Big Changes At Home Ch. 11

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Chapter Eleven: The Pivotal Saturday Night


Time is a funny thing, what seems so firm and certain at one point can change over time. When I originally wrote this chapter I decided to end this because I wasn’t comfortable with the subject matter. As a writer it is my choice to end a story when and how I choose. However, sometimes the story itself can demand to be told, such is the case with this one. I hate doing a poor job at anything I do, so the thought of a story that I ended prematurely with a hasty and careless ending, didn’t sit well with me. Everyone knew there was much more of this story yet to be told, the reader, the story and even myself. I will push through and tell the story in the manner that it needs to be told, and end it when the story has been told properly. From here on out, the story will become, bolder, darker, and perhaps just a touch more twisted. For those of you who venture forth, consider yourselves warned. This chapter has been changed slightly and has been given a new ending in order to allow the story to continue. Enjoy the rebirth of Big Changes at Home!

* * * * * * * *

The next few days were an odd and tense few around the house, as everything had to appear as if everything were normal. Owen and Rosina no longer could show affection around the house for fear Richard would find out. Neither could Taryn seek comfort in Owen’s arms at night, like she desperately wanted to. There was an unspoken dread of Saturday night by all but Richard, who was evidently looking forward to the outing. Owen and Rosina could seek sexual release in the secluded corners at school during the day, but had to control themselves at night. Taryn wasn’t so lucky, having no such avenue for release, as Karen made sure to keep her distance during the day. Taryn had tried on a few occasions to seduce Karen into another round of lesbian sex but to no avail. Come Saturday night, Taryn was feeling quite agitated and needing release, but doubted that Richard would be able to get her off adequately. With a grumble and scowl at Owen, that Richard didn’t notice, the pair was off for their evening together.

Richard and Taryn did have a lovely evening together and for the most part Taryn played her role as “doting wife” expertly. It was a role she had played many times before and it was a necessary diversion for Taryn from the conflict in her mind. The food and wine were excellent, as usual, but Taryn couldn’t taste it. These evenings used to be a high point for Taryn that she would live for. It was one of the few times that she and Richard would go out and do anything together as husband and wife. This time, rather than anticipate the sex that was about to take place, she hated the thought of it.

Eventually, even the dancing was over and Taryn found herself staring at the floor indicator of the elevator, wishing it would stop. She watched the floor-numbers change from one to the next and her heart sunk a little more as the numbers climbed higher. She almost jumped with Richard put his hand on the small of her back to guide her out of the elevator. She smiled at him politely as she walked beside her husband down the hall, toward their hotel room.

Taryn’s mind raced to find anyway out of this, any reason not to sleep with him. She didn’t want Richard, she didn’t ache for his cock to pound her pussy that night, she wanted her son’s instead. As odd as it was, she felt like she was about to betray her true husband, Owen, by sleeping with her actual husband, Richard. With this strange turmoil in her mind and heart the door closed behind her and the room was deathly quiet. Richard had walked into the room and stood by the bed and smiled at his wife with a sultry smirk on his face.

“Alone at last, my dear,” Richard said as he removed his jacket, tossing it over a nearby chair.

“Yes, dear,” Taryn smiled warmly at him as she walked toward him.

Taryn put a sultry smile on her face that was quite fake, as she reached out to her husband. She enveloped him in her arms and kissed him with passion that was just as fake as the smile. Even the kiss felt wrong and this was just the precursor to the main event, the sex. As the kiss progressed, Richard had reached behind Taryn and unzipped her dress. Taryn was conflicted for this meant that the evening was moving along faster than she was ready for, but the faster the sex happened, the faster it would be over. Taryn reached up and began to undress Richard as he started to undress her. They kissed as the clothes started to be shed and passions started to rise, at least it seemed that way.

Taryn was trying to imagine that she was with Owen, in order to gain some pleasure in the act. Richard was trying to imagine that he was with his beloved Mistress. For both of them their imaginations were hard to keep up as the other wasn’t acting like their desired lovers. Somehow the sexual escapade seemed to continue on “auto-pilot,” since both of their minds were elsewhere. Richard had Hatay Escort caressed and kissed his way around Taryn’s breasts for, clearly a casual and hurried period of time. Taryn had just started to get into his oral attentions to her breasts before Richard loomed over her.

