Birthday Surprise

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I was looking forward to my birthday – Kate had promised me something special.

She sent to me to take a shower before going out and I let the hot water run across my neck and back for several minutes, thinking about where she might be taking me and what she might have in store. I toweled off, brushed my teeth and slowly opened the bathroom door out to our bedroom. My long shower did not prepare me for what I saw.

Kate was standing there in one of her sexiest bras, a thin, lacy pink one, through which you could make out her dark, pointy nipples, but more surprisingly was wearing her strap-on, a toy we haven’t used that much. Even more surprisingly, standing behind her was Ali, a friend of hers, also wearing a sexy sheer bra and a strap-on, bigger than Kate’s.

“You want your fantasy for your birthday? Ok, I’ll give it to you, but I’m in charge from now on,” sneered Kate as she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bed. She sat me down on the edge of the bed, “now, suck our cocks!” Kate and Ali stood on either side of me, sticking their strap-on’s in my face, demanding I suck them. I did my best, taking one and then the other in my mouth, switching back and forth between the two, resisting as Kate tried to pull my head down deeper on hers as she thrust into my mouth. I gasped and she pulled out, “that’s enough of that, lie down.”

I laid down on my back on the bed – Kate and Ali got on their knees and Kate straddled my face. “we’re going to make out like you want, but you’re going to be too busy eating our pussies to see it,” she said and lowered her pussy on to ankara escort bayan my face, pulling her strap-on to the side so I could push my tongue against her wetness. Her familiar smell and taste filled my senses as I pressed my tongue against her clit and licked up and down against her opening. I could feel her move as she kissed her friend and I could sense their hands moving over each other’s body. My dick was getting hard and sticking straight up in the air, but it got no attention from the preoccupied women. Kate’s body arched back and I imagined Ali sucking her sensitive nipples as I continued to press my mouth against her pussy and chewing gently on her clit. Her breathing came in pants, faster and faster and she pressed her weight down on me so hard I could barely breathe. Kate cried out and came as she ground her pussy against me – the quickest she’s ever reached orgasm.

Once her spasms had subsided she moved off the bed and Ali replaced her, lowering her unfamiliar pussy onto my mouth, juices flowing into my mouth. “you wanted a threesome, didn’t you? Is this what you expected?” said Kate as she raised my legs in the air. As I licked another woman’s pussy, finding her clit and nibbling on it lightly, Kate slipped a lubricated finger up my ass, slowly, and probed deeper and deeper. I moaned and slapped the bed with my hands as she aggressively added a second finger. “Keep eating that pussy or you’ll be in worse trouble,” said Ali as she ground her pussy down into my face taking my mind away from what Kate was doing. I reached up to touch her breasts, but my hands were ankara bayan escort slapped away. At that moment, I felt the tip of Kate’s strap-on against my ass and the pressure as she slowly pushed it into me. I squirmed against her and against the pussy I was licking, Kate gave me time to get used to the strap-on in my ass and slowly increased her pace and how much of it she was giving me. Ali yelled, “lick my ass, lick my ass!” as her hand reached down and began furiously rubbing her clit. I dipped my tongue into her tight asshole and felt it tighten up as she came in a rush all over my face.

Kate’s pace quickened after this and Ali stepped down from the bed and refit her harness and strap-on. Kate’s chest was red and her eyes were closed as she thrust faster and faster, the vibrator in her harness pressing against her clit as she reached the depth of each stroke. Kate’s small, perky breasts bounced above her bra, pulled down below them by Ali earlier. She stroked my hard cock a few times, but returned both hands to my hips as she drove harder and faster into me, finally letting loose with another yell as she came again., holding herself deep inside me with the vibrator pressed against her clit.

After a few moments, her breathing returned somewhat to normal and she slowly pulled out. “my turn, my turn! I want to fuck that tight man ass,” Ali’s strap-on was bigger, and had a realistic cock shape. Kate got on her knees and sucked it briefly, spreading saliva on it and then used her hand to guide it toward my ass. She must have sensed my tenseness and stroked my cock ankara escort bayanlar a few times and told me to relax.

Ali pushed the head of her cock against my ass and slowly pushed it further in, stretching my ass open. I gasped as I felt intense pressure. A warmth was spreading up my cock which twitched as she went deeper and deeper. A small bead of pre-cum formed on the tip.

Kate’s mouth found my cock and she bobbed up and down on it a few times as Ali drove in and out of my ass, but then she stood and began caressing Ali’s large boobs and kissing her, finally letting me see them enjoying each other. Ali was pounding me with her bigger strap-on; I felt pleasure and pain as she hammered away.

Kate broke her embrace with Ali, “Had enough? You’ve been a good boy so we are going to let you come on us,” she said nicely, with a smile. Ali gave a couple last deep thrusts and pulled out of my ass before both girls got down on their knees. They smiled at each other and kissed and then Kate began sucking my dick, swirling her tongue around the crown, looking directly in my eyes. She replaced her mouth with her hand and held my cock for Ali, who briefly enveloped the head of it with her mouth. “I’m going to come!” I yelled. Kate, still holding my cock, began to stroke it, while her and Ali’s tongues reached out and flicked underneath the swollen head. I shot one spurt on to Kate’s tongue and another on to Ali’s chin and Kate milked the rest of the largest load I’ve ever shot out of my straining cock and it dripped down on to their breasts and bras.

They kissed, and Kate playfully wiped her cum covered hand across my face as she stood up. “Maybe next you’ll get to fuck OUR asses,” she said with a smirk, as she and Ali walked into the bathroom, shaking their asses and giggling, closing the door behind them as I lay on the bed spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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