Being Helpful

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Tags: bro-sis incest, period, tampon, menstruation, pussy licking (on period), body hair, blowjob, cum swallow. You’ve been warned.

Octavia is 26

Xylander is 19


I woke up Saturday morning, laying in the bed for a few more minutes to stretch. I then waited for my morning wood to subside before getting up and putting on a tshirt and some jogging pants over the boxer briefs I slept in. I briefly contemplated masturbating but knowing my sister, Octavia, was usually home and awake Saturday mornings kept me from doing so. There had been plenty of times she burst into my room unannounced, yanking off my covers and laughingly shouting “rise and shine!” so if she was home, I just couldn’t risk it.

So, I left my room and headed to the bathroom to pee. The door was halfway open already and when I swung it the rest of the way, I saw Octavia doubled over on the cold, hard bathroom floor wearing beige knee high socks and a black knit sweater, and as far as I could tell, that’s all she was wearing. Her ensemble left her warm ivory thighs bare for me to momentarily glare at. I had never seen her thighs look so sexy before and my guy instincts had me gazing curiously at the hem of the sweater, wondering what was underneath. But only for a second. I pulled my eyes back down near my feet, to her head which she didn’t lift to look at me. So all I saw was the messy curls of her shoulder-length, black hair.

“Hey, you okay?” I asked.

She groaned a little before she spoke. “Unnngh, yeah.”

“You sure? Because you don’t sound too good.”

“Just, be thankful you don’t have a uterus,” she said, barely willing to speak.

“Oh,” I said dumly, realizing she was having her usually bad period cramps again. “Anything I can do?” I recited my usual attempt at helpfulness that would surely prove vapid once again.

“Schedule a hysterectomy,” she joked weakly.

I grinned and let out a light chuckle, figuring if she was well enough to tell jokes she was okay. “So, uh…, can I pee really quick?” I asked.

“Ngghh, go ahead,” Octavia groaned, but didn’t budge.

“Go ahead Xy, I won’t look,” she repeated after I stood there for about eleven seconds like an idiot waiting for my sister to get out of the fetal position, forget her pain, and leave so I could pee. So stupid.

With guilt scraping the edges of my conscience, I stepped over Octavia to the toilet, noting how cold the floor always got in the winter. When I looked down, I saw the tampon she must have just removed floating in the water, just a bit of the tip soaked in red, turning the rest of the water a little pink. Being mature as I am, the sight of a used tampon didn’t bother me at all, but it was still an awkward situation. I’m about to pee with my sister next to me on the floor with her bloody tampon in the toilet. Just a little too close, I thought.

I glanced over at her to see her eyes squeezed shut. She wasn’t looking. Then, by instinct, I suppose, I looked back down to her lower body which was now closer to me. At that angle I was able to see she was wearing panties, to my surprising disappointment. Out of decency, I snatched my eyes away and pulled my cock out my pants to pee.

I flushed the toilet, washed my hands (though standing awkwardly due to the body in the middle of the bathroom floor), and left, hearing intermittent, soft groans from my sister. She must have been in a lot of pain and I felt guilty – her excruciatingly painful moment being a minor inconvenience for me. Tired of feeling guilty and useless, I began to think, what can I really do to help her? So I googled it.

“What helps with period pain?” I entered into the search box, heading through the hall and through the living room into the kitchen to get a quick morning snack of a granola bar and a banana. I scrolled the results while I ate and landed on an article titled ‘Seven Home Remedies for Period Cramps’. It was the kind of list that displays one answer per page – annoying, but the author promised results so I stuck with it. I headed back toward the bathroom with my phone in hand, finding that Octavia had most likely crawled from the bathroom to the plush carpeted living room floor. Her head was toward me and the kitchen while her long legs stretched back, pointing toward the front door.

“Hey, um…, so this article says that a massage to the lower back might help with your cramps,” I said, realizing how excited I sounded. I was hoping she interpreted it as me being happy to be helpful, which she did.

“Hm…, well come here then, see if it works. This shit kills,” she said with a little whine in her tone.

I paced over and sat on my knees facing her, right at her waist, just out of view of her underwear. I set my phone down beside me and let my hands land on the middle of her back and started with some light pressure.

“Mmm, lower,” she moaned lightly.

I went lower.

“Lower,” she said again.

