Birthday Fantasy Ch. 02

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It was mid May and my birthday was rolling around again. It was the Friday before and I hadn’t thought about it since it was several days away. I was getting out of work, heading home for some r & r. I got home earlier than my wife, Cindy, so I went to the fridge and got a glass of wine until she arrived. Sitting watching TV the phone rang, it was Cindy. She told me she would be about 1 and 1/2 hours late and to chill until she got there that she would bring supper home. She also told me that, Billie, a good friend of hers would be coming out, but she didn’t think she would be home before she got there, so I was to keep her entertained until she was. Unknown to me the stage was being set.

Cindy was a very pretty girl, 5’5, perky blonde, with a good set of tits and a beautiful ass and the rest of her body complimented well. Billie was a pretty blonde somewhat taller, probably 5’8, with an even more generous helping of boob, but her ass wasn’t as hot as my wife’s. Together, however, they made a great pair. About 3 – 5 years now, it is getting foggy, my wife had planned a surprise birthday for me where, Billie and her had fucked me silly for over 12 hours (read Birthday Fantasy, by Rfsysop.) It hadn’t dawned on me that this might be a setup, because it was so long ago and had never happened again, and had never been spoken about after that night.

It wasn’t long after Cindy had called that I heard a knock at the door. I answered the door and there stood Billie in all her glory. She was in a bright yellow sleeveless dress that came just above her knees that had buttons all the way up the front . I invited her in motioned her toward the couch and asked if she would like a glass of wine and of course she accepted. When I brought the glass back I noticed that she had a couple buttons undone at the top and the bottom as well. This wasn’t a great surprise as it was starting to get into warmer weather, besides the dress was low cut at the top and exposed some of her breasts. We talked for a while, she all but gulped down the glass of wine. By this time I was starting to wonder where Cindy had gotten too, almost an hour had passed since Billie got here. So I asked if Billie would like another glass of wine, she unbuttoned another button at the top of her dress and nodded her head.

By this time I was beginning to think something was odd, but I was sure of it when I came back into the room with Billie. Billie sat on the couch with her dress completely unbuttoned and pushed to the side. She sat there with a smug/sexy look on her face, yellow lace pushup shelf bra, with her nipples sticking out proudly. As I eyed her up and down I noticed she had on matching ,crotch less panties. I picked my jaw up off the floor and handed her the glass. I woke up from staring at her and asked her what was going on. She said that Cindy realized she was going to be much later than expected and asked Billie to come out and show me a good time while she was gone. While I was reeling from this revelation, Billie lithely slid over next to me and placed her free hand into my lap, rubbing against my cock.

She took another drink of wine and sparkled back undaunted. I started to say something that must have sounded like a protest, because she put her finger up to my lips and whispered shhhhh. I was starting to get the idea, maybe Cindy won’t come home and blow up at me if she saw Billie making out with me. Billie took her hand from my lips grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs against her pussy. I could feel the heat and the moisture, she was sure wet. I finally took the hint and started to play with what little pubic hair was there, she must have shaven earlier. I found her clit and started to massage it gently. I saw her shiver a little and lay her head back against the couch. She pushed her hips forward on the couch so I could have easier access, she was obviously enjoying the action. I sat my glass down with my other hand and grabbed one of her boobs poking out the top of that sexy bra. Her boobs are more than a handful, so I gently squeezed them all over. I took advantage plunging my finger deep inside of her, rubbing her G-spot as best I could. She was gently rocking her hips now to the rhythm of my finger inside her and my thumb rubbing her clit in more and more intense fashion. I could tell she was really enjoying this because her pussy was positively dripping, my hand was getting soaked.

Billie was getting more aroused and it was becoming obvious that she might cum. She stopped me by putting her hand against my arm pulling me out and away from her pussy. I wondered what was up till she started to undo my belt and zipper on my pants. She whispered in my ear that she wasn’t ready to cum yet, soon but not yet. She finished with my belt and zipper pulling down my pants and underwear, I took off my shirt. Billie got up from the couch and knelt in front of me between my legs. Without using her hands she leaned forward taking the head of my dick in her mouth, gently sucking Demetevler Escort it in like she was trying to milk it. My cock was coming to attention as she slid more and more of it into her mouth, rubbing her tongue all around as she went. Apparently Billie had learned how to deep throat, because the last time she wasn’t able to, sliding down, down further till I felt it pop into the back of her throat. I was getting closer and closer to cumming as she worked my cock using only her mouth.

