Birthday Surprise

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As I walked through the parking garage I heard a faint echo of a song. It sounded a little like the theme song for ALIAS. I figured it was just someone’s cell phone. As I approached the car, I realized the sound was actually coming from my briefcase. The new cell phone tucked in the front pocket must have been the surprise gift that my wife Alison had mentioned this morning. I had to admit it was a cool gift, given my love of gadgets, but I had been hoping for something a bit more on the sensual side. I answered the phone, and before I even said hello, I heard my wife’s voice quivering on the other end.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, David, I’m so sorry, I know I’m ruining your birthday, but I don’t have a choice, the woman who was supposed to go on this trip had to go home to California for a family emergency, and this review absolutely has to happen, and I tried to get Lisa to do it, but she’s swamped too…”

“Hey, slow down. Breathe. Again. Now tell me what is going on?”

I could just see her breathing heavily, all stressed out. My mind started to wander as I contemplated what my hot little wife probably looked like right now. Whenever she gets excited, she gets very flushed and starts to breathe heavy. On most people that kind of behavior is not attractive. Fortunately for me, my wife somehow gets hotter when she’s upset. At 5’8″, and 140lbs, she has an almost perfect hourglass figure, long legs, a luscious heart shaped butt, and a pair of D-cup breasts that defy gravity on their own. Add to that body a truly enchanting face with pouty lips, liquid green eyes, and shoulder length chestnut brown hair and you have one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

My reverie was broken by wife asking if I was still there.

“Yeah, I’m still here sweetie; I just got lost thinking about tonight.”

“David, that’s what I’m trying to tell you about. I have to leave on the 6:30 flight tonight out of BWI. I’m sorry.”

“Where exactly are you flying off to?”

“I told you, I have to fly to Houston tonight so we can start this review tomorrow. I know this stinks, especially since it’s your birthday and everyone is coming in to celebrate this weekend. Oh, shit. Ashley is flying into Dulles tonight. It was supposed to be a surprise. And I’m not even going to be home all weekend. Sweetie, is there any way you can spend some time with her, take her around town one day. I know I’m asking a lot, I’m so sorry. I promise after this trip, I owe you big time.”

“Ok, let me get this straight. It’s my birthday tomorrow, and you have to leave town tonight, which means our plans this evening are cancelled. And to top it all off your sister is going to be here all weekend, and I have to entertain her until you get back?”

All I heard on the other line was a meek little “yes”. And then I started laughing. Which may not have been the best thing to do, since it pissed off Alison.

“Why, are you laughing at me David Samuelson?” I’m not laughing at you, I thought, I’m just wondering what I did to gain lady luck’s undivided attention this weekend. I mean, Ashley is amazingly beautiful, and flirtatious. And while I was looking forward to an indulgent weekend with Alison, the prospect of having my very hot sister in-law, who also happens to be a natural blonde, in the house with me all weekend was not exactly taxing. Especially since the last time she came to stay with us, she kept letting me walk in on her in the bathroom. I must have seen her in her underwear more times that week than Alison. The first time it happened, I felt terrible, and I even told Alison that I had accidentally walked in on her sister. The two of them must have talked about it though because, the next morning, when I went downstairs to use my bathroom, Ashley was blow-drying her hair again, in nothing but a tiny white thong.

I had never thought of Ashley as anything other than my sister in-law. I mean, when I first met her, I thought she was pretty in a classic blonde sorority girl kind of way, but I was also very focused on dating her twin sister. Ashley, like her sister has a wonderful figure. At 5′ 3″ she’s shorter than Alison, with smaller firm B-cup breasts. But her most noticeable asset is her mouth wateringly perfect heart shaped butt. Ashley’s ass is without a doubt absolutely perfect, full, round and golden tan. I knew her bubble butt was nice, but that first morning when I barged into the bathroom, I actually got see her luscious globes bisected by a tiny white thong. I didn’t realize I was staring until she turned around and adjusted the front of her bikini to show me some of her golden blonde pussy hair. I probably would have spent the morning with my mouth agape, if she hadn’t whistled at the sight of my hard cock poking through the front flap of my boxers.

Even then I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of her golden haired pussy. After what seemed like an eternity, Ashley cleared her throat, at which point, my ears started to burn and my cock began to twitch. I somehow managed to leave the tiny bathroom without hitting Ashley with my hard-on. As I made my way upstairs, I heard her laughing and my sex addled brain realized that she was enjoying my embarrassment.

