Becoming Bree Ch. 06

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The two lovers, one older and sexy, one younger and delectable, snuggled in bed most of the next day. Sabrina, becoming much more secure in her newfound sexuality, teased and pleased her aunt her aunt throughout most of the wee hours, until Tera begged “No more, darling!” and both women drifted off into an erotic slumber.

Over coffee the next morning in Tera’s spacious kitchen, the two new lovers talked, about life plans, both erotic and regular. The world already seemed brighter to Sabrina, rife with possibilities.

Sabrina expressed her desire to lose her virginity, and soon. She also told Tera that she wanted it to be a memorable, pleasant experience.

Her slipper dangling erotically from one foot, leg swaying back and forth as she thought, Tera pondered over who to chose for this lovely girl she already adored. She had a good-sized list of playmates to chose from, but who would be best to initiate her scrumptious Sabrina into the erotic pleasures? She wanted a stud, a man with a big cock, but not too big. One that knew how to fuck, but also make love, be gentle and tender. She wanted him good with his hands, tongue and fingers, virile and strong, with stamina. Someone that could bring a woman to new erotic heights.

There was only one man who fit all of those categories, who would be perfect for this job. She turned to her niece with flashing eyes and a big smile lit up her face.

The two lovers chatted happily over coffee in the spacious kitchen, Sabrina’s eyes glowing more with happiness as each moment passed. Tera outlined her plan for her niece, who couldn’t wait for the evening to get here. At last, she was going to get fucked with a big, hard, throbbing cock!! The thought made her pussy drip with anticipation.

The day came and went, yet Sabrina hardly remembered any of it. It was a fog to her, she did remember more love-play in the shower as her beloved Tera helped her get ready for the experience. Tera helped Sabrina dress in a sexy, black, tight, short dress under which the girl wore black lingerie and silk stockings, with heels. “Might as well vamp it up darling!” Tera purred to her sexy niece. Sabrina completely agreed with her, even wearing her hair up for a change.

Eight o’clock seemed to come so slowly, so when the doorbell finally did chime, Sabrina thought her heart was going to burst from her chest. Tera had left about 15 minutes earlier. She told Sabrina “Be good baby … in fact, be great!” and she left on some sexual escapade of her own.

Sabrina walked over the door, calmly, and opened it. When she saw what was standing in the doorway, she was more than a little pleased.

The man was stunning. Droolbait. Drop-dead gorgeous, hot, stunning. A Studmuffin. Everything bayan kartal escort Sabrina had ever fantasized about, this man was.

He made the first move, taking her hand, squeezing it gently. “Hello, I am Vincente. You are Sabrina, no?” She could barely answer. This man had the most stunning green eyes she had ever seen.

Sabrina regained her composure. “Please, come in!” She escorted the man into the house and he sat down. Sabrina’s heart was fluttering, doing aerobics in her chest. My, oh my, was he hot. Vincente’s hair was jet-black and wavy. He had beautiful skin, clear, tanned, with a coppery tone. He was obviously toned and well-built under the navy suit and gray slacks he wore; his eyes danced with obvious merriment. At this moment, Sabrina was giving silent thanks to her beloved aunt.

They talked over a very nice dinner – Sabrina and Tera had both wanted her first fucking to be memorable, not some trashy one-night stand. Other than the generalities of life, she and Vincente had little in common, but he seemed pleasant enough. Sabrina didn’t want anything heavy at the beginning, so this man was perfect for her needs.

After some pleasant small talk, it was time, and both she and Vincente knew it. Trembling slightly, she took his hand and went to lead him to the bedrooms upstairs. Vincente already knew where they were, of course.

He undressed her, taking his time, pampering her. Sabrina had hoped he would do this, she loved the attention as her removed her clothing, piece by piece, kissing where she was now naked, softly, her body responding to his touch. Sabrina wormed her tongue into his mouth, kissing him back, Frenching him the way Tera had taught her. She could feel his hardness pressing against her and she knew she was doing fine. She stood away from him for a second, topless now, and let her hair fall in a golden cascade.

Her dress fell in a soft puddle to her feet and she kicked it away. She stood before her new lover in panties, stockings and heels. Sabrina was nervous, but very aroused. Vincente pulled her towards him and her lips locked with his for their first kiss. Her first kiss with a male, a male she was going to make love with, was going to fuck!

“Oh, myyyy, ” Sabrina thought, “My first kiss from a man and my knees are weak already. I cannot wait to fuck this man!”

She began to undress him, and he teased her, kissing her gently, pulling away, laughing as she tried to get him naked. Sabrina enjoyed the view when he was fully naked. He obviously worked out, yet he did not overdo it. His body was chiseled, not musclebound, his skin coppery and sensual. This was not a man who was afraid of hard work.

