Big City Bathhouse

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Amy Anderssen

The music was unbelievably erotic, the pumping disco originally encountered in my youth, which gay sex venues have provided over decades, the lyrics and beat emphasizing the pure pleasure of my hard cock being jacked off by another man. I’d eaten a cannabis bon-bon a couple of hours ago, then enjoyed a couple of cold beers upstairs. Now, a stranger and I were exchanging intimate invitations and caresses, making things begin to blur in the finest bathhouse fashion, so easy to start surrendering to our shared instincts and desires.

This was actually the second bathhouse of my trip to what is often considered the gay capital of the country, though the capital city would dispute that claim. A bathhouse closer to my general tastes than the first, which had been huge and spread out, more in the fashion of a Roman villa, including a pool in a courtyard, along with a tunnel underneath it connecting the buildings. However, the actual sexual action was very disappointing, and the steamroom was truly too hot to stand for more than a couple of minutes.

Part of the unattraction included what might be considered, possibly, as a certain gay vibe. The city I was visiting is one of the primary gay centers of the nation, which had made buying fresh poppers simple. Unused that first night, after spending several essentially fruitless hours exploring. Generally encountering a certain aloofness, along with a lack of people seeming to enjoy themselves. Possibly, due to some sort of hard to define standards of competition or demands, but instead of a simple meeting place for sex between strangers, it was a place to pose.

Only being in the city for a couple nights, I decided to eat a cannabis bon-bon, provided by my wife after a recent trip, before visiting a new bathhouse. Walking there, the effects barely noticeable after arriving, a good 30 minutes after leaving the Tibetan restaurant that provided most of the meals I enjoyed during that trip. Eating grass is different than smoking it, taking considerably longer for the effects to be felt, growing slowly as they do – and wonderfully inexorable, in a far more intense fashion.

This bathhouse was less pretentious, with plenty of proper space available of the sort that men have sex in. Walking around, I noticed there was more than one bar area, and that the bathhouse was actually quite large, involving a complicated maze of passages, that were opened or closed at different times during the night. To some confusion on my part, though without any ill effects, since I spent most the visit getting off with another man.

We encountered each other near the sling, with me in a slightly discreet alcove across from it, a place for spectators to be inspired by what happening in the sling. I had already lounged there, finding it comfortable enough, playing with myself, though no one came by. Returning from the excursion, finding another couple of new areas compared to my first pass, I began to feel the weed washing away my inhibitions. So I returned to the alcove, growing hard soon after spreading out, putting rush and condoms at the front of the black bag which holds such things out of public view.

A man possibly 10 years younger than I walked by, pausing as I eyed him while starting to show off my cock. I’ve been told enough times over the years by other men how attractive my hard cock is that there is no need to hide what someone might enjoy seeing. He took a couple of steps, stopping at the further edge of the space, then unwrapped his towel, cock half hard, watching him sit next to me. It took little time for both of us to begin making the other hornier, hand gliding along a stranger’s thighs, jacking off as fingers began exploring between them, feeling the touch of a man underneath my balls, a man whose hard cock I was stroking lightly.

By this point, the sensations were growing decadent, sinking into the bliss of getting ever more stoned as the pumping music grew increasingly erotic with a horny stranger jacking my cock. This continued for quite a while, though no one joined us. Well, directly, because we kept jacking off, playing with each other’s balls and nipples, as a threesome formed around the swing. Clearly, everyone there was enjoying the ass fucking and sucking and stroking, but the distance and different inclinations were sufficient to keep us from mingling.

Finally, after already almost cumming several times, we slowly separated. I walked unsteadily to the entrance bar, drinking another beer in a bit of a blur, noting that an hour had already passed according to the bar’s clock. It had seemed considerably less, but I just assumed that by this point, the cannabis was making me too stoned to keep track of anything. Or at least it seemed that way, quickly ordering and drinking a second beer, after growing suddenly aware of the fact that I had no vehicle.

