Best Friends

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The question arose one morning (as it did nearly every day when you are young, and it is summertime) what to do with herself today?

NormaJean was seated at the counter eating her usual breakfast, which consisted of a bagel and a cup of decaf. She looked out the window, and saw that the day was overcast. Probably not a good day to go for a walk. While she pondered her options, the phone rang shrilly in the next room.

NormaJean heaved herself up off the barstool, and slowly padded to the living room. When she answered, with a dull “Hullo?”, she was greeted by silence. “Hullo?” she repeated. When, again, no response was forthcoming, she pulled the receiver away from her ear and glanced at it, as if to confirm it existed.

“NormaJean?” came the voice on the other end, finally. “NormaJean, is that you?”

NormaJeans heart skipped a beat when she realized it was Sydney on the other end. She pressed the phone close to her flushed cheek and whispered “Syd, it’s me.”

“Are your parents home right now?” Sydney demanded.

“Nooooo,” NormaJean cooed. “Mom went over to Aunt Beckys, and Dad is out golfing.”

“Then I’m coming over right now!” declared Sydney. Her voice conveyed a sense of urgency.

“Okay, the door will be open,” giggled NormaJean.

NormaJean hurried up to her room. She slipped out of her shorts and t-shirt, and pulled a lacy teddy from her top dresser drawer. She struggled to put it on, then took a look at her reflection in the mirror. Lipstick, she thought. And I need to brush my hair.

She rushed into the bathroom where she put on her sexiest, come-hither red lipstick, and brushed through her blond tangles.

She looked into the mirror once again. She puckered her lips, batted her lashes, and struck a sultry pose. She was very satisfied by what she saw.

In fact, she turned herself on so much that she could feel her nipples hardening under the scratchy lace teddy.

She admired her large breasts, and flicked a nipple lightly with a well manicured fingernail. It sent a current trabzon escort of electricity straight to her vagina. She squeezed, and rolled the erect nipple back and forth between her finger and her thumb. In response, she felt a bit of moisture lubricate the inside of her lips. She winked at herself, then raced into her bedroom to get everything ready.

NormaJean closed the shade of her small window, which made her room quite dark. She lit all her candles, and closed her bedroom door. That done, she climbed into bed to wait.

Just a few moments later, Sydney opened the door. She was clad in a long jacket, and high heeled boots. Her long red hair gleamed in the romantic lighting. With a naughty grin on her face, Sydney closed the door and locked it.

“NormaJean…” Sydney said in a way that made NormaJean feel as though her name was incredibly sexy. “Look what I brought.” She reached into her purse, and her hand emerged with the biggest dildo NormaJean had ever seen.

NormaJeans eyes opened wide, and her hands flew up to her mouth. “Sydney, it’s so huge!” she whispered. “What if it hurts?”

Sydney made no reply, she just grinned wickedly. Hungrily, she licked her lips. Tossing her wild red mane, she proceeded to unbutton her jacket. Turning her back on NormaJean, she let it drop to the floor.

NormaJean gasped. Sydney had worn nothing beneath the coat. The cheeks of her ass glowed rosily in the candlelight. The high heeled boots she had on made her long legs look even longer.

NormaJean let out a low moan. She couldn’t stand it. “Sydney, please turn around,” she begged.

Sydney, hands on her hips, obliged. She had small breasts, but they were well shaped. Topping each one was a thimble sized pink nipple.

NormaJeans eyes wandered down. Sydney had toned, flat abs. Her hips flared out a bit, and a luscious mound of red hair sat atop the two most perfect legs NormaJean had come across.

NormaJean felt her arousal growing. Looking at Sydney in all her splendor, she felt she had trabzon escort bayan never been so lucky in her life. “Please…” she pleaded.

At once, Sydney came to her. NormaJean tried to embrace her, but Sydney pushed her hands away.

“I want to try something different today,” drawled Sydney. “Do you trust me?”

“Absolutely,” NormaJean replied.

“Awesome!” whispered Sydney. She grabbed her purse and took out two long silk scarves.

“Hold your hands out!” Sydney snapped.

NormaJean did as asked. Sydney fastened each hand securely to a bedpost.

She then drew out another scarf, which she used to blindfold NormaJean.

Sydney knelt and untied the lacy teddy, which caused NormaJeans large breasts to spring free. Sydney took one nipple between her fingers and began to roll it back and forth. She covered the other with her mouth, and started to alternately suck and nip.

NormaJean was in intense pleasure. She moaned and sighed and wiggled.

Sydney kept alternating breasts, so that they each got the attention they deserved.

As NormaJeans pleasure built, Sydney lightly ran her free hand down NormaJeans torso, stopping finally just above her pleasure center. Sydney slipped a finger inside, and found it to be nice and wet. She gathered up some of the moisture on her fingertip, then withdrew her finger. She positioned the dewy finger right on NormaJeans clit, and pressing lightly, began a slow massage.

Just when NormaJean was sure she would explode, Sydney stopped. NormaJean still had the blindfold on, so she couldn’t see what Sydney was up to.

Suddenly, NormaJean felt the large head of the dildo pressing up against her lips. The pressure built, until finally the head broke through. NormaJean had never had anything so huge inside her before, but Sydney was gentle. With each thrust, it went a little deeper, until finally it had penetrated her all the way. NormaJeans lips were stretched to capacity, and Sydney was slowly rocking it back in and out.

NormaJeans escort trabzon pleasure intensified a thousandfold, when Sydney began lapping at her exposed clit. NormaJean was nearing orgasm when Sydney started fucking her as hard and fast as she could with the dildo. Her tongue did doubletime to keep up. With her free hand, she squeezed NormaJeans nipples hard.

NormaJeans hips bucked again and again and again. When her orgasm was finally over, her whole body was quivering and her vagina was still having spasms. NormaJean blinked, and opened her eyes wide as Sydney removed the blindfold.

Sydney drew the dildo out slowly. She made an elaborate show of licking every last drop of NormaJeans juice off. When she was sure she had gotten it all, she decided to go for round two.

Asking again, “NormaJean, do you trust me?” she received a nod so emphatic she had to giggle.

She reached over and grabbed the scarf which she had used as a blindfold. This she used to gag NormaJean.

Grinning from ear to ear, Sydney dipped two fingers inside NormaJeans still pulsating vagina. She withdrew them, and smeared their sticky coating all over the dildo.

This done, she rammed it up NormaJeans ass.

NormaJean grunted in pain at first, but soon began meeting Sydneys thrusts. When Sydney was convinced that NormaJean was ready, she began to finger her. Pretty soon, all four of her fingers were inside her lovers tunnel, her thumb encircling NormaJeans clit.

She took her fingers out, and made a fist. She shoved her fist up NormaJeans vulva, in and out, in time with the dildo fucking her up the ass. NormaJean was bouncing around like a rodeo champ.

It wasn’t easy, but Sydneys mouth made contact with NormaJeans clit. She nibbled and sucked and licked. NormaJean screamed, then gave a final, violent thrust upwards.

She collapsed on the pillow, spent.

When she opened her eyes again, she could see her room was dark. Syd had blown out all the candles, and taken all the scarves off of her. NormaJean wondered for a second if it had all been a dream. She reached over, and turned on her bedside lamp.

All the proof she needed lay right next to her. There was beautiful Syd, propped up on the other pillow. She was gazing over at NormaJean with a tenderness and longing in her eyes.

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