Birthday Dessert

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The day had arrived. I just turned 40 today and Marg had told me that she was taking me to dinner for my birthday to a fancy restaurant in town. Being a fancy place we had to dress for the occasion. I wore my good gray dress pants with a dark burgundy silk shirt the one that Mark loves so much on me. With my black dress shoes and silk boxers beneath to top it off. Marg however was dressed to the nines and I knew she was going to be in a pretty good mood later. She always is when she gets the looks from the men when she dresses seductively as she chose for my evenings delight.

Marg can wear just about anything and look fantastic in it. Her 5’6” frame and only weighing 130 lbs. Her long legs made even longer in her 3” black strap heels made her stand an inch taller then I. Measuring 36D at the chest, with short auburn hair, 28 waist and 35 hip you can just imagine the white with blue flower print dress that was form fitted to her over her nude corselet. When looking at her in this dress with the nude undergarment it seemed, if looking really close that she had nothing on under it. However in the place we were going it was somewhat dark so you would have to be at the same table in order to see that. For panties garter and stockings she decided on sticking with nude colors so as not to be seen through the thin material of her dress so she chose a very tiny g-string shat barely covered her trimmed pubic area.

Now we entered and the host escorted us to our booth located in a back corner. Fairly private though one table close by has a woman sitting alone. Not that I am a guy that has roaming eyes, I did happen to look her over as we passed without Marg noticing. She was a little smaller then Marg, I would guess about 5’4” and about 110 lbs. Her hair was blonde with dark streaks and the tips of her hair were brown. Guessing her chest to be about a 34C or so with a tiny waist and nice hips. She was wearing a black and white print dress. The cut of the dress was very appealing and it drew your eyes to look it all over due to the print not to mention her body was not all that bad to look at either.

As it was, this woman was sitting facing our table so if Marg and I were to flirt while eating it would have to be done discretely so as not to be caught. Our waiter came over and took our drink orders, a Rye and Ginger for me and Sangria for Marg and left us with the menus. Quickly I chose my steak with onion, baked potato and veggies and awaited Marg to choose. I took this opportunity to look over at the woman again. This time with her facing us, she was busy eating and I looked her over again. The print on her dress as I said made your eyes look it over completely however from the front the print drew my eyes to her chest. I could not help but look there and the design made her chest look bigger. Looking at her from here I could also see under the table and I noticed that she also had heels though slightly smaller then Margs, maybe 2” at the most. Her long legs crossed and the hem of the dress was just past her knees. No stockings I noticed though she did have well tanned legs. Marg made a noise and I turned my head to look. A smile came across her face and I knew I was caught. Marg did not mind as long as it was only looking and once she got my attention she pointed to what she wanted. Chicken with a lemon sauce, also with onion and pineapple.

The waiter came back and we ordered our meals. Marg and I chatted as we waited for our dinners to arrive. During the conversation Marg mentioned that she had prepared a special dessert for after the meal so we would not be eating it here. She also during the conversation kept looking over at the blonde at the near by table and made comments about her dress and how it looked asking me if I thought it would look good on her. Hey, it allowed me to look the petite blonde over a few more times. I told her I thought it would look fantastic, though the print would make her chest look to be more like a 38D then a 36D. Marg said that she thought so as well, but then she said I am sure you would like that. All I could do was smile as I took in another look of the petite blonde as our meals arrived.

Mostly through dinner we rarely spoke other then commenting on the taste or looking up and smiling at one another. From time to time I looked over at the blonde and smiled, hoping not to be caught by Marg and a couple times the blonde noticed and at one point when her and my eyes met we both smiled and then resumed with our meals. Marg and I were about ½ done when I noticed that the blonde was paying for her bill. She slipped cash into the folder and I watched as she rose and slowly proceeded to leave. Her body more accentuated by her dress when she stood and looking her over as she walked away I could feel those sensations I always get when my imagination kicks in. For example the thought that went çıtır escort through my mind at that moment was wondering what she had on under that dress. Too bad I was not going to find out, after all, Marg may be sensual but she’d never go for that I thought to myself.

