Beth and Rich Ch. 01

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This is the first in a series of stories about a young couple raised with a strict religious upbringing and their discovery that there is much more to sex than they were taught as children and teenagers.

Rich and Beth had been married for about three years when they moved to Silicon Valley from Cleveland where they had grown up. They made an attractive couple. Rich was a bit over six feet, lean, and movie star handsome with dark, conservatively cut hair and sparkling blue eyes. Beth was average height, but she had a bit heavier frame than Rich. She had been athletic in high school and college, which gave her a nicely rounded tightly muscled ass and a muscular finish to her long legs. Her waist was lean and small but she had large breasts. She also had startling green eyes and a mass of heavy dark red hair. They were the kind of couple that caused conversation to quit when they walked into a room. They dressed well, but due to their deeply religious upbringing, their clothing was always very conservative.

Their sex life was terribly plain vanilla, although it hadn’t occurred to either of them that such was the case. They had both been virgins when they married in their early twenties. Prior to their marriage, there had been some heavy petting but that was about it. Neither of them had any serious romantic relationships before they met during Beth’s senior year in college and Rich’s last year in law school. On their wedding night each had climaxed without difficulties and then rolled over and gone to sleep. Since then sex largely consisted of a quick missionary position fuck every Friday night followed by a good night’s sleep. Foreplay was minimal to non-existent and they never discussed that aspect of their life.

In Cleveland both had worked, Beth as a bookkeeper at their church and Rich as an attorney with a local law firm. Much of their spare time was spent with their two sets of deeply religious parents and in church activities. Sex simply didn’t make their top ten list of important activities, and since neither had any significant experience with sex, they literally didn’t know what they were missing.

They moved to the West Coast because Rich received an over the top job offer from a major Palo Alto law firm. When they decided to take the offer they knew it would be a big change, moving away from the town they had grown up in and their close ties with church and family, but the Palo Alto job was one of those offers that no ambitious person turns down, both because of the professional opportunity and because of the money. Part of their decision was based on the fact that the money would allow Beth to quit working and become a full-time housewife, a role she had been trained for from birth. None of their parents wanted to see them leave Cleveland, but they all acknowledged that the extra money that would enable Beth to become a full-time homemaker was something they shouldn’t turn down. Palo Alto was destined to change things, although looking back, Beth realized that the changes had started before they left Cleveland.

Actually there was more to Beth’s sex life than just their routine Friday night missionary position sex, but it wasn’t something Beth let Rich know anything about. Beth loved to masturbate. A friend in high school had introduced her to masturbation, and she had secretly continued ever since. Even when she was working she would find private time two or three days a week to get herself off by massaging her mound through her plain cotton panties until she was good and wet, and then, using her secretions as lube, she rubbed her clit until she had an orgasm. Normally this was at home at some time when she had the house to herself, but occasionally she would sneak off to the rest room when Rich had fallen asleep watching a ball game on TV, and a couple of times she had done it in the stall in the ladies room at work. She was always very careful to be as quiet as possible, and a pretty good dose of guilt always followed each such session, but truth be told it was the guilt that made it really worthwhile. Sure the climax felt spectacular (at least by the standards of sex she had experienced to that point in her life), but what really made it something she couldn’t resist were the head games she played before and after. She would tell herself, sometimes for hours, that it was wrong to masturbate, and the more she told herself that, the greater her need for sexual release became, until she finally capitulated and found some private place where she could rub her clit until she climaxed. Then she would promise herself it would never happen again. Actually, if she delayed her inevitable concession to the need to masturbate long enough, she was always so aroused that she could get herself off in a minute or two.

On one occasion, shortly before they left Cleveland, she had even felt a need to masturbate after one of her Friday night missionary sex sessions with Rich. They had both come home from work late, and in accordance with their usual Friday night ritual, they had dinner including a single glass Casibom of wine each. Alcohol was frowned upon by their church and their parents, but they rationalized it as helping each of them unwind after a long week at work, and it was always strictly limited to one glass. Shortly after dinner they had moved to the bedroom, undressed in the dark, crawled into bed, and quickly made love in their usual fashion. Five minutes and they were done. Without a word to Beth, Rich quietly put on the flannel pajamas that he had neatly laid out along side the bed, and by ten minutes after they had entered the bedroom, he was asleep and snoring.

