Between a Rock and Hard Place

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Another old story from 2005, please also check out my more recent stories written as Robert_Anthony.


Dee knocked on James Tegan’s door, it was way past 5pm and the building was practically empty – but he was there as ever, busy, busy, busy…

“Come in.”

Dee gripped the handle and opened the door. There he was, head down, holding out his hand to motion her in.

“Sit down.”

Dee slid into the expensive leather chair on her side of the desk. After a few minutes she started to get bored of looking at the top of his head and started gazing around the room.

“Sorry, I won’t be a moment,” he mumbled into the desktop.

Finally, he set his papers aside and looked at her. He was in his early 40s, but looked pretty good on it.

“Dee, yes?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Right… umm, your line manager David has asked me to talk to you about your work. It seems your CV doesn’t quite stack up to you abilities.”

Dee’s cheeks reddened. She had falsified quite a bit of her CV, and as a result she’d scored a job at Tegan Plastics that she really ought not to have.

“Now… I was wondering if it might be possible for you to provide some certificates for these qualifications that you claim to have earned.”

Dee cleared her throat.

“Err, yes… I’m sure I can get hold of them.”

James leaned back in his chair and looked at her more closely. She was very pretty, but only 18; she couldn’t possibly have got all these qualifications. Her face was practically crimson now, and she was fidgeting around in her chair like she had ants in her pants.

James scratched his neck and exhaled heavily.

“Look, I like you… David likes you, but let’s be honest, something doesn’t add up here.”

There was another knock at the door.

“Come in.”

David Nolan entered the room, apologising for being late.

“No problem David, I know you’re a busy man. Dee and I were just having a chat about her CV. Pull up a chair.”

David was closer to Dee’s age, being in his mid-twenties. He had come a long way in a short time at the company and James liked him a lot.

“Y’see Dee… take David here. He started here straight from college and he’s done really well, another ten years and he could be on the board. Thing is Dee, David’s shown a lot of commitment, and that’s the key here… commitment. Because I can overlook a lot, especially when you’re young and attractive. Christ knows I’ve got enough balding guys here who know what they’re doing. What I need, what the company needs is someone young, pretty and… sexy.”

Dee’s face turned even redder, and she half laughed nervously. She turned to look at David who gave her nothing but a knowing smile.

“So, Dee… it’s up to you. I know you don’t have these qualifications, and I’d be well within my rights to show you the door immediately. But it’s not going to look very good on your CV is it? Fired from your first job for fraud? And what happens when your next potential employer writes to me for a reference? What am I supposed to tell them when they ask me why you only lasted three weeks?”

Dee was staring into her lap, fiddling with the material of her plain grey skirt.

James leant forward over the desk.

“But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can stay, I’ll even give canlı bahis you a rise. But you have to show me some commitment.”

Dee was confused.

“Can you do that? Are you willing to do that for me Dee?”

“Yes Sir, I promise, I’ll work really hard and…”

“No, Dee, you’re not listening. I know you’ll work hard, I know you want to get on and David’s an excellent teacher, but that’s not what I’m talking about.”

James looked straight at her and smiled.

“Come here.”

“Hmm…” croaked Dee.

“Come here,” James said again. “I want to show you something.”

Dee got up from the chair and walked around to James’s side of the desk. He span his chair to face her and she saw his hard cock poking out of his flies. Dee’s jaw slackened as, at last, the penny dropped. She looked at James, then David, then the door.

“You can go if you want,” said James. “Nobody is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to, just clear your desk on the way out.”

Dee looked back at her boss; he had closed his fingers around his cock and was gently stroking it as he looked at her.

“Undo your shirt,” he said gently.

Dee found herself reaching up for the buttons of her shirt, but her hands were shaking like crazy and she couldn’t undo them at first. Eventually she got a grip and freed the fastenings, leaving the shirt hanging limply across her breasts and stomach.

“Show me,” urged James, his fingers tighter around his cock now.

She looked over at David and saw that he too had his cock out. She peeled her shirt open to reveal her white, lacy bra. She had nice, firm tits and she wasn’t ashamed of them, in fact as she exposed herself to these two men she felt a sudden rush to her pussy and wobbled a bit on her heels.

“Very nice,” purred David, pumping his growing cock as he leered at her.

“Yeah, but I want to see the rest,” insisted James.

Dee held her breath as the men looked at her, she had never been treated like this and though she was nervous she was also very excited.

“Now, bend over and show us your hot little cunt,” spat her boss.

Hesitantly, Dee turned away from the two men and bent forward. She reached behind and lifted her skirt up. Her pussy was very wet now and she knew it. She took hold of her knickers and slowly pulled them to one side, exposing her ass and the light hairs of her pussy.

“No, we need to see it properly. Show us…”

Dee was shaking as she pushed her knickers down and stepped out of them. She lifted her skirt again and used her fingers to separate her pussy lips, the men mouthing encouragement as they caught sight of her slippery pink, inner flesh.

“That’s a girl, now touch yourself, make it feel good…”

Dee slid a finger into her pussy and another to massage her clit. She was feeling dizzy leaning over like this, but at the same time she was so hot…

“Now turn around and lick your fingers clean.”

Dee straightened up and looked first at one man and then the other as she sucked her pussy juices off of her finger.

“Good girl. You must always clean up after yourself, do you understand?”

Dee nodded slowly and James told her to get on her knees. The two men moved closer and stood either side of her, their pricks jutting straight at her face and warm, red lips.

