Big Bear and White Dove Or Winter in the Mountains

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Big Bear and White dove.
“Winter in the Mountains”


This story is written for ADULT entertainment ONLY!
If you are not at least 18 years old, LEAVE!

She ran as fast as she could through the forest and past the pines steepled atop the golden hills of grass. She was in a panic. Her footsteps were being dogged by a band of Chippewa looking to make her their sex slave again. Four or five of them had jumped out of the forest three days ago and ran after her across the meadow while she was trying to escape from them and get back home. She had no place to run except into the field and down the mountain.

Like a frightened fawn, she ran along a stream, brush and grasses clinging to her panting body, seeming to slow her down. She came to a stream of water in the middle of the meadow that was too large to jump across and saw some stones she could use to get across. As she carefully stepped across, she noticed that the stream was wide but seemed deep in the middle. It also ran swiftly, as it was swollen with the recent rain.

Her heart was beating a mad tattoo in her chest and the rocks were slippery as she stepped quickly across them. Glancing backward, she grunted, jumped towards the bank into the more shallow water near the bank and ran harder through the knee deep water when she saw a brave crossing the same stream just yards behind her. His face was set with determination as he was intent on the task of catching her again.

She heard the distinctive “twang” of a bow shooting an arrow. She thought they were shooting at her. She ducked down as best she could as she sloshed through the last few feet of water. Finally, she got to the other side of the stream and saw that she had lost precious ground to the braves following her, but she could not see the one that was the closest to her any more.

She crouched lower as she re-entered the thicker forest at the base of the mountain, dodged around several boulders strewn down the mountainside like some child had thrown them. She started a jagged course down a deep forest gully that hid her from direct observation from above. When she came to its end further down the mountain, another glance showed no pursuers. She remained bent over as she tried to quietly run from bush to boulder to tree. She did not want to present herself as a good target.

She was tiring. Her breathing was ragged and deep. She stopped behind a large pine tree and let her beating heart and burning lungs have a brief rest. Her hand rested on the knife at her belt. They’d not take her without a hell of a fight, this time she thought with strong determination while realizing that the pursuers were probably going to catch up with her eventually.

As she rested, she looked up at where two pines crossed each other on their way up to the sky. Where the trunks crossed was a thick clump of branches. It seemed to be enough to hide in if she could get high enough without being seen. A quick look back at no one pursuing her convinced her to chance it.

She leaped at the small trunk, her slight body barely made it move at all. In spite of the scratchiness to her bare legs, she hiked up her skirt to her waist, exposing her firm ass and pussy to any and all eyes that might be looking and started carefully climbing to that juncture while trying not to make any noise or showing herself to those unseen that might be below.

She remained tightly clutching the slender branches of two small trees but totally concealed from the ground due to the foliage surrounding her. She couldn’t see out, and they couldn’t see her. As she hung there, blind and trusting that she was sort of safe for the moment, she remembered the last three days vividly and vowed they’d not take her alive again.

Three days ago, she had been walking from her village to the water stream when these husky Braves had grabbed her and gagged her and carried her all the way across the mountain while they molested her along the way.

She was tired because instead of making her walk, they tied her hands and feet to a pole which two of them shouldered. These braves were strong and horny. Every hour or so, the brave behind her would say something in a language she could not understand. The front brave would stop and the rear brave would move up to her hanging pussy between her legs. He would ruck her deerskin skirt up to her waist, spit on the bulging erection that he fished out of his fur breeches and fuck her helpless, bare cunt hole while supporting her weight on his shoulder.

The first time, since she was a virgin, she bled a little. With the gag in her mouth, she could not even scream as he rammed his big cock up inside her virgin cunt. After he came inside her, he moved to the front of the pole supporting her and the brave in front took his place and did the same thing, taking his time to slowly fill her hole with his fat cock in spite of the cum and blood mix dripping down her ass cheeks and onto the forest leaves below her.

He even reached down to play with her clit and she began to become aroused at the manipulation of her genitals. This embarrassed her and she clenched up her entire body as much as she could to limit his penetration, determined not to orgasm with her rapist playing with her. When she did this, he cruelly pinched her clit and a muffled scream came from her gagged mouth as her body once again slumped into submission of his raping cock while hanging from numbed wrists and ankles on the pole between them.