Taryn looked up at her husband and smiled lovingly at him to hide the shame she felt inside. She knew the moment was at hand, she knew that Richard was about to mount her. Taryn was about to have sex with her husband for the first time in weeks and instead of being turned on and horny beyond belief, she wanted to puke. She was so ashamed of herself for betraying her Master, the man she loved and the only man she wanted to fuck. She prayed that her son would forgive her for betraying him, and allowing another man’s cock into her body. Even though Taryn knew that Owen had consented and understood to necessity of this sexual act, it didn’t lessen how cheap she felt. For the first time in her life, Taryn saw herself as a whore, a slut, a cheep and dirty slut, for fucking Richard.

Richard rocked his hips forward and his cock lined up to his wife’s pussy as if it knew the way on its own. With a steady push, his cock slit Taryn’s nether lips and slid into her pussy as it had done many times before. Taryn cooed a fake noise of approval that was just for Richard’s benefit as his cock slid into her. Taryn felt little pleasure from the cock that once had brought her to many orgasms. The cock that was inside her now was the one cock that rightfully should be there, but was not the one she wanted. Taryn wanted to cry and fought hard not to let the tears onto her face. Taryn pulled Richard down to her so she could put her face over his shoulder.

“Fuck me, my husband, fuck me!” Taryn hissed in a husky tone that wavered only slightly with the guilt and pain that she felt.

“Yes, my hot wife, I will!” Richard grunted back with an eager and lustful tone of voice.

What followed was a dry and passionless fuck that neither enjoyed at all. In fact, Richard had to concentrate to keep his erection and nearly lost it a few times. Taryn kept hoping that Richard would cum so she could fake an orgasm and finish this dreadful scene. As the fuck drew on, it became clear that the end was not in sight anytime soon. Taryn tried desperately to hold on just a little longer, telling herself that Richard wouldn’t last much longer. The only benefit from the lack of passion within Richard was that his staying power was much, much longer than he was used to. Taryn, however couldn’t last that long apparently, it wasn’t her passion that boiled over, and it was her shame which burst forth.

“STOP! STOP!” Taryn cried out as her tears finally overwhelmed her, while Richard continued to stroke her pussy with slow, steady strokes.

“What is it?” Richard asked with a look of confusion and fear on his face as he stopped fucking his wife.

“This is all wrong! Doesn’t this feel wrong to you?” Taryn sobbed out as she cried uncontrollably.

Taryn looked in her husband’s face for a moment before looking off in another direction. She didn’t know what she was going to say but her shame and guilt couldn’t be contained any longer. Richard looked down at Taryn in fear, as he wondered if she somehow felt his secret. Could she know that he didn’t want to be there? Did she know that he longed to be in the arms of his beloved former Mistress?

“What?” Richard asked, hoping that his voice wouldn’t squeak in fear.

“Do you really want to want to fuck me right now?” Taryn asked bluntly as she stared deep into Richard’s eyes.

“Of course, dear!” Richard answered back indignantly, with a bold face lie.

Taryn read in his eyes that he was lying and looked away from him in shame. Her husband didn’t want her and she felt it was because he could see that she didn’t want him. She looked back in his eyes for a moment before she burst into tears. Even Richard knew that she had seen through his lie. What would he say, how would he explain that he didn’t want her? How could he explain the reason for his resent moodiness?

“GET OFF ME!” Taryn snapped, as she fought to get Richard off her, that instant.

Taryn couldn’t stand to have Richard near her just now. She needed some space as she tried to focus on just what to say to him. She needed to keep her head about her or she would say the wrong thing. Once out from under him Taryn walked briskly across the room and stood there, facing away from the bed in no particular direction. She caught her breath and wondered how to explain her actions, trying to calm down.

“What happened to us?” Richard asked with a sad tone of voice as he sat on the edge of the bed looking at Taryn who was still facing away from him.

“You tell me. There was a time when we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other!” Taryn said in a snippy tone of voice, over her shoulder. “It’s been weeks since we’ve made love and clearly, neither of us is in the mood!” she added Hatay Escort Bayan and started to cry once more. “Where did the passion go, Richard? What happened to the man I married?” she asked as she turned and looked at her husband on the bed.