As I walked into the bedroom, I started apologizing to my wife. She seemed to think that the çorum escort situation was somewhat humorous, and told me that I had nothing to worry about. Then she made some kind of flip comment on how I probably did Ashley a favor since she had always wanted to see my dark skinned cock. Before I could say anything else, Ashley called up and asked Alison if she was ready to go. I tried to stay out of the way the rest of that week, but it seemed that whenever I turned around someone else was in the bathroom either dressing or undressing, and I managed to see most of Ashley’s thong collection. For some reason, neither my wife or my sister in- law felt the need to wear a bra all week either.

It wasn’t until the last night that Ash was in town that my wife, drunk on a few glasses of wine, told me what she said about my intrusion that first morning. Apparently, Ashley was just as enamored of my nakedness as I was of hers. Alison told me that they spent the rest of the day talking about sex. And while the girls spent a fair amount of time talking about their past sexual history, Ashley kept mentioning my cock, particularly how big it seemed and asked Alison what it tasted like. If that wasn’t enough, apparently they had a discussion about fetishes and who had done the nastiest things sexually. And my wife in an apparent moment of pride told Ashley about some of our recent experiments with anal sex and golden showers. Ashley apparently loved anal sex, and was surprised that Alison didn’t find it as satisfying. But she had never really heard of golden showers, and when Alison told her what it was, Ash was apparently left speechless. I guess that killed their conversation, or maybe Alison was too sleepy to continue, because before I could ask her another question, she was asleep.

“David, hello, are you still there?” I realized that I had zoned out and left my wife hanging on the line. I started to explain that Ashley was family, and that I wasn’t mad at her about the weekend. Although I did extract a promise from her that when she returned on Monday, we would have to set aside some time to play.

“Oh, sweetie, I promise when I get back, my ass is yours…I mean it, I’m going to be thinking about your hard cock, inside my hot asshole all weekend. Just think about how good my butt will look in those tiny white cotton panties. I’ll take them off really slowly for you, and spread my ass-cheeks for you. I can’t wait to feel your hot tongue on my shitty asshole, and as you drench my sphincter in your spit, I’ll start fingering my ass, to get it nice and loose for your hard cock. Mmm…don’t you love the way my ass tastes baby…I love kissing you and tasting my pussy juice and ass on your tongue. Oh, baby I can’t wait to feel your hard cock deep in my ass. And I promise, when your done fucking my white ass, I’m going to lick you dark shit streaked cock clean…I love the way your cum tastes mingled with the aroma of my butt….mmm….I can’t wait. But, right now sweetie I have to run, to catch my flight…I’ll see you on Monday. Be nice to Ashley. I love you. Bye babe.”

Well, a little cell phone sex was better than nothing, but now I was all riled up and I didn’t even have time to stop at home to relieve the tension. Oh well, I’d just have to calm down and wait until Monday. At least that’s what I thought.

By the time I arrived at Dulles and parked the car, Ashley’s flight had already landed, but for some reason her bags didn’t make it through O’Hare. So, while she was happy to see me, she wasn’t exactly happy. Apparently, women are very protective of their underwear, and Ashley was unsure that she would be able to make do without her

luggage. After talking to the airline it was clear that the bags would not be coming in anytime soon. I gave the airline our number and we left to go home.

Ashley was very quiet on the ride home, and I wondered whether my joke about her luggage had offended her. By the time we pulled up to the house though, she seemed to be in a better mood, and the evening was looking up. I went upstairs to change out of my work clothes since Ashley was already casually dressed in a short black mini-skirt and a tank top.

As I walked into the bedroom, I let myself remember the last time Ashley had worn that skirt. It was at a frat party at CMU that Ashley inviting Alison and I to, during fall break her senior year. Alison had to cancel that night, but asked me to escort her sister. So, I went, and after avoiding a number of men and women who did not seem to know when to stop drinking Ashley and I found ourselves in an empty suite with a few of her sorority sisters. A half dozen jello shots later, my soon to be sister in-law, joined with some of her sorority sisters in a mock strip tease on a dare. They didn’t disrobe fully, but sweet Ashley had a hard time keeping her perky tits and luscious ass fully covered.