She eased up from my hard as steel dick and went to her pocket book, pulled a tube of something and smeared a big glob of it on her hand. Billie came back over in front of me and smeared what appeared to be and felt like lube on my rigid cock. This was quite the sensation, because my dick was good and hard and the lube added extra sensitivity. She stroked my cock till I was completely lubricated from head to base of my cock. She turned so her back was to me, straddled my leg and placed the head of my dick so that it was at the entrance to her ass and rubbed my cock against her rosebud lubing herself as well. She then eased her self down on my dick as slowly, inch by inch disappeared up her ass. She bottomed out as her ass cheeks rested against me. They felt splendid against my legs and she smelled so good so close to me. Billie put her hand again my chest and the other one against the couch so she could support herself as she slowly pumped her ass up and down on my raging dick. When she got comfortable she moved one of her hands up she could play with her clit. Every time she ran a finger across her clit her ass would clench effectively pulsing on my cock. I relaxed into the moment Billie was fully in control and she knew it. It wasn’t long before I felt the urges to explode so I grabbed hold of her tits with both hands and pulled her unto me. I pushed my dick as far up her ass as I could get it as I shot stream after stream of hot jizz deep into her throbbing ass. I can’t remember cumming this hard in quite some time.

While I had shot my load and had gone limp I couldn’t get what had happened out of my head, but I figured it was over and Cindy would be home any minute. Billie got up leading me by the hand and into the bathroom where she prepared a shower apparently for us both. She got in the shower and beckoned me to come in with her. Billie soaped herself up washing all the important parts, it was very sensual to watch. Turning her attention to me she began to soap me up as well, washing me all over stopping at my cock to give me a good cleaning. My dick was really soaped up so she removed the wash cloth and used her hand to pump my dick to another erection. The soap was providing good lubrication as she stroked long slow strokes.

I stopped her and told her that it was time to return the favor. I got down on me knees in front of her and went for her pussy. She raised her right leg resting on the edge of the tub so I could have easy access. I kissed both her legs on the way up, resting my tongue on her clit when I reached the top. Licking on her clit vigorously, I gave Billie the occasion bite to her labia, not hard but hard enough for her to take notice, and she liked it. Billie’s mouth opened sensually as a gasp escaped her, obviously enjoying this treatment. Leaning back against the shower wall, pushing her hips forward to get more action Billie started moaning to the rhythm of my tongue lashing. I was getting her more and more worked up when she put her hand on my head and said why don’t we take this where we can get serious about it.

Billie got out of the shower and had a towel ready for me when I got out. We toweled each other off which was a sensual act all by itself. We left the bathroom and I started to head for my bedroom, but Billie motioned for me to join her upstairs to the guest bedroom. We walked up the steps Billie in front of me leading the way. I didn’t mind I had a great view the whole way up. When we hit the top of the stairs, Billie went in first not revealing anything, when I went in however, I saw Cindy laying on the bed there dressed in some B & D gear. Leather shelf bra, leather panties, chains all over. I was so surprised I almost fell down thinking I was caught doing something I shouldn’t be. Looking around the room I saw that she had the computer setup with the surveillance cameras that we have in every room in the house the one on the main screen was the bathroom ceiling. Apparently she had been watching us in the shower, as well as what had occurred in the living room!

Cindy batted her eyelashes and said “Happy Birthday!” Cindy then told me to sit in a chair close to the bed so I could have a good view. I hadn’t been disappointed so far so I obeyed as ordered. Billie got a pair of cuffs from a table and Cindy had a pair in her hand as she got up from the bed. they came over to me and strapped my ankles to the legs of the chair and my hands around the chair to the back. Otele gelen escort I wasn’t strapped in tight, but I didn’t have enough mobility to do anything except get into a comfortable position.

