Becoming Jack’s Milk Cow Pt. 04

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Jack’s plan to train me to be his prize milk cow was on hold for a few weeks due to a business trip he would be making soon. Once we got started on our project, he wanted to be there to direct and savor every change in my body. Although we had a relationship of equals, I discovered quickly that Jack enjoyed being the dominant partner in our sex play. What shocked me was how much I enjoyed his direction and my submission. I certainly contributed plenty of initiative and ideas to our passionate sex life, but it was Jack who was in charge. One thing that he had initiated was our ‘toy box’. When we met, I had the usual girl’s complement of vibrators–two–and sexy lingerie, but over the three months we’d been together, we’d acquired many more toys and provocative clothing. I’d often arrive at Jack’s house to discover an elegantly wrapped package, which, when unwrapped, proved to be another, more adventuresome, treat.

The latest treats were designed to entertain me during Jack’s 10 day absence: as I admired the leather bra with nipple cut-outs, Jack stood behind me cupping my breasts in his large hands, tantalizing my nipples through my silk shirt. “Let me help you try that on,” Jack whispered, beginning to unbutton my shirt. I helped him, and soon I had lost not only my shirt but the lacy demibra that barely contained my swelling breasts. Jack’s regular and prolonged attention to my tits (along with our feeding sessions) had caused them to grow recently, and I was now spilling out of all my favorite bras. My nipples were thicker and longer and ever more sensitive, and I’d grown from a C-cup to a D-cup. I loved my breasts’ increased heft, and I wondered how big I’d get once my milk came in.

Jack’s hands continued to caress my breasts as I tried on the black leather bra. “You’re not really helping, you know,” I smiled.

“I just can’t keep my hands off those beauties, but I’ll stop for two minutes if you insist..”

I leaned over to fit my tits into the supple leather, positioning my nipples into the star shaped cut-outs. Straightening up, I looked down at my chest, admiring the view. The leather felt very sexy–unlike the silk bras I usually wore, the leather held me tightly, and my breasts felt even heavier that usual. And more sensitive–I felt the cool air on my large exposed nipples and they stiffened immediately. Jack noticed this, and tweaked them rhythmically, as if he were milking me. “Very hot,” he commented. “Since I’ll be away for more than a week, I got you some things to keep those big nipples happy.” He handed me a small package. I unwrapped it quickly, canlı bahis opened the jewelry box, and found…nipple clips! Each one had a small purple cylinder attached.

Removing one from the box, Jack said “may I?”

“Please do,” I answered, proffering a breast. He gently attached the clip to my nipple, adjusting the tension for my comfort. I could feel the weight of the small dangling cylinder pulling slightly.

“Now the other,” and Jack attached the remaining clip, and then clicked the small switches on the cylinders.

The vibrations were exquisite, and I smiled up at Jack. “I’ll still miss you, but these will certainly keep me entertained for a few days.”

“I want you to use these at least four times a day for at least 15 minutes at a time–they’ll keep your nipples long and hard for me,” Jack murmured as he nuzzled my neck. “I know you can come from just having your tits played with–let’s see if these will do the trick.” His hands continued to roam my body, as I savored the new sensations. We moved to Jack’s bedroom. I knelt on the bed, admiring my slutty look in his big mirror. The leather bra and the vibrating clips looked very hot, and my very tight jeans (I could no longer button the top button) made me look like a very dirty girl indeed.

Looking up at Jack, I enticed him to join me on the bed, but he declined: “I want to watch you come all by yourself, so I’ll know what I’m missing.”

I leaned forward, letting the tiny vibrators swing free, enjoying their pull on my nipples. “I’ll give him a show,” I thought, and cupped my breasts in my hands, feeling the soft leather encasing them, and stuck my ass in the air to further entice him. I was betting he couldn’t resist my round ass, and I was right.

“Those jeans look pretty tight–let me make you more comfortable,” Jack’s arms encircled my waist as he unzipped my jeans and began to pull them off. As the jeans slipped over my butt, Jack fondled my exposed cheeks. “God, your ass is getting so big and round–you’re making me too hot to resist you,” he whispered, as a finger strayed toward my rectum. “Let’s see how tight your asshole is–do we need to get it stretched out a bit?” Jack’s finger probed into me, and I moaned, pressing my ass against his hand.

