Ben and Christine

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At the age of 16, I was never the type to commit to any relationship. Having a boyfriend who my parents hated certainly didn’t help with that issue either. Upon graduation I broke up with him in order to pursue my college degree and have fun, even though it broke his heart.

Five years later, I was married and considered a “trophy wife.” To say that I left my hometown behind is an understatement. I never looked back and could have cared less what that place had to offer. That was until my husband had a new office building under construction.

My boyfriend from high school had stayed in that town and decided to build his career with a company based solely on delivering heavy equipment to those in need. I had no idea what the next 24 hours would hold when my husband told me I had to be available to open gates for deliveries since he was headed out of town.

On a Friday morning, my secretary called me and said that a delivery was waiting at the North Gate to our construction site. I told her to call back and say I was on my way. Needless to say, I’ve come to the conclusion in my life that I’m important (way more important than I ever was in my hometown) and I’m not going to rush anywhere when I’m paying the person waiting on me.

Finishing up lunch, I head down to our site and park behind the truck.

Paying no attention, I head to the gate and unlock it. Turning around and seeing the driver facing his truck with some paperwork, I say, “Gates open.” He turns and instantly I freeze. “Gee just shy of a decade.” He says.

Thinking he doesn’t recognize me I continue to play it cool. “Look I’m real sorry about that but I was tied up with something and I got here as fast as I could.”

“Oh yeah well I have other deliveries to make and I can’t be waiting all day on you.” He says with a smile.

“Well I guess that’s too bad since I’m paying you. You’ll wait as long as I want you to.”

He hands me the papers and says, “Sign these please.” As he heads to unload the trailer.

Walking back to my car, I get a pen and sign off on the delivery wondering if this man realizes I’m the girl who left him five years ago.

As he comes back out of the gate and heads for his truck, I step out and say, “Hey, here’s your papers. Thanks again for getting it here on such short notice.”

“No problem that’s my job, Christine.” He smiles.

Blushing, “So you do remember me?”

“Of course how could I not remember the girl who stomped on my heart and ran off to marry some millionaire?”

“It’s not like that. You knew we were done long before almanbahis I ended it.”

“No I had every intention on marrying you but you had every intention on seeing how many men you could blow.”

“Well this has been a great visit. I gotta go.” I turn and get in my car driving away.

The next couple days I keep thinking about how I was wrong for leaving him the way I did and then I remember the equipment has to be picked up in a couple days. I wonder if I call the company would they send the same driver out if I say what a wonderful job he did.

Two days later I’m waiting at the site to let him in to pick up the equipment after being told that they would be happy to send the same driver since I had such a wonderful experience. “Oh boy if they only knew the experience I have planned today.” I thought to myself while waiting on him.

As he pulls up and backs in to load the equipment I step out and walk over, “Hey I know the other day didn’t go so well but can we grab some lunch or something?”

He glances down at the time on his phone, “Sure I got a couple hours to spare.”

He loads the equipment and parks his truck in our lot. As he gets in my car I am reminded of why I loved this man: his smell is intoxicating. I don’t think he’s changed cologne ever and that was always the way to get me wrapped around his fingers.

“Same cologne as five years ago or is that just a coincidence because you were going to see me today?” I ask as I head to the restaurant.

“Oh it’s just what I like. I promise it has nothing to do with you.”

“Wow still hate me then?”

“You know I don’t hate you, but I have harbored hard feelings since you left. You didn’t exactly break it to me easy.”

Parking and heading in to grab a bite to eat, we are seated by a young attractive female with quite the nice body. Noticing him glancing her over, I smile.

As she walks away, “Nothing has changed, you’re still an ass man.” I smile.

“Well what can I say, it’s nice but I remember someone else’s being a hell of a lot nicer.” He winks.

Oh my god that wink! I could die right here and be happy.

Catching up over lunch, I catch myself in a trance looking into his eyes, realizing I may have let a good one get away.

As we walk out of the restaurant, he asks me a question I never thought I’d hear again. “Can we go to your place?”

Looking at him in shock, “Uh yeah I guess so. What’s up?”

“Just want to see what you moved up to.”

“Well okay but it’s just a house.”

“I highly doubt you moved almanbahis giriş into just a house. You blew a man well enough he married you, kept you away from your family all this time, and look at what you drive. It’s not just a house.”

Smiling to myself as I head home. Pulling into the gates and pulling up to my home as I look over at him. “Oh just a house huh Christine? This is a damn mansion.”

