Behind His Back Ch. 01

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It is late evening when a slender, manicured finger presses the button next to the intercom. A voice comes over and says, “Yes?”

The young woman at the front door of the apartment complex leans forward, hands on her bare knees and with her plump pink lips says, “it’s me.”

“Come on up!” responds the girl on the other end.

The visitor downstairs enters the building and walks to the elevator, her hips swaying back and forth under her tiny denim mini skirt. Inside the elevator, two older business men are unable to take their eyes off of her as her finger nails rake through her hair and her finger tips adjust her bright lip gloss. Her make-up is perfectly applied and blends well with her light brown Filipina skin and dark hair which is tied up in a bun with a few curly strands hanging by the side of her eye. She presses the button marked ’12.’ The businessmen lean over and try to sneak a peek down the front of her blouse, a low cut black top that shows off her collar bone and the ample cleavage she has pushed up with her bra. She walks out of the elevator, the heels of her black felt boots with the fur rim at the top clacking against the hard ground. The businessmen behind her in the elevator try to stretch their necks to continue staring as the doors close and the beautiful girl disappears around the corner.

Inside the apartment marked ’12A’…

A young, recently married couple are frantically getting dressed. The husband, a plain looking white fellow, is still wearing only an ill-fitting t-shirt and old jeans while the wife, another gorgeous Filipina with long dark hair, dark brown skin, and naturally dark lips, has dressed into a white button down blouse, a pair of black slacks that show off her great hips and ass and flare around her ankles above black sandals with stiletto heels. She paces around the apartment impatiently.

“Are you not ready yet?” she yells in an annoyed voice.

“Not yet, honey,” her husband calls out in response.

“Ugh, God…” she says as she scratches between her eye brows while shaking her head and rolling her eyes, “Can you please get a move on? She’s going to be here any minute, god damn it!”

Her husband walks out of their bedroom with more formal attire, though still disheveled. “Sorry, honey…” he says. He sits down at the couch and puts his shoes on. She sneers at him while pacing then inhales deeply and sighs.

Just as he finishes getting dressed, a knock comes on the door. The wife’s eyes light up brightly as she grins and walks over to the door. Her husband smiles as he hasn’t seen her this happy in a long time.

She opens the door to reveal the sexy visitor on the other side.

“Rochelle!” the wife screams.

“Ashley!” Rochelle screams in turn.

The girls embrace and wrap their arms tight around one another. Rochelle’s finger nails instantly graze up Ashley’s back and a small shudder goes through her skin.

Ignoring the scratches, Ashley turns around and, arm in arm, walks over to her husband and introduces them. “This is Rochelle,” she says to him, staring at Rochelle out of the corner of her eyes, never letting the girl leave her sight. “Rochelle, this is my husband.”

Rochelle gives a polite smile and wags her fingers at him.

“Hi,” she says.

Ashley’s husband starts to ask about Rochelle’s trip when he is cut off by his wife who asks her in a giddy voice how her flight was.

Rochelle says, “Oh it was fine. Took a long time but I had a few drinks on board and it helped the time go by. Spent a lot of time thinking about you!” She glances over at Ashley’s husband and corrects herself, “You both, that is. Thinking about seeing you both.”

Ashley smiles and says, “Well same here!” She turns to her husband. “Hey, why don’t you go get Rochelle and I a drink? Have one yourself if you want. We have quite a bit of catching up to do.” She turns to Rochelle and gives a sweet smile and Rochelle returns in kind.

The girls take their stiff drinks to the couch where they sit down, taking up all of the room as they lean towards one another and their legs sit behind them on the cushions. Ashley’s husband takes a seat in a nearby chair and sips from his own drink.

The güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri girls talk for a long time about how their lives have been. Rochelle explains the series of relationships she’s been through and Ashley describes the Hawaiian honeymoon she had several weeks before.

“Oh wow, I have really missed talking to you,” Ashley says. Her friend places her hand on Ashley’s shoulder and smiles.

“Reminds you of all those nights I came home pretty drunk from the clubs, huh?” Rochelle asks with a grin.

Ashley laughs and turns to her husband and says, “We would stay up all night together like this.” her eyes wander back to Rochelle’s. Her eyes do not stay long at Rochelle’s eyes and absent mindedly drift downward, over Rochelle’s exposed flesh, including her midriff.

“Well, I’m going to get some more to drink. Ladies?” Ashley’s husband says.

The girls shake their head and he leaves the room.

“Cute piercing you got there,” Ashley says as she runs her fingernail around Rochelle’s belly button ring.

“You like? Had it done a few months ago. I like it,” Rochelle says as her hand pulls her blouse up a bit to show more of her stomach, her fingers grazing Ashley’s. Ashley’s cheeks go a shade pinker.

Ashley’s finger jerks away as her husband comes back in. Her husband sits down and turns the television on, drinking and occasionally glancing at the girls who continuously scoot closer together. They trade smiles and rest their heads together. The three watch television for a while longer until Ashley’s husband stretches as he sits up.