This went on for a long time as they traveled back up and over the top of Thunder Mountain. The braves carrying her rotated out with the other braves in the party as they went along. This gave all of them a chance to plug her holes as they walked and stopped frequently for fuck breaks along the trail. Sometimes, the two carrying her would both turn facing her, and a knife would be held threateningly at her nipple so she wouldn’t bite as they freed her gag from her mouth and used it and her throat to dump a load into her at each end. Re-gagging her before she could scream, they resumed their journey.

She feared these braves because she felt they would just as soon kill her as keep her. They were indifferent to her comforts and fed and watered her only minimally. When she had to pee or shit, she was not allowed down. She just let it go and the following brave carefully stepped around it. On and on they walked with her dangling between them.

At nights, they had staked her out face up, spread eagled and naked. They used her pussy as they saw fit, and it was frequently. If she shit or peed, they’d just move her over a few feet and begin again. They fed her only what they had left over after engorging themselves. Not untying her to do so. One of them would bend over and put a scrap of food in her mouth like a man feeding a dog a bit of table scrap.

They let her drink while they dipped her handily into whatever stream they hopped across and she shrieked behind her gag as the icy waters of the mountain top washed away the evidence of her foul treatment. She caught on that she needed to drink her fill when her head went under water as that was her only shot at water most of the trip. It was difficult to do around the gag, but she learned to take in enough through her nose and around the gag to stay hydrated. Her cunt and mouth were running with their creamy sperm most of the day anyway and the cold water soothed her nether parts to the point of numbness.

They played with her as they walked manipulating her and switching ends going along with her head first, and then reversing and taking her butt first. Usually the brave bringing up the rear played with her cunt or titties as they walked through the forest. The feelings of frustrated horniness were constantly with her even as her hands and feet turned numb by the knots of rawhide around her wrists and ankles that tied her to the pole and from being suspended most of the day by those same knots. She even had an orgasm a few times along the way from their manipulations and their fucking.

She sort of got used to the brutal way they fucked her with no consideration for what she might be feeling. She was ashamed to admit it, but she began looking forward to the nights the most as she got screwed and screwed several times by all of the braves that had captured her and she got to fall asleep between times and get some true rest without being suspended from her arms and legs.

The third night, they tied her face down in the dirt and she felt something slick, like bear grease, being put around her ass hole and between her buns. Then each of the four braves took his turn sawing in and out of her asshole for the rest of the evening despite her muffled protests. At first, they took turns one right after the other until they were all exhausted.

Then they removed her gag and she was fed and dumped with her hands and feet still tied into a small stream to lay while her face sucked in what water she could. Sobs of sorrow and pain racked her body, but she peed, shit and splashed in the icy waters to help her feel clean again. They took off her deerskin dress and laid her back down in the forest floor and re-tied her hands and feet in a spread eagle position face down once again.

Again bear grease was smeared liberally around her ass hole and between her buns. They returned fındıkzade escort to her ass hole throughout the night and into the next morning before they dressed her with the upper body of her dress not quite covering her tits and her skirt around her waist and once again trussed her up in the hanging position from the pole and moved on.

All through that day, they alternated between fucking her cunt and her asshole while hanging like so much dead animal from the pole between two of the four young braves. They never spoke to her. Their language was not familiar to her. She could tell that they were discussing her as they played with her cunt, ass or titties. Many times, they laughed derisively when they felt her nipples harden or her cunt run with lubricant as they toyed with her hanging body.

By now, even the threat of a knife at her nipple was not needed as she was made to swallow the prick of the brave at her head over and over, right down to his pubic hairs. She even told herself that they were feeding her as she swallowed their seed. She just hung limply awaiting their pleasure until the next stop when a new prick or two was thrust into her unresisting body. Her consciousness was fading by the end of that day and she wondered if she was going to survive this trip to wherever they were taking her.

That night, the same routine was begun with her tied face up again, but she noticed that they all took longer to come in her body and seemed to be getting tired when they came afterwards. After a while, they stopped coming back for more of her charms. She got a good night of rest that went relatively undisturbed from moon rise to dawn, she supposed, due to their exhaustion in traveling and constantly fucking her.