Walking around again, just carrying my towel, the variety of ideas involved in creating space for men to have sex in was quite interesting – far beyond private cabins, open spaces, or canlı bahis even slings, both public and potentially private. There were porn areas with a platform for dedicated voyeurs – or exhibitionists. There were also raised glory holes, and a large flat lounging area in front of e porn screen. However, nothing really clicked, even as I uncovered more possibilities to watch or show off – basically, the area was not that full.

However, my wanderings led me back to the booth area, near the sling/platform space. The same area that I had taken pictures in, as the bottom level was empty at the start of my visit. Where it now seemed best to take a few minutes stock. Including stroking myself quite hard, leaving the door to the booth open. Almost unsurprisingly, my earlier partner walked by, stopped, then took off his towel.

And just stood there, in plain view, stroking himself hard, focusing my attention nicely as that fantastic music played in the background. Both of us enjoying a simple male pleasure, watching another man play with his hard cock as you do the same. Many of my first orgasms with another person were this way, an erect cock being so much sexier than the pictures of naked women, even those with spread cunts. My friend and I often just used the shared magazines to get mutually aroused, laying them in the center as we lay stretched out in the same direction. Providing a sort of cover, as we turned and opened our jeans after getting hard, freeing us to indulge in what we actually wanted, which was to see each other orgasming, pumping hot cum from tight balls.

The stroking now got so good I almost came, prompting him to enter the booth. Surprisingly, no one had passed by the entire time we were jacking, so leaving the door open was not precisely a daring invitation. I rose from the platform, repeating the same luxurious light and slow touching over his thighs, teasingly touching his balls, rising slowly, finally making him quiver as my fingers returned to the velvet softness covering a gloriously rigid shaft.

We seduced each other onto the platform. taking what we’d already learned about each other’s delightful responses and building on it, starting to move beyond the boundaries of that initial shared jack off session. Undoubtedly, most men have at least jacked off with another man, but the baths offer plentiful opportunities to go far beyond that. Which we preceded to do, kissing and caressing and rubbing our hard cocks together, hand running over ass flesh before slowly starting to touch an inviting hole, something we both enjoyed while kissing liquidly.

The music remained perfect in some indefinable manner that reached straight to my willing cock, knowing that is his how it must have felt in the late 70s, having hot sex with a stranger. I reached for the poppers, which he seemed uninterested in, and took a deep hit, the first of the night. I closed the bottle firmly, already moaning as he sucked my nipple perfectly, my cock starting to swell ever larger against him, my finger circling his inviting ass. His mouth left my nipple, his face nearing mine as I breathed out, unsure whether he breathed any of the hit in. Poppers can definitely be shared that way, as several of my ex-girlfriends know. When he began to match my cock’s slutty animalistic motions, it felt as if he too was getting off from the rush.

Part of that being how purely primitive poppers make sex, beyond inhibition as the pleasure mounts your mind with a gigantic sexual flood. Talking really dirty as we began finger fucking each other in perfect rhythm. I moaned fragments of words and thoughts, unable to stop until we began kissing again, delicacy replacing the receding wave of rush, extending the kissing to include necks and ears, tongues touching as we enjoyed ourselves. Sinking into the undeniable pleasure of how good another man can kiss, particularly when cock to cock.

Drifting in a haze of pure sex, his mouth slowly receding from my head, beginning a temptingly slow journey down to my waiting cock. It took little prompting to have me lay on my back, cock jutting. He bent his mouth closer, my finger probing his yielding ass, going down and taking me into an utterly male paradise, starting to be sucked off so good by a stranger. This quite possibly was the most stoned I’d ever been having sex with a man, and his cock sucking was fantastic.

The only other time I’d felt like this was in another city, having just smoked a joint (mixed with hash) before walking maybe a hundred meters back to the bathhouse. That time, I’d gone into the darkroom, laying to the side, watching the sex occurring in front of me when another man appeared, whom I first truly noticed only as his mouth went around my cockhead. This was back in the time when I still attempted to consistently use condoms, but then, it felt far too good to interrupt. Once he had started, there seemed little reason to stop the sensations of a stranger’s mouth on my exposed naked cock.

