Best of Friends Ch. 02

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Lying sated and exhausted the glistening of their bodies shines from the firelight. A tangle of bodies, arms legs in complete disorder. Steve cuddles Debbie close to him, holding her as if she might get away from him. Lorrie is stretched out on the sheet; her eyes were shining like stars, her eyes had that look of love as she turned to look at Sam.

There they were two different couple’s four different people, with different likes and dislikes. They had found one another just by chance and this is where they hoped they would be. Together happy and sated by their lovemaking.

Debbie stood up and said, “Let’s see what is on television, Lorrie and I will whip up something for us to snack on. They had brought plenty of snacks for the weekend. Even though they would hope to be snacking on one another, they still had to eat. Cheese and crackers, some ginger ale chips and dip that should satisfy the hunger pangs for some time.

Steve searched the channels and finally settled on an old Christmas movie. White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, as the snows piled up outside they were warm and toasty on the inside. All four of them curled up on the couch watching the movie and munching on the goodies that the girls fixed.

Sam was getting bored with the movie and decided it was time to find a dirty movie on one of the movie channels. They found a dirty Christmas movie, Santa and his elves. Of course, most of these movies do not have a plot and all you can see is sweating naked bodies.

Sexy blonde-haired women and redheads with big firm breast with nipples the size of dimes sticking out far enough to poke out your eye. Nevertheless, we all sat there watching them fuck and suck one another. In the meantime, we thought it was time to make our own movie. Steve and Sam took out the tripod, camera, and starting setting it up to take pictures.

We girls started posing and making faces to get the guys to laugh. Little did we know that the camera was rolling? Lorrie reaches for Debbie breast, licking her nipple feeling it harden under her tongue. A sigh escapes Debbie’s lips; she can feel the tingle from her nipple all the way to her wet pussy. Lorrie was turning her on in a major way. Sam went to the toy box they had brought along, ankara moldovyalı escortlar and he pulled out the strap on. He handed it to Debbie. Lorrie stood there and pouted; Debbie looked at her and smiled. “You want me to fuck you Lorrie?” “You want me to fuck you with the strap on?” Lorrie smiles as she closes her eyes. A shiver runs through her body thinking about the sensation that she is feeling and will be feeling once she is fucked.

Sam helps Debbie into the strap on, as Steve takes pictures to document the occasion. “Lorrie darling kneel down doggy style.” She did as Debbie asks. Kneeling there before her, she could see Lorrie’s pussy getting wet before her Eyes. The lips being engorged with the pumping of Lorries blood through out her body. Sam hands Debbie a bottle of lubricant to use on the head of the strap on. Slowly she rubs the head of the strap on against Lorrie’s pussy, She can feel Lorrie quiver with excitement and anticipation of what is about to happen. Finally, Debbie grabs Lorrie’s hips and slowly inserts the head into her pussy; Lorrie’s pussy draws her in, slowly and eagerly. Debbie stops and lets her pussy envelope the cock. Then with an eagerness of a teenager, she starts to slowly fuck Lorrie’s pussy.

“Oh My Debbie that feels oh so good, do not stop.” Lorrie slams her hips back toward Debbie. Faster now, the sound of skin slapping skin, Steve stands there and sets the camera automatically. Sam reaches for Steve’s hard cock and strokes it slowly and then he kneels in front of Steve and slowly takes the cock into his waiting mouth. Licking the head and sliding his tongue along the edge. It quivers from the sensation of Sam’s tongue.

Moans fill the room; Lorrie’s whimpers could be heard over the television. Faster Debbie slams into Lorrie’s hot wet pussy. Reaching around and fondling her breasts. Teasing her nipples and making them so hard that it would take a volcano to warm them up. Debbie throws her head back as she can feel her own orgasm building, the sensations from the strap on and Lorrie’s bucking ass against her, it was too much for her to take. Debbie grabs onto Lorrie and slams one more time into her waiting pussy.