The next morning on the trail, when they stopped for another fuck, one of the bindings on her wrists was loosened as they took her down from her pole and a brave was stooped over her feet to hobble. It looked like they were tired of carrying her and wanted her to walk with them. She slipped loose her hands from his grasp and quickly grabbed his knife from his belt. She slashed at her closest tormenter but missed him. It did cause him to fall back away from her and she realized that she was now free to run. The other three were behind the fallen brave and she turned toward them all long enough to threaten all three of them with the knife in her hands and slipped off into the woods as fast as her wobbly legs could carry her.

It had been a hide and seek chase for the rest of that day and night and the last day. She used all of her woods skills as she hid from the relentlessly searching braves. She was very tired from running and hiding with little pause for even water as she ran across streams and no food in her but for a few berries from bushes as she scampered by them. She had a feeling of dread at being caught again, and she felt like they would recapture her if something else didn’t happen soon.

Her thoughts were brought abruptly back to the present by movement on the trail below her. As she crouched and clung tightly to two thin branches that threatened to bend or break, even for her little weight, she peeked out between the branches and could see a figure moving in the bushes a hundred yards to her left. In front of her, further up in the forest another was coming down the trail she had followed and a third was on the right switching back and forth looking carefully in the underbrush for her.

She silently cursed her sloppy run through the forest that anyone could follow. She tried to see if she had left any tell tale traces at the bottom of the tree she had just climbed. She was afraid she had been treed like some animal of the hunt.

As she held her breath, a Chippewa brave followed her footsteps to her resting place. As he bent over to study the ground where she had rested, another “twang, thud” was heard and an arrow sprouted suddenly from his throat, stifling any noise he might have made. Where did it come from? Who was killing these braves that wanted to take her and perhaps kill her? She looked frantically around without moving from her perch.

Off in the distance, a faint cry was heard from one of the braves and, a few minutes later, another “twang thud” signified another Chippewa dying.

After ten more minutes and nothing further, she began to relax a little so her that her heart and lungs could truly rest. She was about twenty feet above ground, and her perch was precarious in the slender trees. As she relaxed her grip on the branches to which she was desperately clinging the main one on which she stood broke and she fell out of the tree and her head hit a moss covered bank with another audible “thud.” Then everything went dark for her.

As she slowly came to consciousness, her head was throbbing and her stomach was sick, but she reveled that she was at least still alive. She tried to sit up, but nausea and head pain convinced her to remain lying under the pile of furs in which she found herself covered. She drifted off to sleep again without noticing she had no clothing on her body under all those furs piled over her.

When she awoke again, she felt much better. The headache was a dull throb, and she was hungry. She sat up slowly and heard a sound outside the log and leaf lean-to in which she found herself. A brave from an unknown tribe, by the looks of his feather markings, came to her with a cup of seaming broth and a rabbit’s leg roasted over the fire, just for her. She didn’t speak, but greedily gobbled the food from this tall stranger. She didn’t realize until she smelled the rich food just how hungry she had become.

As she munched, she looked at the broadest shoulders, the squarest jaw and the most well developed muscles in any man she had ever seen. Moccasins and a brief loin cloth were all he was wearing besides the obligatory weapons, in spite of the chill fall weather. He looked the picture of health, about her age and the look of concern on his face was genuine, she thought.

When she asked him who he was, he answered in a different language that she could not understand. Knowing that they needed to communicate on some level, he began the arduous task of learning her language. It would take weeks, but since he was a person who seldom spoke, he thought they’d get along just fine.

She stayed in that lean-to for a couple of weeks as her body slowly healed and double vision began to change into only one. She assumed he had undressed her, but he never made any advances toward her and had always slept outside under the moon, without her. She marveled at his sensitivity to her plight, his ability to survive in the cold night air with only a single large grizzly fur and was impressed with his warrior skills as she counted coup in the four scalps and the pile of weapons from the four braves he had killed to save her. She wondered why he did not take the leggings of the four braves he had killed, also.