My hands were right above her butt, Kars Escort I could feel the curve of her hips leading to it through the thick sweater, any lower and I would be massaging my sister’s ass. “Right there,” she finally moaned. I descended no more and began massaging her lower back, now more comfortable to do so since I had her express permission.

My mind started to drift, however. Thinking about how it would feel to have my hands on my big sister’s butt. It would definitely feel good. Soft, warm, round. Is it round? How round? I looked down from the spot I was massaging to her butt. Having a rather curvy, fleshy body type, Octavia did have a really nice bottom, at least as far as I could see through the sweater material. Not too big, not small at all, perfect, actually. I shook myself out of my booty daydream when Octavia spoke up again.


“Like this?”

“A little harder…,


There you go.”

“So this is helping?” I asked, smiling contentedly.

“Kind of, yeah… It still hurts but…, just keep going.”

I kept going, looking at her face when we spoke, but once we stopped, my eyes drifted back down her body. I started at her thick cotton covered feet, well proportioned, pretty. Then her legs, then her bare thighs and her butt again. Then I noticed something – that the movements of my hands on her back made her sweater twist side to side a little. What would happen if I started to rub up and down?

I nervously switched positions, angling myself diagonally up her body at her side. At this position, when I massaged, the bottom hem of her sweater rode up her legs, showing more and more of her delicious thighs. I kept going, rubbing up and up until the sweater edge reached the juncture of her thighs and I spotted her the teal cotton of her panties. The sight made my heart jump, now too nervous to even enjoy what I uncovered, I quickly massaged downward to let her sweater cover her again. I was never the peeping Tom type or a pervert and I resolved that my actions were way out of character. She was my sister for goodness sake!

As I continued rubbing, Octavia started to groan and wince again. She was still in pain. “You want me to stop?”

“No, keep going, it helps. But…, what else did the article say?”

“Oh, right,” I flipped to the next page on the article while massaging her with one hand. “It saaays…, exercise?” I was surprised at the article’s suggestion.

“I barely can crawl, how am I supposed to exercise?”

“Yeah, that won’t work,” I agreed, still rubbing her lower back. “The next one says chamomile tea. Do we have that?”

“Ugh, No.”

“I could go get some for you,” I suggested.

“No, your hands are the only thing keeping me alive right now,” Octavia sighed. I felt glad that I was being helpful, and proud to be needed. I smiled and clicked to the next page.

“Vitamin D. It says increasing your level of vitamin D decreases menstrual pains.”

“That’s what my doctor said. I’ve been taking vitamin D supplements for years. I don’t know if they help.”

“Hmm, they might be worse without it,” I thought aloud.

“Yeah, probably. That’s why I still take them. What else does it say?”

“Ummm…, heat!” I said after loading the next page. That one should have been a no brainer. “You got a heating pad?”


“You want me to…, go get one?” I hesitated to ask, sure she wanted my hands on her at least as much as I did.

“Mmmmnn,” she whined and groaned, likely contemplating being in more pain for a short time for the possibility of less pain long term.

“Or we could just turn up the heat?” I offered instead. “Put your back up to the vent? And I could keep massaging your back.”

She thought for a few seconds and then agreed. I got up and twisted the thermostat knob from 70 degrees to 82 degrees. It would be hot but if it would help Octavia I was willing to suffer a little warmth. As I did that, she rolled slowly over to the heating vent, sitting with her back to it with a couple inches of space between. She folded her arms across her lower abdomen, lifting her sweater up a little so her midriff and panties were visible.

“Xy? You gonna rub my back or what?” Octavia said, as I stood just staring, mouth ajar.

“I, uh…, your um,” I nervously pointed at my sister’s panties. Teal cotton boy briefs. Comfy looking and cute.

“My panties?” she looked down like she forgot what she was wearing, “Oh, I don’t care if you see them. I would put on clothes but…,”

“Oh, yeah, no, I get it,” I said, trying to keep my eyes on her face as I came and sat close next to her. As I slid my hand behind her, I watched as it made contact with her soft skin on the familiar curve right above the burgundy band of her panties. I started to knead her back from side to side, applying as much pressure as I could from that angle.

