Bedroom Research

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I have a panty fetish and I know exactly where I got it from. When I was a kid growing up in the North I had a bit of a problem in that I would sometimes wet my pants. I think this frustrated my Mom and I believe that in good faith she devised a plan to get me sorted. When I wet my pants once she told me there were no clean dry pants for me to wear so I would have to wear a pair of my elder sisters navy blue knickers. She figured this would embarrass me and indeed it did; I spent the whole day keeping a very low profile because I was convinced that anyone I talked with would be sure to know that I was wearing girlie panties. Mom kept me in panties for two days and as far as I remember it cured me of my wet pants. Trouble is that during those two days I got to quite like the look and feel of the navy blue knickers.

I lived my life and didn’t bother much about panties and knickers till I started to get really horny around the age of 16. Now everything of a sexual nature interested me and I was crazy about girls, but being shy I was not getting my share of sexual adventures. I had a sister 2 years older than myself but to be honest I had no sexual feelings for her at all, although I did love her as a sister. It was about then that Mom unwittingly came to my rescue.

Mom decided that we needed some extra cash; we had a spare room and taking in a lodger seemed to be a good idea. It also seemed that getting a young lady around my sister’s age would provide my sister with some company. Mandy, a local girl, was the chosen one and within two weeks she had moved in to our spare back bedroom. Mandy was cool, she smoked and she hung around in coffee bars. She was a bit on the thin side and wore her hair in a pony tail. She used to dress in the 60’s fashion with flared skirts and petticoats; she always wore stockings that may well have been tights but I liked to think they were stockings and a suspender belt. As soon as I saw her I had the hots for her. I’m sure Mom wasn’t aware of what a bad influence Mandy would be on my sister, but then that’s another story. We lived in a big house and it was possible to move round without Mom and Pa being aware of where I was all the time. So sometimes in the evening, while the folks watched the Mardin Escort television I would be prowling round the house.

Mandy’s room was off limits but I had an urge to get in there and see what was what; maybe I could find out if it was tights or stockings she wore. So one night I armed myself with a small torch and crept into Mandy’s room. I just expected to see some girlie things and to have a nose round but I soon came across a small bundle of dirty washing in the corner of the room. Something stirred in my pants and my adrenalin began to flow, I was drawn to the dirty clothes like a moth drawn to a light in the night. I sank to my knees and delved into the pile, I pushed aside a couple of petticoats and a blouse and then I hit the jackpot, two pairs of panties! I could hear the television in the background downstairs and figured that my parents were engrossed enough not to wonder where I was.

I could also hear the beating of my heart which seemed to have taken on a life of its own. I tried, without much success, to calm myself down but my excitement was intense. I slipped down the zip of my pants so I could get my cock out; it was a bit of a fight because it was harder than it had ever been before and it didn’t want to bend much; but after a struggle it popped out. I sat back on my haunches and prepared to enter panty heaven.

After putting the torch on the floor I picked up the first pair of panties. They were light blue with a bit of lace trim and a little bow on the waistband. Up to now I didn’t realise that Mandy was a bit of a dirty girl, but it soon became obvious. As I opened up the panties I was confronted by a well stained gusset. I guess she had been wearing the panties longer than a young lady should. I quickly looked at the other pair of pink panties and noted that they were in a similar state. I dropped them to one side and concentrated on the first pair. I put the crotch to my nose and inhaled the sweet smell of Mandy’s private parts. I thought I might have died and gone to heaven, the smell was exquisite, it was all encompassing. I touched my tongue to the crutch piece and dared to taste the forbidden fruit. Disaster struck: I climaxed too soon! My spunk splashed out over my Mardin Escort Bayan shorts and down my trousers. A quick recovery was called for; I replaced the clothes as I had found them and then made a quick exit calling straight away at the bathroom to clean myself up.

For the next several days my whole body ached with the desire to return to those panties but circumstances didn’t allow me to take the chance. It was actually 5 days before I found myself in a position to mount another raid on the back bedroom.

Stealthily I crept into Mandy’s bedroom; quickly I lit up the corner with my torch but oh no there were no dirty clothes, no panties. Then it struck me, Monday was wash day; Mom had collected all the dirty washing and I was left frustrated.

Over the next two days the excitement mounted inside me. Wednesday was to be the day; Mom was going out in the afternoon and I would be home alone. Mom slipped off as scheduled at 2 pm. I went straight to Mandy’s bedroom and let myself in. I went down on hands and knees in front of the dirty washing pile. I hardly dared look in case there were no panties. I lay down and placed my head on the pile and just drank in the scent of Mandy; then gently and slowly using my teeth and lips I moved away the pieces one by one till joy of joy I struck gold; panties, pink panties.

I let my nose rest on the crotch; I unbuckled and unzipped my trousers and pushed them down while keeping my nose still buried in the panties. I gently rubbed my cock being very careful to keep myself in check. I rolled over on to my back and opening up the panties placed them over my face. I licked the gusset and I tasted Mandy; as the panties became wetter and wetter they released more and more of the smell and taste of Mandy’s pussy. I lifted them away from my face to look at them; there seemed to be a mixture of stains, they looked so good that I clamped the panties back to my nose and gently worked my throbbing cock. Right then I just didn’t give a toss about the rest of the world; I was so happy.

I pushed the whole gusset into my mouth and just sucked and sucked. After a few more minutes I reached a shuddering climax. I was a sticky mess; let’s say a happy stick Escort Mardin mess. Now it was time to beat a retreat and to make my escape. I put the clothes back where I found them and made a quick trip to the bathroom to clean up. I didn’t clean my face too well because I wanted the smell to linger on. I was already making a plan for next Wednesday and hoping to repeat the experience. Little did I know what fate would befall me.

Soon enough Wednesday came round again and as the morning passed my excitement increased. The morning seemed to crawl by but eventually I was on the doorstep waving Mom off to see her Aunt. I quickly bounded up the stairs and made a beeline for back bedroom heaven. My luck was in, along with bras, petticoats and stockings there were several pairs of panties. I got to thinking how nice it might be to wear one pair while I inhaled the heady aromas from another pair. So I dropped my pants and shorts and pulled on a pair of panties. The panties felt so very, very good and they looked kind of cute as well. Now I felt that my cock was as close to Mandy’s pussy as it was ever going to get. I opened up the second pair of panties and was a bit shocked and delighted to see that they were heavily stained. There seemed to be a little blood on the gusset so I guess she had been caught out. I leant back against the wall and placed the soiled panties over my head so that the smelly gusset was over my nose and mouth. I gently massaged my cock and moved my tongue up and down the crutch piece allowing the scent and the taste to transport me into a fantasy world. It was now that things started to go wrong.

I reached a climax and pumped copious amounts of spunk into Mandy’s panties. One pair of panties were still covering my face and I remember thinking to myself, what the heck let’s savour the smell and taste for a little while longer. I think I was in my own little world and not listening out for anything because all of a sudden the door opened and there was Mandy. I don’t know who was more shocked but I do know that my shock quickly turned to complete embarrassment. After a moments confusion Mandy seemed to get it all together; I started to stand up but Mandy quickly told me to stay put. There was something in her voice that suggested to me that I should do as I was told. She smiled and she smirked and she said “Well, well little boy what have we got here?”

Click, click; she had a mobile phone and now my stupidity was digitally recorded.

This moment was to change my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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