Bedding the Babysitter

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When I was 18, I was hired by a family to babysit, he was old enough to not respect my authority and I was old enough not to care, so we got along fine. The mom worked, so I was really just around to feed him and take him to school and whatnot, and dad was in the military so not around much. They were like family to me though, I lived with them, did everything with them, and in return, they took care of me. When I turned 21 their son turned 18, so we both had a milestone year, voting and drinking and eligible to join the military but neither of us was interested. He was still awkward, gangly and his shaggy hair didn’t help.

I was hot though, young, perky, skinny but with ass and tits that had men drooling. Curves in all the right places as they say. I’d stayed up late, Beth had gone out drinking with her friends, she deserved it. She worked so hard I told her to take the night off. It was around 2 am so I figured Daniel had either already gone to bed or was having a late night fap, I didn’t care. I was in the living room when I heard the door click shut. I was going to ask if something had happened, wondering why Beth would be home so early, but two big paws of hands slipped down on me from behind. Under my tank top, to cup my tits. David wasn’t supposed to be home for another month, but I’d recognize his hands anywhere. I’d fantasized about them enough. I was silent, unable, or unwilling to break the moment.

“Surprise honey-” David said in a sultry voice. I knew he was hot, and yes, I’d thought of the whole dad fucks the babysitter thing, but he thought I was Beth, which was not part of my fantasies.

“Uh…David.” I looked up at him and his eyes grew to baseballs.

“Sarah!” He gasped, but didn’t remove his hands, whether from shock or from wanting to continue, I couldn’t tell. “Where’s Beth?” He asked.

“Out with friends.” I replied.

“And Daniel?”

“Sleeping.” His hands moved to slightly grip my tits again. He was 6’3, a foot taller than me, and broad with muscles and a commanding voice, his navy uniform seemed to tense around him every breath he took. “So?” I said in a soft voice. He seemed lost in thought, but his eyes never left my face, straying lower to my lips. I darted my tongue out to wet them and his breath hitched.

“Sarah-” He seemed to exhale the word, leaning down he resumed gripping my breasts, and gently kissed my lips. I’d always imagined him to be rough, but this seemed so tender. His lips were soft, brushing mine, his hands were massaging, not tugging, he sighed into my mouth, content at the contact I was allowing. But that’s not how my fantasy played out with him, and I was not going to waste this opportunity. I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue into his. He gasped, so I persisted, sucking his lower lip into my mouth, and nibbling it playfully. I put my dainty hands over his, guiding him to be rougher, pull and pinch and grab. He moaned softly, breaking our kiss, so I let my mouth dip to his neck, dragging my teeth across his stubbled skin and biting firmly. He was panting, but I still wanted more. I stood and rounded the couch to him, pushing myself up against his chest.

“Please David.” I looked up at him as the moan on my words hit him. He seemed surprised, and his hand went up my back, keeping me tightly against him. Part of me wondered if he’d been faithful when deployed, if I was his only dalliance. Maybe I was his downfall, the thought thrilled me, his hand dipped to cup my ass, lifting me easily to wrap my legs around his waist.

“Is this okay?” He asked in a small voice, not stopping as he carried me up to his bed. The bed he shared with his wife, the woman who employed me. The bed their son had been made in.

“Fuck me, David.” I dragged my nails down his back and all sense left him. All tender touches and gentle artemisbet yeni giriş words were erased. He dropped me on the bed and as I started to sit up, hands seeking his fly he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me back against the bed. His free hand tore off my shorts, I heard the fabric rip slightly at his roughness as he yanked them free. My hands were still reaching, grasping for his pants, but I could not reach. He swatted them out of his way and grunted, pushing our mouths back together. His hand squeezed my throat making my mouth gape open, allowing his invasion, tongue probing into me. I heard his pants push down, and felt him release me. I gasped, spit dripping from my mouth, a mix, running on my face. He shoved my legs apart, allowing his cock to flop between us. He hooked his arms under my knees and yanked me to the edge of the bed.

“Hold your knees.” He growled, not a request. My chest fluttered, and I obeyed, holding my legs open for him. He flopped his cock onto my stomach, smacking it against my flesh.

“Please-” I whined, desperate to feel him inside me, invading, filling, taking what it needed. His eyes flicked to me, and I saw a hint of anger in them. I wondered what had caused it, but before I could consider it, he grabbed my throat again, clamping down on my precious airway. I gaped again; body desperate for air.