When she had recovered enough to walk a few miles a day by herself, she decided to try to take him to her village and introduce him to her family, over the top of Thunder Mountain, before the winter snows closed the pass. She realized that they needed to hurry. She was enthralled with this handsome, silent giant and she wanted him to stay among her people so she, Chief Elkthunder’s first daughter could get to know him better and perhaps encourage him to become more interested in her.

One of the first things she asked him was his name. His reply was meaningless to her in his language, but later, it translated as “Big Bear.” She told him her name was White Dove.

When she felt good enough to travel, they started out for the top of Thunder Mountain, despite his reluctance to try it. After climbing only a few miles through heavy pine forest, a cold wind began whipping around and the nearly naked Big Bear began to shiver and turn blue. He explained to her he had never felt such cold. He came from a land far to the south where the weather was always hot or mild. They paused for a half-day while she fashioned some of the furs he was carrying into a sort of breeches and a cloak for them to both shelter under when the wind blew it’s coldest. This necessitated that they stay very close together as there was only enough fur to make one large cloak.

That night, the snow started falling and by morning a heavy blanket lay on the ground. She realized that the pass would be closed now until spring. She reluctantly led him back to the lean-to in the lower woods. It took two nights of sleeping wrapped around each other under the furs he carried to get them back to the lean-to. When they arrived, she had to demonstrate how to build a tee pee from lodge pole pines to him. He said his tribe did not have trees that grew this straight or tall. His people lived in adobe houses.

She sewed as much of the furs as she could around the poles and made a small teepee that would hold just them and a fire for warmth. It was nothing as grand as her people usually made, but she hoped it would keep them from the worst of the winter cold for the next four or five months. She did not mind the idea of this brave living this close to her. She was comforted by his nearly silent presence.

As the snow fell heavier that day and the cold wind blew harder against the mountain, Big Bear and White Dove curled güngören escort up under as many furs and pine boughs as they could and only a strong arm slipped out every now and then to tend the burning fire that kept them warm. Big Bear had sacrificed his new fur leggings for the tee pee walls, and he was definitely not dressed for winter.

Nevertheless, when it wasn’t snowing or blowing at maximum he went out hunting as often as he could. He always came back with more food for them. She was kept busy gathering firewood to keep nearby and pushing the deepening snow back from the opening to their small tee pee. Whenever he returned, he was almost blue and his teeth were chattering. She was skinning the rabbits he killed and making him some more leggings, but it took a lot of rabbits to cover those massive legs.

One day, he came to the tee pee dragging the front part of a grizzly bear he had killed not too far from their camp. Together they hurriedly skinned it and buried most of the usable meat in the snow, away from their tee pee. They went back out and brought in the other half the next day. Then, they made a fine dinner that night and both fell asleep in the warmth of their communal bed shortly afterward.

Sometime after the moon was high, White Dove felt Big Bear stirring behind her. He began stroking her back and neck very gently and slowly moved around to her small, girlish titties on her bare chest. They had agreed to follow the custom of her people and leave their clothing off while under the furs. This gave the clothes a chance to dry and did not bring moisture into bed to freeze.

Then White Dove felt Big Bear shift his weight toward her back and his hard manhood slipped between the juncture of her legs. It felt so warm and so hard and so BIG! White Dove feared it and, because she was so recently raped, she was not willing, yet, to venture again into those waters. She was determined to stay warm, but somewhat aloof from him for a while longer. That was going to be a difficult thing to do naked under the furs with him all winter, she thought.

She knew she could not overpower this big buck, brave, if he decided to take her like the others had done before. She thought that perhaps if she could take the edge off his desires it would spare her the discomfort of being raped again. So she squirmed around under the furs and put his big dick into her mouth. She felt him harden even further as she slid his cock head into the back of her throat and began a slow steady ride up and down his pounding tower of flesh as the heat of her action made the air under all those furs stifling.

Big Bear was grunting and gasping now and in another stroke or two, he gifted her with the sperm she had wanted to suck out of him. As his prick got somewhat soft in her mouth and his breathing started to take on a regular rhythm, she ejected his prick from her mouth and began to turn back around.

This movement disturbed him and he reached for her legs and brought them around to his face so that she was lying on her side facing his groin. He then began to nibble and lick her from her naval to her cunt hole. She began feeling very wet in her pussy and the lips of her cunt engorged, reddened and cunt drool began slipping down her lower leg. A moan escaped her and another to let Big Bear know that she liked what he was doing.