Beth had climaxed as she always did when they made love, quickly, quietly, and right on time with Rich’s climax. Then she, following Rich’s lead, had silently crawled into the full length flannel night gown she had set out next to the bed and crawled under the covers.

“Thank goodness it’s Friday and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. It will give me time to start getting ready for our move to California,” she thought as she lay on her back next to her sleeping husband.

For some reason, sleep wouldn’t come. As people do when they can’t sleep, her mind wandered from topic to topic. But the topic it kept returning to was the handsome young preacher who had recently joined the staff at the church she worked at. For reasons she couldn’t explain to herself, god forbid to others, she thought he had just about cutest butt she had ever seen. Every time he walked by her desk, she smiled and said hello, which he always politely returned, and then as he walked away she stared at his tightly muscled butt. She knew it was wrong to do, but she couldn’t seem to avoid doing it. He had a really cute butt.

Now as she lay there, next to her snoring husband, thinking about the new preacher’s butt, she was shocked to realize that she was getting horny, far hornier than she had been in anticipation of her Friday night missionary fuck with Rich. She began to rub her mound through her night gown as she did in preparation for one of her regular masturbation sessions, but she realized that as good as that felt, it would be much better to be rubbing her clit, and she knew she would have plenty of her and Rich’s cum to lube herself with. Beth reached under the blankets and began to pull her flannel nightgown up to her waist to give her hands access to her sex.

Then she had a terrible thought: “What if Rich wakes up and finds me masturbating next to him in bed? Oh, that would be just too awful to live through.” As she lay there trying to decide what to do, she continued to rub her mound through her nightgown and her mind kept returning to the young preacher’s sexy butt.

Eventually she decided to go somewhere else in the house and finish herself off. She couldn’t bring herself to do it where she was, but she was sure she couldn’t go to sleep without another climax. Her pussy was on fire, and every few moments her thoughts returned to the young preacher and his sexy butt.

Beth carefully pulled the covers back and swung her legs to the floor. She rose to her feet as quietly and carefully as she could, her mind focused on how bad what she was about to do was . . . and how good it was going to feel. She tiptoed out of the bedroom and down the stairs without a plan as to where she was going. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, she wandered into the kitchen and turned a low light on. Beth poured herself a glass of the wine they had been drinking with dinner and sat down at the kitchen table. As she sipped the wine she began to play her usual head games about whether she should masturbate, and as usual, the longer she waffled back and forth between thoughts of how wrong it would be and how good it would feel, the hornier she got. She sat in indecision sipping the wine until the glass was empty. Then she walked over to the refrigerator and refilled the glass.

After another half a glass of wine she said to herself, as she always did eventually when she was in this condition, “Oh damn it, I’m just to horny,” and pulled her flannel nightgown up so she was naked from the waist down, intending to get herself off quickly and quietly by playing with her clit.

She took another sip of the wine and asked herself, “What will I do if Rich wakes up and comes down stairs looking for me?”

She quickly answered herself, “That’s not going to happen. Once we make love he is dead to the world for hours.”

She let out a long breath and took another sip of wine. Then she set the glass down and began to use both hands to massage her breasts through the flannel nightgown. It felt really nice.

“I wish Rich would do this,” she thought.

Then her thoughts turned to the young preacher’s cute ass again, only this time her mind began to wander beyond just his ass. She let her imagination construct a fantasy in which she was alone in the rectory and the young preacher walked in naked with his erect cock sticking straight out in front of him. His cock was hard and stiff, just like the Casibom Giriş muscles in his butt. It was also large. She didn’t know how large, but she was sure it was a lot bigger than Rich’s cock, not that she got to see his very often, given his penchant for a quick Friday night fuck in the dark.