“It’s just a house. I could care less about it anymore.”

He looks at me strangely, “Girl you grew up in a two bedroom shack and you don’t care about this house?”

“I miss the simple life Ben what can I say?”

“Oh the simple life? The life where I would have taken you and married you, kept you close to family, not corrupted you into some rich bitch who thought she owned the world? That life?”

Looking down, “yeah that life.”

He leans over and kisses my cheek, “Well since you don’t care about this house, I have an idea.”

“Oh yeah what’s that?”

Opening up the door he steps out and I do the same. Walking towards my front door, he turns and says, “Open it.”

I unlock the door and we walk inside to the foyer that leads into the great room.

He grabs my hand and pulls me towards the couch. “Remember how many times we played on your mom’s


“Yeah I do for sure,” I say smiling.

“Well it’s time to mark this one. I’m going to remind you just what you left behind for all this.”

As I go to speak he kisses me, “No talking.”

Feeling his lips against mine, I am reminded that those lips pleased every inch of my body years ago.

“Did you forget how to use this wonderful mouth?” He asks.

Dropping to my knees I look up at him, “Never.”

He unzips his pants and frees his rock hard cock. Taking it slowly into my hand as I stroke him before sucking on just the head. Hearing his moans I am reminded at why I loved doing this for him. I continue sucking on just the head as I roll my tongue in slow circles around him.

He reaches down and grabs my head holding me there as he slowly pushes his cock farther into my mouth, causing me to gag. “Oh hubby must not be this big” he smirks.

Looking up at him, he pushes farther forcing himself deep into my throat. Gagging a little as spit runs down his shaft I come up slowly and begin stroking him. He grabs my hand and stops me. “Stand up.”

Standing up he removes my dress. Turning me around he unhooks my bra freeing my breasts and slides my panties down. Reaching around he runs a finger up my slit feeling how almanbahis yeni giriş wet I am. “Someone missed me?”

Nodding my head he pushes me down over the arm of the couch. “Lets compare size here.” As he slams his cock into my pussy stretching me.

Screaming out in pleasure, he reaches up and covers my mouth, “What if he comes home Christine? Wouldn’t want him to hear this would you?” I stifle my screams a bit better as he continues plunging deep into my pussy.

The front door opens and I smile as he freezes. Kevin comes in and says, “What the hell is going on?”

Ben continues holding me on his cock just barely rocking back and forth as he says, “Explain Christine.”

“Look Kevin, this is Ben, my high school boyfriend I told you about. We ran into each other and well I’m sorry. I know what you could do though honey.” I say

“Oh what’s that?” Kevin asked sarcastically.

“Sit down and watch.” I smile. “You know you do whatever I tell you to, so let Ben show you how you should be fucking me anyway.”

Ben laughs and says, “Well I had no idea he was a sissy. Guess men with money don’t have to worry about being in charge.”

Looking back at Ben, “Show him why I’m such a freak.”

“Gladly.” Ben grabs my hips and pulls me back hard on his cock causing me to scream loudly. Slamming himself into me as he takes my hips and rocks me side to side stretching my pussy more and more.

Smacking my ass as he fucks me harder, I moan loudly, “Oh god he’s huge Kevin.”

Ben begins thrusting faster and deeper feeling himself burying his cock deep in my pussy with each thrust. My screams becoming louder and more often, he leans down and whispers in my ear, “Squirt on my cock.”

Hearing him tell me to do that after all these years still has the same effect, I instantly begin squirting as he pulls his cock out of me and violently rubs my clit as I soak the couch and his cock. Kevin looks on in amazement as Ben laughs, “No idea she could do that huh?”

Ben grabs a handful of my hair and stands me up turning me around as he kisses me passionately. “Now you know what I want.”

Dropping back to my knees I begin stroking him fast and hard as I suck on just the head of his cock. His moans becoming deeper and deeper as he pulls my hair harder. He reaches down and begins stroking his cock which is my cue to come up and wait patiently for my reward.

Looking up at him with my mouth open, he asks, “Do you want this cum again?”

Nodding my head yes he grabs my hair and holds me in place as he explodes all over my face and tits. I swallow all I can as he hands me Kevin’s shirt to clean up with. “Here you can use this, I’m sure he won’t mind.”

Standing up I kiss Ben and say, “Maybe you can come by more often? Kevin isn’t going to be much a fight I’m sure. “

“Oh I’ll be back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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