When a second man joined in, his appearance only being first realized bahis siteleri as I breathed out a hit of poppers from a new bottle, feeling a change of sensation at the top of my cock, loving the fact that another cock sucker had started going down on me. The gay orgy going on in front of me in the dimness added to the delight, though the entire time, we never joined in, as both men provided a truly fantastic introduction to naked stoned oral pleasuring, seemingly interested in nothing but going down on me, as both remained out of the reach of searching hands.

This time, as his mouth went up and down deliciously slowly, soft and wet, it was delightful to become lost in the wet and warm sensations, a stoned slut. So lost that the first slap against my balls just made me grunt. Then spread my legs wider as he continued to do something I’d never really experienced, but which had me entranced from first exposure. He was slapping my balls, taking his mouth off my shaft as he asked me if I liked it. As if the moaning wasn’t obvious, or how quickly I started playing with my slippery length, trying to match the strokes to his rhythm, starting in some fashion to feel like a willing slave.

Only occasionally did I need to tell him when it was too much, as he generally strayed in the direction of making me beg for him to do me harder. Making the entire experience more depraved from my unbelievably turned-on perspective, having a man servicing my willing balls by smacking them around. Lost in the undeniable sensations of submitting, yet aware that my submission is what he wanted, even as my own satisfaction grew, simply surrendering to what I wanted.

Disjointed words occasionally arose, but conversation was beyond me. He had asked, several times till now, if I liked what was going on, though it was unnecessary. Nonetheless, trying to provide an explanation, because by this point, I was feeling incredibly slutty, starting to understand the appeal of S&M, of which a bi-friend is a devotee. Yet till now, I had never really understood the appeal. Now though, I had begged to be slapped harder while jacking off, trying to tell him this was my first time, and how wonderful it felt to have a man handle me this way.

As time stretched on, he shifted, moving my hand off my cock to place it on his. Then he started again, causing me to delight in kinky masochism, stroking the hard length of a turned on sadist, spreading my legs wider to feel his lovely power. He reached down to my feet, indicating that I should raise myself, legs up. It took a bit, but soon my ass was completely exposed. At which point, one hand supporting my legs, the other began to explore my ass delightfully, a light touch brushing over sensitive hair, around my ass and under my balls. I spread and lowered my legs, leaving his hand free to start stroking my hard cock, making me moan loudly.

This was paradise, just on the edge of cumming through another person’s touching, and I knew that it could become even more intense. Thoughts of spanking had already filled my mind, adding to my horniness. The problem was being able to beg while lost in such bliss. “Please … yeah … god … hot” and such provided no context to my desire.

Hearing him ask if I wanted to be spanked caused an unbelievable thrill, especially as answering “fuck .. oh fuck .. fuck yes .. oh fuck” was within my abilities. He was still holding my cock as the first strikes came, each one making my cock twitch. I’d found his hard length again, stroking him as he started to slap my ass. I realized that anyone around could hear me being spanked, with my moaning adding proof of how much I was loving being another sort of bottom. Even when it is two men having sex, the distinction between a S&M bottom and a gay bottom exists, though with a lot of overlap in practice.

Luxuriating in being utterly submissive, fully understanding what my bi-friend had explained about a good top. After all, it is the submissive that gets the most pleasure for surrendering, and a good submissive slut always knows how to tempt a horny top to give their best effort. As the session continued, it was easy to understand what she meant. He let me play with my cock at some point, the spanking remaining an unbelievable enhancement to my ongoing ecstasy, so different than cumming but just as intense. Of course, orgasm beckoned continually, but years of enjoying the baths have led to a certain self-restraint.

With its own limits, too. After a point, a certain soreness combined with a fading ability to cum, occurs, after at least a half hour of almost cumming. Further, though he had never been excessively physical, doing any motion consistently for an extended period of time has its limits. He gathered up his towel, leaving me in an unbelievably intoxicated state, completely stoned, and totally wasted from sex. Unable to really do anything at all but just lay naked and sweaty in the booth, satisfied but still thoroughly open for more fun.