“Oh Fuck!” Debbie screams as her orgasm takes over her body. Starting ankara ukraynalı escortlar from her toes all the way to the top of her head, Steve grabs for Sam’s head as his cock slides in and out of Sam’s mouth, closer he can feel the cum building deep with his balls. The sensation from his head to his toes increases as the tempo increases finally he screams as his hot seed hits the back of Sam’s throat. Sam takes it all, trying not to miss a single drop, but he is interrupted Lorrie reaches for Steve. She finishes him off licking his cock clean. Then her and Sam kiss deeply, swapping tongues, sharing Steve’s hot load.

Pussy juice thick and warm glistens on the strap on, Lorrie can feel it drip from her pussy, Debbie leans over to help clean it up. Lapping at her, inserting her tongue deep inside of her, cleaning her dry. Sucking at her clit pulling toward her. Nibbling on it, flicking her tongue over it, feeling it swell in her mouth. Lorrie rotated her hips so that her pussy was rubbing all over Debbie’s face. Drenching her with her juices, as she locks her lips to Sams drinking in the seed from Steve’s load. Steve’s cock started getting hard again, he kneeled behind Debbie and feeling her wet hot pussy. Slowly he rubs the head of his cock all over her pussy. Sliding it in slowly, as her pussy grabs it and like tentacles of an octopus, grabbing and sucking. She was tight to begin with; Steve always had a hard time not shooting his load so fast because she was so tight, almost like a virgin’s pussy being fucked for the first time.

He kneeled there not moving, afraid if he did, he would cum too soon and he wanted that wondrous feeling to last. He slides his hand over her ass cheeks, feeling her dimples that he so loved. He lightly dug his fingers into her pale flesh, feeling how smooth it was under his touch. A touch that was so loving and wonderful feeling that he could hear her sigh, he knew better than to spank her for she did not like that type of play. Nevertheless, he could rub her ass all night it would make her content.

Finally, she started grinding her pussy against him making it very difficult for him to concentrate on the duty at hand. He grabbed her subtle flesh in his hands and rams his cock to the hilt, she whimpers, ankara minyon tipli escortlar her mouth still tending to Lorrie’s needs. Lorrie takes Sam’s cock in to her mouth, sliding her tongue over the head of it, as if she was licking a lollipop. Her eyes big as saucers as this turns her on listening to the sounds of the lapping and slapping of skin, Slowly rolling her tongue over Sam’s cock, over the head along the underside of his huge cock, feeling it quiver from her touch. Then she takes it all in her mouth slowly up and down, using her tongue she wraps it around his cock as she continues to fill her mouth with his meat.

The sounds that are filling that room would make a priest blush, bodies glistening from the heat of the fire as well as the heat from the bodies themselves. Slick with sweat and the warmth from the hot thick cum, Bodies bucking like at a rodeo, going for that last point or trying to throw off their riders, good thing they were all in good shape. Even though they were definitely getting a work out now. Knees would be sore as well as joints would ache for a few days after this triathlon.

Debbie’s hair fell over her face sweat running down between her breasts. Though they sagged just a little, Steve loved them, for they were firm and subtle enough for him as well for Lorrie and Sam.

The renting of the cabin was such a great idea, imagine if they had rented a hotel room, the whole floor would know what they were doing by now. They probably would have been arrested for being rude and lewd. However, no one was around, the owner of the cabins had told them that only a few cabins are usually rented at this time of the year. Therefore, they were fortunate for that, no one would be calling the manager because of the loud noises. Soon all you could hear was normal breathing, the sounds of sleep. They slept where they laid down, all cuddled and huddled together on the sheet in front of a dying fire. By morning, there would be a chill in the room, but they would not notice, from the heat of the bodies entwined with one another. They would wake a little stiff, but they would still be ravenous for one another.

Time to get cleaned up and go for breakfast, see the sights, and go shopping. Debbie and Lorrie’s favorite thing to do, it had stopped snowing leaving a white blanket over the valley. The sun was starting to shine and it made the snow glisten, soon the white would replaced by a dirty gray color, from shoveling and cars driving through it. For now it looked like a wonderland, emitting a magic all its own.

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