Big Brother Ch. 01

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I awoke with the usual great smell of breakfast. And I smiled because it seemed like it would be a day like any other, and not a turning point in my life. I got out of the bed and went into the kitchen, where my big brother was. Lucas was a big guy. You wouldn’t picture him as someone who could cook so damn good.

“I’m a bit late,” Lucas said. “you need more than this?” he asked, putting the sandwiches on the table.

“It’ll do,” I said, my mouth salivating.

“Okay, then I’m leaving.” He turned. “And you be careful, Tom.” I nodded, and he left. It was useless to tell him not to worry about my job.

Lucas was a biology professor, a job safer than mine. He was more intelligent and more responsible too. I grew up with the golden boy, but even when I tried to hate him, he was my big bro, I couldn’t.

I attacked the food.

I honestly could get used to this. Food every morning. It was like this since we started living together a year ago, after being apart for some time after college.

We decided that it would be easier since we lived in the same town again, and the both of us weren’t exactly going somewhere with other people. In other words, we were single and no one was on sight to change that.

When we wanted to bring a girl, we’d just tell the other one to find something to do and somewhere else to be. It was fine.

After breakfast, I took a shower. My shift was starting late. I had time. I touched my self in the shower, thinking about my ex-girlfriend. She had moved on from me, but I still liked to pay my respect to her beautiful body, my cock fucking her every hole. I got tired, my imagination not being enough.

I left the bathroom not bothering to dress. I had a laptop, but my brother’s was better and faster, so I went to his room. It was on his bed, and he hadn’t changed his password. I lay down on the bed, smelling my brother everywhere.

Porn was waiting. I was only getting comfortable on his bed, about to start the stroking, when I felt a lump behind the pillow. I stuck my hand and grabbed the thing. The big thing. My mouth opened wide as I stared at the gigantic rubber cock.

I threw it away on the bed, as if it burned my hand. I felt dirty, and my mind didn’t know what to think of the dildo. I refused to let my mind wander, to actually see images of what my brother was doing with it. Suddenly, to lay on this bed seemed wrong.

It was so big, with long protuberances that looked like real veins. Nobody could have such a big cock in reality. It was amazing.

I needed to breathe. Calmly think about things without jumping to wrong conclusions, the wrong conclusion being that my big brother liked to stick a big dildo up in his asshole.

Was he a fag? No. No. He wasn’t. Even if he liked to… to do that, he was just curious. He dated girls. My brother was fine. And some people said, you know, that it felt good. Maybe he just wanted to try.

Great. That’s it. I looked at the thing again, the big fucking black cock that my brother used to fuck himself when he was alone in his room, totally fine. I realized that I was rubbing my cock slowly, and stopped instantly, feeling a certain desire to slap my own face.

“Ignore it. You didn’t see it,” I told myself. I took the laptop and searched for porn, not even bothering going incognito. I watched some girls doing anal.

I jerked myself fast and furious, expecting to be over soon. I couldn’t stop myself from wondering if my brother moaned like the blond I was watching while some guy ripped her ass apart.

Shit, I had to stop that. I couldn’t possibly be thinking that. Something was wrong with me.

Lucas was a man, no doubt about that. He dated girls. He liked girls. I have seen it. There should be some explanation. Sure, he liked to cook and clean his house, but he’s been doing that since always, he was the older brother from a single mother.

If someone said to me that they thought my brother was gay, I would beat the shit out of them. So why am I thinking that? They were traitorous and wrongful thoughts. I had to stop them.

I would prove to myself that everything was fine. I raised my legs up and teased my asshole with the tip of a finger. I continued watching porn.

It didn’t do anything for me. It just felt weird, but I kept trying, pressing my finger until my anus opened up. Although I didn’t feel pleasure, it was pleasantly strange, the feeling of being invaded, by a finger. So I imagined it was someone else’s finger.

That did it. See? I told myself. No biggie. Just a nice feeling. Then I looked at the dildo again. Yeah, Lucas was in a more advanced level, but still.

Wondering if I could go a bit further, I went for my lube in my room, and came back to my brother’s. I laid down again, his smell was everywhere. I lubed my finger and easily got into my ass. I felt so dirty, it was so easy to be fucked by a finger. Imagining it was someone else’s just made it way more forbidden.