“You bahis siteleri know what comes next…”

Dee swallowed hard and then took first her boss and then David’s cock in her mouth in turn. She kept a tight grip on both, jerking the one she wasn’t sucking like a pro. Above her the two men laughed at her as she knelt between them, her lipstick smeared all down their throbbing pricks.

David pulled his cock from her mouth and angled it upwards, presenting his balls for her to lick. Dee set to work, her tongue flicking rapidly over his ball sack and taking one of his balls into her mouth and massaging it with her lips and tongue.

“Fuck,” he hissed. “That’s really good…”

James had waited long enough, he grabbed Dee’s arm and pulled her to her feet. Pushing her across his desk, he lifted her skirt up and knelt down behind her, she felt his tongue push into her and swirl around, while his hands kneaded and squeezed her ass cheeks.

David stepped out of his trousers and stood by watching, then got onto the table on his knees. He lifted the girl’s head up and pushed his pulsing meat between her lips again.

“Suck my fucking dick,” he ordered.

James was standing again now, and pressing the tip of his cock against her wet lips. He eased it in, then grabbed her thighs and pulled her back onto his pole. Dee snorted through her nose as the two men impaled her from either end, trying to get into a rhythm.

After a few minutes James pulled out of her, he quickly shed his trousers and then got on the table while David slid off and took over his boss’s previous position inside the girl’s hot, wet cunt. Then Dee felt her employer’s juice coated prick slide into her mouth and she groaned loudly.

“You like that, don’t you… the taste of your slick cunt on my cock?”

Dee nodded, her eyes half closed. James grabbed her head as he fucked her face.

“You’re a dirty little slut aren’t you?”

Dee was struggling as his cock was pushing deeper and deeper into her throat, when suddenly he pulled it out and moved back a little on the desk. Meanwhile, David continued to pound his cock into her juicy hole, occasionally spanking her ass.

“Get her on the table,” said James.

David pulled his cock clear and lifted the girl up so that she was lying on the table, then turned her onto her side. He pulled her legs apart and splayed them wide open, giving him a great view as her skirt gathered around her waist again.

James reached down into her open shirt and pulled her bra down, her tits spilled out and he squeezed them before leaning forward and sucking on her hard nipples. Dee reached for his cock and wanked him as he did so.

David was inside her again, her ass hanging over the edge of the desk so that he could fuck her. He pushed her knee up towards her head so that he could get in deeper, and she grunted as she felt him push it all the way back in, his balls, wet with her juices, sliding against her leg.

Then he pulled out and his fingers were inside her. Once they were coated with her juices she felt him move them into the crack of her ass and begin to work on her puckered hole.

“No, please… not there!” She begged.

“Commitment,” James sneered. “Show us you can do the job and everything will work out just fine.”

Dee bahis şirketleri gritted her teeth as David added a second finger, while James reached over and used his fingers to tease the girl’s aching clit.

Dee’s stomach was clenching as she struggled to take the cock into her ass, but the two men were determined she would take their meat.

“Relax,” her boss grunted as David fed the tip of his dick between her ass cheeks.

Dee’s breathing was heavy as David slowly but surely inched his cock inside her tight asshole. James’ fingers were a blur as he tried to distract her from the discomfort, but soon his hands tired and she had to make do with him sucking on her luscious breasts. David was balls deep now, and Dee replaced James’ hand with her own, stroking her clit hard as she sought her own release.

Meanwhile James sat back and watched his new toy getting her ass fucked for the first time. As he stroked his cock, the two men exchanged a glance and then David pulled the girl off the desk, leaving a space for James to lie down.

David helped Dee up onto her knees and then turned her so that she was facing away from her ultimate boss. In front of her, David got up on the desk too, offering her something to cling to as she sat down onto her boss’s firm cock with her knees up. Now in this position her face was right next to David’s jutting cock and she turned her head away from it.

David let her arms go now that she was firmly speared by James’ prick and turned her head back to face his rampant meat. She looked up at him, imploring him not to make her suck a cock that had just been pulled out of her asshole, but David was unmoved.

Dee’s pussy leaked juice over James’s balls as she bounced on his meat, her ass now feeling strangely empty as she sucked on David’s thick rod. But it wasn’t to last for long. James reached between her legs and grabbed his cock, angling it back and placing it at the entrance to her ass.

Dee leaned back, the cock falling from her mouth as she did so. Then she lay back, supporting herself on her arms. As she felt James’ prick spearing into her asshole she watched as David moved back between her legs and pushed his hard, throbbing cock inside her tight pussy.

The two men filled her completely, she almost screamed as they both slid fully into her, stretching her holes to the limit. Neither of them cared as she hissed and whined through her ordeal, her fingers again working her clit furiously. James stayed largely still, while David bucked faster and faster until finally he tensed and unleashed a torrent of hot cum into her now sore and aching cunt.

He pulled out, a stream of white leaking out of her and onto James’ balls. She sat up and started to pump hard, desperate to bring him off. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for James to groan and then it was his turn to unload his heavy balls into her ravaged asshole.

Drained, she slumped onto all fours but David soon shoved his cock in her face again, reminding her of the rule that she must always clean up her mess. Once she had sucked both guys clean, she collapsed into the leather chair, completely and utterly exhausted.

James looked down at her, then bent forward and slid his fingers between her legs. He roughly pushed them inside her and slammed his palm against her clit until she bucked through her orgasm, clinging to his arm as she did so.

“Well done,” said James. “You’ve just saved your job…”

He looked up at David.

“Make a diary note David, bi-weekly appraisals for this one I think!”

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