Richard looked up at his wife and once their eyes locked his eyes started to water. His guilt and shame had risen in him until it reached the point where he couldn’t keep quiet anymore. While he didn’t know what good would come of telling his wife about his former Mistress, he knew he had to confess.

Taryn saw the pain in Richard’s eyes and somehow knew that it was not the pain of rejection. She knew that he had a painful story of his own to tell and gave him a questioning look. Richard motioned to her to sit down beside him without saying a word. Quietly she sat down beside her husband with a tense look on her face, knowing that he was about to tell her something ominous.

Richard then set about and confessed to Taryn all about Heather. He told her how it started, some of the things they did and about the nature of their relationship. He tried to explain to her that he needed the domination to truly enjoy sex. He wanted his wife to understand that he didn’t stray because he didn’t love her or didn’t find her sexy. He wanted her to understand his strange desires and urges which he had keep hidden for so long.

Taryn sat there quietly, confused and shocked by what she was hearing. She understood his need to submit to someone, for it was a drive that she shared. It was that desire to be dominated that led her to her being Owen’s Slave. Part of her wanted to tell him that she understood what he was going through. Though, the other part of her wanted to know one final question before she could confess anything.

“How long has it been going on?” Taryn asked with a calm and quiet tone of voice, looking Richard in the eye as she waited for an answer.

“It’s over now, it has been for a few weeks,” Richard said, hoping to avoid answering that one question.

“But how long did it go on for?” Taryn asked in a slightly firmer tone of voice.

“Too long,” Richard said in a mournful tone of voice, hanging his head in shame.

“How long?” Taryn asked in a commanding tone of voice.

“Ten years,” Richard replied meekly, almost instantly.

“TEN YEARS!” Taryn screeched as she stood up.

“Yes,” Richard replied in a submissive manner.

“TEN!” Taryn shouted angrily.

“Yes,” Richard said and his whole being shrunk,

“YEARS!” Taryn growled, as she vibrated in rage.

“Yes,” Richard said and began to sob in shame.

Taryn stood there and was absolutely outraged for the length and depth of Richard’s betrayal. Her husband had been seeing another woman for the past ten years. Sure Taryn was involved with Owen and knew that was wrong, but it had only been over the past week or so. Richard had been happily carrying on an affair with a woman who dominated him for the past ten years. Taryn’s thought that perhaps Richard was somehow responsible for her servitude to Owen flared up again. If Richard had been a proper husband to her for the past ten years perhaps she wouldn’t have been so lonely and susceptible to Owen. Taryn’s blood boiled for what Richard had done and her rage took over, logic leaving her mind at that moment.

“You little bastard, you’ve been fucking around on me for the past ten years!” Taryn growled as she leaned in, towering over Richard who still was looking down at his feet.

“Yes,” Richard sobbed, mortified for what he had done to his wife.

Without warning, Taryn reached down, grasped a clump of Richard’s short hair and tugged back. With shock and fear on his face he looked up into the incensed eyes of his wife. He could see that she was out for blood, and her rage burned intently for him. Richard sat there, petrified, not moving a muscle, not wanting to anger her anymore.

“Haven’t I been a good enough wife to you?” Taryn snarled as she moved her face so close to his that their noses touched.

“Oh Yes, M . . .” Richard replied with fervor.

Richard had to cut his sentence short for he almost had called Taryn “Mistress.” In the past few seconds the scene was quickly becoming quite familiar to Richard. The similarities between how Taryn was starting to talk to him and how his Mistress had done was uncanny. The throbbing erection between his thighs made it clear that he loved what was going on. He wasn’t sure how Taryn would react to his excitement, and for that reason he kept his hands in his lap and tried to conceal his raging hard-on.

“Then why did you betray me for the past ten years by fucking that bitch!” Taryn sneered with vehemence and hatred.

“I’m, despicable, I know,” Richard replied with a sob that he tried to contain.

“You’re a filthy Worm is what you are!” Taryn scoffed as she tugged once again on Richard’s hair.

“I know, Mistress,” Richard replied, almost Escort Hatay automatically.