My finger was going in more and more, until I pressed something that casino siteleri made my cock jump. I stared wild eyed at the ceiling, breathing slowly. I had forgotten about the porn. I fucked myself with one finger, trying to reach that pleasure again, and being less successful, but still very efficient.

“Oh, shit,” I moaned. Slowly, I fucked myself. I bit my lip, and decided to use another finger. It hurt.

That’s all I know. It hurt, it wasn’t that bad, but if I had tried to use two right at the beginning, I wouldn’t have continued. Now I knew that if I endured the pain, I could have something that would be worth it.

And so, after a while, I felt my ass being opened and welcoming two fingers, enlarging, and I more easily gave myself that sweet and rough pleasure. “Oh, yeah.”

I touched my cock with my other hand, and I almost came. My cock was actually doing well by himself while I put two fingers inside my ass and fucked me slowly. Pre cum was leaking and wetting my belly.

I took my fingers out of my ass, feeling the emptiness with disappointment. I reached for the dildo and looked at it, deciding that I would never be able to fit that in me, but I decided to try it out anyway.

First, I put a lot of lube on it. After I was positioned comfortably, I rubbed the head of the big dildo on my ass. Slowly. Only teasing. Like I did with girls some times, only now I was ‘the girl’. And some guy was doing it to me. My brother was doing it to me.

I knew it was wrong. The fact that it was wrong never left my head, but it just seemed even more wrong to not think of him, to think of some other guy. Maybe because his smell was everywhere.

Everything was leading to this. I was still not over the fact he was fucking himself, my big brother, so like a twisted joke of my mind, I couldn’t think of someone else but my big brother rubbing his cock on my ass hole.

I came. Physically, I was doing almost nothing. Mentally, I was giving my ass to my brother. That made me cum. I knew it, long after I got up, washed myself, then washed the dildo and put it in the same place, and hid every little clue that I was there, I knew.

The thought of my brother fucking me made me cum faster than a teenager.

I was already in my uniform, ready to go to work, when came the knock on the door. Outside, a brunette smiled. She was young and lifted my interest. She looked up at me and then inspected my body as if she couldn’t help it. Her smile faltered.

“You’re… hmmm… the brother? Who is a cop?” Her voice trembled, as she looked at me.

“That’s me” I said. It was my turn of inspecting her body. It looked like Lucas wasn’t having problem after all. I couldn’t help but be impressed. My eyes were having a hard time leaving her breasts.

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to intrude, I just… I think I left something… He told me it was okay if I came by. Lucas told me.” She made an effort to look at my eyes.

“Of course.” I let her pass. Few minutes later, she came back.

“Here. It was just my phone,” said the Brunette.

“Sure,” I said, smiling at her in a way that made her blush. As she passed, I put my hand on her thigh, leading her to the door. “Pleasure to meet you.”

I kissed her on her soft cheek, which caused a little sigh, and she pressed her little body on me. Her hands lightly on my muscles.

“Thank you for being so nice” she said. “If all cops were so big like you, there would be nothing to worry about on the streets.”

I laughed, and closed the door. Back on my brother’s room, my heart was pounding as I lifted the pillow just to find nothing there. Laughing to myself, I headed to work.

Working as a cop in Rio was never easy, fortunately, there wasn’t any shooting. My shift ran smoothly, and late at night, I received his call. I put down my coffee on the table.

“Little brother,” Lucas said, a bit grunting. “Tell me what you want, and I’ll do it.”

My heartbeat was instantly affected. I was suddenly there on his room, feeling his big dick inside me. How was my mind so filled with disgusting thoughts all of a sudden? Why was I letting myself feel this way?

There was a stirring in my pants, and it grew. I remembered that I had to answer.

“Excuse me?”

“You were nice to Barb, today. She told me. You deserve something nice to eat.” His breathing was harsh, and he was trying to hide.

“You’re fucking her right now, aren’t you?”

Lucas took long enough to answer, but first he laughed.

“I swear, I’m not.”

“Sure. Do whatever you want. Surprise me.”

“A big surprise, or a small one?”

I hoped the people eating around me didn’t see me blush. I moved on my chair, remembering once again what I found in my brother’s bathroom, and what I did with it. I didn’t even get to feel it right, just rubbing it slightly on my ass, that with the dangerous thoughts were enough to cream myself.

“You think you can make it big in time?” I asked, closing my eyes right afterwards and slapping my forehead.