A nudge from him, on her head, brought her attention to his bulging cock in front of her mouth. As it once more began its slide past her lips, it slipped easily past her mouth and into her throat. She was so excited from his licking and chewing on her clitty and cunt lips that she didn’t have any trouble getting the thick man-steak all the way down her gullet until the hairs at the base of his prick were tickling her nose.

They were both grunting now and she grabbed his body hard to her to pull as much of his manhood as deep into his throat as she could. As she reached back for a better grip on his buns, one of her fingers found itself on top of his ass hole. As she clutched her hand harder into his body, one of her fingers slipped down his shit chute. He responded with a loud groan and quickly speared her asshole with a finger that just seemed like it would go deeper in her ass forever. The ass goose had her moaning now, as well. Practically any stimulus would have done the same for her. She began to do the same for his ass hole with her finger moving deliberately in and out.

As she rounded the corner to the home stretch of her orgasm, his chews on her pussy lips and the finger in her ass took on a more driving force and frantic pace. They were both moaning aloud, and when she came, all she could do was moan louder and try not to spasm with his prick in her mouth. As he came again, she noticed a few less squirts of cum and a flavor change as if this load didn’t have as much of whatever made it so bitter.

They lay in each other’s arms like that for the rest of the night and most of the day as the firewood was stacked high just outside the tee pee and the killed bear would provide them with food for many days. They explored each other’s bodies and learned what felt goo d and what didn’t feel good to each other. All the time they pleasured themselves orally. He didn’t try to fuck her; he just reveled in her body orally.

Many more kills were made over the next several weeks by this brave. First a buck, then a doe and several rabbits and another bear were all brought in to the camp and efficiently skinned and added to the protection around the tee pee, the clothes on his body and the furs on their bed. Their lovemaking during all of this time was confined to oral techniques that seemed to satisfy them both.

However, one evening when the snow’s blanket had built a wall of white almost all the way around the tee pee, they lay together, after a bear meat stew she had cooked with some dried herbs and a few tubers that she had gone off into the woods to dig up. They were lying naked with him behind her on their sides, spoon fashion, under a stack of furs. He began stroking her tits and making like he usually did before she went under the covers to suck him off and be tongued and sucked in her turn by him. This time, though, he held her back from rotating and she was confused.

Then he rolled her over on her back and began softly kissing his way down her neck to her tits, her naval, and, finally her clit. He took his time and she enjoyed every minute of it as was evident by her sighs and moans. The journey to her cunt took a full ten minutes, and she was boiling hot by the time he arrived. The sensations she was getting from this lazy tongue massage were incredible! She craved more from him.

Her pussy was positively sloshing before he ever got to her cunt hole to taste her. When he did, she came almost at once. She arched her back and let out a loud moan as she blew off into a never-never land of orgasm. Then he put two fingers part way into her cunt and started wiggling them around inside of her, up behind her pubic bone while he kissed the outer lips, but not her overly sensitive clitty.

She remained highly aroused and after a few minutes, she started pushing back at the fingers attempting to impale her cunt. Her pushing back was her unconscious signal that she wanted more. When he figured that out, he began stroking his tongue lightly over her clitty.

As she approached her second orgasm in twenty minutes, he put one of his fingers, slippery with her cunt juice, up inside her ass to give her an extra thrill. She came HARD! Right then! She arched up off the furs and crashed back down with his mouth fixed to her clit and his tongue doing a crazy dance over the top of it. Her whole body was shaking and convulsing with every stroke of his tongue over her super sensitive clit. The two middle fingers of his hand were moving in and out of her ass hole and cunt lips.

He slipped his smallest finger not too deep into her ass and his forefinger into her vagina with the middle one. He left her clit alone for a while as he wiggled and stroked with those four digits for a few minutes more in and out of her two holes. Then, once again she began that telltale pushing against his hand and he started back onto her clitty with his tongue. Her cunt was very tight around his big hands, and he could feel the sidewalls of her cunt squeezing his fingers in hard convulsions as she began to orgasm again. He wanted to feel that around his hard manhood! He got excited thinking that she was all his to fuck in these woods in the middle of a white winter! She seemed willing and even eager for more.

