Bisexual Pool Party Ch. 1

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After a long week at work, I called my buddy Dave and asked if he wanted to join us for beers and a movie at my house. I told him what a hell week I had and needed to party. He agreed and said he would bring the movie and a couple joints.

When Dave got to the house I had already had a few beers and was feeling good. We lit a joint and passed it around. My girlfriend Linda came in from the kitchen, dropped down on the sofa next to Dave and took the joint from him. She took a big hit and passed it over to me. We were all getting pretty buzzed at this point and I asked Dave what movie he brought.

“It’s a porno,” he said and we both looked at Linda for approval.

“OK, with me” She said. Dave got up and put the tape in and threw me the remote. The king of the castle always gets his remote. I fast forwarded past all the credits and got right to the action. We talked about the actors and cracked on the really bad acting for several scenes. We all started getting a little erzincan escort horny and did not talk as much. The next scene showed a threesome with some male-male action. Linda obviously liked this and her breathing got heavier.

She looked at both Dave and I and said, “I want to see you two do that.”

I looked at her and said ” Baby, you know I am straight.”

Linda said “You guys are best friends and have been since high school, it is not like being gay, it is like friends helping each other out.” That made sense, I agreed and we continued to watch the movie. I got another beer from the fridge and passed by the sliding glass door on my way back to the sofa. The water in the pool caught my eye and I said “Let’s go for a swim”

We all shed our clothes and climbed into the water. The hot Florida summer had left the water really warm, the pool almost felt like a hot tub. We relaxed and swam for a few minutes and then I sat escort erzincan on the steps and leaned back to get my beer. Dave swam up between my legs and got his own beer. Our eyes met as we put down our bottles. Dave leaned in and kissed me o the lips, soft at first and then harder with passion. I returned the kiss and battled his tongue.

The kiss broke and Dave slid down my chest to my cock which was coming to life and growing hard. He took the length of my prick in his hand and bent his lips to the head. He darted his tongue out and licked around the head. He pushed the head of my cock inside his mouth and I sighed at the hot wet feeling of his mouth. He continued to lick and suck at the head and would then lick down the length of my cock to my balls. Dave took a ball in his mouth and then licked the sensitive skin between my ass and my balls..

I reached down and stroked my cock as Dave licked my balls and when he came back up erzincan escort bayan to my cock I fed it to him. I looked over at this point to see Linda sitting on the edge of the pool with three fingers buried in her pussy and moaning loudly. I was so caught up in what was happening to me that I forgot that Linda was here. Linda took her fingers out of her pussy and licked the juice off her fingers. We locked eyes and she gave me a wink. Dave had deep throated my cock and was squeezing the cheeks of my ass.

He slid his hand lower and rubbed a finger at the entrance to my asshole. I grunted as he pushed a finger into my ass. My grunt and the twist of my hips brought my cock further into Dave’s throat and pushed the finger further inside my virgin asshole. I began to enjoy the feeling of his finger in my ass, when he timed his finger-fucking with cock-sucking. the movements came together and I was ready to cum. I grabbed Dave’s head and pushed him further down on my cock and spurted hot cum down his throat.

Dave swallowed the first spurt and saved the rest. He lifted his head and as Linda came over we all kissed, sharing my cum. Linda gave Dave and extra long kiss and then looked him in the eye and said ” see, I told you” They both looked at me and laughed.

To be Continued…

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