Black Couple Absolute Submission

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Hello, there. My name is Peterson Harris. I’m a big and tall, broad-shouldered and muscular, dark-skinned man of African-American descent living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I am an accountant who owns a small firm in nearby Brighton. I also teach automated accounting at the University of Massachusetts ( Boston Campus ) part-time. It’s a refreshing change from the everyday, you know? I’m also openly bisexual, and very much into the Boston area swinger lifestyle. This right here is my story of getting by in the big city.

My wife Sheila Barnes Harris and I are very active in the Boston swinger scene. And we’re a unique couple. Sheila is a six-foot-tall, busty and voluptuous, dark-skinned woman of African-American and Puerto Rican descent. Like me, she’s forthrightly bisexual and somewhat of an oddity in the swinger scene. There aren’t a lot of black male or black female swingers out there. That’s okay. We like to be the odd folks out. We’re a normal couple in virtually every other aspect, though. Sheila is a professor emeritus of applied mathematics at the Boston Metropolitan Academy of The Arts. Our eldest son Jeffrey attends Emerson College in downtown Boston. Our daughter Myra attends Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill.

Tonight, Sheila and I are invited to a party thrown by some friends of ours. Maureen and George Barton. Maureen is an ex-girlfriend of mine from my days as an undergraduate at Boston College. A five-foot-ten, voluptuous and ultra sexy blonde with alabaster skin and sparkling emerald eyes. She also had the biggest and most perfectly rounded booty I’ve ever seen on a white woman. Looking at this sexy white mama, you would never guess that she was a mother of three. Her twin daughters Elisabeth and Samantha go to Wellesley College. Her son Jason attends Bay State College. Her husband George Barton is a guy I knew in grad school. A stocky, dark-haired and blue-eyed, kind of shy-looking but really friendly former corporate accountant turned small business owner. We’ve all known each other for a long time. From time to time, we like to have these fun little get-togethers. We’re all good friends with lots in common. George is bisexual and so is Maureen. Isn’t that a kick in the butt?

The four of us sat in the Barton living room, deep within their Back Bay townhouse. Just four friends sipping on red wine while watching a porno on the giant flat screen television set. It was a rare video. Interracial bondage and submission. Maureen found it online and made a video out of it. We watched it, fascinated. A blonde-haired and very pale-skinned young woman had a sexy, dark-skinned black man suspended above the stony floor from thick chains in a dungeon setting of some kind. And she gleefully whipped him with a slender whip. He screamed and begged her for more. After thrashing him for a few minutes, she donned a thick strap-on dildo and unceremoniously shoved it up his ass. Watching the sexy blonde woman fucking the black guy with the strap-on dildo was a real turn-on for me. I’m basically a bisexual switch who likes to dominate as well as be dominated at times. The video continued. The young woman and her sex partner switched things around. Now he was lying on a wooden table with his member sticking upward and she impaled her pussy on his dick. And just like that, they started fucking like kinky sex was going out of style. The video continued for about ten minutes, then faded to black.

Maureen sipped on her wine and asked us what we thought. I smiled. I’m one of the kinkiest men ankara evi olan escortlar on the planet. If Maureen thought I shocked easily, then she had another thing coming. Sheila said she enjoyed it. George said the same thing, and wondered aloud how come interracial BDSM videos were so rare on the market these days. I have often have asked myself the same thing. I know of only one black female adult film star, Jada something or other, who does those kinds of videos. She’s a beautiful dark-skinned switch who’s equally comfortable dominating or being dominated by a man or woman of virtually any ethnicity as long as they know what they’re doing. Her scenes with my favorite male actor, hunky German-American actor Mark Davis absolutely sizzle.

The four of us were discussing the ins and outs of interracial adult films when Sheila boldly stated that she wanted to fuck. George smiled and took this as his cue. He came over, and kissed Sheila on the lips. Watching my wife with another man has always turned me on. Especially since that same man happens to be a lover of mine. Sheila and George undressed each other, then started going at it. Sheila looked simply gorgeous while naked. George was okay. His body was firm and nice-looking, though he didn’t look like a sculptor’s dream. As Sheila spread her legs wide open, he knelt before her and began licking her pussy. Sheila ran her hands through his dark hair and urged him to lick away.