The lighting at the table was quite dark and as the waiter came by checking in like they always do Marg asked him to turn up the light a little and to bring a refill of Sangria and another for me also. After he left she mentioned to me that the cute blonde had left. I muttered yes, sounding not all that interested though I was. We saw the waiter coming back with drinks in hand. At this time Marg pushed back in her chair slightly as he came to the table to leave the drinks. I knew sitting back like this was going to make her whole front seen by the waiter and with the lights now turned up a little the darkness would definitely not be a cover for the thin material of her dress. Marg likes to be noticed and I do not mind either as I always get the pay off later seeing that there was no one near by I guess she decided to have a little fun and flirt. As the waiter set her drink in front of Marg I could see him checking her out, Marg smiling and asking him if he would not mind bringing water. Soon as he left Marg smiled and asked if I had seen him check her out. She said he got a good look sitting where she was. She then said wait until her returns with the water. With that she crossed her legs and her hands when out of sight for a couple seconds. She said she just adjusted the hem of her dress so that the tops of her stockings and a garter strap would be visible. I could not wait for the waiter’s reaction. I loved it when Marg did these harmless little acts to the waiter’s from time to time as it meant I was getting it good later. Sure enough, it was priceless seeing him pour the water, his hand shaking the entire time. He must have seen the tops of the stockings not to mention that Margs nipples were even slightly visible through the material of her dress and nude corselet.

Dinner now done and the waiter came back to offer the dessert specials. Of course we were not going to have dessert but Marg though she’d get him to name off what was on special. As he did Marg would comment as she faced him, giving him another good look over her body as he described all the desserts. Once done, Marg made it look like she was thinking then said that she better not as she had to look after her shape. That did it, the waiter blushed and made a fast exit saying he would bring the bill. We paid for dinner and left.

The drive home was quick. Marg only said that she was sure I was going to really enjoy dessert. Even when I questioned her she would not reveal exactly what that dessert was going to be. We pulled into the garage and kissed deeply before getting out of the car and going inside her place. She went directly to the fridge and took out a can of whipped cream and said that this is for going on my dessert. I then followed her to her bedroom where she told me to strip and get on the center of the bed that she had already set up with a cut open garbage bag to catch the spillage.

Once on the bed and naked Marg slipped out of her dress. She was standing at the foot of the bed in her nude corselet, garter, stockings and g-string. I had to look closely to see them as they were all very sheer and matched her skin color almost perfectly. She then came to my side and reached into her drawer and pulled out a silk scarf and held it for me to see. It was black and as she held it she told me this was for my eyes. Marg then tied the scarf around my head, blocking all trace of sight. Marg turned on the radio to play music. A local soft rock channel that we usually listen to and she turned it up slightly louder then normal. At the time I did not know why, but that soon I would come to know. It had all to do with my special dessert that I had seen earlier at the restaurant that I did not know was here as well.

I heard then felt the whip cream as she shot some over and around my now hardening shaft. Then there was silence. I could not hear Marg moving around then I felt the foot of the bed. I thought then that it was Marg coming up; I had no idea that it was infact Pauline climbing up from the foot of the bed. I felt what I thought were Margs hands caressing my legs, upwards to my thighs as she crawled up in-between them. She then took hold of my balls and held them in her hand, lifting them slightly. I could feel my length standing straight up then I felt the tip of her tongue licking the whip cream from the head. Slowly licking around the head and up and down the shaft and length. Cleaning it off. I then felt her lips sliding over my head, slowly taking just the head into her mouth. It felt different somehow. How could this be I thought as Marg as sucked demetevler escort bayan me many times however this time it felt different. Could it be the blindfold? We never did this with a blindfold before. In between moans from her sucking mouth I mentioned that it felt different. She let the head slip from her mouth and I head her say to just relax and enjoy.

