Beldine and I

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Dear Readers:

This is my first attempt at writing a gay male story. I am a 32-year-old straight woman who finds the idea of two men together just as hot as many straight men find two women together. I am sorry if I am not very good at this genre; not having had even the experience of watching it live, I can only imagine,



Beldine thundered down the lists toward me, his horse Goliath panting underneath him. He was truly quite impressive, I had to admit – he’d beaten everyone in the joust today and seemed well in line to be the reigning champion. His helmet glinted in the late afternoon sun, and he sat easily and well in the saddle. I felt my cock stiffen as I watched, and mentally scolded myself. That was for later.

CRASH! His lance hit the other man’s shield. The other man only got a glancing blow in, and as Beldine rode by, I saw him totter and then crash to the ground. Beldine continued on toward me, slowing down, and I stood to catch Goliath’s reins.

He lifted his visor to look down at me fondly. “Hey, little brother – how was that one?”

“Not bad, just a little sloppy.”

“Sloppy?!” he said in mock indignation. “You wouldn’t know sloppy if you were at the other end of the lance.” I ignored the possible secondary meaning of this comment and answered, in my best sarcastic tone.

“That’s what you get for calling me ‘little’. I may be younger than you but I can kick your ass anytime.” And this was true. I was a year younger than him, but about 40 pounds heavier and two inches taller. I took after my father, and thus was a big burly man – not fat, certainly, but muscular and often towered over people.

Beldine on the other hand was slimmer, though he had bulked up a bit training for the jousting match all this time. He was a little shorter and took more after his father – we weren’t true brothers, but cousins. However neither of us had a real brother and we’d been raised in the same household since I was fifteen and he sixteen, so we were closer than many real siblings.

“Well, Beldine, it looks like you’re done for the day, so shall we get you cleaned up?” I led Goliath back towards Beldine’s tent, and stepped around to help him dismount.

“How do I get you to be this helpful and obedient other times, eh?” he said. Though he joked, I saw him wince as he put his hand on my shoulder and heavily jumped down. He’d taken quite a drubbing today. I had thought that jousting was kind of a joke sport, but I was impressed at how serious it was and how hard the lances hit.

As he returned to the tent, however, he let his hand brush gently against my cock, which jumped in my pants. Obviously he wasn’t completely drained. I gave him a scolding look and ushered him inside.

“I’ll start being obedient the day you stop being the favored son,” I ribbed him back. He was, indeed the favored son – I had left home at an early age, and he was the responsible one, but I didn’t mind. He made the choice I had never wanted to make, so he deserved the status. And he never lorded it over me.

I sat him down inside the tent. “Take your helmet off,” I ordered, and with a half-smile he did so. I brought over a basin bahis firmaları of water. Dipping a cup into it, I poured it over his head. He sighed in relief. I washed the bruise and felt him wince. “Gentle there, little brother.” I looked up at him and smiled. “I’ll do my best. But that’s for later.” He gave me a sly smile back, which quickly changed to a groan as I bandaged the injury.

“Being stuck inside that armor makes you feel like you’ve been canned. And that’s not even mentioning the bruises.”

“I saw that. And here I thought it would all be prancing and posing. Here, why don’t you clean yourself up a bit and I’ll go clean up your horse?”

I went out back and brushed down Goliath, who snorted at me fondly. I had volunteered to play the part of Beldine’s squire; as he was not a true knight (yet), he hadn’t got one and the young boys just didn’t do as thorough of a job anyway.

The day of jousting was over, and I waited as Beldine and the other jousters made their pass in front of the king. He returned, and I again helped him down from the horse. I turned Goliath over to the stablemaster and walked with Beldine.

“So where’s that pretty little girl of yours, Corvallion?”

“Oh, she watched you in the crowds. She knew I’d be busy, so she’s with Corrina doing some girlie thing.” Corrina was Beldine’s younger sister and my cousin, and the girl he spoke of was Elrissa, my fiancé, who knew that on the rare times I came home I most wanted to spend time with my brother.

We went up to his suite of rooms, where I helped remove the armor again. I bundled it up and rang the bellpull and had one of the house staff take it downstairs with him. “Would you like me to run the bath, sir?” he queried.

“No thanks, I’d rather do it myself.”

Beldine must have heard me as I came back in, because he stopped me. “Why do you want to do it yourself?” The look in his eyes was amused and knowing.

I grinned but he always made me feel young and unsure of myself. Not that that was necessarily a bad thing. I liked the way he made me feel, though he was the only one I would put up with such a thing from.

As though he read my mind, he put his hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me against the back of the door and said, “Feeling shy, are we? You didn’t always feel shy…matter of fact, I remember times when you were pretty damn bold.”

I let him kiss me, tasting the salt on his mouth, and I even let him lean against me, but when I felt his hand caress my cock I slapped his hand away again, even as I stiffened again in response. “You’re filthy.”

“Never knew you to care over much about cleanliness.”

“You’re probably right, considering how filthy you are regularly.”

“Me?” he exclaimed in mock hurt. “You’re the adventurer.”

“True, you’re probably sitting around polishing your nails too much to ever get dirty.”

He chuckled. “Touché. Now are you going to draw that bath for me or not?”

He was leaning on me heavily, and I felt his own hardness pressing into me, exciting me to no end. Still, I ignored it and pushed past him, and headed for the bathroom. “I would have done it long since if you hadn’t kaçak iddaa interfered.”

