Birthday Surprise

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Female Ejaculation

It was the girl’s birthday, and her boyfriend had her naked and tied, spread eagle and blindfolded on a table. He had a vibrator inside her, set on low. He had rubbed her clit just enough to make it stand up and beg for more, then he left.

The vibrator was just enough to keep her very aroused, but not enough to satisfy, and she was tied in a way so that she couldn’t move — couldn’t adjust the vibrator to move it to a better location, couldn’t get any relief on her throbbing clit!

He left her like that for a while…then he came back…she could smell his cologne, so she knew he was in the room…but he didn’t say or do anything. She could just tell he was there…waiting or watching, she didn’t know…and that, of course, added to the suspense and excitement. Of course, he was sitting there, watching her…he had already set up the video camera…his friend, Gus, was there, too…just watching…waiting.

Of course, they’d only be able to sit and watch for so long…

Her cunt is pretty hot…the her boyfriend decides she needs to be cooled off a little…….maybe he should on it to cool it off…….or…maybe an ice cube…hhhhhhhmmmmm……….

He goes to her, takes the vibrator out, rub an ice cube on her clit and then inserts the ice cube insider her, then replaces the vibrator.

Then, he decides to fuck her a while with his big, hard cock…with that cold ice in there, contrasting with the heat of their bodies…

He has ice nearby, to cool her off when she needs it…he doesn’t want her to come yet but he comes inside her…then puts that vibrator back inside her, still set on low, and leaves her like that again,

just watching her

After a while…Gus makes his presence known to her…he starts sucking on her nipples, and she can tell that it’s not her boyfriend. He slowly kneads her breasts with his hands, sucking on her nipples, lightly biting them, pulling on them, squeezing them…even slapping them a little while he’s playing with her breasts, her boyfriend starts caressing the insides of her thighs, and her ass…staying away from her pussy though just teasing and tormenting…sweet, sweet torture! This could go on all night…just depends on what the boyfriend wants and how much she begs!

While Gus keeps playing with her breasts, her boyfriend starts licking and sucking on her clit and turns that vibrator on high and starts fucking her with it. It doesn’t take long before she’s screaming…in the midst of an earth-shattering orgasm!

When the orgasm subsides…out come the ice cubes! He puts 2 or 3 ice cubes inside her cunt and holds one directly on her clit. He has to cool her down and desensitize her a bit…….he knows ankara moldovyalı escortlar she’s too sensitive now… then things start to really heat up!

Gus starts licking and kissing and rubbing all over her…not just her breasts anymore…her breasts, stomach, sides…still squeezing and kneading and massaging everything… slapping her breasts…pinching the nipples, pulling at them…biting and sucking on them. Then he climbs on top of her and starts rubbing his cock between her breasts, fucking her breasts while he squeezes and pulls at them with his hands. The boyfriend is going on to bigger and better things too.

He lubes that vibrator up and inserts it into her…ass! Then he rams his rock-hard cock into her pussy and starts fucking her HARD!! He has that vibrator turned on full power and is giving her cunt full power of his own! One guy fucking and squeezing her breasts…another guy slamming in and out of her cunt…and a throbbing dildo in her ass she’s going crazy…and she still can’t move…can’t do anything to add to the feeling or adjust her position…just has to lie there and take it!! She can’t even see what they’re doing!!!

Well…while her boyfriend is pumping away inside her cunt, he tells her not to cum until he says she can but of course, that’s not an easy thing to control, and she comes anyway. So…the guys go ahead and finish…he comes inside her…the other guy comes on her chest…but then he tells her that since she came before he gave her permission, she has to be punished!

So, for the first time all day, he unties her…only to make her roll over so he can tie her back up! Now she’s still spread eagle and blindfolded, but on her stomach. Then the ice goes in her pussy and on her clit again to cool her off and she waits to see what her punishment will be. They put a couple of pillows under her hips to hold her pussy up off the bed…they don’t want her to be able to rub it at all. He puts a slowly vibrating dildo in her ass and leaves her like that for quite a while…the guys turn on a ball game and ignore her for a while she knows they’re there…and she can hear the ball game and hear them talking sometimes. After what seems like forever to her, her boyfriend comes to the bed and tells her it’s time for her punishment.