Vincente gently pushed kartal eve gelen escort Sabrina onto the bed and began to kiss up her silky thighs. She found that she was already growing moist as his touch and his licking further ignited the heat in her. With every lick of his knowing tongue, Sabrina’s passion grew. Sabrina wanted to try something with Vincente that she’d only previously done with her beloved Tera.

He sensed her mood and responded to it. Within a few minutes, the two lovers were in the classic “69” position. He pulled her lacy panties aside and resumed sucking her cunt, pleasure rippling through the sweet, virginal pussy. For Sabrina, this was one of the greatest thrills of her life – she lowered her head and took his cock deep in her mouth. She had a man’s cock in her mouth for the first time – and she liked it! Hell no, she loved it!

Sabrina went wild with suck-lust, slurping and sucking, using all the tricks she had been taught by Tera and improvising some new ones. From the groans that escaped his sucking lips, Vincente obviously appreciated the pretty novice’s efforts.

She bobbed her head up and down, taking in as much of his big shaft as she could without gagging. “Like my mouth baby?” she cooed as she came away from his cock. “Mmm-hmm” was all he could say as he continued to lick away at her. Sabrina used her tongue to trace and taste every inch of him, practically inhaling his cock. She felt every veiny inch throb inside her sucking lips and she could tell from the way he was sucking back, that for a novice, she was pretty good!

Actually, if she had asked Vincente, he would have told her she was phenomenal for a novice and better than some of the experienced lovers he’d had. He knew that some people are “naturals” at certain things. Sabrina’s forte was certainly sex.

Vincente was swallowing all of Sabrina’s juice, all that he could handle anyway. From the way his cock was pulsating, he knew the pretty young blonde was ready to accept a load of his milky cum. As he thought this, his body tensed and his load erupted into her mouth.

Tera had prepared Sabrina for this and Sabrina found herself delighting in the sticky substance. She gulped it down greedily, craving more. She licked her partner’s hard rod clean of all his man-goo and smiled at him lustily.

It was time to fuck, both of them knew it. They rested, talked for a bit. They had a drink and regained their energy, but Sabrina knew it was time for her to lose her cherry.

“How do you want it?” Vincente asked her with a lusty grin. This was something Sabrina had thought long about — and, on advice from Tera, she knew her answer.

“I want to be on top – Cowgirl. escort bayanlar I want to fuck you while you’re fucking me and I can have some control over things!” Sabrina said with a sultry smile.

“Then, pretty lady, take me at your pleasure!” Vincente said, semi-seriously. He lay down on his back and awaited her.

Sabrina slid down the bed towards him and mounted her new lover. She almost slithered down the man’s hard cock. Grinding, writhing, she rolled her pussy sensuously around his rod, taking him gently at first. With each passing minute, her lust grew and she wanted more of him, wanting more of his hard dick inside of her. Sinuously, she began to move, his dick at the precipice – then she thought, “Oh, fuck it!” and slammed herself on to his prick, her virginity now a thing of the past.

Sabrina fucked him eagerly, the slight pain and mess didn’t bother her a bit. She moved up and down, tits heaving and her breath coming in short gasps. “Ohh, fuck me Vincente, fuck me, fuck, this is so good, why did I wait so long, oh, fuck meeeee!!” she babbled incoherently as the hot stud filled her to the brim with hard dick.

He met her, thrust for thrust, his hard pole moving in and out of her. This little hottie was an amazing fuck, with experience, she’d be unbelievable! He would have to fuck her again, at least one more time tonight and in the future. As Sabrina bounced up and down on top of him, Vincente played with her beautiful breasts and played with her little cherry nipples.

This action inspired Sabrina even further, she rode him with a furious energy, fucking him like a woman possessed. He pounded her back with equal intensity, relishing the sexy way she moved her hips and ass against him as they fucked.

“Are there …”, she hissed through clenched teeth, “… other ways you like to fuck hon?” she asked him, still working his dick inside her tight pussy.

Vincente nodded his head and just said “Woof Woof.” At first, Sabrina didn’t get it, but she clued in quickly.

She got off him, hating to have that magnificent cock out of her cunt for even a second. Both lovers re-positioned themselves on the bed and with haste, he slid his big dick into her pussy from behind.

Groaning, yelling, yelping out screams of pleasure, Sabrina let herself be taken. His hands were all over her body, every inch of her tingled. The clock radio at bedside showed they had been fucking for well over an hour, she could have gone all night!

But, she wanted to cum. Oh, how she wanted to cum! As Vincente moved in and out of the walls of her snatch, she ached for release. Her hips moved against his pounding cock and all of a sudden, he yelled out in pleasure and pulled out, shooting his sticky jizz all over her round ass. Sabrina followed suit and came a minute later, loving the sensations of her first man-induced orgasm.

They fell back onto the bed, breathing ragged and enjoyed the warm feelings afterwards. They still had many hours to go and Sabrina wanted to make the most of them.

And she did – 3 more times!

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