“Shut the fuck up.” He growled, spitting into my mouth. He held tight as he pushed into me. I would’ve moaned or screamed or some other desperate noise, but he still had his hand on my neck. When he’d pressed his entirety into me, he finally let go. I gulped down air like I’d been starving for it, and I guess I had, but part of me wanted to push my luck.

“Yes Daddy.” I said in a soft voice. His eyes widened and I felt his cock twitch inside me. He grabbed my hips and pumped into me, slapping our bodies together in a slow but firm rhythm. And then, he slid out. My pussy made a slurping noise, sad at its new emptiness, but he grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked me to my feet. He shoved me down, so I was bent in half, face down on the bed. He kicked my legs apart and pushed back in. Grabbing another fistful of my hair, he yanked my head back, arching my back painfully.

“Beg me for it.” He growled.

“Please daddy, please spit in my mouth. Please cum in my pussy, I need your cum. I need daddy cum in my tight little pussy, use my pussy daddy.” The words spilled from me and the more I spoke the faster he pumped in and out of me, using his hold on my hair to yank me back onto his cock to match each of his thrusts.

“God what a slut.” He growled, spitting on me again, before grunting. “Fuck I’m cumming.”

“Cum in my pussy daddy.” I begged, but he needed no encouragement, and shot rope after rope into my tender hole.

“Fuck.” He grunted, pulling me off the bed and shoving me bodily into the closet.

The door opened to the bedroom.

“David?” A drunk Beth smiled.

“Surprise.” David said.

“Ndd wha a surprise it isss.” She moved forward, but before she could reach for his cock, he pushed her down on the bed. The same position I’d been in seconds ago. I felt a glob of cum slide down my inner thigh. He hiked up her dress and she made a girlish giggle. He ripped open her pantihose and pushed his finger against her panties, rubbing the moist fabric.

“Did you have margaritas?” He asked conversationally.

“Iss not a party without em!” She said merrily. Margaritas made Beth notoriously horny. He pulled the fabric aside and pushed two fingers into her. She sucked in a breath and reached behind her. He grabbed her arms and pinned them against her back. Pulling his finger out he lined his cock up, pushing in. The noise was wet, and the idea of my and David’s sin mixing inside Beth was a artemisbet giriş sting to my pride. I wanted to open the door, to finish what it’d started. I’d earned his cum, all of it. She just got to lay there when I had to work for him. His other hand moved to push her face into the comforter. I opened the closet, the slats had limited my vision, but now I could fully see him fucking her. He looked over at me, face neutral. Not the range that he’d brought for me, I wondered if he was going flaccid inside her and a vindictive part of me wished he did. He nodded to my shorts.

I reached down and put my fingers in my pussy, pulling back to reveal soaked digits. I sucked them into my mouth, and he sighed audibly.

“Get your shorts and get out.” He said in a soft voice. “We’ll talk later.” I scooped my shorts off the floor and left the room, not putting them on, feeling his eyes bore into my ass as I sauntered out.

The next morning, I woke to my bedroom door clicking shut. “Sarah?” David’s voice whispered into my dark room.

“Yes Daddy?” I purred. The lights flicked on.

“We have to talk.” He was wearing plaid boxers, ones Beth had bought him.

“Do we?” I asked, voice innocent.

“Last night, it-“

“If you’re going to say it can’t happen again, I’ve got news for you.” I smiled, keeping up the innocent act.

“What?” He seemed confused. “No, it was the best fuck I’ve had in…well…since before Beth. I want you.” He looked earnestly, as if leaving the decision up to me. I’ll admit, I was surprised. That was not how I expected this conversation to go. I figured a little ‘I’ll tell your wife if you don’t keep fucking me.’

“Want?” I raised an eyebrow at him. He walked over to the side of my bed, pushing the blanket down.

“Need.” He pulled his cock out over the elastic waistband of his boxers and held it to my lips as his other hand slipped under my tanktop to fondle my tits. I smirked.

“I think we need rules.” Was what I was going to say, but the second my lips parted for me to start he pushed his cock into my mouth. My hands lifted to pump the remainder of his shaft that my mouth could not accommodate while my other slipped into his boxers to fondle his balls. He groaned in pleasure, pushing the back of my head farther down onto his member.

“Fuck.” He sighed as he exploded down my throat. I wish he’d warned me, but still I began swallowing what I could of his load. When he slipped out of my mouth, I looked up at him.

“We need rules.” I said finally.

“Anything.” He returned his cock to his boxers. I smirked, anything?