When I checked her facial expression, she had her eyes Kars Escort Bayan closed, which I took advantage of. I dragged my eyes down to her panty-clad crotch, leaning forward to see the full front of her boy briefs between her crossed legs. I couldn’t believe I was staring right at Octavia’s panties. Her comfortable, soft panties. My sister’s cute, sexy panties and the puff of her feminine mound. And she said didn’t even care if I see. But I think she might have if she saw me concentrating on her crotch, or if she noticed the lump that was growing in my pants.

The furnace burst to life in the basement and sent a gust of heat through the vent onto my arm and Octavia’s exposed lower back. She tilted her head back and exhaled. “That feels good,” she whispered softly, keeping her eyes closed.

“You want me to-“

“Keep going,” she interrupted. I obeyed and kept rubbing while stealing glances at her cute little panties. I was surprised at how turned on I was just to be so close to her while she wore her panties. Her sweater up above her waistline, showing plenty of creamy skin. I started letting my hand wrap further around to feel more of it, even the little bit of roundness close to her tummy felt really sexy to me, making me hornier as time went on.

She kept her eyes closed, occasionally moaning when I rubbed deep into her tissue as the hot air warmed her up and alleviated her pain. And I kept stealing glances at her body, her sexy, juicy looking thighs above the beige knee socks, and the heavenly sight of her panties, encasing her most prized body parts, her bouncy booty and her precious pussy. Feeling a little risky, I began to work my hands downward as I massaged her until my pinky finger slipped underneath the band of her underwear.

I was nervous, but surprisingly she didn’t protest. It must have felt so good she couldn’t process her brother’s semi-perverted behavior, or maybe it was the pain from the cramps. I could feel the beginning of the split of my sister’s butt crack, and she didn’t care! As horny as I was – and I was very horny – I wouldn’t dare take it any further. But God knows I wanted to slip a finger vertically down in between the ample globes of Octavia’s ass, down into the sweet and sweaty crevice to find she welcomed me groping her body and wanted it as bad as I. But that was a far out fantasy that I was sure I would never realize. So I, the ever helpful brother, just rubbed and rubbed and massaged, drawing sexual gratification from my unknowing, sexy sister Octavia. If I would have just masturbated, I wouldn’t have been so horny and I wouldn’t be acting like such a pervert. I wished I could have done it then.

After a while, it started to get really hot and it wasn’t just because of my perversion. My hand and arm and Octavia’s back started to get clammy with sweat, and I was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable because of it, and apparently I wasn’t the only one. Octavia, without warning or reservation, leaned forward and lifted her sweater up from the bottom, removed it and threw it across the living room floor. I checked her facial expression and she opened her eyes and looked at me. “What? It’s hot.”

“Yeah, I know. I just…,” I managed.

She grinned at my apparent discomfort. “Just think of it as a reward for helping me out,” she flirted. “This massage feels awesome. Keep going.” I hadn’t realized I stopped. I was too busy gazing stupidly at my sister and thinking about her flirty comment. She knew that me seeing her (and touching her) in just socks, a peach bralette and teal panties was a reward – and was it ever. Octavia wasn’t model skinny, but she wasn’t fat either. She was deliciously curvy and sexy with nice, full breasts that more than filled her struggling cups. I never thought the pinnacle of feminine beauty would be found in my mismatched basics wearing sister while she was on her period. My cock ached and twitched and leaked precum as I massaged Octavia’s back while ogling her luscious, sexy body. And my libido was only aroused more by my sister’s soft coos and whimpers, whether of pain or pleasure I wasn’t sure, but they sounded like purrs of sexual satisfaction to me.

“What else does the list say?” Octavia asked. I had forgotten all about it, having been lost in the orgy of flesh on display to me and sensual sounding moans.

“You don’t feel better?”

“I do, but it does still hurt some.”

“Ok, let’s see,” I said, picking up my phone to check the next item on the list. I clicked the next page and my heart skipped a beat when I read the words ‘have an orgasm’. And to make it worse, Octavia didn’t close her eyes like before – she had just read the same thing I did. I chuckled nervously before saying, “well…, I guess that’s the end of my usefulness…” I couldn’t even look at her. I was afraid my facial expression would say what I was thinking, that I would love to give my sister a long, satisfying, screaming orgasm by rubbing or licking or fucking Escort Kars her sodden pussy! We sat in awkward silence for about five seconds.