“I canlı casino believe I can. See you later.”

I was still shaking slightly when I finished my coffee. The food I left untouched, no point in eating anymore.

It was night when I came home. A cold one. I opened the door slowly. The smell was fantastic. I must have made some noise.

“You came early!” Lucas said, from the kitchen. My thoughts gave room for my hunger while I trailed after his sound.

I stopped at the entrance. He was only wearing a small underwear that showed too much and yet too damn little. I had seen him naked already, we grew up together. But not after the fantasies. Lucas was naturally bigger than me. And he took care of his body.

His back was turned to me. “That’s looking good” I said, staring at his ass.

“Sit down,” Lucas told me. He told me. That tone was different from his usual mildly imperative one.

“Alright.” Why was I sweating?

We were always close, but tonight his proximity bothered me. He prepared my plate. I was afraid to look at him, least my eyes be drawn to the apparent volume of what was hidden behind the small piece of clothe.

He sat down in front of me, we looked into each other’s eyes. Lucas seemed bigger, I felt smaller.

And I thought that I must look so weird acting that way, so quiet and different from what I was. I waited for the question.

“You okay?” Lucas asked.

“Yeah. Rough day at work.” Easy way out.

“You could try working somewhere safer, you know,” Lucas told me again.

“Don’t need to worry about me.”

“You know why I worry,” he said, smiling.

“How about I give you two years of my part of the rent in advance?”

That seemed to calm things down for me. Although my brother’s smile was too cute for my taste.

“So, you met Barb.”

“Is she a student?” I asked, staring at his mouth.

Lucas shrugged. “She is a consenting adult.”

“Yeah, she is consenting.” I said, remembering how she looked at me. “She scared me a little.”

“Take her if you want. I lost my interest. She is too small.” At that moment, I spent a lot of time drinking my juice, because I was shocked and I didn’t want him to see that. I had never seen him talk about a woman that way. Hell, not even I talk about them that way.

“She is your woman,” I said.

He laughed. Then he stood, taking his plate with him. After that he approached me and stroked my hair.

“Don’t take off your uniform, little brother” Lucas said, pushing his lower body against my side. His hard cock touched me. I was petrified for a moment. “I’ll be on my room. Don’t take too long.”

“What the hell?” But Lucas left the kitchen already.

Once again I saw no use for the food. I went to my room, closed the door and began to take off my shirt. I paused, looking at the mirror. My eyes showed confusion.

I was definitely misunderstanding things. But was I? Of course. My brother. My older, bigger brother. It didn’t matter how much I tried to be more than him, he still could hold me in place with just a look. But tonight was different.

My uniform stayed where it was. It was tighter than ever, my cock hard and hurting.

I left my room, and entered his. Lucas was on the bed, laptop beside him. He was looking at the screen and his face lit, eyes shining. When they looked at me, I shivered.

“Wanna see what I’m looking at?” he said.

I knew what it was. I just couldn’t believe it.

“What’s your game, Lucas?” My voice grew grave, but I slowly approached his bed.

“I’ll tell you. Sit here close to me.” He showed where I was supposed to sit with one hand, the other touched his erection, which could be clearly pictured by the silhoutte bulging through his underwear.

And while my eyes stared at his cock, I felt sick, and my curiosity kept growing. I remembered how good I felt while pressing the dildo on my entrance, almost in, and my big brother was a big part of that. What would it feel like to have his fingers inside? The thought was painfully erotic.

I sat down exactly where he told me. He was my brother.

He turned the laptop and I saw what I expected to see. Myself, legs apart, pressing a big dildo on my asshole. Shit.

“Press play. I paused on my favorite part.”

I shook my head, a part of me still in denial of everything that was happening. A fear awoke inside me. And shame, although shame wasn’t yet in its full potency.

But I pressed play. In the video, I started moving, my whole body twisting. And I whispered my brother’s name. I didn’t remember that. I was thinking about him, but had I actually said his name aloud? I stared wild eyed.

“I… I didn’t know it was recording.”

“When I first saw it, I was pretty mad. I’m your big brother.” He raised his voice. “I couldn’t believe you thought about me like that.”

I almost said that I didn’t. But I was so ashamed. My voice failed me.

“But then,” he said. “I kept watching, I couldn’t stop watching you. kaçak casino I was jerking myself off so hard when I called you.”