“Geez, it’s getting late huh? Why don’t you stay here the night, Rochelle? Ashley can take you out to lunch tomorrow,” he says.

“I think that’s a great idea,” Ashley says. “We should go ahead and get ready for bed, huh? You can sleep on this sofa, Rochelle.”

Rochelle finishes her drink and says, “Sounds good to me.”

In their bedroom, Ashley and her husband sit on opposite sides of the bed. He sleeps in boxer shorts alone while Ashley wears the expensive white lacy bra and matching thong.

“I’ve only seen you wear that once. What gives?” he asks.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve been dressed up all day. It kind of feels good to wear nice stuff, you know? I know you like to dress in rags, but trust me, it’s fun,” she says.

They both slip under the covers and he asks, “So she’s pretty hot huh? Didn’t know you had friends like that in school.”

“Yeah, she sure is…” she says in a low voice.

“Huh?” he asks.

“I said, ‘Yeah, I sure did.'” she responds.

“So you want to fool around?”

“Oh, honey. Not tonight. I don’t want to mess up these cute bra and panties you got me for our wedding night.”

“Yeah, it’s too bad you couldn’t wear them at the time.”

“I know. I just had no idea where they were. Sorry. Anyway, good night.”

Ashley turns out her lamp as he does the same.

In the living room, Rochelle’s shapely figure shifts in the moonlit room. Her boots are placed next to the couch and her skirt drops to the floor around her cute, pedicured feet. Her arms cross over her large C-cup breasts and she lifts her blouse over and off of her body, revealing a matching lacey bra and thong almost identical to Ashley’s but in black. Rochelle takes off her big hoop earrings and sets them on the table by the couch. She lays down, propping her head on one of the arms as to not ruin her hair. She thinks about Ashley’s smiling face as she drifts off to sleep.

A few hours later, at 5:30 AM, Rochelle stretches and lazily comes to. She can hear rustling coming from Ashley’s room. She continues to stretch, running her hands on her body sensuously. She sits up and walks to the hallway door and listens. Ashley’s door opens and her husband shuffles out with a wad of clothes in his hand. Rochelle steps back and looks around the corner with one eye as he steps into the bathroom. She bites her lip and waits.

A moment later she hears the shower turning on and she smiles slightly. Her hand grips the door frame and she starts to walk down the hallway, a warmth growing between her legs.

Rochelle silently pushes Ashley’s door open as her husband had güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri left it ajar. Rochelle slips in and quietly closes it behind her. She walks over slowly to Ashley’s side of the bed and looks at the sleeping girl. She bites her finger tip and gently pulls the covers down. Underneath, Rochelle finds Ashley in her revealing lingerie. Her mouth opens as she smiles. She pulls the covers all the way off of Ashley. Her fingernails trace from the top of Ashley’s panties, over her navel, up over her stomach and past the band in her bra that connects the cups. About an inch of space is between the short strap and the flesh between Ashley’s breasts. Rochelle’s finger snakes under this space from the stop, then drags her fingernails over Ashley’s cleavage.

The married young woman stirs in her sleep and looks up. “Rochelle?” she asks.

Rochelle drags her fingernails down Ashley’s chest in response.

Ashley inhales sharply and twists around on the bed, laying across the shorter width, parallel to the pillows.

“What are you doing?” she asks in surprise.

Rochelle climbs onto the bed, her right knee placed by Ashley’s left side.

“I’m here to take care of you,” Rochelle says. “You think I didn’t pick up on all those messages you were sending out with our phone calls? About how bored you were with your husband already? Maybe marrying him was a mistake? I don’t think you were joking when you said ‘I should have just married you.’ I’m here to give you what you want, baby.”

Rochelle begins lowering her perfect body onto Ashley’s. Ashley begins panting and squirming. Her body begins to quiver from the inside out the way a young girl feels as she is being taken for the first time on the eve of her wedding. She didn’t feel that way with her husband their first time after the ceremony. She was more preocuppied with finding a comfortable position as the inexperienced boy atop her thrust awkwardly into her barely moist pussy. Right now however, her pussy was soaking wet, craving the touch of her lover.

Rochelle leans down, her ass in the air still. Her breasts press against Ashley’s equally large chest. Her lips come within close contact of Ashley’s, barely touching.

The shower in the bathroom continues to spray.

Rochelle licks gently on Ashley’s lips as she props her hands under the girls arms. She pushes herself up, their breasts rubbing together roughly, her cleavage grazing Ashley’s mouth and nose, and her hips drop into Ashley’s, their pussies colliding in their thin, lacy thongs.

Ashley and Rochelle moan out in ecstasy.

Rochelle straddles Ashley and continues to perform her wave maneuver on her long time friend. Their bodies gliding against each other creates electrifying friction.

Ashley’s legs part a few inches as her eyes roll in the back of her head. Her arms are spread above her, as is her long, luxurious hair. Rochelle’s ass tightens when she comes down and gently thrusts her pussy against Ashley’s. She bites her lip and her eyes roll back as well as she gently speed up the humping process. Ashley’s lips come together tightly into her mouth, her teeth gnashing on the insides of her lips. She breathes heavily through her nose.