Yeah, George and Sheila were off to a nice start. But where does that leave Maureen and I? Simple. We were free to do whatever we want since our respective spouses were too busy doing each other. I gestured for Maureen to come to me and she did. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her passionately. I smiled at her and she smiled at me. Unbeknownst to George and Sheila is the fact that Maureen and I have been known to get together without anyone else around. Don’t tell anyone. It’s our little secret. Slowly, we began undressing each other. I admired her body. In her forties, she still looked hotter than most of the young women in my accounting class at the University of Massachusetts.

Maureen ran her hands all over me. I could tell that she liked what she saw. We kissed again, and she told me she wanted to suck me. Who am I to disagree? Smiling, Maureen knelt before me and took my manhood in her mouth. All eight inches of me. Gently, she pulled back my foreskin and licked my dick head while stroking my ball sac. Yeah, I’m uncut. And I don’t care who knows it. It’s how I am. It doesn’t bother my wife, or the sexy lady I happen to be with at the moment. I ran my hands through her long blonde hair. Maureen began sucking me slowly. Just the way I liked it. Sheila doesn’t like going down on me. When she does, she lets me know that she considers it a chore. Yet she basically orders me to lick her pussy whenever she gets horny. Many women fall in the category of selfish lovers. They just can’t see that.

I looked around, and saw Sheila and George getting busy. To my great surprise, she was going down on him. Well, well. Maureen stopped sucking me for a moment and told me to focus. I smiled, and apologized. She resumed sucking me. In no time, she had me hard as a pole. When I came, she did something which Sheila never did for me. She drank my seed. I sighed in pleasure, and gently stroked her cheek. Then I pulled her to her feet. Taking my hand, Maureen asked me to follow her to another room. What about Sheila and George? I asked. Maureen grinned, and said they wouldn’t ankara olgun escortlar miss us. Watching Sheila sucking on George’s Johnson, I realized Maureen was right. They wouldn’t miss us.

Maureen and I ran through the house, giggling like a pair of college brats. We went to the kitchen, and I grabbed a can of whipped cream. I asked her to get on the kitchen table and she did. She spread her legs and I sprayed whipped cream all over her pussy. Then I knelt before her and began licking her. Maureen giggled as I worked my magic on her. I always love going down on Maureen. She’s so fresh and clean. I’d say something about Sheila’s hygiene down below but a gentleman doesn’t reveal certain things about a lady. No matter how angry she makes him. After I had fingered and licked her for a few minutes, Maureen asked me to try something else. Taking my cock in hand, she placed it inside her pussy. I gasped in surprise. Maureen grinned and wrapped her arms around me. Then she told me to fuck her. I did as I was told.

Thus, Maureen and I began fucking. It was passionate, and tender. She caressed my body and nibbled on my ear gently as I thrust into her. Oh, yeah. Even after twenty plus years of marriage, Maureen was still tight down there. When I asked her about it, she told me she did some special exercises recommended by some doctor she met in Malaysia during a business trip. Well, whatever she did, it was working. I felt like I was fucking a recently deflowered virgin. Except that Maureen was much better. She was sexier, with more experience too. We rocked for a while, before something surprising happened. We came, almost at the same time. Wow. My whole body shook, as did Maureen’s. We held each other until the pleasurable tremors subsided. Maureen kissed me, then told me she wasn’t done with me yet.

Taking my hand, she led me away from the kitchen and deeper into the house. We found ourselves in the Barton basement. Maureen asked me if I trusted her. I said yes. She smiled, kissed me, then pulled something out of a drawer. I gasped when I saw what it was. A strap-on dildo. I shifted uncomfortably. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a prude. I’ve hooked up with sexy women and handsome men more times than I can count. I’ve participated in orgies. However, the idea of letting a woman stick a dildo up my ass made me feel uncomfortable, to say the least. Maureen told me that she wanted to try this with me. I looked at her as she strapped it on. Hot damn, she looked hot. I felt both excited and anxious. Excitement won over anxiety. I told her that she’d have to be gentle, if we were going to do this. Maureen promised, then she kissed me.