Beth was seriously enjoying her fantasy about the young preacher. So much so that she dismissed any thoughts of Rich waking up and walking in on her. She grabbed the folds of her nightgown bunched around her waist and pulled it over her head tossing it on the floor a few feet away. Now she was completely naked, with a hand massaging each of her large breasts.

Moving from the massage to something else her high school friend taught her, she began to slowly circle each breast with a single finger. It was a soft touch with her fingers barely making contact with the flesh of her breasts, so much softer than her previous massage had been. She slowly tightened the circle she was drawing around each breast until she reached the areola, gasping quietly as she touched each one. “Oh God, this feels good,” she thought as she softly massaged her areolas. Next she lightly flicked each of her nipples, which were swollen and hard now. Another gasp.

She pulled the thumb and forefinger of each hand to her mouth to moisten them, taking each of her fingers much farther into her mouth than they needed to go and sucking on them as she pulled them out, kind of like she imagined a whore would do sucking a guy’s cock. She returned the moistened digits to her nipples and rubbed them, harder than she had before. Her nipples were sending flashes of sensuous feeling deep into her body. “God that feels good,” she thought. As her fingers dried she began to grip her nipples tighter and tighter until she was twisting each one between her thumb and forefinger and pulling them away from her breast. There was pain, but there was even more pleasure.

“I wonder if I can make my self cum this way?” she asked herself. “I’ve never tried this before.”

Her mind kept returning to the young preacher with the cute butt and her fantasy about his engorged cock. The cock in her fantasy was circumcised and stood proudly erect. She could see the veins on it and the head was darker than the rest of the prick.

“Oh that would be so good if he was here right now. Then he could stuff that big cock into me and we would fuck and fuck and fuck,” she thought.

She began to slide her hand down toward her sex to finish herself off. Then she had another thought, just as nasty as her fantasy about the young preacher’s cock, but more practical. Across the kitchen there was a bowl of vegetables she had just brought home to make into a salad tomorrow night when the parents were coming to dinner. In it were tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, parsley, cilantro, radishes, and right on top of the stack, a big fat cucumber.

“Oh that would be too wicked,” Beth told herself.

“But my college roommate told me that lots of women fuck themselves with cucumbers.”

“But what if Rich comes downstairs and finds me masturbating with a cucumber?”

“Rich is not coming downstairs. We already got past that issue before I pulled the night gown off.”

Beth got up off the chair and walked naked across the kitchen. When she got to the vegetable bowl she picked up the cucumber. She held it in one hand and ran her other hand up and down its surface, her fingers wrapped around it. It was smooth and hard except for the typical lumps and bumps that all cucumbers have.

“It’s so big. I’ll never get it in me.”

“You won’t know unless you try.”

She began to walk back across the kitchen holding the cucumber in her right hand and rubbing it against her tits. It sent a shock through her when she brought it up from below her now fully extended nipples and flipped them up and then down as she ran it back and forth over them.

“Oh yes, I have to. I’m so horny.”

Beth walked naked on through the kitchen past her discarded nightgown and into the living room where she stretched out on the couch, continuing to rub her tits with the cucumber. She put one leg and foot on the back of the couch and let the other foot drop to the floor so her legs were spread lewdly.

“I don’t think I have ever spread myself this wide when I’m naked. I wonder what Rich would think if he saw me like this? I wonder what the young preacher would think?”

While one hand kept the cucumber massaging her tits, she let the other hand wander down to her now fully exposed sex. She gave her clit a few quick strokes, as she liked to do when masturbating. That brought a gasp from her and she quickly stopped, knowing that if she kept it up, she would cum almost immediately, without getting to try the cucumber. “Not so fast Beth,” she told herself. “Rich is out to the world. Lets make this last for awhile.”

Beth pushed the fingers that had been toying with her clit on down her sex, using them to spread her outer lips and softly massage her inner lips. Casibom Yeni Giriş Then she slipped a finger into her pussy. The combination of her arousal and the residual cum from her earlier fucking with Rich made for a very warm wet pussy. She had never finger fucked herself like this before, always limiting her masturbation to her clit. “Ohhhh, this feels good! I could do this all night,” she thought.