Beth lives blissfully unaware of what her husband and I do when she’s not paying attention, or more aptly, what he does to me. My rules were simple, I wanted to keep living as I had been, with his wife and son in their house, but I wanted to add secret meetings with David, is that so much to ask? Apparently not, because that’s exactly what I got. David and I fucked like rabbits, any time we could escape Beth’s eye we’d be off humping. We’d sneak away to the bathroom or say we needed to go to the store, anything to get a second alone together. Not that we needed to hide, she was oblivious, and utterly trusting of us. He’d come in my room most mornings for a morningwood blowjob, and after Beth fell asleep, I’d sneak into their room, and we’d fuck in their bed beside her. It was honestly thrilling, the sneaking around and pushing our limits. Of course, that had to end eventually.

David had left me in the bathroom to clean up after a quickie, but the jig was up, his son Daniel saw me. Saw David leaving me, he knew what we’d been doing. David hadn’t seen Daniel, but I had, and I yanked him into the bathroom before he could run and tattle.

“How long?” He asked.

“Does artemisbet güvenilirmi it matter?” I replied, unapologetically. He seemed to consider this. “Listen, we need to keep this a secret, it’ll kill your mom.”

“I’ll keep your secret.” He said, face turning devious. “For a price.” I should’ve known, what a little shit.

“What?” I sighed irritably.

“I get some action too.” He smirked. He was a smarmy kid, not the sexy beefcake his dad was, awkward and lanky and gangly. His hair was shaggy, and his smile was icky, but if that’s what needed to be done, so be it.

“Your mom can’t know about that either.” I said. He nodded, eyes already scanning my body.

“Sure.” He reached towards me.

“Now?” I asked.

“Whenever I want.” He grinned a toothy smile. Of course.

“Make it quick.” I sighed. He grinned and pushed me against the wall. He pulled his cock out and to my surprise, his small frame packed a cock matching his fathers. It was a heavy piece of meat, and he spat on his hand, giving it a few strokes before pushing into me.

“Fuck Sarah.” He said softly.

“Don’t fuck Sarah me, just get it over with.” I grumbled. He sighed and grabbed my hips, pulling me down on top of him as he sat on the toilet. The jolt of plopping down pushed him further into me, and his hands on my hips held me in place. He let go so I started bouncing on his cock, but he reached around and began massaging my clit. It was surprising, his father was such a ‘take what I want’ kind of lover, sexy and dominating, so to be taken care of in such a way was different. He peppered kisses along my neck, my body was sweaty from the rounds of fucking, but I kept going, bouncing on his cock, trying to suppress my noises.

“I always thought of you as an older sister.” He said softly, conversationally, as he lifted me off him. He put me on the toilet and moved between my legs, pushing two fingers in while he flicked his tongue on my clit. Shocks of tremors shot through me at the sensations, and I gripped his hair and bit my lip.

“I call David daddy, so I guess in a way…” I trailed off, thinking maybe that was weird.

“I know. You’re not exactly quiet.” He slurped my nub into his mouth, sucking and nibbling it causing me to shake and my breathing to become erratic.

“So, you listened to us and thought you wanted some yourself? What a little pervert.” I said panting.

“And now here I am, sucking my father’s cum soaked cock sleeve.” He shot back, looking up at me with a smirk, he was daring me to continue this little tit for tat, but I couldn’t. My orgasm came rolling over me, sending cascades of sensations ripping down my body, but he didn’t stop pumping his fingers or lapping my pussy. “So, what does that make you? Fucking father and brother, all those secrets?” He added a finger and I tried to catch my breath. The bathroom stank of sex.

“A…a slut.” The words came weakly from my lips, voice hoarse, body still trembling.

“No good for anything but cum, does it even matter whose? I bet if I dumped you on the side of the road, I’d find you an hour later with five guys jizz filling you. Cum drunk whore.” His words bit into me, stinging, but also thrilling. “Fucking other women’s men, my mom out there oblivious to you fucking her husband, her son. Why not her dad? Her brother? What’s stopping you? Whore like you must spread her legs for anything with a cock.” I felt her next orgasm building, I just wanted him to cum so this could be over, my hazy mind dragged my eyes to his cock and saw his hand pumping it.

“Please.” My voice was a whimper.

“Cock socks can’t talk. Fuck toy. Should I put my dick in your mouth to shut you up? All you’re good for is dick.” Orgasm hit me again and I felt weak and dazed from it, but was vaguely aware of Daniel standing and shooting his cum all over me. In my hair, on my shirt, on my thighs, when he was done, he went to the door. “Messy whore, clean this up.” He snapped before closing the door behind him. Part of me wondered when Beth’s family would be visiting next, her brother was pretty hot.

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