I watched as she applied lube from a can all over the dildo. Then she asked me to assume the position. I laid on my back and raised my legs in the air. Maureen asked me if I was ready. I nodded. Slowly, she pushed the dildo into my ass. I grimaced as she penetrated me. It hurt a bit, but not too much. Holding my legs, Maureen began pushing her plastic member into me. Inch by inch. At almost every inch, she asked me if I was okay. I said yes. After a while, we both got comfortable and found our rhythm. Maureen got more aggressive as she fucked me. She stroked my cock as she pumped her dildo into my ass. Watching her pleasuring me this way was unbelievably sexy. We had a lot of fun. In the end, I came and screamed louder than ever before. Maureen pulled out of me and kissed me passionately. I can’t tell you how great I felt. My ass hurt, but I also felt more alive than ankara sarışın escortlar ever before. She asked me how it was. I said it felt great. She kissed me again.

We sat side by side on the table. Maureen told me she wasn’t done with me yet. Puzzled I stared at her. What did she have in mind? Another strap-on session? Maureen laughed, and said she wanted me in another way. All became clear when she jumped on the floor and got on all fours. Tossing me the can of lube, she shook her big sexy butt invitingly at me. I smiled. Maureen was the first woman I had anal sex with, back in my college days. I haven’t done that with a woman since. Throughout our marriage, Sheila made it clear to me that her ass was off-limits. I leapt off the table, and got behind Maureen. After greasing up my member, I placed it against her backdoor and pushed it inside. Maureen grunted as I penetrated her. I asked her how she wanted it. Laughing, she told me to fuck her hard.

Folks, I didn’t need to be told twice. Swiftly, I pushed my cock into Maureen’s ass. It was just like I remembered. Warm and tight. While I fucked her, she backed up against me, driving me deeper inside of her. I held her hips tightly and slammed my cock inside of her. Thus, we began fucking. Oh, yeah. I remembered what anal sex with Maureen felt like. And it was a lot of fun. Especially since she loved it when I got more aggressive. I grabbed hold of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back while fucking her hard. Maureen squealed in delight and told me to fuck her harder. I did just that, humping her till we both came who knew how many times. We lay exhausted on the carpeted floor of the basement, covered with our own juices.

Maureen gently pulled on my chest hairs, and kissed me. We just lay there, happy as clowns. We could hear George and Sheila as they did their thing upstairs. Sounds like they’re having fun. As I lay next to Maureen, I found myself content. Not for the first time I wondered what would have happened to Maureen and I if I hadn’t transferred from Boston College to Harvard for grad school. I never would have met Sheila, that’s for sure. Who knows? Maybe Maureen and I would have gotten married. It was the early 1980s. Interracial couples weren’t as accepted in Boston as they are now. Maureen and I were considered trailblazers among our friends and classmates back in those days. A black man in a relationship with a white woman. Both our families took issue with our dating. Maureen was braver than I. She told her mother and father that if they couldn’t accept me, they would lose her forever. Me? I avoided the issue with my parents for as long as I could.

Maureen and I lost touch after I went to Harvard and soon split. I met the wealthy, cultured and remarkably freaky Sheila Barnes. And Maureen met George Barton. Interestingly, we both married bisexual people. Wow. Gathering my courage, I broached this difficult subject with Maureen. Just to see if she still had those thoughts. I asked Maureen if she remembered the old days. She smiled and told me that not a day went by without her thinking about what might have been. We could have been married and raised sons and daughters together. She told me she cared for George, that he was a decent man. I told her I cared for Sheila. She was okay, most of the time. We live in the real world, she said sadly. Yeah, in the movies, Maureen and I could ditch George and Sheila and run away together. But we live in the real world. We have spouses. We have offspring. We have businesses and mortgages. We can’t simply give in to our heart’s folly. Sad but true. Taking Maureen’s hand in mine, I told her I still loved her. Maureen smiled, and told me she still loved me. We kissed, and embraced while trying not to hear our respective spouses going at it upstairs. What a life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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