“Well, you’ve been so good so far. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be helpful with this one last little thing.” I looked over at her, stunned. “It really isn’t that big of a deal. You just have to rub me. If you think about it, it’s nothing different from what you’re already doing… Just…, do it between my legs… pleeeeease Xy? I’m in pain.”

She had a look on her face I’ll never forget. The only way I could describe it is the look on your face when you want your brother to rub your pussy. A naughty look with a hint of plea I couldn’t refuse. She needed this from me, and I wanted it so fucking bad.

“O- Ok, I’ll do it…, uh…, so, how do I-” I trailed off as to not sound as eager as I was to ask my sister how to best touch her pussy.

She spoke as she switched her position, causing me to stop rubbing her back. “Just do it. But be slow and gentle. But not too gentle! Just, like, start easy and…, just take control… It’s better when a guy just does whatever he wants to me.” She ended up on her back with her feet on the floor, knees up and thighs apart. If I would have touched my cock, I would have came right then and there, right between her heavenly spread legs, all over those cute little panties. Right where I now had permission to put my greedy fingers.

I sat beside Octavia like before, eyeing the puff of her perfect pussy, the most fitting prize for a helpful brother like me. I slowly placed my fingertips on the front of the super soft cotton panties. “Don’t be scared, Xy. Rub it,” my sister encouraged, nibbling the corner of her lip in preparation. I slid my middle finger right between, pressing in a bit to feel her slit and Octavia sharply sucked in air before quivering slightly.

“Oh, shit,” she whispered in a sigh, closing her eyes and indulging in the thought, no, the reality that her little brother was going to make her cum. I kept my trembling hands between my sister’s shaky legs, rubbing up and down her pussylips through her thin panties, giving her sensitive clit a little pat every now and then, eliciting a little jerk and moan from her every time.

Before long she was squirming and humming her delight at my steady teasing rubs up against her cute panties. I then slid my hand up above the rim and back down beneath it, into my sweet sister’s panties to touch her achy pussy. I could feel her pubic hair grating my fingers as I made my way through to the apex of Octavia’s pussy. The way she reacted, with harder lip bites, mini convulsions and groans, I knew that if I kept rubbing her clit, she’d cum in no time. But that’s not what I wanted. I wanted to explore her more, specifically, I wanted to feel inside my sister’s hot, dripping pussy.

I pulled Octavia’s panties down some and she aided by lifting her hips up. I snaked my hands further down, past her sensitive, throbbing nubbin through the slickness of her pink slit, parting her lips to run a curious finger along the path to her sweet, gushing hole. That’s when I felt her tampon string and realized I probably shouldn’t push into her while it was in there because it probably could get stuck. So I pinched the tail and pulled slowly, looking my sister in her awestruck eyes as my own hands were quaking and my heart was pattering. Her blue eyes were big and beautiful, full of surprise, wonder and lust.

I pulled the string until the whole tampon came out my sister’s pussy, the tip of it saturated with her crimson liquid. “Just put it in my panties,” she said when I looked around clueless about what I should do with it. “I’ll wash ’empty after.”

I set the used tampon inside my sister’s panties underneath her, right between her thighs. She then closed her legs and slid the panties down to her knees as I watched in astonishment. “Take ’em off, could you?” Octavia said, smiling at my fixation on her hairy crotch. It was sexy and raw, but not too overgrown. It might have been a few weeks since her last shave, if I was to guess.

“Oh, y-yeah,” I said with a dry mouth and pulled the warm, damp panties all the way down her legs and off her feet. I made sure the bloody tampon was safe in the middle of the panties and set them aside. My sister spread her legs again and I placed myself in between on my knees to set my hands at play. I slipped a finger inside her soggy passageway, and then two fingers, finding the first finger striped red upon removal. It was so sexy a sight, I voiced a little groan before I started slowly finger fucking my sister’s soused pussy. Octavia lay on her back moaning lowly as I slowly slid my two fingers easily back and forth, in and out, curling them inside her yielding, menstruating vagina.

A new, messy, image of cream and crimson painted my hand with every stroke of my sister’s cunt. I was in love, or at least some twisted perversion of it. Even the thick tuft that covered her mound was sexy as hell to me – the way her hips writhed with my fuckings, how her sweat sheened tummy contracted and even how she smelled. I was enraptured by her so much, I wanted her so badly.

“Damn Xy, I almost forgot you’re my brother!” Octavia groaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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