By the time it was her turn, her roommate Leah had convinced her to lose her top, and do the dare in just her bra. That’s when I first realized that while Ashley might be not be as buxom as her fraternal twin, her perfect tear drop breasts were meant to be suckled. After Ashley lost her top, she decided to show me how stiff her nipples could get, and she freed her breasts and started rubbing them all over my face. çorum escort bayan With every move her skirt moved a little higher, and I couldn’t keep by eyes or my hands off her stiff nipples and jiggling butt cheeks. Her skirt was already pretty short, stopping just a few inches below her ass cheeks, and her preferred bump and grind move help raise it up to the point that everyone knew what color her thong was underneath. I found myself mesmerized by Ashley’s full ass-cheeks. They were just begging to be fondled, licked, and spread. As she turned around she caught me staring, and she moved even closer and asked me to help her with something. She let her skirt ride up so I could see her thong disappear in between her cheeks, and then she ground her butt down onto my hard cock, all the while whispering in my ear about how bad she needed a cock in her ass. Before I could get up the courage to react, one of the other girls started to get sick, and our little private party broke up. As I got up to help, Ashley had found her shirt, and pulled down her skirt, and the apparent intimacy between us was gone. I remember wondering whether Ashley was just role-playing that night, or if she had been serious.

Just as I stripped down to my boxers, I turned around to see Ashley in the doorway. She asked if she could borrow some of Alison’s underwear. I told her it was fine by me (although I didn’t think they would fit, since Alison’s panty size is a 4, and Ashley wears a size 5), but that I thought her bags should be delivered by tomorrow morning. She said she needed a pair to change into right now. I went over to the dresser and tossed her two white pairs of Victoria Secret low rise stretch cotton panties. She smiled and thanked me, and then took a quick look at my cock, which was by now swollen and hanging out of my boxers. I moved to stuff the head back inside the flap, and Ashley was suddenly beside me. She started to whisper in my ear and grabbed my cock through my boxers.

“God David, I was going to wait until you came downstairs, but the sight of your fat cock is making me even wetter than I already am. See, I really did come up here for another pair of panties. When I was on the flight I had to pee, but DC has that stupid rule that no one is allowed to get up 30 minutes before landing. I tried to hold it, but I couldn’t so I sort of wet my panties. That’s why I was so quiet in the car. I managed to pee when we landed, but my panties were still soaked with piss. And then when I came up here I saw your thick dark cock, and I was reminded that you like that sort of thing, and that I’ve always wanted to taste a brown dick. Alison told me about the nasty things you two did, and since I’m here this weekend as one of your birthday presents, I figured I might as well skip the panty change and get the party started…what you think?”

I was pretty stunned. I had assumed that Alison’s drunken revelation about golden showers had either grossed Ashley out, or that the both of them had simply not talked about it very much at all. When I finally swallowed the lump in my throat I put one hand on Ashley’s ass and pulled her close, and whispered in her ear. I asked her what Alison had told her about our games.

“Alison told us how intimate those golden showers were. She said that there was something magical about feeling your hot golden piss cascade over her breasts. She told me how intoxicating the smell was, and how she would look into your eyes as you pissed onto her tits, and how she would rub your piss onto her tits, looking at you and sticking out her tongue, asking you to piss into her mouth…I didn’t understand at first, and then Alison explained that it was the ultimate act of acceptance. She told us how you would lick the piss off her face when you were done, and how sometimes you would use her piss to lubricate her asshole…I want you to do that to me David. I want to wash my face in your piss, and drink from your cock, most of all I want your dark cock in my ass…”

As Ashley finished telling me what she knew, I started pulling her skirt up over her ass, to reveal a pair of white cotton panties that barely covered her butt cheeks and were clearly yellowed with piss. I stripped off my boxers and we went into the master bathroom. Ashley, still had her tank top on, and as I freed her firm white tits from the confines of her baby tank, she licked her middle finger and started running it down her ass-crack. Ashley was now naked except for her damp panties. As she stepped into the tub, I rubbed my hard cock along the crotch-band of her panties, as she cupped her tits together.

I asked Ashley “Do you still have to pee?”

“Um, yeah, I really have to go….” I told her to piss on my cock. She was kind of nervous, but as I kneaded her white tits with one hand and started running my fingers down her luscious ass crack with the other, she managed to relax and let go. Her piss was pungent, and felt nice and hot on my cock. A lot of it flowed down her thighs, and I started to cup my hand to catch it and rub it all over her big tits.

Ashley, seemed to lose control at that point, and kneeled down to start licking my cock. She looked into my eyes as she snaked her tongue along the length of my fat cock, licking up her leftover droplets of piss.

“Mmm…David, escort çorum I love the taste and smell of your balls…they’re so nice and sweaty…are you going to let your slut sister in-law drink some of that dark cum? Don’t you want to cum in my mouth baby…I’ll drink it all up, I promise. I’m just like Alison, I love drinking from your cock, it tastes so good, so salty.”

