Bigger Than Dad?!?

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My mom called me down to the living room where she and her girlfriend had been drinking wine all afternoon. Dad was away at my uncle’s place for the weekend.

“Hi John.” Mom said. “You know May, right?”

May was an office administrator at the production house my mom worked in. She was only 32 to my mom’s 45 years, but they got along like schoolgirls. May was a very attractive brunette with full breasts that I had to resist looking at, especially the way they were currently outlined by her tight blouse.

My mom’s weren’t that bad either, I figured, briefly comparing them. While my mom was a real blond MILF, I never allowed my mind to wonder what she might look like naked.

“Of course, mom.” I said. “Hi, May.”

May smiled back with a dopey expression. I could see that the red wine had stained her teeth a little pink. She seemed pretty drunk.

“I was just telling May that you had a nice one son.” Mom said.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

“What do you mean, mom?” I asked. My mom was beyond plastered. She was fucking looped.

“I told her that you had a great big cock.”

They both giggled.

“Seriously,” Mom said, speaking to May, “His dick is like a foot long. It makes my husband’s look a pixie straw.”

I stuttered. Sure, it’s true my cock is a full nine inches when erect. I even measured it once with mom’s sewing tape. But to hear it discussed like this was disgusting! I tried to figure out how my mom even knew when I remembered that she had caught a glimpse of it last month when my towel accidentally fell from my waist as I was heading to the shower from my room, but I couldn’t believe she would share that information!

“I think you two have had enough to drink.” I told them plainly. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got to study for my Algebra test tomorrow.” I turned to return upstairs when I felt May’s hand grope my bottom. I Casibom jumped.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

She gave me a cute smile. “Don’t be so uptight.”

“Imagine if I just grabbed your tits out of the blue!” I told her. “You’d probably press charges. Because I’m a guy I guess you think it’s funny!!!”

May looked disappointed.

“Oh son,” Mom said, “We didn’t mean to be like that. It’s just that, May was telling me she was a size-queen and, I guess I got carried away.” She took another sip of red wine from the glass in her hand. “It’s just that I’m proud you’re blessed with a great package, that’s all. Especially when your dad is so small he can’t even wear condoms!”

I didn’t know what to say. My mom had just complemented my cock and compared it to my dad’s! Even more bizarre, I started to feel my dick get hard. I tried to hide it, but May noticed.

“Well, your feelings couldn’t be hurt that bad.” May said, smiling. I could feel the after-touch of her fingers on my penis, their phantom impressions stirring it to life.

Looking down at May, my nineteen year old hormones started to rage. She was about 5’6 and very slim. Her long legs stretched out from beneath her black skirt. I looked at them as I unconsciously pulled my belt open and unzipped my fly. I took my cock out; the entire nine semi-hard inches.

May looked surprised as it flopped out in front of her. Soon, it was hovering with an erection.

“It’s not fully hard yet.” I told her.

“Well, let me help.” She smiled, as she gripped my cock with her slim fingers, stroking it to a full erection. Wordlessly, she took my now hard cock and licked it all over with her wide tongue. I moaned, looking over to mom who was just smiling.

“Feel good honey?” Mom asked as May took me in her mouth and started to give me a proper blowjob.

“Yes mommy…” I slurred. I hadn’t Casibom Giriş called her mommy since I was five. May lifted my cock up and licked my balls. I put two hands on her head, modestly directing the movements of her tongue.

“Honey,” Mom asked. “Would you like me to go?”

She could tell I was repressing myself for her sake. I really wanted a go at May, but I figured with my mom around, there would be some things I’d be too shy to try with her looking.

“Actually mom, could I have May to myself?”

“Of course son,” She smiled, almost looking proud as she put a hand on my shoulder. “Have fun.”

As my mom pulled the living room door shut, I wasted no time fucking May’s throat. She gagged before stopping me. “Wait, John!” She said. “Just because your mom isn’t here and I love your cock, doesn’t mean you can just throat rape me!”

I blushed. “I’m sorry.”

“Sheesh!” She giggled, licking my shaft up and down in quick flicks.

I put my hand on her breasts as she undid her blouse, keeping my cock in her mouth the whole time.

She helped me unhitch her push up bra, letting me see her gorgeously shaped tits. Then, taking down her skirt, she turned and lowered herself on all fours to show me her private spaces. Her pussy was shaved, so I could see every part of it perfectly. Her pussy lips were wide, but not drooping.

Already, some wetness had collected around the opening of her hole.

I rubbed my cock against her slit. She didn’t complain about me being bareback, so I pushed inside her.

My full length was rock hard as I split May’s pussy wide open. I couldn’t believe how soaking she was as my cock slipped up her. Her face assumed a blissful expression as she looked over her shoulder back at me. I licked my finger and pushed it into her bumhole.

“Oh, good boy.” She grunted.

I continued fucking her from behind. After about Casibom Yeni Giriş five minutes she rolled over onto her back, putting her legs up over my shoulders. I sucked both of her nipples before moving to her lips. She was an amazing kisser and it seemed like our tongues had been separated at birth.

May’s tits were big enough that she could put her nipples in her mouth. I had her take one while I took the other. Her free hand tickled her clit as she licked her nipple. I squeezed her boobs gently, my mouth at work on her other aureole while my cock held itself tight inside her erupting pussy. I could feel her start to cum. Her drunken, glazed eyes became even mistier as she held me tight against her. I could feel her pussy explode.

Soon, I felt my cock begin to tighten in that familiar way. I was going to blow.

“Are you about to-?” May asked.

I nodded and she got off me, putting my cock in her mouth.

I couldn’t see my seed filling up her mouth as she had formed a tight seal around my thick cock, but I sensed that it was a lot of cum from the amount of contractions my penis experienced. I groaned as the last of my sperm was drained. She went to touch my balls, but I slapped her hand away. I was too sensitive to be touched there. She understood.

Suddenly, May jumped up and, with her mouth still closed, opened the living room door. I was amazed to see mom standing there, as if she had been listening to the whole thing. I watched in amazement as May and Mom kissed.

Mom waved to me as she swallowed and closed the door again. May came back to my side. “I just had to give your mom a little gift I promised her.” She giggled, kissing my neck. “Next time, let you mom watch, ok?”

After another quick blowjob, I told May I had to get back to studying. I left the living room, passing mom in the hall as I went back upstairs.

“Was she good honey?” Mom asked.

“The best.” I answered.

“The best? I don’t know.” I could still see some of my sperm on her lips as she spoke. “After all, you haven’t tried me yet.”

I gave her a weird look. Mom had changed a lot since menopause!


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