She continued to rub her tits with the cucumber while she finger fucked herself with first one, two, and then three fingers. After several minutes she was panting and hanging on the ragged edge of cumming.

No, I have to stop,” she said to herself as she pulled her fingers out. “I want to try the cucumber.” She reached down to the floor and grabbed a pillow she had pushed aside when she had lain down on the couch, stuffing it under her butt. “I need a better angle if I am going to get this big boy into me.”

Beth grabbed the cucumber with both hands and began to rub it across the opening to her pussy. It felt good, but it wasn’t going to slip in easily. She centered it on her opening and began to push it in with both hands while pushing back by raising her hips off the pillow. She could feel the end of the cucumber spreading her pussy lips apart. It hurt, but it was not so much pain that she wanted to stop. Slowly the cucumber forced its way into her cunt until it was maybe a third of the way in. Now the pain was gone. She just felt full. “So fucking full,” she thought. “But I want it deeper. I want it to completely fill my pussy.”

Beth continued to slowly press the cucumber into her cunt until she felt its tip grinding into her cervix. Then she stopped and just let it be there, filling her completely. She had never felt anything like it.

“Oh yeah, that’s good, but now we need to fuck,” she told herself. She slowly withdrew the cucumber until it was about halfway out. Then she pushed it slowly back in. She began to repeat the withdrawal and slow return thrust, again and again, increasing each time the range and tempo of her fucking.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she cried. But she kept her voice soft and low, remembering there was someone else in the house.

By now she was using just one hand to ream herself with the cucumber. Her pussy had stretched to accommodate the girth and length of the cucumber. She felt a delicious fullness, but the pain was gone. She used the remaining hand to occasionally flick her clit. She gasped each time her fingers brushed her engorged clit. Now she was just hanging on the edge of a climax.

“Oh, I want to cum so bad,” she thought, “but I don’t want this to stop. This is so good. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“No, I need to back off. I don’t want this to end.” With that she pulled her hand away from her clit and returned it to a slow massage of her tits. She stopped pumping the cucumber also, just leaving it still and most of the way into her cunt. Now she was using both hands to massage her tits. After a minute or so she felt like she was no longer hanging on the ragged edge of an orgasm. Once she felt back in control she began to fuck herself with the cucumber using a slow steady rhythm, making sure it got in good and deep on each stroke, while one hand continued to massage her tits.

“Oh, that’s just right. I’m not hanging on the edge, and it feels so fucking good. I wonder how long I can keep this up without cumming?”

Beth lay there on the couch, her legs spread obscenely while she pumped the big cucumber in and out of her cunt and sensuously massaged her breasts for some period of time. Later on she couldn’t even guess how long it was. Just that it was heavenly and seemed to last forever. The whole time she let her obscene fantasies about the young preacher continue to run through her head in a more or less continuous loop and she quietly murmured obscenities to herself, “Oh fuck this is good. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck . . .Oh, fuck my cunt is so full!”

In her fantasy Brother Leonard (the preacher’s name) had asked her to take off her clothes as he stood before her pulling on his hard dick, and she willingly complied. She did it slowly, like she imagined a stripper would. First she slowly unbuttoned each button of her blouse until she could peel it off and toss it on the floor. She fondled her D-cup tits through her bra while the masturbating Brother Leonard stood before her silently watching. Then she leaned forward showing him even more of her tits. She was looking up at him watching his reaction as she reached behind herself, released the catch on the bra and let the bra fall away from her tits. After the bra was dispensed with, she leaned back and pulled one tit and then the other up as high as she could while bending her neck and lewdly snaking her long tongue out to tease the nipple on each one. Soon she was sprawled naked on the couch in the rectory office with her legs spread lewdly and two fingers shoved up her slippery cunt. Brother Leonard stood before her stroking his enormous erection using the copious precum it was leaking for lube. He was silent, just standing there jacking his cock and watching her masturbate. Finally she said softly, “Oh shit, that cock is so big and hard. Please push it in me. Fill up my hot slippery cunt with that big dick of yours. Please fuck me.”

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