Time stopped for the two as they each pondered the significance of that last word. The excitement in the two of them peaked greatly at that moment. Richard loved the fact that a woman was towering over him, exerting her authority over him. He loved the fact that it was his wife who was at that moment looking down at him with eyes of fire, calling him “Worm.” Taryn still was angry with Richard for what he had done and wanted him to suffer. She didn’t know what she wanted to do to him but she wanted to inflict pain upon him. Once he called her Mistress a feeling of power coursed through her, and she had an understanding of what Owen felt. She looked down at Richard and didn’t know if she wanted him to have any pleasure but was curious about this odd feeling the word “Mistress” had stirred within her.

“I’m your Mistress, am I?” Taryn asked with a sneer as she looked intently in Richard’s eyes.

“Absolutely, Mistress!” Richard replied immediately, with a look of love and wonder about him.

“Do you swear to serve me faithfully? Do you swear to do anything I command, anytime, anywhere, and do so without question?” Taryn asked in a commanding tone of voice as she tugged on Richard’s hair.

“Without question, Mistress!” Richard asserted with conviction.

“Good! For starters, you will have sex with nobody but me, or there’ll be hell to pay!” Taryn scoffed as she pulled on Richard’s hair, tossing him to the floor in the process. “Kneel across my lap and get ready to take what’s coming to you!” she snapped as she sat down on the edge of the bed with her legs together.

Taryn watched as her husband, Richard bent over her lap, ready to be spanked, just like she had done for Owen many times. Taryn laughed on the inside as the dark power that coursed within her seemed to guide her on what to do. She decided to test Richard on how well he had been trained, so without saying a word she raised her hand up and spanked him hard on the ass.

“One! Thank you, Mistress, please can I have another!” Richard said with an almost satisfied sigh.

Again and again Taryn spanked Richard hard on the ass and again and again he counted them off and repeated the line. After thirty her hand was so sore that she couldn’t spank him anymore. She loved being on this side of the spanking almost as much as she loved Owen spanking her.

“Get on your knees and eat my pussy, Slave!” Taryn commanded and a shudder went through her as the words left her lips.

“Oh yes, Mistress!” Richard shouted with glee as he scurried off her lap and lunged between Taryn’s spread thighs.

As his face drew close to the pussy of his wife and Mistress, he spied the “O” shaped pussy hair. He looked up to into her eyes and opened his mouth to question her about it but before he could say anything she grasped the back of his head and slammed it into her groin. Richard took the hint and focused on licking the pussy of his new Mistress. Shortly before he couldn’t wait to be done with having sex with her, now he was devouring her pussy like a starving man does food.

Never in their marriage had Richard ever shown such passion eating her pussy. Her husband now willfully did whatever she wanted and called her “Mistress.” Taryn was drunk on the power and exerted that power over her husband in many ways. After making him eat her to orgasm, she made him fuck her from behind, and then they both came and came hard. On any previous time they made love that would have been the end of it, but not this night. Taryn rushed to the bathroom and retrieved the belts from the bathrobes. Ordering Richard to lie down on the bed she tied his hands to the bed with one of the belts and gagged him with the other. The excitement of the moment and the complete submission to his wife kept Richard’s cock hard that night. Taryn slowly rode him and bounced up and down at a pace that suited her and her alone.

“I have a secret to tell you, Slave,” Taryn said with a lusty growl as she bounced up and down on her husband’s cock. “I understand your need to submit, I understand the need to be dominated because that is something we have in common my Slave husband.” Taryn laughed as she looked at the puzzled look in her husband’s eyes. “I am your Mistress and I own you completely, do I not?” she asked daringly and waited for Richard to eagerly nod up and down his answer, which he did, before she continued. “Well, I understand your need to submit because for the past few weeks I have had a Master! That’s right Slave, your Mistress belongs to another! The pussy that fucks you right now, the pussy of the woman that you serve, is the property of another man, and a man you know quite well. Would you like to know who your Mistress serves? Would you like to know the man who is a far better fuck than you have ever been?” Taryn said and looked down at Richard who had a hurt and confused look in his eye.

“Yes!” Richard replied in a muffled reply that the gag distorted heavily.

“Owen! Our son, Richard, I am the Slave of our son and I love it!” Taryn said as she quickened the pace of their fucking as she continued to talk. “What do you think about that?” she asked in a snarl.

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