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I went to a charity benefit at a local club put on by some tired, old celebrities. The show was tacky, with extra glitter and lots of ‘air kisses’. I was with my flatmate Karen, and afterwards we went across the road to a nightclub. I hadn’t been there for years and it was still the same. After an hour talking, we were both kind of lost and a little bored. I went to the toilet and ran into an old friend, Jason. He and his boyfriend were in the lounge having a quiet drink, he asked us to join them, and we did after watching a mediocre drag show.

A friend of Jason’s introduced himself to me, his eyes slowly roving up and down my body. His name was Michael, and he became instantly protective as I talked to the others. It made me shitty, but flattered as well. He was very gay, and kept trying to determine where I stood with it. As the night passed on, he asked me back to his place for a joint, and after a few hesitations I agreed—so long as Karen could join us. I didn’t feel like going anywhere with him on my own. We jumped in a taxi for a quick trip across town to his apartment.

Mike was about ten years older than me, but his body still looked good on his tall frame. His dark eyes matched his curly hair, giving him the look of a cheeky rogue. The three of us were already fairly drunk, and the addition of a couple of joints had us really relaxed. Whenever Karen left the room or nodded off, Michael would try to kiss and touch me, whispering that he wanted to suck my cock. I’d brought Karen along so this couldn’t happen and now I was slowly regretting it the more I got turned on.

As Michael started to ankara escort bayan slide his hand down the front of my jeans I looked over to see that Karen was fast asleep. We kissed and cuddled for a while as he continued to rub my crotch. Slowly kissing around my face, his stubble tickled with every touch. Making his way to my ear he once again whispered how much he’d like to suck my cock. By now I was completely hard; the wetness was pouring out of me as he undid the top button and lowered my zipper.

Who was I to argue? He got on his knees, his mouth going straight to my cock. Any guy will tell you what a wonderful feeling it is to be blown, and I was enjoying every moment of it. I kicked my shoes off as he tugged off my jeans and boxers. Lifting my legs he kissed and sucked my balls before going lower to rim my arsehole. This was a new experience for me, and it nearly sent me over the top. While I don’t think I could ever reciprocate, the feeling of having a tongue caressing your hole is simply amazing. It was the first time someone had done this to me and I loved it.

As I took my shirt off Michael quickly removed his clothes, revealing a beautiful hairy chest and an amazing set of cock and balls. They were huge; I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. While my scrotum usually keeps my balls firmly tucked up to my body, his was full and hanging low. I reached out and was stunned by the weight in my hand. I could have blown my load just playing with his egg-sized nuts. His cock was just as hefty, the circumcision mark completely invisible. The doctor must have taken extra care with this wondrous ankara bayan escort piece of meat.

Michael spat into his right hand and started to stroke his dick. I was mesmerised by the fluid motion of his actions. While my foreskin allows movement and stimulation as it slides back and forth over my cock-head, I could see why circumcised guys needed extra lubricant to prevent damage to their weapon.

Standing before me, I wrapped my hand around his dick and placed it in my mouth. I could smell his musky masculinity as I worked it in and out. Considering his size, it was easy to fit most of it in my mouth because he was still only slightly hard. I worked my left hand along his length in time with my mouth. I forget how long I blew him. My jaw was getting sore from being held open too long, I simply couldn’t relax. As I tired, I began to gag a bit, thinking now I know what it feels like to be a woman. His cock was still only partially hard. My hand jerked him off to the rhythm of my bobbing head as he unexpectedly shot a load down my throat. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to react as he thrust hard with his flow.

As I let his cock drop from my mouth I heard movement over the other side of the room. Swallowing and wiping his excess cum from my lips, I saw Karen sitting there fully awake with a hand up her skirt; her underwear pulled aside as she played with her dripping cunt. She smiled before telling us how disgusting she thought we were, but the more she watched, the more it turned her on, and she couldn’t resist touching herself.

I went into the kitchen and found us ankara escort bayanlar some beers. When I returned to the lounge room Karen had removed the rest of her clothes and was sitting next to Michael. I overheard him saying that he’d never fucked a woman before and didn’t know if he could. I was still packing a semi as I handed Karen a beer. She took a swig, smiled again, and grabbed my cock as I gave Michael his beer. Putting hers down, Karen took me with both her hands and guided me to her mouth. Michael came behind me and parted my cheeks, once again licking my arse. I was in heaven. Here I was thinking about what a crappy night I was having, and now I had two people pleasuring me without censor.

Michael replaced Karen’s mouth with his as I bent down and started tonguing her snatch. She was so wet, her smell, poles apart from Michael’s. She reached down to frig herself as I sucked on her labia—occasionally dropping down to lick at her puckered arsehole. I’d never intended to do it and now I couldn’t help myself. It seemed so natural, that rippling sensations travelled the length of my body as I felt my groin tightening. Thrusting into Michael’s mouth I came so hard my legs clenched and I had to roll over as a cramp stabbed into my thighs.

To my surprise, Michael lent between Karen’s legs and dripped my load onto her snatch as he massaged it in with his tongue. The renewed sensation was too much for her as she arched her back and shuddered into orgasm on Michael’s face.

We all got up tired and sweaty. The smell of spent sex was everywhere as we refreshed ourselves with our forgotten beers. Michael explained that he could only get hard by using a cock ring, but everything had happened so fast he didn’t have time to get it. Looking at his limp dick I could only imagine how big it would get, and thanked the Lord that he hadn’t tried to fuck me with it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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