I looked at us in the mirror: me, on my hands and knees, naked except for the black leather and clips, with my ass in the air and my tits grazing the bed. Jack, still fully dressed in his black jeans and T-shirt, leaning over my exposed ass, fondling and fingering me. Quite a picture, I thought. Jack’s finger continued to tantalize bahis siteleri me as the vibrations in my tits became unbearable. I pushed my ass against him harder, and he shoved another long finger into my ass, pressing it deeply into me, moving in and out, in time with my thrusts. I moaned, spasming against him, coming to a long orgasm as I collapsed onto the bed. Jack slowly removed his fingers from my ass, stretching my asshole a bit as he did. Unclipping my nipples, he lay down on the bed with me, gently stroking my body as I pressed against him, feeling his erection through his jeans. “Your turn?” I asked.

“Let’s wait a little while,” he answered. I could feel him smiling. “I’ve got a few more ideas for while I’m away.” Feeling languorous, I rolled over on my back, hoping that Jack’s attention would move back to my nipples. They were amazingly sensitive after the clips, and they felt longer. Jack teased the nipple closest to him, and began to lick it. “This is just the beginning, baby,” he said. “You’re going to be my little milk cow before you know it.”


I lay back, enjoying Jack’s mouth on my nipples, and he tantalized each in turn, and then, squeezing my leather-encased breasts together, sucked both nipples at once. I was becoming aroused again, even so soon after my recent orgasm. Jack appeared to have other ideas, however, because just as I was starting to writhe with pleasure, He took both my hands and said, “Time for the next course!,” and walked me into his dining room. The floor-to-ceiling window had no curtains, and at night, with the lights on, people in the neighboring building had a good view of anything that happened in the dining room. This turned Jack on, I thought, because he often started our sex play in the dining room. Jack pulled a chair out, and sat me down. I was still wearing only the leather bra that exposed my long, hard nipples. The leather had molded perfectly to my skin, and I loved the way my breasts felt in it. We’d have to explore this leather thing some more soon, I thought.

“I’m leaving tomorrow morning, so I thought you’d need a snack to tide you over while I’m gone” Jack said as he walked into the kitchen. Returning with a LARGE bowl of something that looked very rich and tasty, “My famous tiramisu,” he commented.

“Ooh, my favorite dessert,” I cooed. “Do I have to share it?”

“I want you to be my little heifer, not my little pig,” Jack laughed, digging a spoon into the creamy dessert and feeding it to me. “Besides, I still have something else for you.” He fed me several more spoonfuls, and I ate them hungrily. bahis şirketleri “Excuse me a moment,” he said, and walked into the living room, returning with another, larger, box. “Thing two!,” he handed the box to me and I opened it greedily. A heavy pillow? As I removed the item from the box, I felt its heft. “I want you to wear this when you’re at home” Jack directed. “Put it on in the morning when you get up, and leave it on until you go to bed. I want you to be reminded of me all the time. I think you’ll like the feel of it.”

Jack took the dense foam form from me, and placed it against my still mostly flat belly, fastening the straps around me. Suddenly, I felt the weight of a large protruding belly. “It weighs 25 pounds, and will take you a while to get comfortable with, but I would suggest that since you work at home, you wear it as much as possible so you’ll get used to it.” I felt my pussy tingle as he described me, waddling around with my heavy D-cup tits and a big, bulky belly to match.

Jack handed me an envelope, and another box. The envelope contained plane tickets, and the box contained a beautiful, slinky dress cut to accommodate a pregnant belly. “My job in Chicago will last a week–I want you to come out for the weekend when I’m done. You can spend the weekend waddling around Chicago with me. I think the dress should fit you.”

I slipped the dress on–Jack was right, it was a perfect fit. The bodice was low cut, with an elastic neckline for easy access, and gathered just under my breasts in a way that emphasized my newly gravid form. Jack stood back, admiring my shape: “In a couple of years, when you’re ready, you’ll make a beautiful breeder. I’m looking forward to having my babies inside you.”

“More about that later, my dear. You still have some dessert to finish.” Jack fed me the rest of the tiramisu—again, he’d have one bite for every six bites he fed me. My belly was used to being stuffed by this time, and I enjoyed every rich, creamy bite. I’d developed a roundness in my formerly flat belly since I’d been with Jack, and we both enjoyed the effect of the 10 pounds I’d gained. I suspected that another 10 pounds was in my future if Jack continued to feed me like this. I still went to the gym, otherwise I would have gained even more, but I wanted to stay in shape, even if my shape was getting noticeably rounder. The tiramisu recipe had been enough to feed 6 to 8 people, and I enjoyed how full my six servings made me feel. I was very turned on my the fake belly he’d given me, and couldn’t wait to wear it out in public, imagining the admiring looks I’d receive.

I knew that at some point I would enjoy getting pregnant and watching my belly grow in earnest. For now, I knew that he would begin to train me to be his milk cow when we returned from our trip. I couldn’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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