When she peaked another time, he wiggled the fingers up inside her ass and then her cunt, alternately and she was about to build to another orgasm. She could feel that she was close. So could he. He had four fingers up inside her to the second knuckle and she was sweating and groaning again as he let up on her clitty and started revolving those fingers back and forth and turning them all sorts of ways. Just as she was about to have a very biggest climax of the day, he suddenly withdrew everything from her body and stood up on his knees (throwing off the furs) and opened her legs with his big strong hands. Quickly, he slid his extra large cock into the tight opening of her cunt as far as he could shove it on the first thrust.

Her fatih escort fears of being raped again were not thought of as she bucked up at him, trying to get as much of him into her as would go. She was so turned on that the only thing she wanted was him in her. She grabbed him by the waist and locked her legs behind his butt to draw him inside of her as quickly and deeply as possible. His prick slid about half way in and met the resistance of her still tight pussy walls. The other braves that had raped her had never penetrated her more than this depth. He jerked back and forth a few times to be sure of his angle and to spread around her natural lubrication. Then he rammed forward into her depths, opening her up like she had never been opened before.

She screamed so loudly that it echoed up and down the mountain. The hot, searing pain of his big dick stretching her vagina deeper than ever before was almost unbearable but still pleasurable to her. He laid balls deep in her cunt with his pubic bone smashing her clit and his weight pressing her warmly into the furs of their bed.

She was not cold, despite the lack of furs over the top of them both. His body covered her and gave her warmth and she felt protected. Her cunt burned as if someone had sliced her with a knife. However, she was adjusting rather quickly to the feelings of a big dick burning its way deeper than she had ever felt inside of her. It was almost like she was a virgin again.

As he relaxed and slid his prick back up and then down again, pleasure flashes began to replace the burning sensations deeper inside of her and she began to feel better, much better! She could feel the stickiness of her own excited secretions getting the furs wet under her, as he screwed her, but there was no pain, now, only the pleasure of his long pole of flesh sliding across her clit.

Her cunt was going from full to empty and empty to full again and again, in a rhythmic pattern that had her squirming and moaning in time with his thrusts into her. Now all was pleasure and he was picking up the pace and getting her very excited with longer strokes that hit with jolts and went in as deep as he could reach. She felt herself perched on the pinnacle of the largest orgasm of her short life and clung to him like a baby opossum clings to its mother at breast feeding time.

“Aaaaiiiiieeee!” she screamed again, as she felt like the top of her head was blowing off. This time, her scream was one of pleasure. Big Bear rammed his big cock hard into her, reaching the depths of her cunt and stretching it quite a bit in the process. She came off again like a firecracker. She could feel hot spurts of his ejaculation fill her small cunt to overflowing and slip out either side of her opening around his large cock. Several more thrusts and cums were made by Big Bear and White Dove before they slowed down and finally stopped with his still hard dick inside her cunt. They were both panting and sweating now.

She liked the feeling of having him inside her and began squeezing her cunt and legs around him in a rhythmic manner in order to keep him with her, always. This excited him further and, after he had rested only a few minutes, he began those long, slow strokes into her cunt again, never losing his erection. This time, she felt his right hand slide around her ass to the already widened hole she had back there and poke a finger up into her. The extra, digital stimulus in her ass brought her orgasm fever to another pitch and she went off again. As the spastic convulsions in her cunt squeezed around his prick, it was too much stimulus for him and he increased the strength of his thrusts and the depth of his pushes into her.

He came what felt like buckets of his hot creamy substance up inside of her cunt again in a short few minutes. Then he collapsed to her side, sliding out of her abused and swollen cunt in the process. She reached down and re-covered them with the pile of furs and they both slept a dreamless sleep of the perfectly sated.

The next few nights were kept busy exploring this form of sexual conduct so that they both got very good at knowing what felt good and what didn’t. He would typically let her turn around for only a short time. It was enough to give them a head of steam and make them anxious for more. Sometimes, he’d take her from the front on her back, and sometimes, he’d have her kneel in front of him and fuck her cunt from the back. She never tired of the wonderful feelings this strong brave was giving her!