Both girls continue to moan, and their moans continue to rise in volume. Rochelle licks her lips as the married girl’s fingers slide up her torso, over her clothed breasts and to her kneck and jaw. Ashley’s index finger slips to Rochelle’s lips and the dominant girl begins to suckle on it. She inhales sharply and groans, a whole new erogenous zone pleasured, her lips and tongue caressing Ashley’s finger.

With the increased groaning, Rochelle shifts slightly downwards and grabs Ashley’s right thigh, pulling it up by her side. Ashley smiles and squeals at the feeling of her leg being pulled up.

“Let me show you what all those nights of going out clubbing without you have taught me,” Rochelle says in a heavy, sultry voice.

Rochelle spreads her legs wide and she straddles the leg still on the bed. Her back arching, she grinds her pussy into Ashley’s directly. She lets out a loud “Ah!” as Ashley gasps and arches her own back.

Rochelle holds on to Ashley’s güvenilir bahis şirketleri right thigh with her left arm. Her right arm holding onto the back of her own neck as she continues to arch. Ashley’s hands run down her own stomach as she breathes heavily. The sexy girl on top her begins slowly to grind her pussy. She steadily increases the speed. Grunts escape their throats. Rochelle’s hips start bucking wildly into Ashley as though she were on a dance floor. Her ass jiggles and an audible, wet slapping can be heard. Ashley begins to scream.

“Oh, Rochelle! Rochelle!!” the newlywed wails.

“Ashley! Oh, fuck yeah! Oh, baby! Ashley Ashley!!” Rochelle shouts as her body shakes and bounces.

Both girl’s flesh quivers. Their breasts bouncing in the bras, Rochelle’s ass shakes, their voices begin to warble.

The shower continues to go on providing cover for the loud noises while the girls make love.

Ashley’s hands grip the sheets as the bed begins to shake back and forth. The springs squeak and parts of the bed begin to bang into the night stands.

“Oh my God, Rochelle! This is the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life!” Ashley screams.

Rochelle grabs her neck and pulls her up. They kiss passionately as their bodies hump relentlessly into each other. Their tongues dart into each other’s mouths and wrestle with each other. Their panties are completely soaked as they fuck like wild animals. Their breasts crush together as they try to outdo one another in how far they can slide their tongue into the other’s mouths. Ashley’s head suddenly falls back, though her body remains in position to grind hard with her lover’s pussy. She lets out a cry as Rochelle lifts her leg straight into the air and grips onto it. She begins thrusting and pussyfucking her girlfriend with all her might. Both girls shriek. Both girls are sweating and panting. Their bodies almost vibrate and the screams come in unison. Ashley leans back on her hands and Rochelle falls foward on her, their bodies mashing into each other.

They climax at the same time, their noses touching and their screams echoing in the large bedroom. The bed continues to quake, slamming into the furniture around them. A lamp falls from one nightstand as their orgasms peak and their bodies and voices shake violently.

As their orgasms subside, the girls lie perfectly still for a few seconds, then both let out a sigh and start breathing deeply.

Rochelle climbs off of Ashley and stands next to the bed.

“Oh my god, baby. I’ve never cum that hard ever… I mean, ever!” Ashley exclaims.

“What? Your hubby don’t satisfy you?” Rochelle asks with a smirk and a wink.

“Hell no, not like that! Fuck!” Ashley says as she wipes her forehead. “I’m lucky if I’m able to fingerfuck myself after he’s passed out.”

The shower turns off.

“Uh oh…” Ashley says as she pulls the cover up over her and the soaking sheets.

“Guess I better get back to my bed huh?” Rochelle asks and laughs as she picks up the fallen lamp.

“I think you’ve earned the right to any bed in this household, hm?,” Ashley says.

Her girlfriend smiles, leans down and gives her a short, but passionate french kiss.

“I’ll see you later,” she says as she walks out of the room. Ashley’s eyes are fixed on her swaying hips, then glance up to see Rochelle facing her over her should just as she is about to step out the door.

“And next time I’ll see all of you,” she says as she blows Ashley a kiss.

Rochelle returns to the living room and lies on the bed.

“Wow,” she whispers.

Ashley’s husband walks into the bedroom without paying attention to anything. He finally glances at Ashley after shuffling around the room and getting dressed..

“Your face is all red and you’re sweating. Do you have a fever? Do you need me to get anything?” he says.

“I’m fine, just hot. Go where ever it is you’re going so I can get back to sleep,” she says as she half-heartedly sticks her tongue at him.

He chuckles and says, “Alright, honey.”

He gets dressed and leaves the room, leaving Ashley to stretch her arms and whisper, ‘Wow.”

Rochelle is lying on the couch reading a magazine from the desk, still in her lingerie, when Ashley’s husband walks in and averts his eyes. “Oh, geez. I’m sorry,” he says.

“Stare any longer and I’ll have to charge you,” she says with a furrowed brow and a predatory look of dominance.

“Sorry! Sorry!” he says as he shields his eyes and squeezes through the door.

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