Cindy and Billie got into the bed together and started caressing each other touching all the right areas. They massaged each others boobs kneading them like bread dough. Billie laid on her back as Cindy went down on her licking all over her pussy, leaving nothing unchecked. The view was amazing, I loved watching the show and started getting aroused even though I had cum just an one half hour ago. Cindy straddled Billie’s face the whole time she was licking her. They were in a full blown sixty-nine position and I was getting a full blown hard on. It is something to watch to women sixty-nine each other, their boobs lay against each other body in a way that’s is hard to describe, but when you see it, it is a thing of beauty. While my hands and feet were loosely tied I couldn’t quite get my hands to my now rock hard cock, my dick was hard but had no place to go.

The girls sixty-nined for quite a while and got each other into a more and more heated frenzy, I could tell it wouldn’t be long before one or both of them came. While I could tell that Billie was punishing Cindy’s clit I couldn’t quite see her doing it between Cindy’s legs. Not true for the other end, I could see Cindy’s every stroke of her tongue. She knew how to bring about the most pleasure for Billie, but was having trouble because of the pleasure she was having due to Billie’s experienced tongue. While it didn’t happen simultaneously, the girls came within a few seconds of each other. When the one would start to cum the other would work furiously to make them cum all the harder, but I’ll bet it was hard maintaining in the midst of an orgasm.

Cindy gave out an audible sigh as her orgasm subsided, they both relaxed on the bed together. Me, I was sitting here tied up, with a dick that was as hard as a rod of steel. Apparently I had an odd look on my face, because Cindy giggled a little as she got out of the bed. Billie followed her and got up on the chair straddling me with her ass in my face. This was an invitation to have at her and while I couldn’t hold on to her I was able to burry my tongue in her ass cleavage. I licked her pussy lips, stuck my tongue in as far as it would go into her pussy and licked her rose bud with a fervor from having my hands tied down. I felt Cindy’s lips wrap around my engorged cock, as Billie pushed her ass into my face. I moved as much as I could pushing my hips out to the edge of the chair as Cindy deep throated me like a pro. She moved mouth up and down like a piston until she got me well lubricated. Cindy stood up straddled my hips and impaled her self on my rigid cock deep in her pussy. She was facing Billie so she buried her face into Billie’s pussy, while I worked her from behind. Cindy and I tortured Billie’s pussy as Cindy rode my cock up and down. There was a rhythm developed as we were all working toward the same goal. Billie was really enjoying this, all she had to do was maintain a balance , which was becoming increasingly difficult. She reached a point where she could no longer stay on her legs and jumped off the chair.

Cindy kissed me a few times then pivoted around so that her back was to me, resting up against my chest. Billie took advantage of this and got on her knees between Cindy’s legs and started licking her clit. Cindy shivered each time Billie would swipe her tongue across. This gave Cindy an idea and I heard her tell Billie to get the lube. I was pretty busy at the time, so I barely noticed. When Billie brought the lube back Cindy lifted her hips so Billie could put an ample amount on my dick. Cindy rested her hips back in my lap, but had put my cock up against her asshole sliding down the whole way in one motion. Billie went back to punishing Cindy’s clit only this time I could feel Cindy’s ass clench every time she licked. Cindy was in heaven and so was I, Billie was doing her job well. Cindy was all but convulsing from the attention she was getting, this was bringing me to a climax as well. I don’t know how she did it , but Cindy continued to methodically piston her ass up and down in long slow strokes on my cock. I think this made it easier for Billie to torture Cindy’s pussy as well. It wasn’t long before I heard Cindy let out moan that I had heard many times before indicating she was going to cum. And sure enough she convulsed into a huge orgasm that sent me over the edge as well. The feeling of her ass clenching over and over was more that I could handle. I shot deep into her ass spurt after spurt of hot cum. We were completely drained and after this the girls finally untied me.