He starts spanking her bare ass, hard, with his hand, but then he realizes that she’s enjoying it!! This is supposed to be punishment! So he walks over to a drawer, and gets out a small whip…and starts whipping her ass with it…it’s not enough to really hurt, just stings a little bit. It’s actually very erotic, and she starts enjoying it too…so he whips her harder; each blow gives an ankara ukraynalı escortlar initial sting, but then a sort of warmth that radiates over her ass and up into her cunt and makes her very aroused. He has to put more ice in her cunt! Then he decides to try a wooden paddle. This hurts a little bit and she starts wiggling, trying to avoid the blows…of course, she can’t move, but the effort of trying to move is arousing, and makes her forget about the minor pain of the paddle. Her boyfriend finally gives up!

Then he tells her that it’s time for the second part of her punishment. She feels hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks and feels a finger slide into her ass…lubing it up…then her boyfriend tells her that Gus is going to fuck her ass…she remembers how large his cock felt between her breasts…and by now, she thinks she knows who the guy is and he’s a very large, muscular man anyway…she doesn’t know how his big cock will possibly fit into her ass!! But she feels first one, then two, then 3 fingers slide into her ass…lubing it up…getting it ready.

Then the fingers come out and she feels the head of his cock positioned at her anus. His large hands grab her ass cheeks and squeeze hard as he pushes the head of his cock inside her! Then, he squeezes her ass cheeks even harder and rams his cock up insider her!! She feels like she’s being split open!! But he quickly pulls back out, giving her momentary relief, then rams in again – HARD — …and pulls out…in and out…in and out…each time, going farther into her…deeper. He finally has his entire cock in her ass and starts ramming her ass…harder and deeper, mercilessly……………..over and over. Meanwhile, her boyfriend gives up on the punishment idea and starts massaging her breasts. He knows she likes them squeezed and pulled on — almost roughly — and he does just that. Her ass is so hot now!! She’s getting close to coming again…just before Gus fills her ass with his juice, her boyfriend reaches down and starts rubbing her clit so that she comes at the same time afterward…out comes the ice again…two in her ass…a couple in her cunt…and a whole ice pack placed directly on her entire crotch! Her boyfriend tells her to rest because they have one more little treat for her tonight.

After they rest for a while, her boyfriend comes over and starts gently washing her off with a warm wash cloth. The warmth of the wash cloth is soothing and when he washes her crotch area, even though he tries to hurry, she starts getting aroused again he tells her to calm down…wait. He gets her cleaned up, and then he says he’s going to untie her, but she’s not to move. She agrees, so he unties her — she’s ankara minyon tipli escortlar still blindfolded — and he turns her back over onto her back. He helps her to stand up, and he ties her hands behind her back. Then both men start rubbing her body…all over…just caressing and squeezing…lots of light, playful slaps on her ass and breasts… rubbing between her legs…getting her wet again

even rubbing their cocks between her legs, getting them wet with her juices when she’s good and wet again, Gus easily lifts her off the floor and then sets her back down again…with her entire weight resting on his cock, which is now embedded deeply inside of her! Her feet no longer touch the floor.

She is moaning with pleasure and anticipation, trying to fuck that cock, but can’t get any leverage…he holds her still so that she can’t move. She’s moaning in frustration but still, he just stands there…not moving…that huge hard cock deep inside her cunt…all of her weight resting on it and her pussy.

Then her boyfriend comes up behind her and rams his cock deep inside her ass!! She can’t believe it!! She has 2 huge cocks inside her now!!! She feels so filled up…she might split wide open!! She starts squirming…trying to get relief…but they hold her still…won’t let her move. Then Gus takes hold of her and lifts her up…so that both cocks almost come out of her — almost, but not quite — then he drops her back down on them…HARD!! She feels both of those rock-hard cocks ram into her at the same time and slam into her pussy and ass! Gus does this several times…again and again… both men have come several times already this day, so by now they are able to last a long time. After a while, Gus tires of lifting her so the guys develop a rhythm…when one guy thrusts, the other pulls out…then when the first guy pulls out, the other thrusts… in and out…constantly having one of her holes filled and rammed…the guys are rock-hard and merciless now. They ram both her holes over and over…both men holding her still so that she can’t move at all to help ease her throbbing clit! They want this one to last a long time…so they try not to touch her clit and with her arms tied behind her, there’s not much she can do except ride the ride! The guys are able to keep this up for a full 20 minutes before they both finally explode into her together…their orgasm triggers hers and she finally gets release

but…the guys stay inside her…with the way they’re positioned, they’re able to stay inside her and keep her held off the floor. And to her surprise, she realizes that they are still hard!!!

They begin to fuck her some more, in the same way!! This time though, they finally untie her hands and remove the blindfold, and let her move and “help” in the pleasure and they fuck both her holes – even harder and more mercilessly this time — until all 3 of them come again and then they collapse on the bed and go to sleep and live happily ever after! The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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