Bi Admission – Final Visit

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Note: While not numbered, it would likely be best to read my previous Bi Admission stories first – First Time, Next Steps, Next Level, and Another Visit.

I had explored the thoughts of being bisexual and sucked my first cock and swallowed it’s cum, followed by others. I had been fucked twice and actually admitted to myself that I was bisexual instead of just believing that I “might be” or only experimenting. I learned that I had a tendency to be more submissive, that I enjoyed getting my partners off, male or female, more so than I enjoyed getting off myself. Both times I got fucked were with the same guy and we had continued to exchange messages.

As we spoke in the messages, I learned that he had never really taken complete control of a sexual encounter but that he was interested in being somewhat more dominant. We agreed that it wasn’t a dom/sub type thing, but just him being more in control and taking or demanding what he wanted. He liked to spank me as punishment and when he did, I found that I liked it as well. We set up a time for me to visit his house for a third, and what would end up being the last, time.

As with both previous visits, I cleaned up well, but this time I didn’t insert my plug while I traveled. I also did not know what to expect this time. While we discussed thoughts and interests, he told me that this time he was not telling me what he had planned but that I should just do as I was told. I wasn’t as nervous this time as I drove to his house. As with the first visits, he met me at the side door and showed me in, but this visit would turn out to be different from the time I walked in.

As soon as the door closed behind me, the tone of his voice changed and he immediately ordered me to strip naked. He told me not to just leave my clothes in a pile on the floor by the door and kept telling me that I was taking too long. I quickly removed my clothes, folded them, and set them on a stool that he had placed by the door.

As soon as I was completely naked, my cock already getting hard, he sternly told me to move into the house. He moved to the table in the sun room, which was attached canlı bahis to the kitchen and living room and had 180 degrees of large windows without curtains. He sat down before instructing me to get on my knees in front of him. I quickly moved in front of him and knelt on the floor between his legs and his crotch was eye level. When I didn’t immediately start sucking his cock, he told me to make his cock hard.

I reached into his pants and pulled his soft cock out and started sucking it earnestly. I felt it get hard while I sucked on it and then licked the length of the shaft, swirling my tongue around the head before sucking it back into my mouth completely, feeling it hit my throat. He stopped me suddenly and his cock popped out of my mouth, but only so that he could remove his pants. He then told me to make sure I didn’t forget his balls and I instantly moved my tongue down his cock. I licked and sucked on both his swollen balls, occasionally licking but up his cock to engulf it before licking back down to his balls.

After several minutes, he ordered me to stop and he stood up. He told me to move to get up and kneel on the couch with my ass facing him. As soon as I was kneeling on the couch, he smacked my ass hard. His hand landed hard on my ass 3 more times, alternating the left and right side, and I moaned each time. It was only then that he explained that he believed I needed to be punished for taking too long to start sucking his cock.

He then moved to my right side on the couch and told me to suck his cock again. He smacked my ass 4 more times while I did my best to completely swallow his hard, veiny cock. I could feel the heat on my ass when he pulled his cock out of my mouth and instructed me to get on my hands and knees on the floor. Once there, he told me to make sure I followed him and he walked towards the hallway that led to the bedroom.

Halfway down the hallway, he stopped and instructed me to lick his ass. I buried my face in his ass and started rimming him, licking all around his asshole. I pushed my tongue into his asshole several times and could hear him moaning. Without warning, he bahis siteleri started walking again; first into the bedroom, then back out to the living room, before going back to the bedroom again. He stopped several more times and not wanting to get punished again, I rimmed him each time he stopped.

After the last time he stopped and I rimmed him, he instructed me to get on the bed and stay in the same position. He smacked my ass twice and then put a blindfold on me. I could feel him when he got on the bed on my left and then felt his hard cock against my mouth. I opened my mouth, he pushed his cock all the way in and then started to fuck my mouth. I felt his strong hand grab my hard dick and rub it, asking if I enjoyed his cock in my mouth. All I could do while he fucked my face was moan that I did. He let my cock go and reminded me that I was there for his pleasure, reached down and smacked my ass twice, the hardest yet.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth again and I felt him get off the bed. I heard him moving around the room and then felt his strong hands on my asscheeks, rubbing them. I felt his tongue on my asshole, licking all around and then felt his fingers start to rub around my asshole. I moaned at the feeling and heard a click before feeling cold lube on my ass, which was still warm from being hit.

I felt him push one finger into my ass slowly, moving it in and out. He started talking to me, asking if I was ready for his cock, if I was ready to be used for his pleasure. As he inserted a second finger into my ass, I moaned that I was ready for his cock. I felt my ass loosening up with his fingers and then he abruptly pulled them out and I felt him get off the bed. I heard as he ripped open a condom and then climbed back on the bed behind me.

He pushed my head down to the bed as I felt the head of his hard cock at my hole. He pushed his cock into me quickly but gently until he was buried inside my tight ass. There was very little pain and it quickly gave way to waves of pleasure as he pulled his cock nearly all the way out of me and started fucking me. He alternated between fast and slow, hard bahis şirketleri and gentle; but each time he pushed his cock into me I felt his body against mine.

His cock was filling me up each time he pushed it back into me and I could feel it rubbing against my prostate. My own cock was hard and I could feel it swinging back and forth as he fucked me, building to an orgasm without even touching myself. He started telling me how good and tight my ass was around his cock while he fucked me and added a few more smacks of my ass.

When he pulled his hard cock out of my ass, I felt empty. He reached around and took the blindfold off me, telling me to lay on my back. He picked my legs up and told me to spread my ass open for him before he pushed his cock back into me. He resumed fucking me and I felt his full balls slapping against me. He pistoned his hard cock in and out of me hard and fast for several minutes while I moaned at the pleasure I was feeling. He suddenly pulled his cock all the way out and instructed me to get back on my hands and knees.

He got behind me and roughly pushed back into me and continued with the hard and fast fucking that he had left off with. I heard his breathing speed up and a couple grunts from him before he once again left me feeling empty. He moved to my right side, pulling the condom off his cock, grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. He told me that I was going to swallow his cum and started to fuck my mouth. He didn’t last much longer before I felt his cock start to swell in my mouth. He pushed his cock as deep as he could go and unleashed shot after shot of hot cum. I swallowed every jet of cum out of his cock until he was spent and he released my head. I sucked and licked his softening cock to make sure it was clean and that I had swallowed all of his cum.

Once his cock was clean, he slid his cock out of my mouth and climbed off the bed. He told me that I could go clean up and get dressed. I didn’t get off myself, but never really expected to and was happy to have gotten him off. We made some small talk about likes and dislikes for both of us while I got ready to leave. When I left, it was as simple and quickly as I had arrived. We continued to talk some after this visit, but eventually lost touch and I never went back for another round – but I often wonder what would have come next.

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