We went down stairs to the living room, I think all three of us were getting pretty hungry at this time, considering we hadn’t had dinner yet. I took a shower as Cindy and Billie prepared a simple Balgat Escort dinner. When I got out Cindy was waiting to get in, kissing me as she went past me into the shower. Billie on the other hand was relaxing on the couch drinking a glass of wine , supper was cooking. When Cindy got out of the shower, Billie stepped in kissing Cindy as she passed, this was definitely a love haven tonight. We ate supper and talked quite a bit as we ate, but the subject of sex never came up. We got our fill of food and wine and headed to the couch to rest a little. I was sitting between the two girls as we watched tv, nothing much was on. The girls got up heading for what I thought was the bathroom, but I heard them in the bedroom, the 2 are beside each other. It wasn’t long before Cindy came out alone to the living room and sat on the couch beside me. She was wrapped in a pink ribbon that barely covered the important parts with a big bow in the middle. Cindy explained that this was my surprise birthday party and I was to enjoy myself as much as I could.

Cindy was playing with my dick the whole time she talked to me telling me that anything is fair game this one day a year. I didn’t think I could get a hard on again, but my dick started coming to life. As soon as she saw that I was coming around she started to suck on my cock, using her tongue liberally. Man Cindy could deep throat and she was showing me all her talents. I could feel the head of my cock, pop past her tonsils, and see a bulge in her throat with each plunge of her mouth. This was incredible, I think I became more sensitive each time I came, my cock was becoming a rigid piece of steel again. When she had gotten me good and hard she stopped, got up and drug me into the bedroom where Billie had been. I wondered where Billie had gone but I was distracted enough to forget about it. Billie was in all her glory tied to the bed with handcuffs and rope, but she was decorated with the same pink ribbon as Cindy. They both looked like wrapped gifts, with just the bow to pull on to see what was inside.

Cindy immediately got on the bed and straddled Billie’s face forcing her to eat her out, Billie was our sex slave the remainder of the evening. I watched for a few minutes, apparently Billie was enjoying this with as well. I pulled the bows on both Billie and Cindy to expose them completely . Climbing in between Billie’s legs, each ankle was tied to the bed corners, I planted my cock at the opening of her pussy and drove my dick in to the hilt in one full motion making Billie gasp even with Cindy’s pussy pushing against her mouth. I pile drove her for several minutes taking full length strokes almost pulling out completely before, driving it home again, my balls slapping up against her. I didn’t want to cum yet by any means so I slowed down to a stop, I could hear Billie panting as she fought for air, beneath Cindy. I went around and untied her cuffs, freeing her hands and feet, Cindy still riding her the whole time. I told them to move to the center of the bed and sixty-nine for me so I could watch the show. They obeyed and put on a great performance for me. The both of them were moving in slow deliberate movements, making each tongue lashing count. Cindy was on top head buried in Billie’s business, I could see Billie from between Cindy’s legs pleasing her thoroughly. I moved down to that end so I could watch Billie go at her. She was punishing Cindy’s clit, pushing it around artfully. Occasionally she would put a finger in her ass. So I went to the other end watching Cindy give Billie the same treatment. My cock was still a rigid pole as this was a tremendous turn on, so I decided to get involved. I went back to where Billie was eating Cindy and planted my dick into Cindy’s pussy, not disturbing the treatment she was getting. I plunged in and out occasionally feeling my balls hit Billie’s nose.

I got off Cindy to find some lube, then resumed back where I was only this time I lubed my pole and put it into her ass. I slowly worked my way in till I bottomed out. I drove my cock in and out of her for a while, her ass clenching every time Billie ran her tongue across Cindy’s clit. There is something about that rhythm as I stroke and as Cindy’s clit was punished. I was struggling to not have an orgasm yet, there was so much to do yet. I pulled out when I thought I was going to lose it and move down to Billie’s ass. I was well lubed by this time so I lifted her legs high in the air so I could get a much better position at her rose bud. Cindy helped me, but didn’t lose a beat as she was sucking and licking Billie’s clit. I was in this great position where I could watch Cindy abuse Billie’s poor engorged erect clit and still have access to her asshole. I slowly slid my dick in like I had Cindy, wanting to enjoy every moment. My head popped in, I could feel Billie clench at my entrance. I thought I was going cum right then, but managed to hold off as her ass convulsed. I pushed and pushed even against the undulations, until I had most of my cock in, then back out to get a rhythm going. I pumped in and out of her as Cindy went at her holding off as long as I could, before the big moment. I was at the point of blowing my load or blowing up so I decided to let it go. I squirted yet another hot load of cum deep inside Billie’s ass not holding back at all. It almost hurt it felt so good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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