I shut my eyes. I wanted him to stop, and I so didn’t.

Lucas put the laptop on the ground. I wondered if time had slowed down, because he was coming closer but never seemed to reach me. But there he was, warm and big. His familiar smell had a whole new scent, the smell of intimacy that a brother should never have.

I touched his leg, and moved through his skin until I reached his cock and balls. I enjoyed to see he was just as hard as I was.

“This is fucked up” I said.

Lucas ignored me, as he put me on my side and took off a bit of my pants. My butt was exposed and turned to him. I felt his hand on my ass cheeks, urgent and strong hands, exploring freely while I passively let him.

Finally, I felt one fingertip on my tight asshole. I couldn’t help but move into it, trying to accelerate everything.

“That’s what you want?” His sinful voice was suddenly right on my ear, and I lost my breath. I nodded.

“Lick it,” he told me. His finger was gone from my ass, right into my face. I looked at it for a moment, just letting the realization come, and I just fucking accepted it. I licked his finger, then sucked.

And Lucas kept teasing my asshole with his cock.

“You want to suck that too?” he asked, pressing it harder, and it felt insanely good. It made me want to know what it would feel like to be fucked in the ass by my big brother. What a messed up thought to have. What a delicious thought to have.

I tried to take my pants off completely, but he didn’t let me.

“Keep the uniform. Looks good on you.” Lucas took his finger out of my mouth and rubbed it in my ass. It was cold and provoking. He entered me with just the tip. Oh. “Never thought I would be the one to stretch my little brother’s tight hole.”

“Fucking do it,” I said.

Lucas grunted, pressing his face against my cheek. He smelled me, licked my face. My big brother was going for it, and I just didn’t think, I turned my face and sucked on his tongue. That was supposed to be disgusting, it should make me want to throw up. Well, I kept kissing him for a long time. My lips were tired, but I didn’t want to stop, my cock was probably tearing itself apart from the pleasure coming from just the eroticism of it all.

“Barb is one lucky girl” I said.

“Well, you’re the lucky girl now.” He smiled. “My god, you know what I want to do to you?”

His hardness was leaking so much that I could feel a cold trail down my ass cheeks. I had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to do to me.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?” he asked.

“What do you think?”

“No one better to teach you than your big brother.” I had no argument against that. I turned and get up on my knees, while Lucas sit and opened his legs. His underwear was nowhere to be found.

My face was just about to touch his cock, the smell of another man’s privates was so strong, it confused me, because it was still my brother’s smell, just with a great touch of sex to it. I looked up at him, waiting for him to change his mind, and realize that this would probably fuck up our relationship for ever.

He didn’t change his mind and neither did I. So I opened my mouth wide and taste my brother’s cum for the first time. I didn’t know how to do it properly, but I had some idea of what to do. Girls had done that to me a lot of times, I was bound to learn the essential. The head was always the best choice.

Nature took care of itself, and after a time I was trying to put more than half of it inside, just to show off. Lucas called me dirty names, something that he probably did with his young girls. In that day, I not only sucked a cock for the first time, I was slapped in the face by a cock, I rubbed my whole face on a pair of huge balls, and sucked a pair of huge balls too. And everything was just so perfect. I met a new side of me. Something I didn’t know I liked it. Was I ever going to let this go?

The taste of his cum was so familiar at that point, that when he asked me if I wanted, I said yes, and he cummed right inside. There was so much of it, a big load of tasty and warm cream, I wanted to please him so much that I tried to swallow everything and still didn’t manage to hold all of it.

A small amount fell down through his cock, and I licked it while I watched his reaction. My big brother was pleased.

“Good job” He said, slapping my face lightly. I wasn’t used to be slapped in the face by a man, but he was my big brother.

I waited for an instruction.

I awoke the next day in my own bed. I dreamed of my brother, and my cock was already hard. I didn’t want to face him today, how could I look in his eyes while still remembering the taste of his cum and the way it filled my mouth? I was also extremely disappointed that we didn’t get to advance things, I was ready to be fucked, but he wasn’t ready to fuck me.

I smelled the food. So good. I waited for my erection to go away, and when it didn’t, I put some pants on and went for the kitchen. Lucas was dressed for work, and I also needed to get to work early, because my shift was going to be rough that day. But he still smiled at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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