Who am I to argue? I laid back and enjoyed as she resumed her work sucking and licking the whip cream from my length. She had me really hard, taking about ½ of me inside her hot mouth, her tongue circling the head and a couple times releasing the head and shaft all together to suck either ball into her mouth while stroking my length.

She then asked if I was ready for some pie? She got off the bed and again I heard the whip cream. This time not feeling it so I knew she had put it on herself. Just what kind of pie was I getting? Then again the bed moved and I felt one leg brush over me and then I felt her lower herself onto my face. I felt the whip cream first and I opened my mouth readily waiting for what was settling down onto it. I began to lick and swallow the whip cream getting it out of the way to reach the goal of her lips, her entrance and her clit that I love so much to lick and hear her moans. I began tonguing her, reaching all the places that I knew she loved so much when my tongue would come into contact. I could feel her squirm and wiggle as I licked and prodded my tongue in her. She tasted different but then I just related that to the whip cream. I had no idea that it was not Margs I was licking and probing but it was Pauline’s. I had no idea that Marg was sitting back watching me eat out another woman while she masturbated with her fingers and enjoying the show. Not yet anyhow did I know this.

Who I thought was Marg was straddling me, facing my feet. I felt her lean then I felt her mouth take me inside again. Just taking the head past her lips and her grip massaging in time with her fantastic new style of sucking me. I arched up slightly, which startled her and my length slipped from her sucking mouth however moments later she got it back in. I thought it odd, Marg was straddling me in 69 but I can feel her tongue on the underside of my length and head. How could this be? It should be on the top. I did not care, it now began to feel like it always had and should too as now it was infact Marg doing the work while I was still eating Pauline unbeknownst to me at the time. I just felt a fantastic sucking on my length and her great tasting folds in my mouth.

Marg and Pauline did this for sometime and even traded places without me knowing. I ate and was sucked and was enjoying it immensely while doing it for what seemed like a good ½ hr. Then I felt Marg come lay beside me and kissed me deeply. I tasted us both in our kiss and once broken Marg asked me if I was enjoying my dessert. I moaned with approval then that is when I was startled. I felt the bed on the other side move then another body beside mine. I reached for my blindfold but Marg stopped me and the movement of the person on the other side took hold of my head and turned it away from Margs and again I was kissed deeply tasting myself and just moments before I thought was Margs juices. She then spoke when we broke the kiss and said, remember me? I shook my head; she then said she was Pauline, the woman eating near us in the restaurant. Immediately I recalled her and my body reacted. I got immediately stiffer and I heard Marg go, Oh yeah he remembers, look there he just got harder.

The cat now out of the bag I feel the tie to the blindfold being released and I am revealed to Marg on one side still in her corselet, garter and stockings and to the other side is Pauline, also in a corselet, garter and stockings however she is in black. What an exciting sight to see. What a great dessert to have. I had never thought that Marg would do something like this but here we were, in her bed, at her place, with another woman. All I could think of was wow!

Marg then reached for the can of whip cream and put a couple shots on my chest and again covered my manhood with a generous amount. Putting the can down and coming up beside me again I broke my kissing with Pauline to kiss Marg again. Again thanking her for the birthday dessert. She placed a finger on my lips to quiet me then looked at Pauline giving her a nod. At that they began the next part of my dessert.