One night, when he indicated she was to take him from the kneeling position, he surprised her by bending down and laving her ass and asshole with his tongue. He reached down under her and scooped up a large quantity of her pussy juices and applied it to her ass hole. Then he put two fingers into it and squirmed them around and slid them back and forth in her anus.

She moaned the most depraved moan of her life and told him by the way she was pushing back at him that she wanted more. He got up on his knees behind her and pushed his large cock into her pussy. She groaned as the thick pillar of flesh rubbed against her aroused clit as he sank all the way in to her pussy. Then, he paused and she felt him flexing his cock deep within her. This really aroused her and another moan slipped between her lips.

He quickly withdrew, and before she had time to react, he had lodged his cock in the loosened opening of her ass hole and began smoothly, oh so sloooowwwwlllllyyyy shoving his entire cock up her shit chute. He used short strokes with plenty of backing up to make sure of the lube in her ass and to be sure she was stretching comfortably.

The sensations in her ass were incredibly sexy. She pushed back against him. The tonguing and loosening had set her afire back there and the entry had been made so slowly and with so much time to loosen up that there had been no pain. It was all thrill and pleasure. It seemed to take forever for him to stroke and slide the entire length of his prick into her ass. Goosebumps arose along her spine and up and down both arms. She moaned again, much more loudly!

Then, after pausing at the bottom of his stroke, he began to flex his prick again and let her feel the entire length of him in her. He began to withdraw slowly from her itchy, widened ass hole. She squirmed and pushed back not wanting to lose the turgid intruder from her body, but she needn’t have worried. As he approached the opening of her ass hole with the coronal ridge of his prick still in her, he reversed course and once again began a slow and short stroking slide back into her depths. Back and forth he moved with slow, short deliberate strokes.

Meanwhile, he reached around her to diddle her clitty and cunt with his hand. She felt the most monstrous orgasm of her life approaching just as he managed to put three fingers into her cunt with his log-like prick buried in her ass and his other hand beating a rhythmic drum on her clit. She was getting orgasm feelings from her clit, her cunt and deep inside her ass. She felt like her body had been thrown up so high that she’d never come down. She yelped and groaned and, finally orgasmed so hard that she passed out with his dick still in her ass.

When she came to, she was laying flat on her stomach with his full weight on her ass. He was lying on top of her with his dick still stuck in her ass and as hard as a steel rod of iron. He had waited for her to recover before continuing. He began to move back and forth in her ass with more speed and motion than he had before when she had cum so gloriously. The change of pace and the faster strokes was distracting her from another of those mind bending orgasms.

His thought was to cum quickly and leave this beautiful princess alone to sleep. Her thoughts were getting hornier and hornier as he continued to stroke inside her asshole. Finally, she could feel his cock bulge and twitch and release a torrent of sperm way up high in her ass. She got a surprise in the orgasm that this triggered in her. She had cum with him at the same time she felt him squirt. Not as big as the last one, but big enough to make her very sleepy. He slid the cover of fur back over the top of them. They both drifted off to sleep with different thoughts while he lay atop her with his softening prick buried deeply in her ass.

Big Bear was dreaming about warm summer days instead of this bitterly cold country. He was grateful that he had found a woman who could keep him warm and make him warm clothes. He was doubly glad that she liked him and liked to fuck as much, apparently as he did. He was glad that she liked it up her ass, between her tits and almost anywhere else he wanted to put it. He was dreaming of other ways to pleasure them both.

White Dove was dreaming of all the different sexy things he had taught her and the thought of doing them again was trilling to her. She could hardly sleep for the dirty thoughts that occupied her mind. She was also looking forward to a life with this big brave and all the children they were going to have. She was glad that the wait until spring would be full of good loving from a very skilled lover, a fierce warrior and a good provider.

She reminded herself that she barely understood his language and she’d have to teach him her language if she wanted him to fit easily into the tribe when they crossed the mountain. She was certain that her father would be glad to know that she had chosen her mate for life. She was sure that they would have a place to go in her tribe next spring, but she did not want winter to hurry, as she was enjoying her winter in the mountains.

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