Bitchy Boss

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Scott groaned as he read the email from the big boss. He sighed and got up from his desk and slowly walked to her office. The door was open slightly and he knocked.

“Come in…and shut the door” her rough voice said.

Scott rolled his eyes briefly before entering and closing the door behind him. His boss, Sarah, was always on his shit for something. Reports not completed to her liking. Can’t get to her fast enough just to stand around and wait for direction which never made sense. She was so pent up with stress that she created for herself and expelled it to others. No wonder she was divorced. Although, apparently she did have a boy toy but from Scott’s point of view, it wasn’t helping and stress factors.

She held up a file folder without looking at him. “Re do this. And I need it before lunch.” She said. Scott took it from her debating on asking what needed to be redone. “Getting sloppy again, Scott” she said as she looked through spreadsheets on her computer. “I was hoping you were going to figure out what I want and how I want it but clearly that’s not happening.

Scott heard about half of what she was saying. For some reason, she was looking pretty sexy today. Normally he didn’t eye her up and down but the way her hair was done and the low neck line sporting just a little cleavage was pretty enticing. Sarah must have looked at Scott long enough to notice he hadn’t responded to a question she asked him and caught him staring at her tits.

“Hey!” she yelled. Scott’s eyes widened and he jumped a little. Sarah’s eyes narrowed and glared at him.

“I’m …I’m sorry. I didn’t..”

“What escort dikmen a fucking perv.” She interrupted. “No wonder you can’t get shit right. Thinking about fucking me all day, aren’t you?” She asked as she got up from her desk and moved towards him.

“Uh…no…” Scott said looking down a little and letting out a chuckle. “That’s not it at all.”

“Oh? Is this kind of funny to you then? What is it, then?”

Scott got serious and decided best to not choose today to lose his job over this bitch. “Its not you. I mean, I’m not distracted by you. I mean…shit….” Scott’s voice trailed off.

Sarah got closer to him and folded her arms. “Not good enough for you, huh? Is that it?” she asked lowering her voice. “C’mon then…what is it then? Why are you not improving with your work?” Scott just shook his head. “No….out with it. Don’t be such a pussy”

That was it. Scott snapped. “Maybe if you didn’t treat people like trash and be more helpful with your instructions, we all would be happier coming to work.” Sarah looked stunned as Scott continued. “Your brass behavior and rude attitude. Nothing is ever good enough. And, yes…I was staring at you because you do look…sexy today but that’s not why I’m fucking shit up. I just don’t understand what you want because its always different. No consistency at all.”

Scott’s heart was racing with anxiety and fear wondering what was going to happened next. Maybe this was the day he was going to be fired. Maybe it wasn’t going to be a bad thing. Sarah put her hands on her hips at first and looked down thinking. ‘here it comes’ Scott escort emek thought.

“Anything else?” She asked.

Scott only thought a couple seconds decided…fuck it. Going to get fired anyway….why not. “Yes…there is. The office gossip says you have some kind of boy toy you use for sex. Think you should know…it aint working or he aint all that good.” Sarah’s eyes got real big and her lips tightened together. She was pissed. “I’d say you need to get that stress released by getting grudge fucked every once in a while. Might make you appreciate people a little more.”

Sarah was speechless and was trying to say something but instead she went to the door and locked it. She turned around and quickly unbuttoned her top and thrust it off of her. Scott was almost hypnotized by her luscious tits but focus on what she needed…to be fucked….and fucked hard.

He spun her around and undid the clasp to her bra letting it fall to the floor as he pushed her up against the wall and pulled her skirt and panties down in one shot. Her breathing got heavier as Scott fiddled the opening of her smooth shaved pussy area. She got wet almost immediately and moaned a little when Scott inserted his finger into her. With his other hand, he reached around and caressed one of her tits, playfully pulling on her nipple. More moaning and a little whimper came from her mouth as Scott continued his play in her hot box with two fingers. He would quickly finger fuck her for a while and then just gently play with her clit. This would make Sarah quiver a little and her breath would become erratic.

After a while, escort eryaman Scott forcefully turned her around and pushed her to her knees. Sarah quickly undid his pants and pulled them to the floor. Her lips eagerly wrapped around the tip of him as she gripped the shaft with her hand. Her other hand gently fondled him as she sucked, licked and kissed his dick for a while. “Yeah…that’s what you do good. You like sucking cock.” She stopped for a minute looking up at Scott while stroking him.

“You’re cock is much better than my boy toy. Maybe I do need to be fucked better. Hope you can oblige.”

Scott had her get up and lean over the desk as he spread her pussy lips a little and pushed into her slowly. She was still super hot and wet from his finger play. Her pussy was fucking awesome as he slowly went in and out until it was smooth enough to go faster. Sarah rocked back into him as he fucked her deep and hard and just fast enough to give her ultimate pleasure but not send her over the edge. Scott reached around with both hands and grabbed her tits hard as he thrust harder and faster into her. Sarah screamed and squealed as the sound of skin smacking skin got louder. “This is grudge fucking, bitch!” Scott said through clenched teeth, “This is what you need.”

He fucked her hard for almost another minute. Sarah was having a hard time standing as her legs buckled and she gripped the edge of the desk with both hands. Finally, Scott pulled her from the desk and pushed her down on her knees again as he jerked his cock a few strokes before unloading all over her face. Cum splattered her in the eye, then cheek, nose and down the chin which dripped down the center of her chest.

Sarah began to contain herself and cooed with satisfaction. “Okay..I’m not stressed anymore. You keep this up when I need it and I think we’re both going to have a good working relationship from now on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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