Marg and Pauline kissed and licked their way down my body. Licking up the whip cream from my chest before moving lower. Both mouths kissing and licking the whip cream from my body and both reaching and holding my length upwards to access the cream and ultimately my shaft with their licking tongues. Each keeping to their own sides, licking and sucking the cream from my length and balls until dikmen escort bayan cleaned off. They then began to take turns. While one was licking the shaft the other would part their lips and take my head in their sucking mouths. Watching them was almost if not more pleasurable then the feeling from there sucking and licking. As they traded places as both mouths were on either side of my head their lips would be touching as if kissing with my head in between. What a fantastic feeling and sight. If they kept this going longer I knew I would cum and they would not stop each taking their turn faster and sucking a little harder. My moans of pleasure escaping my lips until I could hold back no longer. My legs tightening as I felt from deep within my balls that I was about to cum. A called out telling them that I was about to explode and they took up position by each sucking on either side of the head and with their lips touching they slid up and sown the shaft. Stroking my length with their lips as I started to cum. I watched as the milky white fluid shot from the head covering both their faces as the sucked. They both were going at it fast and all the while more milky liquid coming from the head covering them.

They seeing that the last drops expended Pauline then Marg took one last suck each of the head before they came together over my now softening shaft and used their tongues to lick off their cum covered faces. I watched them doing this then had the idea that I would love to watch them 2 get it on with each other while I regained my lost hard on. So, with little effort on coaxing I got them to let me slip off the bed and sit in the chair by the bed and allowed them to continue with me watching them go at it.

They continued kissing one another after all my cum was gone. Little by little they began to maneuver around, still kissing but each had their bodies with their feet in opposite directions. Then slowly with Marg on top, she inched her way lower, kissing Pauline and Pauline kissing Marg. Working down each others necks and bodies until each were sucking and licking each others nipples. Marg’s dark nipples hardening from Paulines tongue work, and Paulines slightly pinker nipples hardening to Margs tonguing. Watching them as they worked lower and lower was so fantastic I already began feeling tingles in my groin. I knew that not much more of watching these to women getting it on and I would be hard again.

They both arrived in the 69 position as their mouths locked on one another they rolled, now placing Pauline on top and I had a great view of Margs tongue exploring the wet entrance of Pauline. Through the mirrored headboard I could see Pauline reciprocating by pushing her tongue deep into Margs entrance. Both women now moaning in pleasure that each mouth and tongue was giving the other. It did not take long for Marg to cum. She had always came fast with a good tongue lashing and Pauline was doing just that. I seen Margs thighs tighten then her breath quicken. She dropped her head back and screamed for Pauline to stick her tongue in deep as she started to cum. Filling Paulines mouth with her juices. Humping and bucking up into Paulines mouth Marg was thrusting herself into Paulines tongue as if it were a cock thrusting into her until she was spent from her orgasm.

Marg then looked back at me, seeing me hard and in my hand stroking she said not to waist it and motioned me to come over and take Pauline from behind. I straddled Margs head and with guiding help Marg directed my head up against Paulines soft wet entrance. Sliding me into one of the tightest holes I have ever been in. Once in Marg let go and I began a steady pace. Thrusting into Pauline from behind and looking down seeing Marg at first just watching then lifting her head and licking both Pauline and myself where we connected. The feeling of Paulines tightness and Margs licking was quickly taking its toll. Moments after Pauline and I felt the sensations of Margs tongue licking us I felt Pauline tighten. Then she thrust back hard as I felt the warmness of Margs mouth and Paulines cum circling my buried member. That sensation too felt so good that I too felt myself drawing near and began to pump and thrust harder into Pauline until I too began to shoot my second load, this time into Pauline as Marg licked where we joined. As my orgasm subsided and I softened I slipped out easily only to see Marg continue to lick and suck the combination of Pauline and my cum from between her swollen and wet lips.

After all this the 3 of us collapsed on the bed, exhausted from all the enjoyment we were giving one another. All 3 of us laying side by side, gently touching and kissing one another basking in the after glow of what had just transpired. All throughout the evening was my dessert that Marg had gotten. There was Marg and I, Marg and Pauline, Pauline and I and even all 3 going at it all night long. I must admit, I do enjoy dessert and I have to admit, this was not the dessert I was expecting but who am I to complain after all nothing like having your cake and eat it also! Come to think of it, this sounds like a nice way to celebrate Margs birthday, however with another man.

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