Offering insight into one of the more enjoyable unscheduled visits bahis şirketleri I’d ever had with my bi-friend. I’d walked up to her apartment to see the front door already open, bending down, uncovered ass towards me, wearing a clinging white cotton top that barely reached the bottom of her ass. After she put the laundry in the machine, I rapped, and she turned around. Very unsteadily, with a grin, she stepped over to hug me, even though I still held my helmet and was wearing a riding jacket. It didn’t stop her from rubbing her uncovered crotch over my jeans as she lay her face on my shoulder, saying I should come in and get undressed.

We had only been swimming naked together for a couple of months, but seeing her like this was sexy. And unusual – she seemed really stoned in some way. As we went out to the balcony to smoke a joint, she explained that she’d just spent the afternoon getting fucked. As we talked, my curiousity growing along with my cock, her thighs spreading wider, more details became clear. Such as how they’d fucked using a condom – or a couple she added. We started to have an explicit conversation about sex, and more specifically S&M.

She explained she was a complete submissive bottom when it came to S&M (interestingly, as she discovered 5 years ago, when it comes to women, she is a completely dominant top). To the extent of what her fantasies included, definitely involving surrendering to someone. And what she meant by surrender definitely included physical force.

Now, laying in a male only sauna, I understood her better, particularly why had acted that way years ago. Experiencing it once, like this, was an unexpected treat. Wandering around unsteadily, it was apparent that kink was part of this bathhouse. One man in a sling wearing a full face leather hood, the sounds of slapping coming from another booth, more tattoos and piercing, a bit of leather on different men.

Finally, I felt collected enough to order another beer, though at this point, the layout had changed, making it even more difficult to find the ‘real’ bar near the entrance. I even spent time checking that it was truly the layout that had changed, with at least two different gates being closed, and one opened.

While drinking, having ordered a pint, I finally looked at a previously noticed clock to the left of my counter seat. It was a delightful shock to see that more than 3 hours had passed since the last time I’d had a beer here. I had no need to worry about a vehicle, and as expected, the effects from the bon-bon continued to flow through me.

Returning to wandering, I (re)discovered the porn theater that only had a platform in it, with a fairly large screen. The porn was hot, a threesome fully aware of how to pleasure each other, making my cock grow quite hard as I touched it. At this point, in a way that felt fully fated, the only partner of my visit appeared in the entrance area, involving several steep steps to reach the raised platform level. He approached, and it took little time for both of us to start playing with each other. Kissing, caressing, fully aware of what the other enjoyed, we grew more aroused, though this time, from the first, I made the successful effort to be the one in charge, as my skill took control of his body.

Helped along by the porn, a gay threesome sucking and fucking in glorious variety, adding its own attraction to what we were doing. As most men undoubtedly know, mutually jacking off with porn is generally hotter than without. Finding hot porn is pretty much like finding a hot partner – not all people are all things to others, but good porn is easy to recognize, especially when already horny.

In the past, porn had not been part of a game I’d pretty much only seriously played with women. There is an undeniable attraction to keeping your partner so turned-on they cannot resist surrendering while time flows in sexual bliss. S&M seems to involve a physical element, but this game is different. It concentrates on having the other unable to resist what happens. There are certainly variations possible – for example, my wife often needs a bit of convincing to continue to get off multiple times with her magic wand after that the first couple of orgasms.

A distinctly mild game compared to how my first girlfriend and I decided who tied the other up – by having the first one to willingly surrender to the other be the loser. The goal being to turn on the other, providing a natural compensation to how men are stronger, since it is also true they are much more easily tempted by exposed cock contact. A good, if perhaps simplistic, explanation concerning the number of times I lost. Though it also true getting tied up is as much fun as being the one doing the restraining. However, as it turned out, my preference is for less material restraints, depending on skill alone.

Making someone abandon themselves repeatedly, even to the point of missing classes or appointments, is one of my real turn-ons. Yes, this could be considered a dominant trait. Or slut domination, since most sluts cannot resist someone taking advantage of their sluttiness. As discovered over the years, I’m versatile – not excessively attached to any particular style or direction, receiving or giving.

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