Birthday Quickies: Mother/Son

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Thad could feel his mother’s lips around the head of his cock.

“Happy Eighteenth Birthday Thaddeus.” His mother’s voice sounded weird, and how could she be speaking and sucking his penis at the same time?

Thad looked down again and he realized his mother wasn’t sucking his dick, she was sliding her pussy lips around his cock and engulfing his rock hard cock with her tight hot vagina. He felt his dick throb and he realized he was cumming in his mom, and then he woke up.

Thad reached down with his eyes closed and found his boxers were wet and sticky, his cock still pulsing from his wet dream.

“Nocturnal emission,” Thad muttered to himself, distracted by the mess he had made in bed, trying to find something nearby to wipe it up before it soaked into the sheets and blanket. What had he been dreaming about? It was obviously hot, and there was a woman, but he couldn’t remember anything other than the feeling of a powerful orgasm and his throbbing penis cumming inside a hot woman’s cunt.

He grabbed an old t-shirt next to his bed and mopped up his mess as best as he could. Thad thought about his plans for his eighteenth birthday. He was going to finally get his own gun. His dad had been taking him shooting since he was twelve, but now he was letting him buy a hunting rifle for deer season with his own money he’d earned working part time at the auto shop. Thad’s father Buckley was proud of his son both for working and for being a top notch hunter like his daddy.

Half an hour later, after a normal morning routine, Thad went downstairs to greet his parents for breakfast. He knew his mom would be making a special breakfast for his birthday, and Thad was a hungry man. Thad was as tall as his father was short, and as muscular as his father was lean. Buckley, Thad’s father, was a slight wiry man who said Thad took after Buckley’s father, Thad’s grandfather, who he said was as big as a house and twice as strong. Thad’s mother, Rosa, had been young when she married his father, and was still a gorgeous woman with an hourglass body and a perfect heart shaped face. She had beautiful shiny hair that Thad had always loved, and a warm full-breasted figure that would sweep Thad up in a hug and make him feel warm inside.

As Thad entered the kitchen, his mother rushed to him for a hug that squeezed her full breasts against her son, her cheek resting on his hard chest.

“Happy eighteenth Birthday Thaddeus,” she said to him, still hugging him tight.

Something about that phrase made Thad’s blood boil. His penis became rock hard instantly, and he could do nothing about it with his mother squeezing him toward her. His big cock pressed against her lithe stomach and pulsed, and Rosa looked up at Thad quickly, bursa suriyeli escort escort her eyes shocked. Thad looked back into his mother’s eyes, embarrassed and pleading. His father was sure to notice the tent in his pants as soon as his mother let go, and that would be even worse than his mother feeling his hard penis pressed against her like it was now.

Rosa turned her son to the side slightly, and reached down into his pants to adjust his hard cock. She was shocked at how hot and big it was, and quickly tucked it up into his waistband. Her fingers tingled from having touched her son’s penis for the first time. She ended their hug finally and turned back to the stove, breathing heavily.

Buckley, sitting at the table, reading the newspaper, hadn’t noticed anything. He put it down.

“You ready to pick out your first gun, son?” He asked Thad.

“Of course pops,” Thad replied, sitting down at the table across from Buckley. He was too distracted by feeling his mother’s grip on his dick, and even though it was positioned more discreetly now, he felt safer sitting at the table. Still, he couldn’t imagine discussing anything with anyone right then, especially not his father. He needed a moment.

“I’ve got to visit the bathroom real quick,” Thad said, and before anyone could respond he was out of his chair and up the stairs, keeping his back to his father the whole time. He went into the bathroom, but he didn’t lock the door. He faced away from the mirror, leaned back against the counter, and pulled his pants down enough to free his big dick. His erection sprang out and he began stroking his hard dick feverishly.

The bathroom door opened, and he quickly stopped stroking, looking up in surprise, trying to pull his shirt down. His mother entered the bathroom quietly, and shut the door behind her, locking it this time.

“Where’s dad?” Thad asked, trying to pull his pants up surreptitiously.

“Your father is outside checking on the horses,” his mother replied, neutrally.

Thad knew his father would be out checking the horses for at least an hour, like he did every morning.

“He pays more attention to those horses than he does to me,” his mother continued, voice still neutral. “You love me don’t you son?”

“Yeah mom, of course I love you,” Thad said, feeling nervous.

“Well I would never ask you this normally, but with what just happened in the kitchen, and your, well, your hard manhood being right there, I just thought maybe you wouldn’t mind helping your mother… scratch an itch.”

While she was talking, slowly, seductively, Rosa had walked over to her son and reached back into his pants to pull out his rock bursa ucuz escort hard cock. When she said “manhood” she squeezed it, and when she said “mother” she started stroking it.

“Mom…” Thad said, feeling his mother’s hand rubbing his hard dick, “I love you but this is wrong. You shouldn’t be touching me like this.”

