BBW’s Confessions and Escapades

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Yet another night of chatting with some dirty pervert on line, sharing fantasies of being used rough, and treated like a whore. I enjoy chatting with a man that likes to degrade a fat whore like me while he uses me rough and nasty. Sometimes the chatting gets so hot and dirty, if the pervert is in my area they always want to meet eventually. Even though I do yearn to be a whore for some dirty pervert, I always chicken out. I know they assume it’s them or I’m just a tease, but I truly am not. I just need them to push a little, and they usually just give up and never email me again. Don’t get me wrong, I have met a few men that I have chatted with, but few and far between. Because of the nature of what I’m searching for, I get nervous that something could happen if I meet the wrong person. I know the odds are slim, and I probably watch too many crimes shows but it still makes me nervous. The men I have met were able to get past that and would eventually end up using my fat whore body, and I willingly gave myself to them.

One man I did meet was really into degrading fat whores, and he turned me on immensely. We met on a regular basis, and made me enjoy being degraded more than when we started. I really enjoyed him tying me down to the bed, putting the nipple clamps on and then using my cunt and ass real good. He would finger my cunt rough and hard while he told me what a dirty whore I was, and he also made me degrade myself. He was the man that made me realize I love getting my tits smacked while getting used. Before him I never knew how good that was, but now I crave it. When he was done fingering my juicy wet cunt he would ram his fingers into my mouth and make clean my juices off his fingers. While I licked and sucked his fingers he would reach over and grab a vibrator and slide it into my ass, making me scram and moan. The sensation was amazing, and my ass sucked it right in. The he would Mardin Escort smack my tits and degrade me, making me cum like an animal, and of course making me clean that off too. He would then untie me and say, “Now it’s time for you to service my cock whore!”

Since I enjoy following orders, and I also love sucking cock, I got down on my knees and took his hard cock in my mouth. He face fucked me hard making me gag, and drool saliva down my chin, which was dripping onto my fat tits. He was also calling me such dirty names like crosskicking whore, filthy fat slut, fuck holes, pig meat, and I was in heaven. The more names he called me the more I wanted him to use me. When I had sucked his cock to his satisfaction, he would throw me roughly on the bed, and tell me to get on all fours like the fat whore dog I was. Of course I obeyed his demand, and waited for him to fuck me. I didn’t even care which hole he fucked, I just needed to be filled. I felt him slide his rock hard cock deep in my cunt, as he grabbed my long brown hair and pulled my head back and smacked my tits with his free hand. He pounded my cunt like that until I was cumming all over his cock, and then he pulled his cock out. I moaned in disappointment, but then he slid his cock deep in my ass, and I put my head down and let him violate my fat ass. I begged him to drop a load in his filthy cum dump whore, and without hesitation I felt his creamy load shoot deep inside my ass, as he spanked me hard which only made me cum again.

He used me for a while but then we somehow lost touch for about 5 years. I recently contacted him again since I wasn’t able to find anyone else that made me feel like a worthless whore like he did. Unfortunately he gained a lot of weight and was unable to really fuck me like I need. When I met him he was somewhat overweight but able to give it to me like I need, so that wasn’t an issue. Mardin Escort Bayan

So that’s where I am now. Looking for someone like him, that likes using a fat whore, and is willing to take it slow. There has to be a man in New York City that would like to have a fat whore to degrade and use whenever he wanted. I have also noticed my attraction to unattractive older perverted men. I don’t know what it is, but just the thought of a somewhat overweight, old perverted man using me makes my cunt dripping wet. I have also realized I would like to be used by two men like that at the same time. Making me their fat pig whore, giving me the hard use I need, it just excites me to no end. Just the thought of having their old hands all over my fat body, squeezing my tits, and pinching my nipples turns me on so much and makes my cunt throb. I want to feel their old fingers deep inside my wet hole, and I want to take turns sucking their old cocks, while they treat me like a whore. I want to hear them taunt me about how they are going to let their friends use me too, let them use my holes for their dirty sexual pleasures. I want to hear that I’m nothing more than a place for cock and cum, I ache to hear that. My cunt tingles at the thought of laying on my back, and an old cock straddles my face and forced his old cock in my mouth, as another old cock sliding in and out of my dripping wet cunt. I know most women enjoy a man with a big cock over one with a smaller cock. Not me though, I prefer a smaller cock. Of course a big cock feels good filling my cunt, but I also enjoy getting my ass raped, and a bigger cock just plain hurts. As long as whatever old pervert chooses to use me then he can satisfy me with a big vibrator or dildo rammed in my cunt, and he will own my ass. Another thing I like to be told is that I’m owned, and will be used any way He sees fit. I just need to find Him. I just Escort Mardin need a little convincing.

My search will continue, and I know there must be someone out there that is so turned on right now, that they would love to have me on my knees for them. I just need a little convincing.

I have done many other things, but not with the man I was just speaking about. This man was much younger than me, but liked it real rough, and liked to instill fear in me as he used me. It was very exciting, and he also liked me to wear a collar and leash, and make me bark like a dog or oink like a pig. I have to admit, this was a huge turn on for me also so I did as I was told. He really enjoyed acting out a rape role play, and said he liked it when I tried to fight, that he enjoyed forcing me and taking what he wanted. He would smack me around, and throw me on the bed when he was ready to fuck me. Sometimes he would show up at my house, and bend me over, fuck me and leave, which he didn’t know but I loved. It made me feel like nothing more than a worthless piece of meat, and that’s exactly how I wanted him to make me feel. After he was finished and was gone, I would rub his cum dripping from my cunt, all over my clit until I came.

Of course no matter what I am still a fat whore and I need cock too, so I do have someone at the moment who fulfills that need, but isn’t much into the degrading that I so desperately need. He is somewhat rough, and likes to tell me to shut the fuck up and take his cock in my ass, which does hurt since he has a nine inch cock. Since I enjoy being forced so much, the feeling does somewhat override the pain and I take his cock like he demands. He is into some things I enjoy, like spankings, having my face and tits smacked, pulling my hair, and he eats my cunt better than anyone I have ever met. I especially like it when he fingers me while sucks on my now swollen clit.

Instead of getting bits and pieces from different men, I would much rather find all of this in one man, but up until now haven’t been able to. Either most men are not into it, or want something more extreme. I’m just searching for a happy medium I guess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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