I ran the water to the temperature he liked, and as I did he followed me in. He was unbuttoning his shirt so I rose to help him.

I couldn’t resist kissing him again, feeling the salty taste of his mouth as I did so. I removed his shirt and whistled. It’d been a while since I’d seen him without his shirt on. “All that jousting practice certainly put some weight on you, didn’t it?” I ran my fingers over unfamiliar muscles. Beldine wasn’t thin or skinny but he had always been a lot lither than me and while I still outweighed him, I found his newfound strength incredibly attractive.

I let my mouth run over where my fingers had earlier. His eyes were closed at this point, but he murmured softly, “I thought you said I was too filthy.”

“I guess I lied.” Still, I undid his pants, and letting them drop to the floor, slid his shorts off him too.

His body was hard and worn. Less scarred than mine, palace life just generally wasn’t as tough as mine, but he still bore a few scars from the lance. Broad shoulders, tanned skin, narrowing down to slim hips and a handsome cock, already risen from its nest of black hair. I stroked it, once, and then helped him into the tub.

“Tease,” he said, as I began to wash and scrub down his shoulders.

“Now Beldine. You know I’m no tease. Just wait until after.”

I washed him down, and then helped him onto the massage table. I began to work on his muscles. They were sore and knotted.

“You know, you never do this for me.” I complained.

“Well, you’re never around when you come back from adventuring. Or I might.”


I finished up with his back and legs, and gently turned him over. He wore no towel, and it was evident what my massage had caused. He was fully erect at this point.

I deliberately ignored it, massaging his chest, shoulders, legs – only going so close to his groin and no further. I could see the arousal and longing in his face, warring with the obvious enjoyment of the massage.

I rubbed him down until even I could take it no longer, and then filled my hands with oil and slid them up to his cock. Even as I took it in my hands, it jumped, and he gasped. He was already leaking.

“Is that how it’s going to be, big brother?” I murmured.

He smiled ruefully, eyes closed. “It’s been a long time, you know.”

“I know.” I squeezed, and began to stroke up and down, just the way he liked it. I slid my left hand between his legs and began to fondle his balls, running my finger along his sack and right up to his anus, which seemed to welcome my finger in. Who was I to argue, I thought, as I slipped my middle finger in up to the second knuckle.

He groaned, and arched his back forward as I knew he would. As he did, I let his cock slide into my mouth, coating the head with my saliva. His eyes flew open in surprise and desire, and without much conscious thought he began pumping against me. My right hand still gripped him firmly, and as I had suspected, it didn’t take long at all. Four – five pumps – and he came in my mouth, fiercely, his hands digging into the mat.

I kaçak bahis swallowed it, every drop, sucking him off gently, still holding him with the other hand. His moans were sweet sounds in my ear as he slowly relaxed.

He lay back, eyes closed, breathing heavy, as I drained every drop from him, then cleaned him off with my tongue, and gently withdrew my finger from him. He reached up and took my hand. “There’s just something about the way you do it, little brother…”

I laughed. “Well, is that all you’ve got, or is there anymore?”

His face hardened, and he sat up, facing me. He drew me close to him and covered my mouth with his; licking up the last few drops of his own come. He pulled at my shirt buttons, roughly, half undoing them and half ripping them. I helped him along as best I could, but without waiting his hand was already in my pants, gripping my cock.

Beldine bit my neck and it was my turn to moan in his ear. He tried to open my pants with one hand but couldn’t do it, so I had to help him. They dropped around my ankle, and my shorts followed soon after.

He jumped to his feet, and pressed his body against mine in a long soul-searching kiss. It was always one of my favorite things, feeling his bare body, running my hands over his tight ass, feeling our cocks rubbing against each other. He was already hard again – the joys of being young.

“I want you,” he grunted in my ear, and I merely nodded. He stepped out of my way, and gently pushed me up against the massage table, bending me over. I gripped the other side and waited. I heard Beldine doing something, and then the slick feeling of his fingers invaded me – he had grabbed the massage oil. He thoroughly rubbed the oil all over me, even inside, and then pressed his cock against my entrance.

I was used to him and his ways and it wasn’t difficult nor painful, though I gritted my teeth at his size. Slowly he slid all the way in until his hips were pressed tight against me, and then he slipped his hand underneath me and gripped my cock in his fist.

As he began to move inside me, both of us moaning, he began to pump me as well. His cock filled me and I felt loved, wanted, and used all at the same time. To be fucked like this by my own cousin – to be taken over his table – I loved this.

He measured the strokes of his fist to his cock, long, and slow at first, then slowly increasing speed. I didn’t think I would be able to take it for long at all, but just when I was on the verge of coming, he pinched the skin of my balls just enough to push it back. I could have yelled in frustration.

His other hand was on my shoulder, and he used it for leverage as he began to pound my ass harder. I grunted and felt my cock jump in his hand. He leaned over me and bit my ear, and muttered in my ear, “So I’m a bad jouster, eh? It’s a game to you, isn’t it? Is this a game?” All I could do was groan in response. The massage table was shaking from our fun, and I gripped it hard and yelped with each thrust.

As he built, his hand began moving faster and rougher, just the way I liked it, until with a loud groan he slammed into my ass and came. He turned his head just a little and bit my shoulder, hard, and that drove me over the edge too, as I shot all over his floor, crying out with the satisfaction of it. He lay against me, panting, and then gently kissed my neck.

“How I missed you, little brother.”

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