“Of course I shouldn’t be touching you like this, and your father should be the one who helps me with this kind of itch, but right here, in our house, in our family, we can love each other just this once. Honey, Thad, your beautiful cock will fill my cunt up and when we cum together, it’ll be nothing but an honest expression of our familial love. Out there, sure, this is wrong, but we’re not going to take it out there. We’re going to join our bodies in lust in here and keep it just an extension of our deep loving mother son relationship.”

The whole time she spoke, she kept stroking Thad’s cock. Thad thought she made a certain kind of sense. Of course mothers and sons shouldn’t have sex normally, but somehow they were together, and they both wanted to have sex. Why shouldn’t they?

Rosa took her hand off Thad’s dick and lifted up her dress, pulling aside her panties to reveal her swollen wet cunt. Thaddeus pulled her dress down, and grabbed her hand.

“We both know dad will be outside for a while. Let’s go to my room.” Thad said.

Thad led his mother to his room, and lay her down on the bed. She pulled her skirt up again and exposed her vagina to her son once more. Thad reached down and slid a finger inside his mother, watching her face crinkle as she moaned. She closed her eyes, and Thad inserted a second finger to warm her up further. He worked the back side of her clit from just inside her hole, and then he leaned down and flicked his tongue across her clitoral hood. She had teased him so much in the bathroom that his mind had gone dirty and wild. He opened his mouth wide and licked his mother’s pussy from bottom to top, exploring his mother’s vagina with his tongue as she tried to muffle her own moans.

“I love licking your pussy, mom,” Thad said wickedly.

“Thad!” His mother gasped, scandalized at hearing something so vulgar even in the midst of their incest.

“Are you ready for your son’s cock mama?” Thad asked.

“Oh yes, Thad, please fuck me. Fuck your mommy Thad.”

Thad straightened up and grabbed his dick, guiding it into the hole he’d just explored with his mouth. His cock sank slowly into his mother’s cunt and he gazed into her eyes as he filled her hole. He started to slowly slide his cock out, savoring the gripping feeling of mom’s labia around his dick. He licked his mom’s face as he started bursa üniversiteli escort to pump her vagina with his hard dick. The horny teenager in him was fully intoxicated by this forbidden fuck. He thought he must be dreaming again, but he could feel everything. His mom’s warm cunt pulsing around his dick, as he fucked her harder and faster. Her breathy quiet yelps as she felt her son’s cock thrust into her again and again. Her big muscular son on top of her, pinning her down while he fucked into her over and over, mother and son both nearing orgasm as they bucked against each other in pure incestuous lust.

Thad’s mind flooded with thoughts as he fucked his mother. Why shouldn’t he cum in her? Why shouldn’t he shove his hard throbbing dick deep into his mother’s cunt over and over while she bucked her hips up against him. Why shouldn’t he push his penis deep into her willing wet vagina and pump shot after shot of hot semen right against her cervix while she moaned and writhed in orgasmic ecstasy? Why shouldn’t he push his tongue into his mother’s waiting mouth, feeling her moans of pleasure against his tongue and teeth.

Thad could think of no reason.

Rosa surrendered to her son’s powerful fuck. It had been so long since his father had taken her at all, and he had never done it with the power and sexuality that her son was fucking her with. She felt her orgasm nearing, and she could feel it coalescing around her clit. Her vagina felt hot, and her son’s cock felt hotter sliding in and out of her with breathtaking power. She reached down and pushed her clit down against her son’s rigid cock and she came, her vagina squeezing and pulsing around her son’s dick, and her toes curling over and over as she came with her son inside of her.

Thad felt his mother cum, and he knew he was getting close as well. He slowed down knowing she would be sensitive, but he was close enough that it didn’t matter. Rosa finally opened her eyes, and Thad looked at his mother, as her orgasm subsided. He saw clarity and shame beginning to cloud her vision, and he gently held her head so she couldn’t turn away.

Thad thrust into his mother three final times, holding her gaze with his eyes and his hand.


Thrust. His dick was about to explode.


Thrust. His mom’s cunt felt hot and tight, his cock twitched.


Thrust. He buried his dick deep into his mom and felt his cock begin to pulse and shoot cum deep into her vagina. Her eyes widened but their gazes were locked and their bodies silent and motionless, save for Thad’s jerking, pulsing, cum spraying cock deep in Rosa’s cunt. He felt four, five, six hard shots of cum spraying out of his cock, and even then his orgasm continued as his cock throbbed. They stayed that way, motionless, until the very final twitch of Thad’s hard dick, and then Thad began to pull out. Right as his dick popped free, Rosa sat up in bed, and grabbed it as Thad stood in front of her.

“I love you too son,” Rosa said, and she began to lick her son’s cock clean. Thad looked down at his mom licking his dick and he smiled.

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