to her room and quietly leave, leaving me sitting there wondering which one of us had just been had!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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