Beautiful Boy Used By Women Ch. 02

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Paula was indeed a sight to behold. Her thick red hair seemed altogether fuller a longer. Her make up so immaculately applied. Her lips so full and sensuous. She appeared to be wearing a white basque which was hardly containing her huge breasts. Over this was a kind of black cloak tied at the neck. James couldn’t quite make out what she was wearing on her legs as the cloak was obscuring them, though it was clear she was wearing black fishnets and the highest stiletto shoes. Then there was THAT smell. That perfume, as he smelt on the invite card. James had an instant huge erection. He was now confused.

“James, my darling.” Paula held his young face and kissed him full on the lips. James was shocked. He could faintly taste alcohol on her mouth. She’d been the best friend of his mother for years. Maybe she had just had a couple of drinks and was being playful he thought. “Well come on in, we’ve been waiting for you!”

The house was grand but somewhat pretentious. James had visited the place a couple of times with his mum but that was a few years ago. He always liked Felicity, yet had forgotten that she and Paula were friends. But as he walked into the hallway there seemed no immediate sign of the house owner. “Where’s Felicity?” he asked tentatively. “Oh she’ll be along later darling. Now give me your jacket sweetie and let’s go in the lounge.” She still spoke to him as if he were a young boy, but it mildly amused him. What the hell was all this about? There was no music, save perhaps some classical faintly in the background. James was so sure this was a party. Perhaps it was a surprise one with guests turning up later? He had no idea.

As he followed Paula through to the grand lounge he couldn’t help but notice an almost seductive wiggle as she walked in front of him. He really had never seen her in such a way before. And that perfume was truly amazing. His erection was huge, he could feel it, and he quickly ‘dressed’ his cock to the side so as it hardly noticed- at least he hoped not.

“James dear, this is for you.” Paula handed him a glass of what was clearly champagne. James had never bahçeşehir escort drunk it before. He thanked her and sat on the large cream leather sofa beside Paula. He was suddenly very nervous. Paula had undone her cloak to sit down and, folding her legs…gosh, she only had on a basque, stockings and suspenders! He sipped his drink but that seemed to make his ever increasing heartbeat faster. She kept smiling and talking yet James wasn’t really taking it in. His head was spinning. Paula looked so incredibly sexy beside him. She smelt so devine. Now the room was spinning. He felt numb. The last thing he remembered was that exquisite perfume, but his eyes were so heavy…

Charlotte was pissed off. As she drove her Mercedes sports to see some friends in a wine bar in London she suddenly couldn’t understand why she was actually being asked by her mother to be scarce for the whole night- as she often was. Yes she knew it was so young James, who she hardly knew, can have a nice place to have a party with friends on his 18th, yet somehow none of if gelled. For a start she knew enough about him to establish he was a loner, and that he hardly had any friends. Secondly her mother seemed to be acting strangely. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something wasn’t as it seemed. Charlotte felt anyway that the evening wouldn’t actually materialise, as James would find an excuse not to have the party. Anyway she was used to getting her own way, and part of her wanted to defy her mother and just go back. How she HATED being told what to do. A thoroughly spoilt brat who had been given everything she asked for. She decided she would meet her friends, and if she didn’t meet a guy she genuinely wanted to fuck- her marriage in a fortnight made her determined for one last fling- she would go back even if the little squirt (as she remembered James years ago) was still having his little fucking party…

The perfume. That’s the first thing he remembered. And his wrists. They hurt. He slowly opened his eyes. The chandelier. The ceiling. Where was he? His wrists hurt. He can’t move them. James strangely istanbul escort never panicked. He is on some kind of bench. He looks up. It’s Felicity’s lounge, only dimly lit this time. Candlelight. And…he is naked. No, he still has his white briefs on, but his clothes have been removed and his hands are restrained with what look like handcuffs to his side. What is this? James felt a bizarre rush of excitement as well as extreme fear. Then he heard a voice.

“Wakey wakey sweetie.” Paula’s unmistakable tones. James raised his head, and Paula stood in front of him. White basque, fishnet stockings, suspenders. The penny dropped: He was being seduced. “Don’t speak darling. That champagne I gave you I was a bit naughty with I know. Just gave you a little something to help you relax. My, what a heavy boy you are!” How could she possibly have undressed him and put his 14 stone muscular frame on the bench he thought? He quickly got his answer.

“And a very happy birthday from me as well my poppet.” Suddenly the statuesque Felicity appeared next to Paula. Taller and slimmer, she was dressed in an identical way to her friend, only her basque was red. Nonetheless, her breasts were also positively huge, almost bursting to get out of from the tight red attire. Her blonde hair was up in a sophisticated bun. Her long legs looked incredible in the black fishnets. And these were his mother’s best friends! James was seriously wondering if this was a dream. In fact he mumbled the question.

“Oh no sweetie.” smiled Paula. “This is VERY real. And YOU young man are OURS for the night”! James gulped, then asked timidly. “But why have you tied me up like this?”

“So you do what we say poppet!” replied Felicity. “And if you’re a good boy we’ll release you. Deal?”

James nooded weakly.

“By the way, if you don’t do exactly what we say we WILL punish you.” added Paula sternly. “And don’t even think about telling your mother, because she won’t believe you. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” James quietly conceded, shocked by her sudden change of manner. He was actually quite scared. escort bahçeşehir Both ladies, whom he’d known from such a young age, suddenly both had the look of supreme dominance that intimidated to the point he was helpless- as indeed he was.

“Ok.” Paula stepped forward. “Lift your bottom for me James.” He hesitated. She shouted: “LIFT YOUR FUCKING BOTTOM RIGHT NOW!” He immediately did as he was told. Paula then quickly yanked off his white briefs. He lay there, in front of these 2 beautiful middle aged women, naked. And sporting the hugest erection he’d ever had.

“Gosh LOOK at the size of that Paula!” Felicity exclaimed. “Hold on, let me get a tape measure.” James was now so embarrassed and humiliated he was close to crying. Felicity measured his young aroused member which was hard to his torso. “8 and a half! Good boy! Auntie Felicity and Auntie Paula MUST be making you happy!”. James wasn’t sure about that. He really was close to crying, something Paula noticed.

“Don’t you start sobbing here boy, or I’ll give you something to sob about!” Felicity took a more sympathetic and motherly stance. “Oh bless him Paula, he MUST be a little scared.” She pecked him on the cheek, but that somehow triggered him to burst into tears.

“Right that’s it.” Paula retorted. She quickly walked to the nearby table and picked up some keys. She unlocked one of the handcuffs that were tied to the side of the bench. “You asked for this James.” He tried to restrain the tears. Then she unlocked the other side. “Right, now turn over, on your stomach.” He hesitated. “NOW you liitle bastard!” Paula shouted. He quickly turned over, though the pain of the huge erection in front of him was unbearable. He just managed to position himself with reasonable comfort on his front. Paula told him to then, face down, put both his arms over his head. She then duly used one handcuff set to restrain both wrists. Now he felt more vulnerable than ever. Naked, restrained, bare bottomed, humiliated.

Felicity couldn’t help but admire his firm young buttocks. She slowly ran her hand over them. Then both hands. “What a wonderful body you have James.” She whispered in that motherly and reassuring way. “Thankyou.” He gently replied.

“Now poppet, Paula seems a little uptight just now. But if you’re a good boy and do as we both say, I promise you’ll be rewarded. She kissed his face. “Beautiful boy…”

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