Ashley started rubbing my cock all over her face, and then asked me to turn around. I felt her soft pink tongue in between my ass-cheeks. I reached behind me and grabbed her head and pushed her face into my ass. Ashley started to sniff my asshole, and I felt her alternate between slowly licking my puckered asshole, and inhaling my scent. Fortunately for me, our bathroom has a floor to ceiling mirror across from the tub, and as this bubble butt blonde slut starting sucking and licking me I was able to watch her every move. It was an amazing site, my gorgeous blonde sister in-law mewling with delight as she cleaned my asshole with her prim and proper mouth. I watched as her perky tits were drenched in her own excess saliva as it dripped out of my ass.

“Oh, David, this is so amazing. I love the taste of your asshole, I can taste your shit and sweat on my tongue. Give it to me baby, I want to taste the inside of your ass. Mmm…baby are you going to let me drink some of your piss after I clean you shitty asshole with my tongue? Please baby, I want to taste your hot golden piss in my mouth….Oh baby, I love being your nasty blonde slut.” I was on the verge of losing control, so I had Ashley stand up and lean against the wall. I started to started to rub Ashley’s ass through her panties. I moved behind Ashley to remove her now piss soaked panties, and it took all of my self control to go slowly. Ashley’s beautiful heart shaped ass was glistening with piss and sweat, and her blond pussy hair still had a few droplets of piss. I got down on my knees and started to lick Ashley’s pussy clean. Her pussy was so perfect, she tasted like a woman should taste, sweet and salty and full of musk. The odor was overpowering and intoxicating. I wanted to cover my face in her juices, and her scent. I flattened my tongue and ran it along the length of her pussy lips, occasionally thrusting my entire tongue inside, trying to drink as much of her liquid as I could. As my tongue lapped at her clit, I started finger-fucking her pussy and her ass, and between my fingers and tongue, Ashley began to cum…

“Lick my pussy, you motherfucker…do you like the taste of my golden piss and my pussy juices?…I want you to fuck me with your tongue and lick me clean…Oh, I can feel my asshole stretching for your fingers. Yes, push on the insides of my ass, pull my dark hole open. Can you smell my ass now baby. Oh, yeah keep going, keep licking…faster, faster, faster…Yessssss…”

Ashley’s thighs started to quiver as she came, and she slumped against me as her orgasm overtook her. After a few minutes, she noticed my hard cock wedged in between her ass-cheeks and stood up. With both of her hands, she reached behind her and spread her huge white ass cheeks and told me to get her asshole ready for my cock.

“Alison told me what you really wanted her to do…When I heard about it, I just had to try it, its just so nasty. Come on baby, lube my ass with some of your hot nasty piss. I want to feel your scalding golden hot piss run over my cheeks and onto my asshole. Take some of that piss, and rub it onto the inner walls of my ass, so your hard cock can slide right in…I want you to fuck the shit out of my white butt. And when your done, I want you to come in my mouth, so I can lick my dark chocolate shit off your gorgeous thick brown dick…”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I looked down at Ashley’s ass, and I could see her puckered hole, it was stained brown, and started throbbing as I let my first dribble of piss go onto Ashley’s butt.

As David’s piss hit me, it all became real. Here I was, naked with my brother in-law, with my ass spread, being pissed on. His piss was scalding, and it smelled really rank. I turned to look at him, and saw that the piss from his cock was a dark yellow. The look on his face though was amazing. He was so focused, and so clearly into it. I started to feel a tingle in my asshole, and realized that I was really horny. David, caught my stare and with his free hand he forced me to look him in the eye. He asked me if I was his nasty white piss slut. At that moment I realized that I was…I wanted to feel his piss inside my asshole, and I also wanted to feel his hard dark cock inside my ass. Just then, I felt David’s fingers spreading my asshole again. My sphincter resisted at first, but then as David gently pushed outward, by asshole began to stretch, and David’s hot piss started dribbling into my anus. His fingers started spreading it around, and pretty soon, he had three fingers inside my ass, and it felt really good. Then I felt his cock enter me, and it was so thick, it stretched me even more. As the mushroom head went deeper into my ass, I felt it rubbing against the walls of my ass filling me up. And then, it stopped. I turned to look and David still had another few inches left. He reached around to pinch my nipples and have me lick the piss off his fingers, and he told me that I was apparently full of shit. I realized that the few drops of David’s piss that I had just tasted were bitter. As the taste faded on my tongue, I realized that I wanted more. I wanted to savor the bitterness in my mouth. It was so extreme and nasty, that I had to taste it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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